Gu Yun slowly took out a piece of glass mirror from his pocket, placed it on his nose bridge, and strolled over to Chang Geng’s side, pushing open the window to squint and look towards the Stop-Kite Platform. The glass mirror was set with a fine chain of white gold, diagonally entering his ear, covering one of his peach blossom eyes. His nose became even more straight, and his whole demeanor suddenly appeared cold and emitted a hint of an animalistic aura. Chang Geng stared at him blankly for a while and asked, “Foster father, what are you wearing?” Gu Yun playfully tilted his head and teased him, “A trinket from foreigners, isn’t it beautiful? It’s popular to wear this over there. When we go out for a stroll, I’ll find you a foreign stepmother, okay?” Chang Geng: “…” A young general from the Xuan Ying Battalion tried to ease the previous heavy atmosphere and cleverly said, “Commander, you’re not even his birth father!” Gu Yun laughed carefree. The young general shook his head and said, “In recent years, the world has changed, and people’s hearts are no longer ancient. In the past, women valued our virtue, abilities, and character. We didn’t have to worry. But now, they only care if a man is handsome or not. Commander, us bachelors aren’t single because we’re ugly, but because we’re born in the wrong era.” The special product of the Xuan Tie Battalion was being single, and upon hearing this, they all joined in the laughter. Gu Yun laughed heartily and said, “Get lost, don’t involve me. Who is ugly here? I, the Marquis, am the one and only beauty of the Xuan Tie Battalion. My famous reputation has spread far across the ocean.” The group of rough men in the army were overawed by their shameless Marquis and could only laugh along. Shen Yi coolly said, “Commander, even though you’re as beautiful as a flower, why can’t you find a wife?” That one sentence struck Gu Yun’s sore spot, and he had to cover his chest and say, “I’m waiting for the right offer. The best things always come last. What do you know?” Speaking of this matter, it was really no wonder Gu Yun. The late emperor had conflicting feelings towards him, both doting and guarded. When he was younger, it was fine, but as he grew older, the marital affairs of the Marquis of An Ding became a thorn in the late emperor’s throat. If he chose someone of low status, he feared being accused of mistreating loyal subjects. But if he chose someone from a prominent family, the late emperor would be uneasy. Caught in a dilemma, it was likely that the late emperor secretly wished Gu Yun was a eunuch. The Marquis of An Ding’s marriage had been delayed for a long time, and in the end, the late emperor chose the daughter of Grand Academician Guo. The Guo family was a scholarly and noble family, and the young Miss Guo was said to be beautiful and talented, known throughout the imperial capital. She was known as one of the two beauties of the capital, alongside the former crown princess and the current empress. This engagement was neither complicated nor beneath Gu Yun’s status. However, it was truly strange that this beautiful flower had been wilting ever since the engagement began, day by day—before Gu Yun finished his battles and returned to the capital, Miss Guo had already passed away. Speaking of which, it was not uncommon for someone to lose their spouse; it was even less surprising when it was just a fiancee who had yet to enter the door. However, when it involved the Marquis of An Ding, it was difficult not to associate it with his lonely and widowed maternal grandfather and his deceased parents. And so, the Marquis of An Ding gained a reputation for being widowed. To marry the Marquis of An Ding, one would indeed have both substance and reputation, without having to serve in-laws. But great fortunes also required a destined life to enjoy. Later on, Gu Yun traveled to the Western Regions and the Northern Frontier and didn’t return to the capital for four or five years. Since then, he had little opportunity to arrange anything. Now, with the late emperor gone and the current emperor a few years older than Gu Yun, having grown up calling him uncle, there was a generational gap. Even though there was a distinction between ruler and subject, it was inconvenient for the emperor to intervene in his marital affairs. Gu Yun himself didn’t have the energy to focus on it. The delay dragged on and on until now. Shen Yi refused to let him off easily. “Waiting for the right offer? Commander, who do you want to sell yourself to?” Gu Yun looked up and through the glass mirror, he saw Chang Geng staring at him intently. His face involuntarily tightened a bit, thinking that the young man was worried that he would neglect him after getting married. Gu Yun soothingly raised his hand and patted Chang Geng’s head, “I like someone who is clever, gentle, and has a good temperament. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t bring home a tigress to bother you in the future.” This remark seemed to create a hole in Chang Geng’s chest, as if the delusion that had already been subdued found an opportunity to come back and haunt him, stirring up an unrelieved melancholy. He could only force out a stiff smile. It was as if he were forcing himself to close his eyes and sleep every night. At this moment, there was suddenly a burst of noise on the Stop-Kite Platform. Several foreigners took the dancing monkeys and parrots off the platform and carried a large iron cage covered with plush fabric onto the stage. A pale-faced Western clown staggered and set up a large hoop, teasing and showing off for quite a while, before finally removing the fabric cover from the cage. Inside the cage was actually a large tiger. Ge Pangxiao leaned his whole body out of the window, continuously asking, “Is it real or fake? Is that a real tiger?”

The clown opened the iron cage and led the tiger out by its collar. Perhaps due to the large crowd, the tiger appeared restless and kept struggling. Gu Yun furrowed his brows and coldly said, “These foreigners are truly unruly. They brought such a beast during the New Year—Xiao Jia.” The young Xuan Ying Battalion member, who had spoken the most earlier, solemnly replied, “Yes.” Gu Yun said, “Keep an eye on him. There are too many people below. Don’t let anything go wrong.” Xiao Jia received the order and leaped directly off the Red-Headed Kite Terrace. In the blink of an eye, leaving behind a wisp of white vapor, he vanished into the air. Amidst the uproar, the restless tiger reluctantly started jumping through the hoops. Its ferocious expression made it seem as if it were being forced into prostitution. The cheers from the observation tower at Yun Meng’s Grand View surpassed each other, and some excited individuals began throwing money from above. It was harmless to throw copper coins onto the Stop-Kite Platform in the midst of the singing and dancing, and many people did so. However, on this day, an idiotic person appeared out of nowhere and started throwing golden leaves. The crowd below exploded into a frenzy with shouts of “Gold! Gold!” Before they could make sense of the situation, the agitated tiger, for some reason, became completely enraged. It roared and turned around, biting the unsuspecting clown. The clown instantly had his arm and a portion of his shoulder torn off, emitting a piercing scream. The raging tiger broke free from restraint and charged toward the crowded area below the Kite Terrace. Those inside the inner circle were scared out of their wits and tried to rush out, while those outside didn’t understand what was happening. However, they heard rumors of gold leaves being distributed inside and were also squeezing in. When the two sides collided, nobody could move. Some shouted for “gold,” some cried out for the “tiger,” and some fell down and couldn’t get up, creating utter chaos. The night-shift Jin Wu Guard was thrown into disarray by the crowd. Near the Kite Terrace, there were plenty of high-ranking officials and nobles who, in their haste to escape, not only forgot about the lives of commoners but even had their servants push through to clear a path for them. Gu Yun grabbed Chang Geng’s shoulder, pushed him back, and reached behind to take off Shen Yi’s quiver and longbow hanging on the door. He instructed, “Don’t come out.” The soldiers of the Xuan Tie Battalion standing by the table also stood up. Shen Yi grabbed Gu Yun’s elbow and blurted out, “Your eyes…” Chang Geng sensitively raised his head, wondering, “Eyes? What’s wrong with his eyes?” Gu Yun ignored him, shrugged off Shen Yi’s hand, and without further ado, kicked open the door to the upper room of the Red-Headed Kite. Several Xuan Ying Battalion members leaped down from the sky, flying close to the ground. A few small fireworks exploded, and another Xuan Tie armored soldier climbed up the mast of the Red-Headed Kite, holding a bronze horn and shouting loudly at the chaotic crowd, “Marquis An Ding is here! Don’t act recklessly!” Surprisingly, these words had some effect, somewhat more effective than the imperial decree. When some people heard the three words “Marquis An Ding,” they instinctively stopped crowding forward. The roar of the tiger could be heard from a distance as the infuriated beast leaped out like lightning, pinning down a young servant-looking boy. Gu Yun stood on the prow of the Red-Headed Kite, leaning against the doorframe of the upper room, and drew his longbow sideways. The glass mirror was still hanging on his nose, and no one would shoot arrows while wearing a glass mirror. It would distort their vision. His thin clothes fluttered in the hot wind of the fire’s wings, exuding an indescribable casual and nonchalant air. It was as if he were shooting arrows with his eyes closed. However, Shen Yi knew that as long as Gu Yun took off the glass mirror, he was practically shooting with his eyes closed from ten zhang away. Why did it have to happen at this crucial moment? Unconsciously, a thin layer of sweat appeared on Shen Yi’s palms, and his entire back tensed up. Just then, Gu Yun suddenly let go of the bowstring.