These foolish demonic cultivators, their brains are only as big as a mung bean, I bet they can only handle one thing in their entire lives. Unlike humans, whose chests are filled to the brim with love, hate, and emotional entanglements, constantly changing and never enough. A heart that never rests, always ready for transformation, transforming in the blink of an eye.

Han Yuan’s demonic dragon body was pushed to its limit by Bian Xu’s expanding sacrificial technique, and it began to burst with intertwined flesh and blood. At the same time, as if to share the pain, his split soul started arguing with itself.

The inner demon sneered, “You don’t need to talk about others. Hey, just last month you were bragging about killing everyone in the world. Now, what’s the situation? The month hasn’t even had a chance to become full, and you’ve suddenly become a saint worrying about the world. Tsk… Your face changes more frequently than a woman’s menstrual cycle. Your demonic dragon style has been washed away by your unpredictable mood swings.”

Han Yuan retorted, “If any month’s menstrual cycle could wash you away as well, I would become a monk in a temple and spend my whole life eating vegetarian meals and chanting Buddhist scriptures… Damn it, can you cover for me for a while? I can’t hold on!”

The inner demon sneered and, unexpectedly, actually took over his body as he suggested.

Suddenly, the boundaries between Han Yuan’s two souls began to blur.

Tang Zhen indifferently tossed the bird’s corpse aside, along with the body that had clung to the bright red feathers in the depths of the Great Snow Mountain years ago. It was as if he had discarded years of rubbish.

He retracted the hand that had been burned by his own puppetry talisman and looked at Water Pit with a murderous gaze. “Troublesome.”

Immediately, Tang Zhen decisively abandoned the ghostly figure that had injured him with his puppetry talisman. His spiritual consciousness merged with the countless surrounding ghostly figures. Terrifying figures with the same sinister and fanatical gaze appeared before everyone, like a surreal nightmare.

Li Jun had already realized the danger and immediately flew on his sword toward the oblivious Water Pit. He grabbed the slender bird leg of the Azure Crane and pulled her to the side. At the same time, he opened the opening of his storage pouch and swiftly took out something, tossing it out one after another like a shower of petals.

Before this series of actions was completed, the closest ghostly figure to Water Pit exploded, narrowly missing her. If it hadn’t been for Li Jun’s quick reaction, although Water Pit wouldn’t have been killed by the explosion, her puppetry talisman, which could only block one fatal blow, would have become ineffective.

Tang Zhen turned his back on his former self in such a decisive manner.

The exploding ghostly figures also sent the objects thrown by Li Jun into the air. Countless miscellaneous colorful potions and talismans flew in the sky like rain. Pieces of paper made into grasshoppers fluttered like a swarm of locusts, creating a whirlwind in the air. Countless insects boldly inserted themselves into the ghostly figures, although they had almost no attacking power, they were enough to disrupt sight and sound.

During this interval, a drop of fossilized water sprayed onto Han Yuan’s body, temporarily turning his torn dragon body into stone, as hard and flawless as a city wall.

Han Yuan suddenly went from feeling hot to cold, unable to move. He roared in anger, “Li Jun, whose side are you on? If you won’t help, can you at least stop causing trouble!”

Li Jun, with a worried expression on his face, sighed, “Oh my heavens, Junior Brother Han, just bear with it. If you survive being dismembered, it’ll be good enough. Why do you care about what material you are… Oh no!”

Suddenly, Tang Zhen rolled up his sleeve, and a chilling aura filled the air. The grasshoppers hopping in the sky all kicked their legs and fell to the ground, making a crackling sound.

At this moment, Water Pit suddenly broke free from his grasp and swiftly flew towards the mountaintop on one side. Her entire body swelled, bones cracking terrifyingly, and her body instantly elongated, her tail sweeping ten-odd zhang. In the blink of an eye, she rushed toward the adult Azure Crane’s figure.

Like an ancient divine bird descending, she landed on the flattened mountain rock, her wings covering the sky, and boundless flames rose along with the wind. In the dim sky, they formed a silhouette, like an indescribable legend.

Li Jun stood dumbfounded for a moment, suddenly remembering the over 3,000-year-old demonic pill. His heart turned cold as ice, and he shouted in a hoarse voice, “Han Tan, what have you done!”

Shui Kong paid no attention. The Demon King’s inner core seemed to inflate her entire being into a ball. Her bones and muscles were stretched infinitely, and the half-demonic body of a not-yet-grown demon endured the pain of being skinned and tendon-stripped. She wished she could lie on the ground and roll herself into a ball of mud.

The sky roared with wind and thunder, a display of power, intending to strike down this little bird who had overestimated her abilities.

Senior Brother gave her the Demon King’s inner core, clearly treating her as a human. If a person already had a hundred years of experience, it was only natural for them to understand priorities. But who would have thought that beneath her human skin, she was still a reckless bird at heart?

In the moment the thunder struck, Water Pit already regretted her impulsive decision. In her heart, she thought, “I’ve acted impulsively. I might die now.”

She thought she would feel pain and fear, but she didn’t. Amidst the raging fire and thunder, Water Pit seemed to see the corpse of that scruffy little bird. She thought, “I should have died long ago. If it weren’t for my birth when my mother protected me, if it weren’t for my master’s soul suppressing me when I hatched, if it weren’t for being protected by my master and senior brothers all these years, I would have either become a mad villain like Tang Zhen or long ceased to exist.”

She felt that being able to survive until now was purely due to luck. That was enough.

So she leaped into the sacrificial technique that Han Yuan was trying to stop.

The brutal power of the sacrificial technique surged, combined with the thunder and flames, enveloping her. The Azure Crane stood amidst it all, like a painting left over from the ancient times, causing countless ghostly figures to freeze inexplicably at the same time, as if this scene had awakened distant memories.

Suddenly, a burst of strong light erupted from the puppet talisman hanging around Water Pit’s neck. It bravely withstood the strike, and within the intricate grooves of the talisman, countless luminous trails burned brightly, as if the deepest and most convoluted emotions of someone were once entrusted to it.

Tang Zhen felt that something in his long dormant heart suddenly snapped, indicating that a puppet talisman connected to him had reached the end of its life.

He had long been ruthless and devoid of loyalty, yet this small talisman that remained had faithfully fulfilled its duty, blocking the inevitable disaster for its unacknowledged loved ones.

Water Pit felt as if she had charged through a painful narrow passage and experienced the process of breaking through her shell once again.

A breath filled with moist air suddenly rushed into her lungs, and every inch of her body was stretched to the extreme in an instant. The 3,000-year-old inner core of the demon king rotated orderly in her inner palace. The Azure Crane raised its head and let out a long cry, spreading its wings that had just started to grow, resembling a phoenix rising against the setting sun.

With a whistling sound, all the ominous ghostly figures involuntarily made way for this phoenix. The Threefold Primordial True Fire surged forth, intending to incinerate all impurities in the mortal realm. Within the array set up by Han Yuan, a huge ring of fire descended, continuously eroding and consuming the immense destructive power of Bian Xu’s sacrificial technique.

The fleeting confusion in Tang Zhen gradually disappeared from the faces of those ghostly figures, and black aura once again surged in his eyes. The ghostly figures collectively spoke with a chilling voice, “I have deep connections with the Fuyao Sect. I didn’t initially want to take the lives of you juniors, but since you insist on seeking death…”

Tang Zhen, attached to countless ghostly figures, suddenly shook his arms, and numerous strands of black aura surged out from the vast mountains and rivers. People felt an illusion, as if the world itself contained boundless filth, and even the slightest disturbance could stir up chaos.

This contamination of demonic energy caused Han Yuan to involuntarily take a deep breath. The demonic aura that had already calmed within him instantly surged onto the petrified face of the demonic dragon, his eyes filled with indescribable and terrifying blood-red color.

Han Yuan struggled to suppress his instincts and regained his composure with difficulty, shouting, “Get away! Hurry!”

The overwhelming demonic aura made people so fearful that Li Jun suddenly began to believe Tang Zhen’s words.

Could it be that the karma of those millions of resentful souls really fell upon him without distinguishing right from wrong?

Could it be that there really was something in the netherworld that unconditionally favored this great demon?

Where was the justice in that?

Tang Zhen laughed loudly, “Did you really think that your esteemed sect’s wise and valiant ancestor was killed by the Four Sages just because he accidentally fell into demonic cultivation? There are so many demonic cultivators in the world. Why don’t you see them being hunted down one by one? Let me tell you why Tong Ru committed an unforgivable sin. It’s because Fuyao Mountain has always stood above the Heart Devil Valley, where the purity of the mortal realm counters the demonic energy. That ‘Desire Fulfilling Stone’ is the manifestation of countless human heart demons and has been sealed on the Unrepentant Platform. But he selfishly released it. How many wars and calamities have there been in these years? How many powerful individuals in the mortal realm have fallen into demonic cultivation? It’s all due to the gradual influence of the unsealing of the Heart Devil Valley. As for the demonic dragon, well, it’s impressive that you’ve advanced your cultivation to this level in just a mere hundred years. You’ve truly benefited from ancestral blessings.”

Li Jun retorted, “You’re spouting nonsense—”

The dormant Yuanshen Sword in his hand suddenly emitted a faint sword light. Li Jun felt the sword move, and when he lowered his head for a look, tears almost filled his eyes. He instantly felt a renewed sense of determination.

Without hesitation, Li Jun released the Yuanshen Sword and called out to You Liangdao, who was entangled with numerous ghostly figures, “The sword cultivator, take it!”

Upon hearing this, You Liangdao swiftly caught the Yuanshen Sword in his hand. The intent of sheathing the sword was so powerful that You Liangdao almost felt as if he had glimpsed a higher realm. He exclaimed in admiration, then decisively unsheathed the sword and swept away the large group of ghostly figures blocking his path.

Tang Zhen was startled and hastily retreated. You Liangdao, who had replaced a birdshot with a cannon, pursued him all the way until the sword was completely tainted by demonic energy, dimming and becoming powerless. The inexorable ghostly figures that he couldn’t avoid were unexpectedly eliminated by more than half.

Tang Zhen’s gaze changed several times as he stared ominously at the young sword cultivator not far away. But his mouth spoke of the matter concerning Yan Zhengming, “To think they managed to escape the Northern Sea… But so what?”

You Liangdao’s pupils contracted.

Tang Zhen raised both hands, and numerous ghostly figures emerged from his palms. Tang Zhen sneered as he looked at the sword that had lost its power, “Can you catch up? Can you kill them all?”

In theory, Yan Zhengming and the other person truly couldn’t catch up.

Only when traveling did the vast land of Jiuzhou appear so expansive and boundless.

Yan Zhengming furrowed his brow. “Trouble. Li Jun just used my Yuanshen Sword on him.”

Cheng Qian suggested, “I have a method. I don’t know if it’ll work, but since we won’t be able to catch up by riding the sword, why not take a desperate measure?”

Yan Zhengming asked, “Wha—”

Cheng Qian raised his hand and swiftly took the Sect Leader’s Seal from around his neck, saying quickly, “Heart Devil Valley, remember? One of the purposes of Fuyao Mountain is to suppress the Heart Devil Valley. There must be a passage within the Sect Leader’s Seal that leads to the Heart Devil Valley. Let’s go through it.”

Yan Zhengming, puzzled, asked, “Go through the Heart Devil Valley? What do you mean? Isn’t it behind the mountain?”

“The Heart Devil Valley is only sealed behind the mountain,” Cheng Qian explained. “It exists everywhere. Where there are people, there are desires, and where there are desires, there are passages to the Heart Devil Valley. Although this area is rarely visited by people, the demonic aura of Xuanwu Hall hasn’t dissipated. Try opening the Sect Leader’s Seal, whether it works or not, we’ll leave it to fate.”

Yan Zhengming understood that he couldn’t inquire further due to the prohibition, so he didn’t ask about Cheng Qian’s knowledge of these matters. He unconditionally believed Cheng Qian and activated the Sect Leader’s Seal with his spiritual sense.

In an instant, the two of them felt a sudden darkness before their eyes as familiar darkness surged forth, carrying remnants of the Heart Devil aura from the ice plains. They disappeared from their original location.

Cheng Qian momentarily lost his consciousness, but quickly regained his senses. In the darkness, someone supported him, and a faint light shone beside him. Without looking, he knew it was the night pearl he had bought from his senior brother in bulk.

The Heart Devil Valley seemed different from when they last came. The dense demonic aura was suffocating, and as they walked within it, it seemed to stir up all their negative emotions.

Yan Zhengming’s heart skipped a beat. As a sword cultivator, he was always more susceptible to these influences. He forced himself to calm down. “What’s going on?”

Cheng Qian’s mind settled, and although his state of mind had been disturbed by the legacy of the Ting Qiankun, he was still more stable than Yan Zhengming. Without dealing with his senior brother’s rabid state, he recited the Tranquil Scripture silently and said, “Remember when Tong Ru took out the Desire Fulfilling Stone on the Unrepentant Platform? Although Tong Ru fell into demonic cultivation at that time, he wasn’t insane. After he used that stone, he definitely resealed the Heart Devil Valley. Unfortunately, without that crucial stone, the seal must not have been as strong as before. Coincidentally, when we broke through the Demonic Array last time, we accidentally tore open a gap.”

Although Yan Zhengming’s mind was in turmoil due to the Heart Devil Valley, he wasn’t foolish. Upon hearing this, he immediately grasped the situation. “I thought we would be safe after leaving there! So Tang Zhen already knew, and instead of warning me, he secretly drew on the demonic aura of the Heart Devil Valley while lodging on Fuyao Mountain? Also… I invited him. How could I have invited the wolf into the house?”

Yan Zhengming’s speech sped up, and when he became agitated, he could hardly contain his anger. He grabbed Cheng Qian’s arm, his fingers almost digging into Cheng Qian’s flesh. Filled with frustration and irritability, a faint mark appeared between his eyebrows. “Damn it, you’re not allowed to leave my sight!”

Cheng Qian used his heart to enter the Dao, so even though his state of mind was disturbed by the Ting Qiankun’s legacy, he was more stable than Yan Zhengming. He didn’t have time to deal with his senior brother’s berserk state and, while silently reciting the Tranquil Scripture, said, “If it wasn’t for him deliberately revealing himself a bit while examining Han Yuan and if Shang Wannian hadn’t reminded me that I had fallen into the Painted Soul, who would have been on guard against an old friend? Calm down, we need to go directly to the back mountain of Fuyao and use the Sect Leader’s Seal.”

Yan Zhengming took a deep breath and suddenly pushed the Sect Leader’s Seal in his hand forward. Countless stars appeared within the seal, as if the entire magnificent Milky Way had been spread out in the Heart Devil Valley, calming all the restlessness in the surroundings.

Yan Zhengming’s buzzing and overheated mind gradually calmed down. He realized that Cheng Qian’s sleeve had been torn apart, but fortunately, cultivators had protective true essence, and Cheng Qian himself was much sturdier than his clothes.

He awkwardly coughed and said, “I… um…”

Cheng Qian interrupted, “Sword cultivators are naturally prone to exploding when ignited. I know, no need to explain—quickly find an exit.”

Yan Zhengming forced a smile and skillfully pressed his spiritual sense into the Sect Leader’s Seal, swiftly searching for anything related to the Heart Devil Valley.

However, the information in the seal was too vast, resonating with the restless spiritual senses of the previous sect leaders. Yan Zhengming couldn’t make sense of it for a moment.

At this critical moment, in the mountains of Shu, Tang Zhen commanded numerous ghostly figures to descend. The forbidden technique left by Bian Xu suddenly surged, forcing the Samadhi True Fire into a corner.

At this moment, Han Yuan’s body suddenly flickered. After all, he possessed the body of a demonic dragon, only one step away from the Northern Sea Sovereign. Even though Li Jun, who was in the Ninth Linking Ring, had entered the Yuan Shen realm, it was still quite difficult to temporarily restrain him with the fossil water.

The effect of the potion was gradually fading away.

If they were to undo the petrification at this moment, Han Yuan would inevitably be overwhelmed by the forbidden technique.

He finally let go of his obsession with the material: “I can’t hold on any longer, Li Jun, give me another bottle!”

Li Jun despairingly shouted, “There are none left!”

After shouting, Li Jun closed his eyes in tears, thinking to himself, “Oh my god, senior brother, can you make it in time?”

As the petrification on Han Yuan’s body began to recede, the increasingly oppressive forbidden technique intensified, tearing at his body. Every scale on Han Yuan’s body showed traces of blood.

Yan Zhengming’s spiritual sense was in a state of distress within the Sect Leader’s Seal, and he was unable to ask Cheng Qian for help.

Just then, Tong Ru, who had possessed the seal several times, suddenly appeared in front of Yan Zhengming within the Sect Leader’s Seal. Unlike before, this time Yan Zhengming had the illusion that Tong Ru was not a mere phantom or memory, but that he could see him.

Tong Ru’s residual spiritual sense beckoned to him, and Yan Zhengming involuntarily followed.

He saw Tong Ru pass through numerous doors and countless vast and ethereal spiritual senses. Without saying a word, Tong Ru led Yan Zhengming to a gate with a distinct red seal that was identical to the Demon-slaying Seal brought by Wu Changtian.

The door was slightly ajar, with a crack in the middle. The constant stream of demonic energy from the Heart Devil Valley was escaping from this place. Tong Ru stopped, nodded to Yan Zhengming, and then disappeared on the spot.

Yan Zhengming tentatively reached out his hand and gently pushed along the crack.

The door opened with a loud bang.

He immediately withdrew his spiritual sense from the Sect Leader’s Seal. He saw the sky swirling with clouds, and countless stars within the seal were being drawn into a massive vortex. After a moment, those stars were completely cleansed, and a pitch-black door appeared in front of him and Cheng Qian.

Yan Zhengming was overjoyed. “This is it, let’s go!”

The two of them rushed into the door, and at the same time, Yan Zhengming, in his capacity as the sect leader, tore off the mountain-sealing decree of Fuyao Mountain, and the entire mountain reappeared in the mortal realm.

In the region of Shu, Han Yuan completely transformed back into a fleshly body from a stone state. He felt as if countless needles were piercing him, and he was in pain all over. Numbness spread throughout his body, and he couldn’t help but wonder, “I am at least a Yuan Shen cultivator. If I die, will my Yuan Shen return to its origin?”

A nameless demonic energy pervaded Fuyao Mountain. The blood oath eight trigrams disc in Yan Zhengming’s hand flashed more and more frequently. The two of them flew directly through countless dense forests and stone steps. Before they reached their destination, a sword suddenly descended from the sky. The guest room where Tang Zhen stayed, along with the entire courtyard, collapsed. The courtyard was like a pool of stagnant water, covered with a thick layer of stagnant black clouds. The heavy bluestone slabs in the courtyard were cut open by Yan Zhengming’s sword, revealing a large stone beneath—the Ice Heart Fire, which was both cold on the outside and hot on the inside.

Inside it lay a corpse, it was Liu Lang. The light in his chest flickered, as if containing a small flame. Tang Zhen had hidden the true form of the Soul-devouring Lamp within Liu Lang’s body!

In the region of Shu, the forbidden technique was stimulated by the demonic energy, forcefully breaking through the fiery ring around the water pit. Fiery red feathers floated everywhere, as if it were a shower of cotton, and ghostly figures were everywhere. The demonic dragon’s claws dug into the ground. Han Yuan found that he could no longer argue with himself. The two separate consciousnesses in his body had merged together at some point.

At the peak of Fuyao Mountain, the icy blade carried the sword intent of wind and frost, piercing directly into the Ice Heart Fire. The “Subtle” sword intent flowed into the crevice and forcefully opened a gap, breaking through the protective layer of “Liu Lang’s corpse”. Startled, it twitched and transformed into a black wind, attempting to escape.

“Xiao Qian, step aside!”

Yan Zhengming’s sword arrived, the sheathed sword revealing a sharp blade.

One sword, freezing cold, shook the entire Fuyao Mountain.