Cheng Qian, the second son of the Cheng family, was shaped by his parents’ cold treatment, giving him a cool and indifferent personality. He originally intended to live a simple life as the second son of the Cheng family, but he was reluctantly sent away by his money-minded parents to become a wandering Taoist. From then on, the protagonist was forced onto the treacherous path of cultivation. Although it is said that throughout history, the number of cultivators who achieved enlightenment and ascended is countless, the sect is in decline, the master is unreliable, and the fellow disciples are mostly useless. The eldest senior brother is an extraordinary troublemaker. The road to immortality is filled with uncertainties. Witness how Cheng Qian hides his talents, achieves greatness, and leads his fellow disciples to regroup. The author’s writing style is gentle yet powerful, with smooth and skilled prose that has its own unique style. Set against the backdrop of ancient Taoist cultivation, the story also incorporates the mysterious element of the Liu Yao divination, creating an intriguing blend. It mainly tells the story of a reserved and persevering young man who embarks on the path of cultivation through fortuitous circumstances, portraying the protagonist’s distinct character traits and the gradual development of emotional connections as opportunities arise.