Just as it was getting light, the little ghost from No. 4 Guangming Road had just finished work. Daqing anxiously waddled its chubby body and ran to Zhao Yunlan’s house. It jumped onto the windowsill in the corridor, then pounced like a hungry cat, flying through the air and hitting Zhao Yunlan’s door accurately, pressing its front paws on the doorbell.

Then it turned into a flattened cat pancake and slid down from the doorbell.

The doorbell rang.

Because Zhao Yunlan liked to wear headphones and play games at home, the doorbell of his house was especially loud, so loud that it could be heard from outside, a ringing reminiscent of a soul-stirring tune. Press it once, and the whole song could play in its entirety.

But after ringing for a while, no one answered.

Unlike Chu Shuzhi, Daqing didn’t keep calling Zhao Yunlan, so it thought that Zhao Yunlan wasn’t home at the moment.

The black cat paced anxiously at the door, unconsciously chasing its own tail. Soon, it transformed into a swirling black whirlwind.

Unwilling to give up, it decided to give it another try. Just as it leaped in place, using its front paws to grip the windowsill, its hind legs struggled in mid-air. At that moment, the door opened quietly from the inside. The black cat was startled, and its paws slipped, landing on the ground with a thud.

It rolled in place, staring with its round eyes. Its newly planted paws slipped on the shining floor of the corridor, and its heavy chin trembled three times.

Then Daqing retracted its paws and sat up properly, sitting up straight, puffing up its chest, and softly meowed, “Master.”

Shen Wei flicked his finger, and Zhao Yunlan’s never-ending doorbell immediately became silent. Daqing instinctively swallowed, making a difficult swallowing motion, and its gaze unconsciously fell on the clothes Shen Wei was wearing――that shirt was definitely Zhao Yunlan’s! That weirdo Zhao Yunlan liked to fold up his sleeves and always asked the people at the laundry to iron the shirts with the sleeves rolled up neatly.

A series of images involuntarily appeared in Daqing’s mind, such as both of them undressing, and then, and then…

Daqing lowered its round head, feeling the need to adjust its mental state.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Wei asked.

“Oh… I just wanted to see if Zhao was back. He suddenly jumped into the Yellow Springs that day, and we were all worried.”

“He’s back, but he’s resting now. If you have something important, you can leave a message, and I can tell him when he wakes up,” Shen Wei said softly.

Daqing immediately understood the situation, briskly running out with its short legs. “Ah… Ah, I won’t disturb him. It’s nothing important. Just a reminder for our leader to not forget to write the New Year’s work plan and the department’s New Year’s speech. It’s nothing, you’re busy, I’ll go now.”

“Hey, wait.” Shen Wei smiled embarrassedly, politely saying, “There might be something I need your help with…”

Daqing promptly turned back, looking up. “What is it?”

Ten minutes later, an incredibly fat cat used its head to push open the door of the breakfast shop downstairs. Its face was too round, and its eyes were almost squeezed shut by the fat, giving it a rather fierce appearance… Of course, ignorant humans didn’t know that it was an expression of the cat’s true feelings.

The waitress almost tripped over it by accident and immediately shouted, “Hey, why is there only a cat coming in! Get it out, quickly!”

The big black cat lifted its head and cast a disdainful gaze at her, then jumped directly onto the service counter. It tapped the table with its front paws and, in the astonished gaze of the cashier behind the counter, spat out a piece of paper it had been holding in its mouth. The cashier tremblingly opened it, and on it, neat handwriting read, “One liter of soy milk, a steamer of steamed buns, three sticks of youtiao. Please put them in a sturdy bag. The money is on the cat’s neck, please take it yourself. If there is any change, please put it back in its original place. Thank you.”

The cashier looked up, trying to identify where the cat’s neck was. The black cat rolled its eyes and lifted its head, revealing an collar hidden under its dense fur. In the collar, the cashier found thirty yuan.

The cashier exclaimed, “Hey! Come and see, it’s a miracle! A cat can even buy things!”

Embarrassed and humiliated by the crowd’s attention, Daqing thought, you ignorant humans!

Zhao Yunlan was awakened by the sound of the door opening and closing. He opened his eyes and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s your cat,” Shen Wei closed the door, “It came to see you. I sent it to buy breakfast. You can sleep a little longer.”

As he spoke, Shen Wei gently pressed Zhao Yunlan back under the covers, tucking his hand back in. Then he bent down, kissed Zhao Yunlan’s forehead, and used his finger to smooth out the furrowed brows caused by being suddenly awakened.

When Zhao Yunlan’s breathing finally steadied, Shen Wei walked to the window, lowered his head, and looked at the almost withered plants on the windowsill. He extended his hand, cupping it over the flowerpot, and a milky white light radiated from his palm. The withered plants, like a thirsty land receiving a downpour, quickly regained their vitality. The branches straightened up, and in just a moment, they stood tall and vibrant.

Shen Wei gently cleaned the mist sprayer and carefully sprayed water onto the leaves.

Most people had already started their work day, and the morning rush hour was in full swing. Shen Wei glanced outside through the crack in the curtain, where the busy world stretched towards the distant horizon. A wisp of black energy rose from the ground and flew towards the sky.

However, Shen Wei only glanced at it before turning a blind eye. He lowered his gaze, continuing with his task, feeling a peculiar sense of calm and tranquility. His entire body felt sluggish, and he almost felt that even if he died right now, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

It was close to noon when the aroma of hot soy milk placed by Shen Wei on the bedside table awakened Zhao Yunlan. He stared at the creamy white soy milk for a while, then suddenly sat up. “What did you say this morning? What did you send Daqing to do?”

Shen Wei, wearing glasses and looking at a handwritten lesson plan, calmly replied, “To buy breakfast.”

Zhao Yunlan sat still for a moment, with an indescribable expression on his face. He seemed to have imagined a scene from “The Fat Cat’s Journey,” and then he vigorously shook his head, propped his elbow on his knee, and pressed his forehead. Suddenly, he burst into laughter.

Shen Wei asked, “What’s so funny?”

“I just thought about how I’ve been a love expert for most of my life, and in the end, I’m crushed under your palm, Comrade Shen Wei. You’ve got some great skills.”

Zhao Yunlan’s tone actually carried some sarcasm, but Shen Wei pretended not to notice and smiled at him with a virtuous and gentle look.

“Oh, baby, I beg you, please don’t pretend. And even if you do, don’t pretend like this. I have a low tolerance for it.” Zhao Yunlan couldn’t stand seeing him act virtuous and gentle. Like an old cow, he grabbed his lower back and headed to the bathroom to freshen up, slamming the door shut with a loud bang.

Just as Zhao Yunlan was about to vent his frustration on the food, he received a call from Zhu Hong.

“Hello, Zhao Chu? Daqing said you’re back. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah,” Zhao Yunlan asked with half a youtiao in his mouth, “What’s the matter?”

“I need to tell you something. Lin Jing booked a train ticket to Longcheng last night, and I was planning to call him to confirm in the early morning. But he was out of the service area. At first, I thought it was because of the numerous tunnels on the road that disrupted the signal. However, he still hasn’t returned, and when I called just now, it still said ‘out of the service area.’”

Zhao Yunlan’s chewing slowed down. “Has Lin Jing been in contact with the office?”


“Mmm…” Zhao Yunlan furrowed his brows.

There was a rule in the SID that no matter the type of case or when the actual investigation started, there had to be a minimum of two people present. Of course, Daqing could count as a participant.

In rare cases when individual action was required, the person had to contact the office at Bright Street No. 4 at least twice a day, informing others of their location, progress, and whether there were any dangers in the vicinity.

Lin Jing might be unreliable for trivial matters, but he rarely messed up important things. He wouldn’t disregard this rule and disappear without reason.

Zhao Yunlan hung up the call with Zhu Hong and tried calling Lin Jing’s number. As expected, it was out of the service area. He took out a token from his pocket and dipped a chopstick into the soy milk, writing Lin Jing’s name on it.

The token, like a compass, first swayed left and right, then gently turned in a direction. A thin red thread extended from Lin Jing’s name, gradually fading as it stretched out. When it reached under the table, the rope was nearly gray.

Then it snapped.