Shen Wei unexpectedly met Zhao Yunlan’s gaze, and his mind went blank. For a second or two, he just stared at Zhao Yunlan, unable to turn his gaze away.

Shen Wei knew very well that he had lost control too many times today… He shouldn’t have seen Zhao Yunlan.

That person knew nothing and remembered nothing… After crossing the Naihe Bridge and drinking from the River of Oblivion, passing through the gates of reincarnation for the three good and three evil deeds, souls were cleansed, empty and bare. What could they remember?

As Shen Wei looked at the handsome face and penetrating gaze of the other person, he really wanted to reach out and touch his face, even if it was just a bit of warmth from the other person’s skin through the cooled passage of time…

After a while, Shen Wei’s voice became somewhat dry as he said, “I’ve seen you.”

Zhao Yunlan waited for him to finish speaking.

In my heart, countless times. I dare not meet you, but I know everything about you… Shen Wei almost had the impulse to blurt out these words. However, in the end, what he said with great difficulty was, “In a case you handled.”

“Which case?” Zhao Yunlan asked, somewhat surprised.

Shen Wei’s words became a bit smoother. Perhaps after the first lie was told, he had no more scruples. “When there were twelve consecutive jumpings from the Twin Towers near Wanqing Bridge, about five or six years ago. At that time, I was nearing graduation and had just moved out of school. I was looking for a place to rent nearby, and since the Twin Towers had suffered from a murder case, the accommodation fees were relatively cheap. I happened to be one of the few people who dared to live there.”

Zhao Yunlan furrowed his brows and pondered for a moment. “I’m sure I didn’t see you at the scene.”

“You didn’t see me, but I happened to live on the top floor and saw you. I also saw…” Shen Wei paused for a moment and timely revealed an expression that suggested something incredible had come to mind. “I also saw you capture a shadow from a room on the top floor and put it in a bottle. Then you said to someone, ‘The suspect has been captured. You can all go home now.’”

Zhao Yunlan was taken aback. “Not only did you live there, but you lived on the top floor? You’re quite daring.”

Shen Wei lowered his head. “You can check the accommodation records. I’m telling the truth.”

Of course, he was telling the truth. He was indeed in the Twin Towers at that time, but not for the foolish reason of finding a place to rent. It was because he wanted to secretly catch a glimpse of someone. This mixture of nine truths and one lie left him mentally exhausted.

Fortunately, it seemed that Zhao Yunlan accepted it. He even jokingly remarked with some emotion, “It was a negligence on our part. According to the rules, we should erase the memories of unrelated people in the case, but I actually didn’t notice you… By the way, how did you feel at the time? Did your entire materialistic worldview collapse afterward?”

Shen Wei forced a smile in response to his difficult question but didn’t answer.

It was unknown how much of Zhao Yunlan’s words he believed, but he didn’t pursue the matter any further.

When they entered the school hospital together, they saw Li Qian sitting against the wall with a window, holding a cup of hot sugar water poured by the school doctor.

She happened to be sitting in the shadowy area, and her expression appeared even more gloomy.

Zhao Yunlan knocked on the door, and Li Qian startled. Anxiously, she looked up and, recognizing the person, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhao Yunlan glanced at his watch, and the reflection of the old man was still visible on the watch face. However, the watch hands hadn’t turned red—too strange. It seemed that the spirit of this newly deceased ghost had grown stronger.

When he thought about it, Zhao Yunlan sat down confidently on the bed opposite Li Qian. “Classmate, I need to ask you a few questions.”

Li Qian looked at him with a pale face.

Since Shen Wei had made it clear that he knew what these people were doing, Zhao Yunlan didn’t avoid Shen Wei’s presence and straightforwardly asked, “Have you been able to see things you shouldn’t see recently?”

Before Li Qian could speak, her terrified expression gave him an answer.

“I understand.” Zhao Yunlan stared at the space between her eyebrows, leaning forward slightly, with his elbows on his knees. After studying her for a while, he said, “But your celestial eye should be closed. In theory, you shouldn’t be able to see anything. So, is it because your destiny is too light from birth, or did you meddle with something you shouldn’t have?”

Li Qian couldn’t help but bite her lip, twisting her fingers until her knuckles turned pale.

“Oh? It seems to be the latter. Tell me, what did you meddle with?” Zhao Yunlan’s voice lowered.

At first, Li Qian refused to speak, but with a cold laugh, Zhao Yunlan said, “If you don’t talk, then be prepared to be entangled by it for the rest of your life. Haven’t you heard that curiosity killed the cat? You can’t touch everything indiscriminately.”

“…a sundial.” It took a while before Li Qian spoke in a low voice. “It’s a family heirloom, kept until it turned black. There’s a disk on the back, embedded with many fish-scale-shaped stones, black ones, similar to obsidian. The old man called it…”

“A wheel of reincarnation,” Zhao Yunlan said.

Li Qian looked at him in surprise and hesitated before nodding.

“The sundial completes one circle in a day, symbolizing the cycle of life and endless reincarnation,” Zhao Yunlan said. His tone subtly paused for a moment. “But there’s also a belief that reincarnation is a constant process of ‘killing.’ It’s a continual change, where what’s lost is lost forever, and the past can never return. Once a moment has passed, we can only look back and not go back. And after completing a full rotation, we don’t even know where to look when we turn back.”

He didn’t see the sudden tremor behind him from Shen Wei.

“What did you use it for?” Zhao Yunlan asked.

Li Qian bit her lip.

“Fine, let me rephrase. Have you used it for something bad?”

Li Qian’s eyes widened instantly. “No!”

Zhao Yunlan silently looked at her.

“I haven’t!” Li Qian stood up, took a step back, arched her waist, and faced Zhao Yunlan with a defensive posture. “How could I use our family heirloom for something bad? You’re talking nonsense! You… cough… "

She became too agitated and choked, coughing violently.

Shen Wei furrowed his brows, walked over, blocking Zhao Yunlan’s intense gaze, and patted Li Qian’s back. “Take it slow, don’t rush.”

Then he turned around and said to Zhao Yunlan, “This child has just experienced a shock. Officer Zhao, no matter what you ask, can you not press her too much?”

Zhao Yunlan rubbed his nose. “Alright, I won’t ask about unrelated matters. One last question, after I ask, I’ll leave. " He took a photo out of his pocket. “Have you seen this classmate recently?”

Li Qian glanced roughly at it, first shook her head, then suddenly remembered something. She reached out and grabbed the photo, carefully examining it for a while before uncertainly asking, “…I think I saw someone yesterday, who looks a bit like her…”

Zhao Yunlan’s expression turned serious. “When was that yesterday? Do you remember what she was wearing?”

“During the evening,” Li Qian thought for a moment. “The library had already closed, and I had just come back, probably after ten o’clock. I went outside the school to buy something, and I saw someone at the entrance… I don’t quite remember what she was wearing… Ah! Wait, I remember now. It was a welcome T-shirt. I happened to have one too, so I noticed her.”

Zhao Yunlan pursued, “Were there many people wearing that same shirt yesterday?”

“Mostly students from our school,” Li Qian said. “There weren’t…many people. Most of the students are at the new campus, and the old campus doesn’t have many people.”

“Did you wear it too?”

“I thought it hadn’t been washed, so I didn’t want to wear it close to my body. I just put it over my own T-shirt. But then it got a bit hot, so I took it off and put it in my bag.”

“Oh,” Zhao Yunlan pondered. “When you saw her, were there other people around?”

“There were, quite a few passersby and some cars,” Li Qian glanced at his expression, keenly sensing something, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“No, I didn’t ask you about the road to the university. I meant the small alley at the side entrance of your school. Did she walk through there? Were there other people in that alley at the time?”

Zhao Yunlan didn’t directly answer Li Qian’s question. His deliberate evasion made Li Qian uneasy. Her gaze drifted to the side, nodding first and then shaking her head in confusion. “I… I don’t remember clearly. It seems… yes? She seemed to have walked through there, but I didn’t follow. That alley is a dead end, usually quiet… "

“Did you not walk through there?” Zhao Yunlan interrupted her.

“Huh? Ah… I didn’t…”

“Why not? You also live in the east district, right?” Zhao Yunlan asked.

“I…” Li Qian was at a loss for words, hesitating for a while before nervously saying, “I took a detour to buy something…”

“But you just said that you had already finished buying and came out,” Zhao Yunlan interrupted her again, his tone becoming stern. “Classmate, Uncle Police also wants to be a ‘stand at attention, shake hands’ kind of good uncle. I don’t want to scare you, but you have to cooperate with the investigation and tell me the truth, right?”

Li Qian became nervous again, clutching the hem of her clothes. “I’m telling the truth.”

“Her name is Lu Ruomei, also a graduate student at Longcheng University. You ask what happened last night? I’ll tell you now, your classmate, she’s dead,” Zhao Yunlan said slowly, his eyes fixed on Li Qian’s expression. “And the time of death was around ten o’clock last night, which means you might be the last person who saw her.”

Li Qian’s pupils contracted, and the cup in her hand fell to the ground, shattering. She seemed unaware, her eye twitched nervously, her fingers trembling slightly, and her lips turned pale.