Later on, the Special Investigation Department moved from No. 4 Guangming Road to No. 9 University Road, just a traffic light away from Dragon City University.

When they were about to leave, Lin Jing reluctantly carried his upgraded equipment—a long-barreled DSLR camera—and took pictures of every nook and cranny of No. 4 Guangming Road, not even missing a single cobweb. Then he selected a few satisfactory shots and submitted them to a magazine, hoping to publish them as a series called “Memories of the Past.”

…The editor-in-chief of the magazine was greatly startled.

As a result, the editor-in-chief ended up in the hospital and reported this malicious incident of “intentionally creating eerie photos to frighten people” to the police. To avoid scandal, Zhao Bureau quietly resolved the matter himself. Upon his return, he, under the innocent gaze of the fake monk, gave Lin Jing a good beating.

Eating, sleeping, and Lin Jing getting beaten had become the mundane daily life of everyone at No. 9 University Road.

The conditions of the new office were quite extravagant. There was a sunny attic above and a double-layered basement below. The second basement was a library, and the first basement had a mahjong table surrounded by chairs. During the day, it served as a resting place for the ghost staff members. Occasionally, those who had trouble sleeping would gather to play a round of mahjong.

…So, during the day, one could often hear the sound of shuffling cards mysteriously coming from the locked first basement.

The top-floor attic was bright and sunny, with thick soundproof paint applied. When tired, one could go up there for a nap. Opening the window, the view covered the entire courtyard—but unfortunately, there was no beautiful scenery in the courtyard.

Due to disagreements among the members, the garden lacked a unified plan and became an unusually bizarre mix after they each had their way with it. There was everything imaginable.

Zhao Yunlan claimed the entire backyard for himself. As someone who had never been associated with anything artistic or literary in his life, he had peculiar taste. He vetoed the roses that Zhu Hong liked, rejected the vine plants suggested by Chu Shuzhi, and denied Lin Jing’s request for a Bodhi tree… In the end, he planted vegetables in the backyard.

There were small oilseed rape plants, cherry tomato plants, pumpkin seedlings, pea sprouts, and Chinese toon seedlings… Numerous vegetables neighbored each other, surrounding a flamboyant eggplant like stars encircling the moon.

Zhao Yunlan said that when winter arrived, he would fill the backyard with Chinese cabbage.

Since then, no one, whether human or ghost, had played in the backyard, which had become a vegetable garden.

By the time Shen Wei finished class, the sun was already slightly tilting westward, but it was still warm. He strolled over from the school, including the time waiting for the traffic light to turn green, taking about five to six minutes.

Each member of the Special Investigation Department had a copy of Professor Shen’s class schedule. They eagerly anticipated his arrival every day. Since their leader Zhao Yunlan stopped wandering around, they had settled down and led the life of shut-ins in the office. Therefore, things like the leader setting a bad example and all of them skipping work together could no longer happen.

Despite moving to a new home, everyone still felt somewhat frustrated.

However, as soon as Professor Shen arrived, he could immediately send their leader away. And when the leader was sent away, it meant they could leave work early.

Upon entering, Shen Wei received countless greetings of “Hello, Professor Shen” and “Thank you for your hard work, Professor Shen.” The eager gazes of everyone made him feel as if the people in the occupied territories were waiting for the arrival of the liberating army. At first, Shen Wei felt somewhat uncomfortable, but over time, he became more composed.

Guo Changcheng daydreamed, Zhu Hong shopped online, Chu Shuzhi studied candlestick charts, and Lin Jing tinkered with a new type of miniature listening device. The size of a girl’s fingernail, it would automatically turn invisible once attached to something and then begin eavesdropping.

Black Cat Daqing nestled on the stair railing and wagged its tail at Shen Wei. “He’s in the attic.”

“Alright, thanks.” Shen Wei nodded, but when he passed by, he raised an eyebrow and glanced at Daqing. “Be careful not to fall.”

…Given that the stair railing was only half the size of Daqing’s belly, its prone posture looked extremely eerie.

Daqing froze for a second, then angrily exclaimed, its fur standing on end, “I’m practicing… yoga! What’s wrong with practicing yoga? Any problems?”

Shen Wei reached out and touched its head, maintaining a smile as he went upstairs.

Daqing resentfully returned to its position on the railing, and Lin Jing mischievously asked, “Oh, Lord Daqing, which yoga pose were you practicing?”

Daqing: “…The cat pose.”

Adhering to the principle of “monks don’t tell lies,” Lin Jing made a fair assessment, saying, “Hahaha!”

…As a result, Daqing ended up with two scratch marks on its face, and the listening device in its hand flew out and stuck somewhere, becoming invisible.

The elusive Old Li appeared out of nowhere, silently handing over a cotton swab and a band-aid as if he were a miserable owner cleaning up after a scratched-up cat. The cat, however, was completely ungrateful. It didn’t even meow once, but instead jumped down from the stair railing without uttering a word, stretched lazily, and left.

Sometimes, emotions were like fragile glass. No matter what kind of emotion it was, once broken, it couldn’t be repaired or stuck together again, even if one didn’t care anymore… or even forgave.

That’s why it was best for a person to be committed to one thing. Either be selfish to the core, causing countless harm without remorse, or treasure others’ emotions from the beginning, even if it seemed foolish.

Shen Wei gently pushed open the door to the attic. There was a sofa bed in the attic, perfectly positioned to receive sunlight all day long. Zhao Yunlan had a blanket draped around his waist and held a book with his fingers still between the pages.

Shen Wei walked over quietly, bending down to lightly touch his lips. Zhao Yunlan didn’t open his eyes and lazily said, “Hmm… Are you done with classes?”

Shen Wei replied with a soft voice, supporting Zhao Yunlan’s upper body and lifting him up, then sat down himself. “Wake up, it’s getting late. If you keep sleeping, you’ll have insomnia tonight.”

Zhao Yunlan obediently lay on Shen Wei’s thighs, yawned, and mumbled, “Actually, I didn’t plan on sleeping.”

He half-opened his eyes and gestured with the book in his hand, complaining, “Let me tell you, this book must be cursed. I can never make it past the preface without getting knocked out. I’ve only reached page eight, and I’m still stuck in the introduction.”

Shen Wei picked up the book and flipped through it. It was a textbook from an agricultural university, printed with not even a centimeter wasted, and even the illustrations were black and white. It was so serious and devoid of any entertainment value. Shen Wei casually put it aside and said, “Why are you reading this? If those seeds you sowed are lucky, they might thrive with your influence. They won’t fail to grow.”

Zhao Yunlan replied, “No, science and technology are the primary productive forces.”

Shen Wei responded, “…Then go back and study science and technology.”

Zhao Yunlan rolled his eyes mischievously and said with ill intent, “The primary productive force clashes with me. Just one look and it puts me to sleep.”

Shen Wei lowered his head and noticed that the drowsiness had dissipated from Zhao Yunlan’s pitch-black eyes. He looked at Shen Wei with a smile that held a hint of indescribable meaning.

Zhao Yunlan reached out and hugged Shen Wei’s waist. “I can’t concentrate when you’re around. It makes me lose my appetite, and if it goes on for too long, I’ll become depressed!”

Shen Wei remained silent.

Zhao Yunlan rambled, “Look at the high suicide rate among the people in Northern Europe. It shows that cold places easily lead to depression. Kunlun Mountain is covered in ice and snow all year round, without even heating. So, I must have the genes prone to depression deep in my bones.”

Shen Wei remained silent for a while. “…Forgive my ignorance.”

Zhao Yunlan exclaimed, “You must not love me anymore! You flaky man!”

Shen Wei massaged his temple, feeling a headache coming on. “Stop acting cute. What do you want?”

With a mischievous grin, Zhao Yunlan revealed a set of neat, little white teeth.

“Alright, I’ll read it to you when we get home tonight.” Shen Wei’s tone was gentle and helpless. Then he looked a bit uncomfortable as he averted his gaze. “But you have to listen properly. If you get sleepy, go to sleep. No fooling around.”

His ears turned slightly red, as if he had just been bullied and teased by a bully, reluctantly complying with the demands of a submissive spouse.

Angrily grabbing his collar, Zhao Yunlan pulled Shen Wei’s head down. “Can you please stop being so pure, my dear? Until now, have I ever successfully taken advantage of you… Well, I admit that I’ve always had criminal intentions, but I haven’t committed any crimes!”

Shen Wei hurriedly appeased him. “Okay, okay, get up. Let’s go home.”

“I can’t get up.” Zhao Yunlan turned his face expressionlessly to the side. “My lower back muscles are strained.”

Shen Wei gently and shyly suggested, “…Then should I carry you?”

Zhao Yunlan silently glanced at him, then silently stood up on his own. He felt that his back was no longer in pain at all—there was just a slight ache in his stomach.

Once they left, the others scattered like birds and beasts. Zhu Hong was the quickest to leave, followed closely by Lin Jing. Chu Shuzhi poured a cup of tea and stayed until the stock market closed before leisurely packing up. However, when he looked up, he realized that Guo Changcheng was still there.

With no one else in the room, Guo Changcheng sat like a prop, silently lost in thought. His vacant expression seemed soulless. Chu Shuzhi casually asked, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Guo Changcheng snapped out of his daze, suddenly trembling and accidentally spilling water on the potted plant on his desk, causing it to splash all over the place.

Chu Shuzhi instinctively touched his own face, suspecting that his cultivation had regressed and his corpse spots were showing, which startled the poor guy into such a sorry state.

“I-I-I’ll go now,” Guo Changcheng said, flustered, while hastily packing his things.

Chu Shuzhi observed his expression and asked, “Are you planning to blow up a fortress later? Why do you look so solemn?”

If Guo Changcheng had a pair of dog ears, they would probably be drooping by now.

Twenty minutes later, the two of them walked out of No. 9 University Road together. Chu Shuzhi furrowed his brows and concluded, “So, your second uncle wants you to go on a blind date.”

Sparks flew in Guo Changcheng’s mind.

Chu Shuzhi quickly took a step back. “Be careful. Why are you so nervous? Is the person you’re meeting a fierce tiger?”

Worried about setting his pants on fire, Guo Changcheng held the small electric shocker in his hand, instantly attracting a lot of attention. Before they even reached the parking lot, a traffic officer at the intersection shouted, “What’s going on? It’s not allowed to set off fireworks in the city! How selfish!”

Chu Shuzhi silently covered his face, pretending to look up at the sky.

As the King of the Dead, he was cold, reclusive, and emitted an aura that kept strangers away. The long free time often left him feeling empty and lonely. Apart from exchanging a few sarcastic remarks with familiar people, his entire being exuded an unwelcoming vibe. Thus, he became curious about how humans went on blind dates. He volunteered and said, “Alright, forget about setting off fireworks. You might get fined. How about this? I’ll sit next to you and pretend to be a passerby, accompanying you throughout the blind date. Is that okay?”

Guo Changcheng glanced at him with annoyance, and from the otherwise serious face of Chu-ge, he could sense a hint of gossipy excitement.

They arrived early by more than half an hour. Chu Shuzhi idly flipped through the entire old magazine and then the girl arrived.

Chu Shuzhi watched as Guo Changcheng stiffened like a stick. He sighed in amazement. It had been many years since he had seen a mortal with such great potential to become a zombie.

Chu Shuzhi’s gaze moved downward, only to see Guo Changcheng’s pant legs shaking uncontrollably. He looked like a quail sitting on shards of glass. Chu Shuzhi was glad he had confiscated Guo Changcheng’s electric shocker; otherwise, the girl sitting across from them would have turned him into a curly-haired noodle with a live wire.

“Tsk, no backbone,” Chu Shuzhi thought angrily.

Fortunately, the girl had a good personality and didn’t immediately post a Weibo titled “Encountered a Scumbag on a Blind Date.” She tried to initiate conversation, but Guo Changcheng was like a prisoner under interrogation. His body trembled at every question, constantly sending distress signals to Chu Shuzhi. Unfortunately, Chu Shuzhi pretended to be interested in the menu, completely ignoring them.

After trembling for about ten minutes, the girl couldn’t help but ask, “A-Are you nervous?”

Guo Changcheng blushed and nodded.

The girl smiled and said, “It’s okay. Let’s just chat casually.”

Guo Changcheng blushed again and nodded, cautiously stealing a glance at her before quickly averting his gaze.

Normally, when encountering someone who couldn’t communicate clearly, the other party would have left after smashing a plate. However, this girl who came on the blind date was strangely cute. Faced with Guo Changcheng’s awkwardness, she inexplicably felt a protective urge.

“I think you look a lot like Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory,’” she said happily. “You’re really cute—my aunt said you’re a policeman. Is that true?”

Guo Changcheng replied like a mosquito, “Mm.”

The girl exclaimed, “Really! I couldn’t tell at all. So, what do you do when you encounter bad people?”

Guo Changcheng thought for a moment and honestly described how he apprehended “bad people.” He made a grabbing motion, pretending to pick up his “secret weapon.” “Like this, I say to them, ‘Don’t come any closer,’ and then I catch them.”

The girl was momentarily stunned but quickly realized it was a “joke.” She burst into laughter, saying, “Hahaha, you’re so adorable!”

Guo Changcheng stared at her with a blank expression, not understanding.

Chu Shuzhi, leaning on his cheek, observed coldly. Recalling the real-life situations he faced at work, he actually found traces of a behavior called “silly and cute.” However, as he looked at the joyous girl and the absent-minded Guo Changcheng, and then lowered his head to glance at his watch, he felt that sitting on the side like this was a bit boring.

But those two seemed to be endlessly engrossed in their conversation. Chu Shuzhi patiently took out his phone and played games for a long time. His eyes started to blur, and finally, unable to endure any longer, he raised his hand and called the waiter, “We’ll order.”

The waiter came over, looking flustered, and heard Chu Shuzhi speak in a light yet eerie voice, “We’ll have a serving of Kung Pao Chicken. The meat should be three-quarters cooked, with streaks of blood.”

The waiter: “…”

Guo Changcheng heard from a distance and immediately turned to look at Chu Shuzhi. Seeing the corpse-like expression on his face, he suddenly realized that he had lost control.

But just as he racked his brain to end the conversation, the other person suddenly became serious and said, “By the way, I still want to say…”

She paused, seeming hesitant to speak.

Guo Changcheng asked, “What is it?”

The girl lowered her eyes and thought for a moment. “It may not be appropriate to say this on our first meeting, but I really do like you…”

Guo Changcheng turned into a red sorghum stalk, his eyes widened.

The girl continued, “So, there are some things I want to say in advance. I wasn’t particularly keen on coming today because my aunt told me you’re a detective. I feel uneasy about living with a detective, always on edge, you know… So, do you really want to pursue this career?”

Guo Changcheng was taken aback and before he could answer, a hand suddenly reached out and grabbed his shoulder, pulling him up from his seat without warning.

Guo Changcheng exclaimed, “Chu-ge?”

The girl on the blind date looked at Chu Shuzhi with a bewildered expression.

Chu Shuzhi smirked but didn’t smile, glanced at her, and then turned his gaze to Guo Changcheng. In a deliberately ambiguous tone, he said, “Dating behind my back? You’re quite street-smart!”

Guo Changcheng: “…”

What’s going on?

The girl widened her eyes, completely stunned by the aura of the King of the Dead and the dramatic turn of events. Chu Shuzhi reached into Guo Changcheng’s pocket and took out a few banknotes, placing them under the cup, then unceremoniously lifted him under his arm and carried him away.

Guo Changcheng froze on the spot until Chu Shuzhi stuffed him into the car. Like an old man, Chu Shuzhi stretched his legs and stretched his laziness. He gave instructions, “Drive, take me somewhere.”

Guo Changcheng looked at him with great hesitation.

Chu Shuzhi said, “What are you looking at? I’m doing this for her own good. Trying to undermine Kunlun Jun. She’s really…something.”

He paused and with a sentence that struck the heart, he blurted out, “Stupid humans.”

…Stupid human Guo Changcheng didn’t say anything. Blushing, he silently started the car.

On his shoulder bag, a small round scale-like disc transmitted signals in an invisible location.

The next day, rumors spread that “Chu-ge and Little Guo caused a commotion, and No. 9 University Road is a gathering place for gays.”

And…what was the unfortunate consequence for Lin Jing, who happened to overhear things she shouldn’t have and spread rumors?

Oh, Amitabha, she turned into an Indian with a head full of bandages.

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