There was a significant incident of raising a little ghost in a city in the south, and Chu Shuzhi went there with Guo Changcheng. They stayed there for nearly a month before successfully resolving the matter and returning to No. 4 Guangming Road.

Guo Changcheng still had no particular skills. Sometimes, everyone felt that Guo Changcheng and their new office member, Xiao Mi, looked so alike.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Xiao Mi is a one-year-old Samoyed dog with a great appetite and extremely low intelligence. After getting lost, someone brought it to the local police station in Guangming Road. It stayed there for over a month, waiting for its owner who never showed up, and completely drained the police station’s resources. Finally, it was brought back by Zhao Yunlan and kept at No. 4 Guangming Road, much to the annoyance of Lao Li whenever he saw it.

Xiao Mi spent its days eating and drinking without a care in the world. Before Chu Shuzhi left, he spent over a month trying to teach the dog the simple actions of “sit” and “shake hands.” However, when he returned from his business trip and checked, he found that the only two skills it had learned had already been forgotten. Apart from staring at people with its ignorant eyes and rubbing against their legs, its mind was completely blank.

From the inability to learn many things… Guo Changcheng and Xiao Mi seemed like a match made in heaven.

However, he couldn’t resist his artifact.

The Underworld was almost destroyed in the chaos, but the new order that emerged was largely established by Shen Wei himself. Although he pretended to be a recluse and didn’t get involved much, the newly revived Underworld couldn’t afford to disregard him. The Soul Reaper, who was avoiding everyone in the Three Realms, collected the residual souls of lonely ghosts and evil spirits, which was insignificant compared to the electric baton in Guo Changcheng’s hands.

This bald chicken, who trembled in fear at the slightest danger, was truly extraordinary.

After returning to the office, Chu Shuzhi began to study stock market analysis and K-line charts with a serious expression, acting like a big boss. Guo Changcheng patiently stuck invoices and filled out reimbursement forms. He intended to go out and find Zhao Yunlan for a signature, but the door to the opposite office was locked—Zhao Yunlan was absent again.

Guo Changcheng scratched his head and innocently returned, asking, “Is Director Zhao not here?”

Zhu Hong didn’t even lift her head as she said, “According to official statements, the new office on our side was handed over today, and he went over to inspect it and also plans to move there. Damn it, why is the internet so slow? I sincerely hope the speed improves after moving.”

Da Qing was currently teasing Xiao Mi, the poor big dog being chased around by a small cat throughout the room. Hearing this, he stopped in his tracks and raised his head to ask, “And what’s the unofficial explanation?”

Zhu Hong said with a strange, longing yet sour tone, “He’s been screwed by his man, so he can’t get out of bed.”

Guo Changcheng was startled by these words, causing him to tremble and sit crookedly on the chair. The swivel chair slipped away, and he ended up sitting on the floor.

Zhu Hong glanced at the shocked Guo Changcheng disdainfully. “Tsk! The leader is a gay man. Why are you so surprised? By the way, is the internet slow? Today is so irritating.”

Chu Shuzhi added, “It’s quite slow.”

Lin Jing, who was occupying the bandwidth playing online games, remained silent, pretending to be invisible. However, he couldn’t stay invisible for long and was quickly discovered, then beaten by Zhu Hong.

As a punishment, Lin Jing’s computer was unplugged, so he could only idly play offline games like Plants vs. Zombies.

…And later, he was beaten by Chu Shuzhi as well.

Lin Jing buried his head in his arms on the desk and whimpered, “I can’t live like this.”

Chu Shuzhi spoke up, “I think you’re just bored. Xiao Guo, you don’t need to write that report. Let someone else do it since they have nothing to do.”

Guo Changcheng looked up at Lin Jing, who was sobbing with tearful eyes and busy taking selfies, and smiled kindly. “It’s alright, I’ll do it.”

Lin Jing lifted his head from the desk, glanced at Guo Changcheng, and after a while, looked at him again.

Guo Changcheng sat quietly, typing diligently. He was slow but meticulous. Finally, Lin Jing couldn’t resist and stood up, quickly reached across the desk, and plucked a strand of hair from Guo Changcheng’s head.

Guo Changcheng exclaimed, “Ouch!” and looked at him in confusion.

Lin Jing chuckled, “Well, um, I’ll do some research.”

“The smell of burnt protein is what it smells like when it burns,” Chu Shuzhi sneered without lifting his head, “Hair is just a skin sac. You change one skin sac in a lifetime. What’s so special about it? Superficial.”

Lin Jing asked, “How do you know what it smells like when it burns? Have you already burned it before?”

Chu Shuzhi: “…”

“I still don’t understand,” Lin Jing played with the strand of hair from Guo Changcheng, suppressing his joking expression. “A fine young man like you, how could you be… Hey, Xiao Guo, do you think there’s anything special about yourself? Something that sets you apart from others?”

For some unknown reason, everyone unconsciously avoided mentioning the Town Soul Lamp in front of Guo Changcheng. He was puzzled, not quite understanding what they were talking about, and shook his head. “Oh, maybe just a bit dumber than others?”

“But…” Lin Jing paused for a moment, and then the words flowed out—Guo Changcheng was the wick of the Town Soul Lamp, confirmed by Kunlun Jun himself. He had gone through countless cycles, but his original intention remained unchanged. The merits he possessed were comparable to those of Nüwa, the creator of mankind. However, he had no blessings or fortunes, silent and ignorant. Lin Jing fell silent; he realized he didn’t want to tell Guo Changcheng about this, even though this young man had lit the final Town Soul Lamp, effectively ending the struggle with Chaos in a way.

No Yin-Yang eyes, but able to see all truths.

Receiving great merits but remaining unknown.

“But what?” Guo Changcheng asked, confused.

“No… I was just wondering why the token left by Kunlun Jun is called the ‘Town Soul Token’?” Lin Jing murmured, then asked again before Guo Changcheng could understand, “By the way, what are you going to do after work?”

Guo Changcheng replied, “Oh, I’ll first go to Grandma Li’s house to deliver something, and then the summer program of the Cangnan Support Education Action Group is starting. I’ll help them make some posters and brochures in the evening.”

Lin Jing absentmindedly flicked his Buddhist prayer beads. “Theravada emphasizes cultivating oneself, and then there’s Mahayana, which talks about helping others. Actually, I’ve always been curious, Xiao Guo, why are you busy running around all the time?”

Guo Changcheng replied, “No… I don’t have any specific reason. Besides, I have nothing else to do.”

“Then how do you decide what to do and what not to do?” Zhu Hong interjected.

Guo Changcheng, like a goose just plucked out of the water, stretched his neck dumbfoundedly. He didn’t understand why everyone suddenly seemed so interested in him. Perhaps it was because he had watched too many TV dramas that he felt like he had contracted some terminal illness and was about to pass away.

So, he unconsciously stuttered.

“W-well, just… not doing bad things, occasionally lending a hand when I can be of help. I don’t know how to do anything.” Guo Changcheng’s voice grew softer as he spoke, eventually turning into a mosquito-like hum.

“I suddenly remembered a saying,” Chu Shuzhi, who had been silent, suddenly spoke up. “I saw it in a mural in an ancient tomb. The era it belongs to is unknown. It goes, ‘With impure hearts, one often worries and suffers. Solid anger breeds resentment. In the face of impossible tasks, only refrain from doing evil. This is the greatest virtue in the world, the one that can help save and calm souls. There is nothing else.’”

“Help save and calm souls… " These words seemed to drift out from half of Dragon City, from Zhao… No, from the mouth of the God’s Pestle. “I’ve been puzzled by these words for days.”

Zhao Yunlan leaned against the window, lazily crossing his legs. He gazed outside, where the main campus of Dragon City University was located. It was perhaps close to exam time. Shen Wei, who had just finished class, was surrounded by several students asking questions. As Zhao Yunlan watched, a faint smile appeared in his eyes. He casually asked, “Hmm, what?”

“Why is the wooden plaque left by the Mountain Sage called the Town Soul Token?” Shen Wei glanced at him. “What do you think?”

Shen Nong’s Pestle paused for a moment, and then he carefully chose his words. “I’ve heard that there are two types of people in the world who aren’t afraid of death. One type is those with great convictions and no regrets. The other type is those who know what lies beyond death. For the past five thousand years, the Town Soul Lamp has been burning. Now, with the little wheel shattered, the grand wheel connects to the Ghost King’s soul through the great merits of the Town Soul Lamp. Could it be a gamble left by the ancient sages?”

Zhao Yunlan’s lips curled, revealing a dimple on his cheek. “If we had such great abilities, why would we die one after another? Did Shennong make you look at the Soul Slayer for five thousand years only to see you as a conspiracy theorist?”

Shen Nong’s Pestle looked more confused.

Zhao Yunlan glanced at him, and his gaze was not that of a son looking at his father, but rather, through the two individuals, it fell upon Shen Nong’s Pestle himself.

At this moment, he suddenly became like an elder.

“Just wait a little longer,” he said. “Maybe in another one or two thousand years, you will understand on your own. Others telling you these things won’t work; you have to experience them for yourself. When you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for a cause, you’ll always touch upon things that others don’t understand. Whether it’s the Town Soul Lamp or Shen Nong’s contract, for us back then, the future was just a vague shadow. Perhaps it would develop in a positive direction, or maybe…”

Shen Nong’s Pestle asked, “But what if it doesn’t develop in a positive direction?”

“We’ll die, and naturally, there will be new sacred beings in the world. Our sacrifice will serve as a lesson for others. It won’t be in vain,” Zhao Yunlan said. He heard familiar footsteps and knew that Shen Wei had come upstairs. He stood up, picked up the windbreaker hanging on the back of the chair, draped it over his arm, and turned his head to glance at Shen Nong’s Pestle. “Aren’t you one of the ’new sacred beings’ yourself?”

Shen Nong’s Pestle was stunned for a moment, but Shen Wei had already arrived. He nodded politely but coldly at him. His gaze fell upon Zhao Yunlan and instantly softened. “Are you leaving now? Have you finished talking?”

“Yes,” Zhao Yunlan replied. Then he said to Shen Nong’s Pestle, “Drive slowly on the way back, don’t let my dad suspect anything, take good care of his health.”

Shen Nong’s Pestle stood up and respectfully said, “Thank you for your guidance, Mountain Sage. In fact, I came here today to bid farewell to the Mountain Sage. It’s time for the younger generation to retire after achieving success. It’s improper to linger on in the mortal realm.”

Zhao Yunlan paused for a moment. “When are you leaving?”

“Today,” Shen Nong’s Pestle said. “I will immediately take Mr. Zhao back.”

“Very well,” Zhao Yunlan thought for a moment, then waved his hand casually. “Take care, if you need anything, feel free to come find me.”

The two of them walked downstairs together, and Shen Nong’s Pestle silently stood by the window, watching as they slowly strolled, their pace reminiscent of an afternoon walk, towards a garden-style housing complex across from Dragon City University. He remembered what Zhao Yunlan had mentioned about moving together with Shen Wei.

Looking into the distance, he saw within the green belt of the housing complex, on the large terraces of the houses, clusters of vibrant flowers silently blooming wherever they passed. It was then that Shen Nong’s Pestle realized that spring was already in full swing.