Zhou Huaijin: “Are you saying that Zheng Kaifeng and Zhou Junmao kept her son by their side as a hostage to ensure her loyalty!”

“If that’s the case, she served Zheng Kaifeng for over ten years and probably had some leverage. So even after her death, Zhou and Zheng wouldn’t dare mistreat Yang Bo. They even tacitly accepted the ‘illegitimate child’ rumors,” Lu Jia said. “This woman was probably very reliable. That’s why the fake deliveryman was able to take advantage of the opportunity to manipulate Zheng Kaifeng… But the question is, why use her? What special…?”

Lu Jia stopped speaking halfway and suddenly fell silent.

After waiting for a while with no continuation, Zhou Huaijin couldn’t help but look at Lu Jia in confusion.

“Mr. Zhou,” Lu Jia whispered, “Did you put on the bulletproof vest I prepared for you?”

Zhou Huaijin startled and anxiously looked around. “W-What’s wrong? What’s wrong? This is China. Do they still dare to…?”

“Don’t look around. It’s the black sedan behind us. They dare to do anything,” Lu Jia interrupted him, sending his location to his colleagues and Luo Wenzhou. Without any warning, he suddenly turned the steering wheel and swiftly turned at the intersection. “If we don’t shake them off, I can’t safely take you back to the hotel. Mr. Zhou, fasten your seatbelt. You don’t get carsick, do you?”

Before Zhou Huaijin could reply, the black sedan following them realized from the target’s reaction that they had been discovered. Instead of backing off, they aggressively accelerated, relentlessly pursuing them.

On a night nearing the Spring Festival, the streets of Yancheng were as empty as a small countryside town in Australia. Lu Jia didn’t hesitate to treat the luxury car beneath him like an F1 racer. The sound of friction echoed when the wheels turned sharply, causing Zhou Huaijin to grab onto the handle, suspecting the car would flip over!

At that moment, a white SUV approached them from the opposite direction. Suddenly, its high beams turned on, emitting a blinding light that made it impossible to open their eyes. At the same time, the white car showed no signs of slowing down, heading straight towards them for a collision.

Lu Jia pressed the accelerator without diverting his gaze, intending to go head-on with the other vehicle as if to perish together. Zhou Huaijin instinctively closed his eyes, only to hear a loud crash by his ears, followed by the teeth-gritting sound of the side mirror scraping against the wall. It was then that Zhou Huaijin realized that Lu Jia had skillfully turned into an extremely narrow alley in the nick of time, causing their car to collide with a bicycle, sending it flying into the sky. Lu Jia forcefully maneuvered the car into the insufficiently wide lane during high-speed, squeezing it into the small road!

The white car on the opposite side didn’t react in time. The driver slammed on the brakes, unable to retract the headlights. The black car chasing after Lu Jia and Zhou Huaijin watched in shock. The two vehicles collided head-on, igniting sparks that illuminated the night!

Zhou Huaijin suddenly turned to look at Lu Jia and managed to see a handsome figure reminiscent of a secret agent emerge from the corpulent body. “You… you…”

Lu Jia shrugged and lit a cigarette. He held it between his lips. “Luckily, Fei Du will reimburse the car repair costs. Mr. Zhou, this is just the beginning. Can you handle it?”

Zhou Huaijin gasped for breath, wiping the cold sweat off his forehead. In such a perilous moment, he actually said, “So, I am a crucial figure? It seems that the information I found… about Su Hui, Zheng Kaifeng, and other trivial matters turned out to be important clues!”

Lu Jia looked at him with surprise.

Then, the seemingly refined heir of the Zhou family smiled. “In that case, I can rest assured!”

As they spoke, Lu Jia had already rushed out of the small alley and plunged into another road. In rapidly developing cities, this is a common problem: insufficient parking spaces. Private cars without parking spots would illegally leave their contact information on the roadside. During nights and holidays, they would naturally form neat queues, a unique characteristic of Yancheng.

At this moment, the cars parked on the roadside were silently bathed in the dim light of the street lamps, with fine white frost accumulating on their roofs, as if they had been dormant for a long time.

Zhou Huaijin leaned out and glanced at the side mirror that had been scraped off. “Did we shake them off?”

Lu Jia remained silent, and before Zhou Huaijin could relax, the rotund man suddenly had some kind of problem. Just as they were smoothly proceeding down the road, he made another sudden turn without any warning. The tires rolled over broken ice, causing a slight skid, and the rear of the car bumped against an old street lamp post. Without even sparing a glance, Lu Jia stepped on the accelerator, emitting a piercing screech, and turned into another narrow alley, forcefully slimming the car and scraping off the other side’s side mirror as well!

Zhou Huaijin was painfully squeezed by the seatbelt and looked back. He saw a sedan that had been parked at the intersection suddenly start up like a resurrected corpse, trailing behind Lu Jia with only a slight delay. There was an ambush here as well!

Zhou Huaijin exclaimed, “How did you know?”

“Intuition,” Lu Jia rudely flicked the cigarette butt into a snowdrift in the corner of the wall. “When you get beaten enough, you’ll know where the thugs like to attack.”

Zhou Huaijin only knew that this person was sent by Fei Du to take care of him and thought he was probably an “assistant” or something like that. Unable to hold back any longer, he finally asked, “What exactly do you do?”

“A big gangster,” Lu Jia casually said at first but then felt that this answer was somewhat embarrassing for Fei Du. He quickly changed his tune. “No… I should be the administrative director of that, that… whatever fund…”

Zhou Huaijin asked in a daze, “What fund?”

Lu Jia replied, “…”

He hadn’t carefully read the business card, so he couldn’t recall it.

The two fell silent for a moment. Suddenly, Lu Jia’s expression changed. “Damn it!”

After passing through the small alley, the front didn’t open up as expected. Instead, a pile of even more complex small roads awaited them, making it dizzying to look at. Lu Jia found a small mirror from somewhere, manually replacing the missing side mirror by pulling down the car window. He saw the rear car lights aggressively converging and several motorcycles chasing them from a small lane on the left.

Only then did Zhou Huaijin realize why Lu Jia was cursing. It wasn’t because he couldn’t remember his own position. He quickly looked towards the passenger side. “There are people here too!”

“It seems they chose this place for a reason,” Lu Jia said in a low voice. “They anticipated that we would come to investigate Yang Bo and deliberately set up an ambush to drive us in. They’re trying to ’trap the wolf’… What are you doing?”

Zhou Huaijin took out his phone. “Hello, 110, a gang of criminals has been chasing us!”

Lu Jia remained silent.

He really was a law-abiding and civilized citizen.

Unfortunately, the police didn’t have a magic portal and couldn’t instantly respond to the call from the sky. Even their own people couldn’t arrive so quickly.

By the time Zhou Huaijin managed to explain their location to the operator amidst the harsh engine noise and impacts, they were completely trapped in the middle of a narrow road. There were no streetlights around, but the intertwined car lights were already blinding.

Zhou Huaijin had never experienced such a situation before. He groped around left and right in a panic. “What should we do? Should we fight? Do you have any weapons?”

“Under the back seat…” Lu Jia started saying a few words but then quickly evaluated Young Master Zhou’s abilities. “Ah, forget it. Don’t deliver food to others. Hide yourself.”

“Hide… hide?” Zhou Huaijin swept his gaze over the encircling crowd filled with killing intent. “No… can’t we negotiate first?”

Before he could finish speaking, the group that had been chasing and blocking them rushed forward to attack the car. Lu Jia pulled out a helmet from under the seat and threw it to Zhou Huaijin. “Put it on and find an opportunity to run.”

Amidst the clamor, Zhou Huaijin couldn’t hear anything clearly and could only shout, “What… did… you… say?”

Lu Jia quickly took off his coat, revealing only a tight-fitting T-shirt underneath. Then, he forcefully opened the dented car door without even sparing a glance and slammed it against a person, swinging an iron rod and striking the sound of it colliding with flesh was chilling.

Zhou Huaijin intended to help, but when it came down to it, he had no idea where to start. He had just stuffed his own gentle and weak head into the helmet when the car window beside him was shattered into pieces, and glass shards rained down. Time seemed to suddenly stretch endlessly. Zhou Huaijin saw the person attacking the car exhaling white breath from his nose, his facial expression nearly ferocious, like a wild beast pouncing towards him. His limbs moved involuntarily, and he used both hands and feet to scramble towards the back seat, desperately searching for an escape route.

The cold wind howled as two machetes thrust towards his back through the chaotic car door. At this moment, Zhou Huaijin suddenly realized that he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t have time to think about it; he just curled up his body and pondered, “Can a bulletproof vest protect against knives? Is it the same principle?”

Then, the car shook violently, and more shards of broken glass rained down. The knives cut across Zhou Huaijin’s calf. At the same time, the attackers wielding the knives were struck from behind, and an indescribable putrid smell filled the air.

Zhou Huaijin looked carefully and saw that the large garbage bin that had been standing by the roadside had inexplicably joined the fray. It was smashed sideways by the incredibly powerful Lu Jia. This neglected trash bin, with its iron exterior, had a half-full belly containing aged, old garbage. During its lonely years, some mysterious reaction had taken place within it, and its odor was comparable to a mass destruction weapon!

In the blink of an eye, Lu Jia’s body was already covered in bloodstains, whether they belonged to others or himself, Zhou Huaijin couldn’t tell. Lu Jia grabbed Zhou Huaijin and forcefully pulled him out of the car. With his thick arm wrapped around Zhou Huaijin’s neck, he said, “Run!”

Zhou Huaijin’s helmet had been knocked askew, blocking half of his vision heavily. He felt like a wobbling giant mushroom, completely being dragged along by Lu Jia.

Suddenly, his helmet seemed to be struck by something, as if by a bouncing pebble. With a loud “clang,” the sound was very loud. Zhou Huaijin was disoriented, and the hand pressing on his neck suddenly exerted more force, pressing him down by half a foot. In this condensed state, they charged into an alley.

Zhou Huaijin reached out and touched randomly, feeling a cold and sticky sensation. Lu Jia’s breathing became heavy, and he quickly pushed the helmet back into its proper position. It was then that he discovered the right side of the helmet was covered in noticeable cracks, and the arm that had been resting on Zhou Huaijin’s neck was mangled with flesh and blood.

Zhou Huaijin’s expression changed abruptly. “How do they still have guns?”

Lu Jia remained silent. With a heavy breath and a trembling tone of pain, he reached into his waist. He had a spring-loaded knife hanging from his belt, and the cold handle of the knife pressed against his palm. Sweat, tinged with the smell of blood, emanated from Lu Jia’s body.

However, he only touched it briefly. In the next moment, he forcefully pushed Zhou Huaijin backward and picked up the bent iron rod again. While the knife was a good weapon, a formidable one, he could easily stab and kill several people. He had the ability, as well as enough anger and vigor.

But he couldn’t, because he was the “administrative director” of that “whatever fund.”

Although he couldn’t remember the name of the fund, he knew what the money circulating within was used for—it was to buy bread for those who were scarred and desperate, those who had no other means of seeking help. While it couldn’t heal their endless emotional trauma, it could at least prevent them from reaching a dead end in material terms.

Even if he possessed an ancient longsword in his heart, he couldn’t go around hacking people on behalf of Fei Du. He couldn’t represent those pitiable individuals, whether he knew them or not, in going on a killing spree.

“Run,” Lu Jia took a deep breath and said to Zhou Huaijin, “I’ll cover you. Run out and find the police, find Luo Wenzhou!”

Zhou Huaijin thought this was nonsense. A group of people armed with knives and guns were seeking their lives in front, and this Mr. Lu was planning to fend off an army with a bent iron rod?

“I won’t…”

Lu Jia reached back and gave him a push, causing him to stagger. Immediately after, he swung the rod, knocking one of the pursuers away. At the same time, as he exposed himself, a series of “pop, pop” sounds echoed from the nearby wall as bullets ricocheted and dust flew. Lu Jia was forced to shrink back behind a low wall. Just then, the sound of an engine started, and a motorcycle rammed directly towards the spot where he was hiding!

Lu Jia happened to be pressed against the corner of the wall to avoid the bullets. He saw no way to retreat and would have been crushed by the motorcycle in that position. Suddenly, something came flying from the darkness and struck the motorcycle’s front wheel. With its balance disrupted, the high-speed motorcycle tumbled forward.

Lu Jia turned around abruptly and saw Zhou Huaijin, who had just run away, return. He had somehow acquired a few pieces of bricks and threw one out, still holding two in his hand!

Lu Jia said, “Didn’t I tell you…”

“I’ve told Fei Du everything I know,” Zhou Huaijin raised the two bricks by his side and said loudly, “Even if I die, they will continue to investigate, and they will figure out why they wanted to kill me! Who am I afraid of?”

Zhou Huaijin, outwardly distinguished but inwardly a mess.

He had been cowardly and inept, trembling in fear for the first half of his life.

“What a miserable existence,” he thought, “I fucking fear no one!”

Lu Jia’s expression was difficult to describe, but there was no time to say anything more. A louder engine sound immediately followed, and other motorcycles followed suit. Zhou Huaijin tried the same trick again, but unfortunately, he wasn’t a professional rider. The two flying bricks missed their target, leaving him with no plan left.

Instinctively, he raised his hand to shield his eyes from the blinding headlights. Amidst the rush of adrenaline, he also felt a pang of guilt. It was Lu Jia who wanted him to stay obediently in the hotel, but he insisted on investigating beyond his capabilities along with the enigmatic Yang Bo and her son.

He felt that there was more to Huai Xin’s case, and he hadn’t received the final explanation.

Was Huai Xin still watching from above? Zhou Huaijin wondered. If he was watching, could he lend a bit of luck to his useless elder brother?

His elder brother had no particular skills in his life and could probably only rely on luck to turn things around.

At that moment, a sharp and abrupt police siren sound echoed out of nowhere. Zhou Huaijin was momentarily stunned, thinking it was an illusion.

Shortly after, the police siren continued, gasping for air. The red and blue lights rose and fell in the night sky, heading straight towards their location.

Zhou Huaijin’s painting of Huai Xin hung in his shop, and Huai Xin’s name occupied a sacred place in his heart, responding to his desperate prayer in times of crisis.

As a half-baked artist, he had obtained the qualification to be a “belief” in his elder brother’s eyes.

Unfortunately, although the police had arrived, the police cars couldn’t squeeze through the narrow gap like Lu Jia did. For a moment, they couldn’t enter this “auspicious place.” A person riding a motorcycle let out a sharp whistle, and with a swift motion, swiftly dispatched the fallen comrade, leaving no survivors. The rest quickly fled along a pre-calculated path—a precise route that, if not for Lu Jia’s unexpected injury, and the police arriving like they had superpowers, would have been a perfect and composed assassination!

Lu Jia stumbled, and Zhou Huaijin originally wanted to hold him, but he couldn’t tell if his hands were weak or if Mr. Lu was too heavy. The two of them ended up sitting on the ground together, enduring the sound of hurried footsteps approaching. A familiar voice asked, “Are you okay? Where is the other person?”

“I guessed it was you.” Lu Jia grabbed his bleeding arm, managing to smile at Luo Wen Zhou, who had rushed over. “Wait for the operator’s notification before dispatching assistance. I reckon both of us would have been dead by then.”

“Fei Du has your precise location on his phone,” Luo Wen Zhou frowned and carefully examined Lu Jia’s wound. “Stop the chitchat. Let’s go to the hospital first.”

“Boss,” Lang Qiao, along with several detectives, flipped the bodies around and said, “These few are no longer breathing.”

“Take them away and check their DNA and fingerprints,” Luo Wen Zhou said solemnly. Then, he seemed to recall something and looked deeply at Lu Jia.

“Acting in self-defense, without even drawing a knife,” Lu Jia immediately understood what he was worried about and chuckled. “I was afraid you would come alone. I didn’t expect this hero of yours to not only specialize in sneak attacks but also be not lacking in courage. By the way, have you been suspended since Fei Du had an incident?”

“I’m not stupid,” Luo Wen Zhou bent down and, together with Zhou Huaijin, supported Lu Jia. “Even if I’m suspended, my people are still my people. I keep my word. Isn’t that right, guys?”

Lang Qiao, Xiao Haiyang, Xiao Wu, and a group of elite detectives from the Municipal Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division, on duty or on leave, were all mobilized by him. Tao Ran, who couldn’t come physically, was present with them through the communication device. Tao Ran said, “After all, you all were raised by him.”

Lang Qiao shamelessly boasted, “I am his confidant.”

Xiao Haiyang had a serious expression. “I just don’t trust others.”

“You’ve practically talked about this so much that it’s become famous,” Luo Wen Zhou waved his hand without changing his expression. “First, confirm the identity of the deceased. They probably all have criminal records. Then, under the pretense of pursuing them, urgently request support and assistance from various district bureaus and police stations in the name of the Municipal Bureau. Say that there’s a gang of armed robbers on the loose. Eyeglasses and Erlang, come with me to send the injured to the hospital. Attempted murder. I’m afraid they might have other plans. Let’s move quickly!”

With his command, the scene was sealed off, support was called in, and everyone acted methodically.

Fei Du had no idea about the thrilling events happening outside. He was “cooperating with the investigation” with a good attitude.

“Do you not know where your father is?”

“I just received a call from the nursing home before coming here,” Fei Du shrugged indifferently. “I haven’t had a chance to confirm. Why, does it seem like it’s true?”

The investigator carefully observed this Fei Du—he was young and good-looking, meticulous from his hair to his fingernails, and a blend of cypress, basil, and cedar fragrance wafted from his cuffs. He was the epitome of a “hedonistic young master” in every sense. The investigator couldn’t help but lower his head and take a glance at Fei Du’s basic information. He was a bit too young, still a student. “Aren’t you worried about him at all?”