“But the subtle thing is, after Yang Bo’s father died, his mother took the compensation money and moved away. She moved to Yan Cheng and settled in a high-end residential area with rent that theoretically exceeded her affordability. Moreover, she subsequently sent Yang Bo abroad and enrolled him in an education program sponsored by the Zhou family.” Luo Wen Zhou: “Yang Zhi’s car accident wasn’t for the benefit of the Zhou family. They didn’t need to provide any additional compensation. Why?” “Hostage,” Fei Du said softly. Luo Wen Zhou: “To threaten someone?” “A mediocre young boy, probably only his parents can be threatened,” Fei Du murmured. “Moving to Yan Cheng… what could Zheng Kai Feng use her for? Thirteen years ago…” Suddenly, Fei Du seemed to remember something, and his eyes, which were usually half-open, widened abruptly.

Author’s Note: In this volume, there are two bosses. Let’s start with a small target~ Tomorrow, we’ll introduce a minor boss~

Luo Wen Zhou’s ears seemed to double as eyes. Without turning his head, he sensed that something was wrong with Fei Du. “What’s going on?” he asked. “Thirteen years ago,” Fei Du’s words were muffled, as if they disappeared as soon as they touched his lips. He murmured, “The first art catalog project was also thirteen years ago…” While Zhou Huai Jin and Luo Wen Zhou didn’t know what he was talking about, one didn’t understand even though he knew. They both expressed their doubts. Fei Du, who was usually responsive and willing to answer, unusually ignored them. He supported his chin with both hands and fell into a trance, as if he had been engulfed in a distant memory. Meanwhile, at the Second Hospital. Xiao Hai Yang stood at the door, watching as the male nurse held the nurse’s neck like a chick. “You can’t escape,” Xiao Yan Jing, his voice almost exploding with unstable breath, spoke with a steady tone. “We have people outside. Even if you use her as a hostage and manage to escape from here, you won’t be able to run away.” The male nurse’s gaze wandered unstably, and sweat appeared on his forehead. “Go find me a car!” “The Second Hospital isn’t far from the city center, and there are surveillance cameras all over the streets. What use is a car to you? You won’t be able to leave the city; you’ll be intercepted,” Xiao Hai Yang said, taking a bold step forward. “Get back, or I’ll kill her!” Lang Qiao caught up and, seeing that Xiao Hai Yang’s legs were still trembling, she grabbed the back of his coat and pulled him back. Lang Qiao said, “If you kill her, you won’t be able to escape either. Use your brain and think about it. If you walk out now and surrender, it will be attempted crime, which can be treated lightly or severely, and there is room for negotiation. But if you dare to harm her, you will be a confirmed murderer. Think it over!” As she spoke, she glanced at her colleagues behind her and skillfully kept close to the wall, moving towards the ward, maintaining a position directly facing the criminal. The male nurse instinctively adjusted his stance with her movement and belligerently shouted, “Stop right there, or else…” “You’ve seen Yin Ping’s condition,” Xiao Hai Yang interrupted him. “Even without me saying anything, you can see for yourself. His surgery wasn’t very successful. It’s unclear whether he’ll survive, and even if he does, there’s a chance he’ll become a vegetable. Even if he’s extraordinarily lucky and wakes up, he’ll still be mentally impaired, half-paralyzed. He won’t be able to identify anyone. His mouth will only have one purpose for the rest of his life—if he even has a future.” The male nurse’s attention was involuntarily diverted by him. Lang Qiao said, “Put down the knife.” Xiao Hai Yang said, “My god, don’t you understand yet? Who told you that Yin Ping is almost recovered? It’s clearly a deception.” Lang Qiao, after hearing Xiao Hai Yang’s words, realized there was another aspect to the situation. She listened with a cold sweat, “Is it true?” “It is,” Xiao Hai Yang’s gaze never left the criminal. “Otherwise, why would someone risk everything to deceive you into falling into a trap? The situation is that simple. If you don’t hurry up and expose the liar and get him involved, instead of kidnapping and killing for him?” The male nurse’s hand trembled more violently—what Xiao Hai Yang said indeed revealed the truth. Xiao Hai Yang stared into his eyes, revealing a mocking expression with a touch of authenticity. “Are you mentally disabled?” The male nurse suddenly froze. At that moment, the nurse he held, perhaps experienced in dealing with medical disturbances, took advantage of his distraction and boldly bit down on his hand, seizing the opportune moment. Caught off guard and mentally shaken by the consecutive blows from Yin Ping and Xiao Hai Yang, the criminal let out a scream and instinctively released his grip. The young nurse stepped on his heel, and Lang Qiao shouted at her, “Lower your head!”

The nurse immediately bent her knees in response, and at the same time, a tray came flying through the air, making a loud “crash” as it knocked away the knife the male nurse was about to use for an attack. Startled by the thunderous sound, the nurse let out a scream, and several detectives rushed forward— Fei Du’s abnormal contemplation was interrupted by a ringing phone. Luo Wen Zhou raised his hand and answered the car phone. In the unstable signal, Lang Qiao briefly reported the causes and consequences of the suspect’s arrest: “I’m sorry, boss. It was my negligence. Because Yin Ping’s condition is very unstable, there was a sudden rescue just now for some reason. The doctors aren’t optimistic. Many people are going in and out, like it’s a matter of life and death. We didn’t…” “Did I ever say that Yin Ping is an important witness? Once you’ve got a line on him, you guys have to create some trouble for me,” Luo Wen Zhou said through gritted teeth after listening, “Can’t even remember about the bonus, can you? How come you’re all so good at saving the government money?” Lang Qiao dared not argue and remained silent, listening to the reprimand obediently. “Take him back,” Luo Wen Zhou said coldly. “Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because the old guys aren’t around. I see that all of you are being too thrifty with your investigations!” After Luo Wen Zhou finished speaking, he hung up the phone without any explanation. He turned the steering wheel abruptly, merging into the lane for making a U-turn. Fei Du didn’t say a word. He loosened his scarf and absentmindedly rubbed his neck with his fingers, his brows furrowing tighter and tighter. As an important witness, Zhou Huai Jin naturally needed someone to receive him. When they arrived at the municipal bureau, Luo Wen Zhou arranged for someone to bring him in first. Then, skillfully navigating the car, he parked it in the designated spot. After turning off the engine, he didn’t rush to get out. He turned his head and pulled down the hand that Fei Du had been rubbing his skin raw with, “Tell me what you’re thinking.” “I was the key figure in framing Gu Zhao fourteen years ago,” Fei Du said, starting as if he wanted to startle someone with his first words, “I first obtained information about his actions when he was completely defenseless. Then, I targeted the informants around him. These informants live in the gray area on the fringe, destined to be short-lived and have their own plans. Whether through coercion or temptation, they can always be useful— but the risks are also great. If one of those idiots couldn’t react quickly enough and, for some reason, told Gu Zhao about this, once Gu Zhao knew, he would know who I am.” Luo Wen Zhou made a noncommittal sound. “So what should I do?” Fei Du asked in a low voice. His finger grazed his upper lip, and although his face showed no expression, there was a hint of a smile in his tone, as if he truly was the monster hiding in the shadows, flipping everyone over in the palm of his hand. “I must first make the target betray Gu Zhao without exposing myself.” Luo Wen Zhou pondered for a moment. “For example, let the target informant mistakenly believe that the other side is a bad person from the Louvre, causing Gu Zhao’s investigation to tip them off and force the informant to reveal Gu Zhao’s plans?” “Yes, as Gu Zhao’s secret partner, I naturally know his plans. It’s easy to tell whether what they say is true or false, and it’s easy to identify the traitor,” Fei Du said softly. “As a police officer, I’m familiar with those informants who have close ties to the municipal bureau. Although Yin Chao and Yin Ping are twins, their personalities are very different. So… if Old Coal Dust was pretending to be Yin Ping, why didn’t I notice?” “Because at the beginning, he might not have had direct contact with Yin Ping, and his subordinates might not have been familiar with Old Coal Dust,” Luo Wen Zhou’s eyes darted quickly as he spoke. “As for afterward, because ‘Old Coal Dust’ was going to give false testimony to frame his partner, even if the mole noticed his unusual behavior, they wouldn’t pay much attention!” “Afterward, in order to make everything seamless, I will discreetly deal with these witnesses, send them far away to avoid trouble, or simply eliminate them along the way… all possibilities exist. Only the fake Old Coal Dust slipped through the net. In other words, Yin Ping probably realized the danger at the time, but if you ask me what substantial evidence he had, I carefully thought about the whole process just now and found it difficult,” Fei Du changed his pronoun and returned to his normal tone, “So why did the mastermind, in such a furious state, try to eliminate Yin Ping? First, they nervously exposed their contact, then sent their people to the hospital to be captured by the police?” Luo Wen Zhou’s temples began to ache.