Fei Du said slowly, “Indeed, it doesn’t make sense.”

Zhou Huai Jin whispered, “Before Zhou Jun Mao’s death, he made a will overseas. In the appendix concerning the ownership of his assets, there is a paternity test report that explains why I am not his heir. That test report from over twenty years ago contradicts the conclusion of your police investigation.”

“You mean, when you were a teenager more than twenty years ago, Zhou Jun Mao had someone conduct a paternity test, but the results were tampered with?” Fei Du asked.

“Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s exactly the same method they used on me and Yang Bo,” Zhou Huai Jin chuckled bitterly. “It’s ironic. I went through a lot of trouble to find the person from the testing company back then. This test was arranged by Zhou Jun Mao through Zheng Kai Feng.”

It wasn’t an honorable matter. The tabloids always wanted to report some scandals of prominent families, so Zhou Jun Mao certainly wouldn’t go through official channels. If he wanted to conduct the test, he would do it privately through a trusted person.

That trusted person was Zheng Kai Feng, who had killed someone together with him. But obviously, he was a bit one-sided in his trust with Zheng Kai Feng.

“I told you last time that there was a period when I was very afraid. I thought Zhou Jun Mao wanted to kill me. Every day, I had to bring the letter from Yang Bo into my room before I could sleep peacefully. I always thought it was because my mother was nearing the end, and Zhou Jun Mao had had enough—until I saw the date on that paternity test report. That was when.”

That should have been twenty-one years ago when Zhou Huai Xin was still young, and Zhou Huai Jin felt restless. At the same time, it was precisely when the Zhou family made a high-profile return to the country.

To pave the way for himself, Zheng Kai Feng had orchestrated a car accident that killed a competitor…

Fei Du tapped the edge of his teacup with his fingers, one after another.

Zhou Jun Mao rarely returned to the country, and domestic affairs were mainly managed by Zheng Kai Feng. When Zheng Kai Feng returned to the country, he got involved with “those people”… Could it be that from that time, Zheng Kai Feng, this pretentiously meek jackal, had already started planning to bring the Zhou family into his fold in the future?

Fei Du had actually considered how someone like the Zhou family, whose roots were abroad, managed to get involved with those people’s ship?

In this light, it turned out there was a connection through Su Hui.

Did Su Hui, who used her daughter Su Xiao Lan to abduct and sell girls, then murder and dispose of the bodies, have someone help her, a widow with no support, to handle the corpses?

Did she already have a collaboration with those people before the disposal site was established on the coast?

Years later, when Zheng Kai Feng returned to the country, he found the aged Su Hui. Did he then become her “client” and thereby meet the person who dealt with the bodies?

A hidden thread connected fragmented events across a long period of time, vaguely forming a framework.

However, there was still a missing piece in between. Fei Du had a vague feeling that it would be a crucial piece.

“What about Yang Bo?” he suddenly asked. “Did you find out the relationship between Zheng Kai Feng and Yang Bo?”

“I did. Yang Bo’s father died thirteen years ago. He was the perpetrator of a car accident…”

Before Zhou Huai Jin could finish, Fei Du’s phone suddenly shook uneasily.

Fei Du immediately answered, “Hello?”

“It’s the hospital,” Luo Wen Zhou said hurriedly. “Something happened with Yin Ping’s side!”

Second Hospital, half an hour ago— Tao Ran’s body was wrapped in splints and bandages, securely fastened to the bed. His rebellious tuft of hair still stubbornly stood up, giving him a somewhat amusing appearance. When Xiao Hai Yang went to see him, the hospital room was bustling with activity. Yang Xin, Yang Zheng Feng’s youngest daughter, and Chang Ning were both there. Tao Ran had been in the hospital for a few days now. He could barely speak, though he stuttered a bit. Initially, his attending doctor was quite nervous and suspected that his symptoms were due to a head injury. They took him for a round of examinations. However, they later discovered that the problem was not in his head but in the girl—Tao Ran could speak fluently if Chang Ning wasn’t around. With Chang Ning present, Xiao Hai Yang couldn’t help but feel that it wasn’t suitable to stay there for long. He sat for a few minutes, ensuring Tao Ran wouldn’t be in any danger, and then left with Yang Xin. “Brother Xiao,” Yang Xin called after him. Due to her father, Yang Xin was familiar with anyone in uniform and addressed them as “brother” upon meeting. Xiao Hai Yang awkwardly responded. Yang Xin shook her phone. “I ordered several boxes of fruits and drinks, delivered to the entrance of the hospital. Can you help me carry them? They need to be taken to the nurse’s station. Both the nurses on Tao Ge’s side and my mom’s side need to receive them.” Although Xiao Hai Yang was a bit out of shape and not very strong, he couldn’t refuse the request of a little girl. He silently followed Yang Xin as a porter. The drinks and fruits were heavy items. With just a few steps from the hospital entrance to the inpatient department, Xiao Hai Yang felt like his meager muscles were about to burst. He was panting, sweating profusely on a cold winter day. Seeing his condition, Yang Xin felt guilty. She proactively lightened his load a bit. “Let’s take a shortcut—oh, Brother Xiao, how can you catch the bad guys like this?” Xiao Hai Yang couldn’t spare the breath to answer; he was too exhausted. Yang Xin led Xiao Hai Yang through the inpatient department, making several twists and turns. She heard him gasping for breath, so she found a spot out of the way and signaled for Xiao Hai Yang to put down the items and rest. “Keep going straight, through that door, then make a turn. My mom is on that floor. Say it’s ‘from Fu Jia Hui’s family’ when you deliver it to her. And for Tao Ge’s floor, say ‘from Tao Ran’s family.’ The patients will know who sent the items, and they’ll take better care of them in the future. This is what the older generation taught me when my mom was first hospitalized.” This girl was only in her early twenties. Her father had already passed away, and she only relied on her mother for support. But now, even that support wouldn’t last much longer. While attending school, she also had to run to the hospital, learning to be well-rounded. Xiao Hai Yang had heard about her father, Yang Zheng Feng. Looking at her now, he couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable. After pondering for a while, he awkwardly said, “I know your dad. He was a hero.” “Whether he was a hero or not, he didn’t even know himself,” Yang Xin lowered her head and then smiled bitterly. “Come to think of it, heroes and villains sometimes end up the same—they all die. When they die, they all turn into a pile of bones. Comparatively, villains enjoy themselves more when they’re alive, unrestrained and able to have a little more fun.” Xiao Hai Yang didn’t know how to respond. Her words stirred something within him, and the two of them fell into an awkward silence. They happened to be in a stairwell, but it was rarely used and usually locked. Xiao Hai Yang moved his stiff wrist while absentmindedly staring at the glass on the stairwell door. Suddenly, he saw a person in a nurse’s uniform rush by. He didn’t expect anyone to be going up the stairs on this floor since it was locked. He couldn’t help but take a second glance—this person was taller than him, which was rare for nurses or nursing staff. Even if he occasionally encountered one or two, they were mostly older men. Young and middle-aged men were almost unheard of. This man had broad shoulders and a sturdy build. He moved quickly, as if his feet were touching the wind. From his physique, he couldn’t be older than forty. He wore the standard nursing uniform of the Second Hospital and had a large mask firmly covering his face, leaving only his eyes visible. Their gazes met briefly, and the man quickly averted his eyes, nodding slightly as he hurried past. Xiao Hai Yang frowned. He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, but he felt that the man’s gaze seemed evasive. Before Xiao Hai Yang could think further, Yang Xin gently tugged at the hem of his clothes. Xiao Hai Yang was startled. “Huh? What did you say?” “I was asking,” Yang Xin propped up her chin and asked, “Is the suspect who harmed Tao Ge about to be discharged from the ICU? How long will you keep him in the hospital? Hospital fees aren’t cheap, you know.” Xiao Hai Yang’s expression blanked for a moment. “Yin Ping is about to be discharged from the ICU? Who told you that?”

The news that Luo Wenzhou and the others had just received stated that the outcome of Yin Ping’s surgery was not optimistic, and he might lose consciousness… “I overheard people talking about it when I was serving lunch to my mom at the cafeteria… Oh, wait!” Yang Xin sat on a box of drinks, as if realizing something. She suddenly became nervous and whispered, “Brother Xiao, this matter isn’t confidential now, is it?” Xiao Hai Yang stared at her for two seconds, then abruptly dashed away. Yang Xin jumped up. “Brother Xiao!” Xiao Hai Yang turned back and shouted at her, “Stay here and don’t run around!” Who spread the rumors that Yin Ping was going to be moved out of the ICU? Who was spreading the rumors? Why? Plainclothes officers patrolled outside the ICU, and Fei Du’s informant kept a close watch from a distance. Due to Yin Ping’s special status, non-medical personnel were not allowed to enter the ward outside of visiting hours, but they had arranged for a detective to be on duty in isolation gear, rotating shifts every 24 hours. Half an hour remained until shift change. The detective on duty had been alone for three and a half hours, feeling a bit distracted. It was a very difficult job. They couldn’t chat or play with their phones. Wrapped in isolation clothing and masks, they couldn’t breathe properly. They had to remain quiet, pretending to be invisible and not interfere with the medical staff’s work. As the detective waiting for the shift change looked at his watch for the third time, he was severely lacking oxygen, feeling his eyelids succumbing to gravity. He was about to collapse onto the floor. Someone entered the room. The detective, unable to open his eyes, glanced up and then disappointingly lowered his head—it was a nurse who came in, not a colleague for the shift change. The nurses on duty in the ICU checked the patients’ conditions every ten minutes or so. The young nurse had just finished her rounds and left, so the approaching nurse, possibly unable to find anyone, walked straight toward the detective. As he got closer, the detective on duty noticed that this nurse was actually a man. His eyes curved with a flattering smile beneath the mask. The man walked over, patting the detective’s shoulder as if there was something he needed help with since the nurse wasn’t there, gesturing behind him. The detective instinctively followed his gesture and looked up. Suddenly, the exposed skin of the nurse’s neck outside the isolation suit chilled, and he was abruptly pricked with a syringe! Startled, he tried to struggle, but it was too late. The intruder was strong, covering the detective’s mouth with one hand and firmly holding both arms. The liquid in the syringe quickly flowed into his veins, and the detective’s struggling grew weaker and weaker. After a moment, he silently collapsed to the ground. The male “nurse” expressionlessly helped him sit on a makeshift chair nearby and turned towards Yin Ping’s bed. At that moment, the nurse who had been absent-mindedly returned. When she looked up and saw the male nurse standing by the patient’s bed, she froze, revealing a skeptical expression. The nurse hesitated for a moment, amidst the roaring sound of medical equipment, before speaking, “Hey, you…” The male nurse ignored her sudden outburst and quickly pressed another syringe against Yin Ping’s unaware neck. The nurse on duty instinctively felt something was wrong, rushed forward a few steps, and saw his actions in shock. She didn’t have time to call for help and immediately pounced on him, exclaiming, “What are you doing!” Xiao Hai Yang, with his useless legs, purely relied on balance when sitting down, but now he was performing beyond expectations. He dashed through the ICU with incredible speed, reaching the outside. All the plainclothes officers on surveillance were alerted by his commotion. Xiao Hai Yang ran until his vision blurred, leaning against the wall as he gasped for breath. “Did… did anyone enter?” “Card access is required to enter, and besides our people, only hospital staff…” Lang Qiao saw that he was still irritated and spoke in a harsh tone. Then, she remembered something and paused mid-sentence. “Right, there was a nurse who entered just now…” Xiao Hai Yang’s pupils suddenly contracted, and he immediately remembered the strange male nurse who had come up from the locked stairwell earlier. At that moment, a doctor making rounds happened to pass by. Xiao Hai Yang rushed towards him, forcefully snatching the doctor’s access card. “Hey, what are you doing!” The doctor on rounds was stunned. “You can’t go in there! Wait!” Without any explanation, Xiao Hai Yang forcefully barged into the ICU. The loud sound of the door being slammed coincided with the scream of the young nurse, blending into one. The nurse lunged at the man holding the syringe, but he violently threw her off. She stumbled for a moment but persistently grabbed his arm. Seeing someone coming, she urgently shouted, “Help! This person isn’t from our hospital…” Before she could finish her sentence, she was forcefully pulled over, with a firm grip around her neck and a small knife pressed against her artery. “Don’t move!” Xiao Hai Yang’s footsteps abruptly stopped, and the two sides were locked in a stalemate.

When Fei Du received a call from Luo Wen Zhou, he raised his hand to interrupt Zhou Huai Jin. Zhou Huai Jin looked at him with a puzzled expression as his expression grew more serious. Unable to hold back, he asked, “What’s happened?” Fei Du: “There’s been an accident.” Zhou Huai Jin waved his hand dismissively. “I’ve already mentioned the important matters. If you have urgent matters, please go ahead. We can discuss the rest another day…” “Brother Zhou,” Fei Du suddenly interrupted him. “Would you be willing to come with us as a witness?” Zhou Huai Jin paused. “I know that aside from you, there are only a few shareholders in the Zhou family, and there’s your whole family,” Fei Du said slowly. “You’ve gone to great lengths to investigate privately and share information with me. I understand that you don’t want to get further involved.” Zhou Huai Jin’s lips moved as he uneasily met Fei Du’s gaze in the narrow and quiet room. “You are very innocent, and Huai Xin is also very innocent,” Fei Du said in a deep voice. “But you carry the Zhou surname, and ever since Zhou Jun Mao and Zheng Kai Feng hired someone to kill Zhou Ya Hou, you were destined to be involved. Brother Zhou, at this point, it’s impossible for you to protect yourself.” Nervously, Zhou Huai Jin’s eyelid twitched for a while. After a moment, he muttered, “You’re right. Some things are fated.” Just like how he came into this world at a very delicate moment, even the person who gave birth to him couldn’t clearly say whose blood and bones he belonged to. Fei Du: “My intuition tells me that Yang Bo’s issue is very important.” Zhou Huai Jin took a deep breath, and his fingers almost crushed the teacup. Under the pretext of “traveling,” he had followed the barcode left by Madame Zhou alone, tracking it all the way to the Philippines and quietly returning to China. He didn’t want to alarm anyone. The information he had uncovered was horrifying, directly pointing to the root of the Zhou family’s series of scandals. But it was just a way for him to find some closure, as there was no other value to it. Both the pitiable and the despicable characters in the story had already perished. Zhou Huai Jin had intended to confide in Fei Du, which was why he had asked to meet privately. He had already booked his ticket to leave and planned to live in the place where Zhou Huai Xin had studied painting in his early years. “You already know the secrets of the previous generation, but there’s still one question without a definite answer,” Fei Du said. “Why did Dong Xiao Qing ignore Zheng Kai Feng, who was in the hotel, and go to the hospital to assassinate you?” Zhou Huai Jin was stunned. “Isn’t it said that it was when Zheng Kai Feng hired someone and used my identity to deceive people?” “The killers hired by Zheng Kai Feng have strict membership requirements. Not just anyone can boss them around. Brother Zhou, are you a member of the Murder Club?” Fei Du said, emphasizing each word. Zhou Huai Jin exclaimed, “What?” “If you’re not, it’s impossible for Zheng Kai Feng to use your identity. Moreover, Zheng Kai Feng’s original intention was for Zhou Jun Mao to die in a covert car accident, making everything appear accidental. He had done this sort of thing before without any mistakes. So why did he prepare for this assassination using his own name, which would surely be discovered?” Fei Du asked. Zhou Huai Jin’s mind was a mess, and he couldn’t keep up with Fei Du’s words. He felt lost after having spent almost half a year and thinking he had figured out some things, only to find himself bewildered by the confusing facts. Fei Du gave him a deep look and stood up to leave. “Wait!” Two minutes later, Zhou Huai Jin canceled his own plans and sat in the car rushing to the Second Hospital. “I… I found out that Yang Bo’s father died thirteen years ago,” Zhou Huai Jin said. “He crashed into a seven-seater business vehicle. The vehicle was carrying a work team from a company that was going to bid for land, and they had a good chance of winning.” “And was it treated as an accident?” Luo Wen Zhou asked, driving the car at high speed while questioning him. “It’s not easy to kill everyone in a car with just one crash, especially at that specific time. Without conspiracy theories, don’t you find this suspicious?” “No,” Zhou Huai Jin said. “In fact, when they handled the case, they knew it was a murder. It’s just that public opinion was underdeveloped at the time, so it was covered up. I only found out through several business partners. Yang Bo’s father’s name was Yang Zhi. When he crashed, he was wearing clothes with a large slogan protesting forced demolitions. The land in question was suspected of being subject to forced demolitions, and the Yang family was one of the victims. The company bidding for the land had sent a team to survey the land on multiple occasions, but the ordinary people didn’t know that the demolitions and the developers were not the same. Yang Zhi mistook the car from the developer as the main culprit of the forced demolitions. This matter was later settled privately with compensation, and it was announced as an accident.” Luo Wen Zhou furrowed his brow.