At this moment, one of the henchmen nearby said, “Wait a minute, something’s wrong. There’s a ten-minute gap missing between 12:05 and 12:15. It’s not coherent here.”

“Damn it!”

Tao Ran was highly capable and affable. When interacting with friends and colleagues, he always put others’ comfort before his own, even if it meant sacrificing himself. He was willing to work hard and, when necessary, even risk his life. However, when the burden of responsibility exceeded what he believed he could bear, especially if his decisions could affect many people, he would hesitate due to the challenge of finding a balance.

He could handle things on his own, but not with a large group of people. In critical situations, his first instinct was to seek others’ opinions. Having witnessed the growth of his subordinates, Lu Youliang understood them to some extent. However, he didn’t expect that even after serving as Luo Wenzhou’s deputy for so long, Tao Ran still hadn’t made any progress in this regard. With Luo Wenzhou absent, Tao Ran shifted his gaze toward Lu Youliang.

Lu Youliang immediately contacted the local police station in the Science and Technology Park, asking them to rush over. Then he held the phone, looked at Tao Ran, and interrogated him, “Where is Luo Wenzhou? What has he been doing today? And what’s the current situation?”

Tao Ran stood there like a wooden stake, bewildered, and stared at Lu Youliang for a moment. Finally, he snapped out of it and fumbled for his phone. “Oh, wait a moment. Let me ask him.”

Even though Lu Youliang was usually tolerant of his subordinates, at this moment, he was furious. “Tao Ran! What’s with your state today? Luo Wenzhou is missing, and you’re clueless. Do you two still want to continue working?”

From the morning meeting where parents had summoned Lu Youliang like a flock of ducks, Tao Ran had been subjected to constant reprimands. Perhaps he had become numb to it, and now, with his head lowered like a dead pig, he mumbled, “Lu Bureau, who should I report to now?”

Lu Youliang responded with frustration, “…”

In theory, it shouldn’t have been Lu Youliang personally leading the investigation. However, with Luo Wenzhou’s whereabouts unknown, it being the weekend, and facing an unexpected situation, there was no one else available. As Lu Youliang looked around, realizing there was no one to rely on, he grabbed his coat, threw it on, and waved at Tao Ran. “You come with me.”

In the blink of an eye, the bewildered look on Tao Ran’s face disappeared like receding water. He closed his eyes forcefully for a moment, then without saying a word, he hurriedly caught up with Lu Youliang.

In Longyun City, everyone watched the investigating man in silence as his expression twisted with rage. However, in the span of a blink, he regained his composure and silently gestured to a few men behind him, who appeared to be bodyguards.

The subordinates immediately understood and cleared the entire surveillance room, including the manager and security guards. The man investigating, with the title of “Special Advisor” from Wei Zhanhong’s company, had a gloomy expression. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. The ringing went on for a long time before someone finally answered, their voice unusually low and hoarse.

“Hello, Science and Technology Ecological Park Management Office. Whom are you looking for?”

The investigator took a long sigh of relief, his voice low as he said, “One-Eye, the Hive has been ‘blown away,’ and you’re about to experience some ‘weather changes’ too. Clean up the ‘garbage’ and find a place to hide.”

One-Eye took a deep breath, seemingly startled by the sudden news. After a brief pause, he suppressed his voice and asked, “How should we handle the ‘garbage’?”

“Clean it up, can’t you understand? Cut it up with knives and axes, burn it all clean — do whatever you want.”

One-Eye fell silent for two seconds. “What should we do?”

The investigator paused, then quickly said, “We’ve already arranged someone to pick you up. Finish what needs to be done and contact the ‘Shepherd.’ He will make arrangements. Don’t worry, don’t wander around.”

The call ended, and the investigator immediately dialed another number. Without waiting for the other party to speak, he gave direct orders. “Number 13 base exposed. Destroy upon receiving the signal.”

At exactly 14:00 in the afternoon, in the western part of the Science and Technology Park, a deserted area, a loud explosion suddenly rang out. The well-constructed row of dormitory buildings, along with the surrounding houses and courtyards, all soared into the sky. The commotion even startled the villagers three kilometers away in the nearby natural village.

It was only at this moment that the piercing sound of police sirens began. The first batch of police officers who rushed from the local police station had just arrived!

The head of the Criminal Investigation Division of the district police station, upon receiving the order, personally led his team and nearly turned the police car into a rocket. But even if it were a multi-stage rocket surpassing the speed of light, it couldn’t possibly run faster than the mighty electromagnetic wave.

Even though the district police station was right next to the crime scene, how could the people possibly be faster than the news delivered by phone? In the instant they received the order, they were already too late.

The raging fire illuminated the sky, and the belated police officers stared at each other in shock. The person in charge became bitter and turned around, roaring, “What are you all standing there for? Find someone to put out the fire!”

Less than a kilometer away from them, inside a small gas station bustling with activity, a man dressed as an ordinary employee put away his miniature telescope. He didn’t approach, but instead wrapped a plain down jacket over his work clothes. Calmly, he left the gas station, blending into the crowd of onlookers who had gathered, engaging in hushed conversations. Quietly, he slipped through the crowd and disappeared. In every “base” where fugitives were housed, there was a “Shepherd” who took care of their daily lives, ensuring they didn’t cause trouble. But when problems arose, the Shepherd became the dog that bit the sick sheep.

The four words “clean-up completed” silently left his fingertips, flew away like wings through the smoke, and spread to the ears of everyone involved via the almost torn-apart network, exposed under broad daylight.

Inside the surveillance room in Longyun City, the investigator received the message, put down his phone, and let out a sigh of relief. His gaze fell upon the subordinates who were checking the surveillance. “How did the other camera positions fare?”

“Take a look. This is camera number 26, capturing the back entrance of the employee passage.”

The investigator approached and caught sight of Lu Guosheng making a phone call inside his black car, which had come to pick him up. A glance was enough for him to recognize that the black car was one of the Hive’s welcoming vehicles.

The investigator furrowed his brow in confusion. “Lu Guosheng? Why is it him? What is he doing here?”

A fugitive who had been in hiding for fifteen years actually appeared in broad daylight at a child’s birthday party, and there was surveillance footage as evidence?

Was this something that a normal primate could come up with?

The investigator furrowed his brow for a moment, then a smile tinged with a hint of blood appeared on his lips—so that’s how it was. The police were quite resourceful, managing to catch even this tiny clue. They had followed the trail all the way to the Hive.

However, despite the risks, fortunately, they received the information in time and were prepared.

What could be seen in the edited video before it was repaired remained temporarily unknown. But even if they captured Lu Guosheng and the little brat from the Wei family dancing together, so what? There was no evidence at the moment. Even if a naive young child had contact with Lu Guosheng for some reason, how would they know he was a fugitive? When Lu Guosheng committed his crimes, the child was probably not even born yet.

The investigator waved his hand, and his subordinate took away the surveillance footage for repair. They all stood up in unison, well-trained, and followed him calmly. But just as they reached the lobby on the ground floor, a group of policemen rushed in, blocking their way.

“We have received public reports of involvement in illegal activities, including pornography and drugs, in the high-end entertainment venues of Longyun City. All related personnel are not allowed to leave at will. Get ready for inspection. Search!”

At the same time, the “Shepherd” at the gas station casually walked along a desolate and poorly managed path for about a kilometer. As expected, he saw the waiting vehicle of his accomplice. He directly opened the passenger door and got in, saying to the driver beside him, “Let’s go.”

The driver didn’t move, sitting there like a zombie, eyes fixed straight ahead, teeth trembling slightly.

The “Shepherd” paused, instinctively alert. His body hairs stood on end, and he reached out to push the door beside him—but the door was locked. The barrel of a handgun slowly rose, gently pressing against his temple. A man, who sounded almost nonchalant, said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

The “Shepherd” lifted his eyes and saw the person in the rearview mirror. The person had a bit of unkempt stubble on his chin and was swinging a pair of handcuffs. With a soft click, he blew a whistle at him. “Hello, Shepherd. I’m the Police Dog, also a working dog. If you behave, I won’t bite you. Shall we peacefully relocate to the Public Security Bureau together?”

Half an hour ago—

While all the surveillance footage from November 6th in Longyun City was being fast-forwarded and reviewed, Fei Du bypassed the gas station and circled around from the other side of the ecological park. At the same time, Luo Wenzhou sent the screenshot of “One-Eye” back to someone, whispering, “This is it. I saw them preparing a lot of explosive materials. I suspect someone is conducting ’terrorist’ activities in this abandoned ecological park.”

Lu Jia, dumbfounded, took the phone that Luo Wenzhou handed back. “Explosives? Terrorist activities?”

“Explosives are possible,” Fei Du said. “Once exposed, if it’s possible to transfer, they will transfer. If they can’t transfer, there must be an emergency handling mechanism. In comparison, bombs have a certain level of remote controlability and are a good choice.”