After the guards of the underground ice fortress were dismissed, there was no demon in sight. Mo Bei Jun must have thought that Shang Qinghua obediently “got lost” and wouldn’t expect him to turn back. So when Shang Qinghua returned to the corridor in front of the sleeping chambers, he went unnoticed. He stopped there, climbed up the huge column that could fit three people, and found a hidden spot where no one could see him.

However, while this spot indeed prevented others from seeing him, it also prevented him from seeing others. Damn it!

Mo Bei Jun’s cold voice resounded as if he was forcibly suppressing his anger.

He asked, “What are you doing here?”

A stranger’s voice, a young man, laughed and said, “Nephew ascended to the throne, and I came to celebrate with a drink. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Mo Bei Jun didn’t answer, he just snorted, then after a while, he said, “There’s no good drink to celebrate.”

Another voice chimed in, “After these seven days, you will be the true Mo Bei Jun. Isn’t that worth congratulating?”

Shang Qinghua knew who this was and recognized that this was the plot that had been disrupted and dragged on until now.

This is bad. Mo Bei Jun is in trouble.

The unexpected guest who arrived was Mo Bei Jun’s uncle, Lin Guang Jun!

And lying in the sleeping chambers must be the corpse of Mo Bei Jun’s father, whom he probably hadn’t seen many times since birth. According to Shang Qinghua’s setting, after the death of each generation’s monarch of the Mo Bei clan, seventy percent of their cultivation would be passed on to the successor. This moment was crucial. In the original story, Lin Guang Jun took advantage of this critical moment when Mo Bei Jun was digesting his cultivation and launched a surprise attack. Because Mo Bei Jun was the legitimate first successor, Lin Guang Jun had no right to inherit the cultivation. Even if he forcefully seized it, it would be useless. Unlawful acts were unlawful, and the ancestors would not recognize it. However, if Mo Bei Jun died after officially ascending the throne, he would be the only one left in the Mo Bei bloodline. At that time, taking over the seventy percent cultivation would be quite pleasant.

According to the original plot, there should have been an ice brother acting like a tiger to swallow a wolf, conveniently helping out and then extorting a sum from the Mo Bei clan after Mo Bei Jun ascended the throne. But in this world, Ice Brother was busy messing with his own master, how could he have time to care about this side? What Mo Bei Jun brought back was himself, who was utterly useless!

Shang Qinghua scratched his disheveled hair frantically. “Your Highness, why, why, why did you bring me back?! I can’t shoulder any responsibilities or protect you! Such a critical matter should naturally be entrusted to a confidant, the most powerful ally! Even if you can’t tear Ice Brother away from his master like a sticky candy, you could at least borrow tens of thousands of Black Armored Generals from him, right? If nothing else, you shouldn’t come to me. What skills do I have besides serving tea, washing clothes, making beds? They are all amateur skills!!!”

Without his own bestowed immortal aura and indestructible body, Mo Bei Jun at the critical moment after seven days…

Lin Guang Jun said, “On such an important day, why didn’t you bring anyone with you?”

“…,” Mo Bei Jun replied coldly, “I didn’t bring anyone.”

Lin Guang Jun chuckled and said, “Actually, you did bring someone. I saw it. When I arrived, I happened to see someone walking out. That person… is the Peak Lord of An Ding Peak who followed you. How did he offend you to be beaten like that? I heard rumors that you’ve become more tolerant recently.”

For a long while, no one responded.

Lin Guang Jun continued to laugh, “Uncle is just asking, why are you looking at me so unkindly?”

Mo Bei Jun straightforwardly said, “I want you to leave.”

“You hurt my demon heart with those words. Unfortunately, our clan didn’t specify that no one else is allowed to witness the succession ceremony, right? Moreover, I am your father’s younger brother. If it weren’t for you, the one standing here waiting to inherit would have been me.”

Mo Bei Jun seemed to know that he couldn’t drive him away, so he remained silent. Lin Guang Jun, on the other hand, reveled in his pride and didn’t restrain himself. “Ah, growing up to become a lord is truly different. You were much cuter when you were young.”

As Shang Qinghua listened to these familiar lines, he wiped away his sweat and felt a slight sense of shame for having written such shameless characters. How could this uncle have the nerve to mention his childhood?

Mo Bei Jun lost his mother at a young age, and the person he was closest to and most attached to during his childhood was this slightly younger uncle. However, due to some unresolved issues and emotional disputes between the elder brothers of the previous generation, Lin Guang Jun couldn’t bring himself to like this obedient nephew. On one occasion, when the other demons weren’t paying attention, Lin Guang Jun coaxed this obedient nephew out of the house and threw him into the human realm. For several days, a bunch of cultivators chased after this clueless, panicky little demon, who stumbled and fell after running just a few steps.

2 / 2

At that time, Mo Bei Jun was about the equivalent of a four-year-old human child. If his father hadn’t suddenly remembered after more than ten days that his son hadn’t been following behind his younger brother, and casually asked about it, Mo Bei Jun might have been scared to death in the water prison of the Illusory Flower Palace. For a demon of that age, a group of people swirling around him and making loud noises were like a group of bloodthirsty monsters. Imagine the reaction of a four-year-old human child being captured and imprisoned in a demon’s lair, and you’ll get the idea.

The previous Mo Bei Jun had a carefree and magnanimous heart, as big as a basin, a basin the size of the Sichuan Basin. Anyway, his son was ultimately rescued and escaped unscathed, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. He said a few words to his younger brother and let them continue to “get along well” in the future.

After being brought back in a disheveled state, Mo Bei Jun never spoke to this beloved uncle again. As he grew older, the situation worsened, to the point where he didn’t want to talk to anyone and abhorred all forms of betrayal.

Reflecting on the melodramatic and indifferent protagonist’s growth story he had created in his mind, Shang Qinghua felt a moment of self-reflection. Mainly, he reflected on whether the natural cold and aloof nature of the demon race setting was too inhumane. Secondly, he reflected on why he hadn’t included a rule such as “no idle individuals are allowed to be present during the succession ceremony, even direct relatives.” As a result, Mo Bei Jun was now unable to leave or drive away Lin Guang Jun during the mourning period.

While pondering and trembling with fear, Shang Qinghua waited for seven days and finally reached the last day.

After seven days of ritual, at the moment when Mo Bei Jun was about to formally inherit the cultivation, he wisely hesitated and didn’t make a move. However, action was inevitable, sooner or later.

Lin Guang Jun asked, “What’s wrong? Why hesitate?”

Because you’re standing here!!!

Lin Guang Jun said, “Could it be… you’re afraid I’ll attack? How could that be? I’m your uncle, Mo Bei. You have to act quickly, or you’ll miss your chance. There’s no opportunity for remedy. I don’t need to remind you, right?”

If he didn’t start immediately, the cultivation would naturally dissipate, equivalent to a huge inheritance being scattered to the wind. If he started immediately, Lin Guang Jun, who had ill intentions, would be watching closely on the sidelines. Mo Bei Jun was in a dilemma.

Everything progressed as in the original story, except for the absence of the unstoppable Ice Brother and the addition of the nonsensical Hua Di.

In the end, Mo Bei Jun sneered.

Shang Qinghua gritted his teeth and, despite the risk of being discovered by demons and losing his head, stuck his neck out. Almost in an instant, a blue light flew out in the sleeping chambers, enveloping Mo Bei Jun, and Lin Guang Jun suddenly made his move!

Mo Bei Jun had long been prepared and used one hand to catch his treacherous palm. However, being distracted, a strand of demonic energy slipped into his palm. This strand of foreign demonic energy roamed inside Mo Bei Jun’s body. He couldn’t afford to be careless and had to allocate a portion of his focus to deal with it. Lin Guang Jun believed he had succeeded and was ecstatic. However, before he could take further action, someone suddenly descended from above and jumped out!

Lin Guang Jun said coldly, “I wondered why there were still guards who hadn’t been driven away. Didn’t you leave seven days ago? Why? Did you come back to protect the lord? I can’t see your loyalty.”

Shang Qinghua couldn’t see him before, but when he saw him now, his legs turned weak. Although Lin Guang Jun was handsome, he had a kind of sinister and cunning handsomeness. His peach blossom eyes emitted a chilling light like poisoned needles. When he smiled, he revealed a faint glimpse of his white, sharp teeth, perfectly suited for biting into raw meat!

Shang Qinghua stood before Mo Bei Jun with a determined voice, “Firstly, who said I came back to protect the lord? Secondly, who told you that he is my lord?”

Lin Guang Jun said, “Then why are you blocking me now? What’s the meaning of this?”

Shang Qinghua firmly stated, “Adding insult to injury!”

When Shang Qinghua was spouting nonsense, his hands trembled, and he pointed to his own face, “Look at me, he beat me like this. This nephew of yours has such a good temper!”

Mo Bei Jun spat out a mouthful of blood behind him. He was definitely infuriated by him.

Shang Qinghua pleaded tearfully, “In these years, I could build a hill with all the broken ribs I’ve suffered, and the blood I’ve spat out could drown me alive. Loyalty? To someone like him… this kind of demon, who the f**k can be loyal? If Shang Qinghua can still endure and not seek revenge after being treated like this, then I, as the Peak Lord of An Ding Peak, am nothing!”

As he spoke, Shang Qinghua didn’t dare to look back at Mo Bei Jun’s expression. His back was already covered in frost!

Lin Guang Jun laughed and said, “Mo Bei, did you hear that? I really sympathize with you. You always have a fate of being betrayed and sold out. How can you lead the Mo Bei clan with such a constitution? If you were to ascend the throne, there would always be a danger of overthrowing our clan. It’s better to listen to your little uncle. Leave the important matters to me, and you can go.”

The long-awaited wish was about to come true. Lin Guang Jun was in a cheerful mood and generously asked, “How do you want to add insult to injury?”

With a smirk, Shang Qinghua made a fire spell gesture and threw it behind him.

Lin Guang Jun felt a wave of heat rushing towards him, and his vision was filled with dancing red light. The Mo Bei Ice Clan detested fire, especially this fire that seemed extraordinary. It was not an ordinary fire; it was the Xuan Yang Fire that Shang Qinghua had shamelessly asked Shen Qingqiu to make for him. Amidst his disgust, Lin Guang Jun also felt a hint of fear. He immediately stepped back, covering his face, and felt slightly surprised.

He thought to himself, “I didn’t expect the weak An Ding Peak Lord, as rumored, to be such a ruthless character. I heard that Mo Bei had a good relationship with him. Who would have thought that this guy had been lurking and enduring for many years, only to make such a venomous move, using immortal fire to burn Mo Bei to death. Even death wouldn’t come so easily; this fire could easily turn him into ashes! If he had used this spell against me just now, I would have been in a sorry state. I wonder if he has any more of these powerful fire seeds. Regardless, this person cannot be allowed to live.”

But as soon as he finished calculating, stabilized himself, and took a look, he immediately became furious.

Mo Bei Jun was not engulfed by the fierce fire, but was enveloped in a sea of flames. Shang Qinghua’s fire seed didn’t hit him but drew a large circle about a dozen zhang in diameter around him. The dancing Xuan Yang true fire surrounded the two of them.

Although Mo Bei Jun couldn’t leave the circle, Lin Guang Jun couldn’t enter it either. If he attacked from a distance, his ice techniques would be melted by the Xuan Yang true fire. It didn’t seem like an offensive technique; it was more like a… protective circle!

Realizing he had been tricked, Lin Guang Jun’s face darkened.

Mo Bei Jun had been struck by a malicious demonic energy released by Lin Guang Jun, which was wreaking havoc within his body. He knelt on one knee, his face alternating between pale and bluish, unable to spare a glance at anyone. Shang Qinghua anxiously circled around him but couldn’t help. Lin Guang Jun circled around the Xuan Yang fire circle from a distance, sneering as he walked.

He said, “I was wrong just now. You are not just loyal, but absolutely devoted to your core. You came back for my useless nephew, only to die in vain! But I wonder how long this circle of yours can last?”

His words hit Shang Qinghua’s sore spot.

The fire seeds given by Shen Qingqiu had all been thrown out at once, without any left as backup. Shang Qinghua crouched beside Mo Bei Jun, praying as if he had been injected with chicken blood, “Oh, great king, can you hear me? He wants to kill me, your uncle wants to kill me! Please digest it quickly. I really don’t know how long this circle can hold!”

Suddenly, a deafening sound of cracking rocks echoed, and ice dust and frost fell from above.

Shang Qinghua, unsteady in his crouched position, swayed along with the dancing flames.

He saw Lin Guang Jun retracting one hand from a pillar in the corridor and said, “Did you think that I couldn’t do anything if I didn’t come out?”

He wanted to demolish the ice fortress, crushing and burying Mo Bei Jun alive!

Seeing cracks emerging from the ice column, Lin Guang Jun was about to strike with his second palm when Shang Qinghua hurriedly said, “I’m coming out, I’m coming out!”

He jumped out of the circle like a bitter frog jumping into a hot pot.

Once he was out, there was no way for him to go back in. Lin Guang Jun, like a ghost, grabbed him and said, “What’s the use of you coming out alone? Put out the fire!”

In fact, he was starting to panic a little. He didn’t know how long it would take for Mo Bei Jun to suppress the demonic energy. If Mo Bei Jun managed to calm down and digest the seven-tenths achievement before the Xuan Yang fire extinguished, wouldn’t today’s events become a farce?

Shang Qinghua said, “I only know how to start fires, not extinguish them.”

Lin Guang Jun said, “Then let him come out!”

Shang Qinghua said, “Well… the thing is, if my heart is freezing, I can’t make any sound. It doesn’t sound pitiful enough, and it won’t achieve your goal of making him ‘act impulsively.’ I suggest… you hit me instead. I promise to scream loudly and pitifully.”

Lin Guang Jun: “Oh. But I have a heavy hand. What if I can’t control it and end up killing you?”

Shang Qinghua: “No, no, no worries. I can handle it. I’m used to it, always being beaten by your nephew…”

Before he could finish speaking, Shang Qinghua personally experienced just how “heavy” Lin Guang Jun’s hand was.

He didn’t use demonic energy, relying solely on physical attacks. Shang Qinghua could clearly hear the sound of his ribs breaking one by one. After spitting out too much blood, there was a wheezing sound coming from his chest, as if the air was leaking out.

When his teeth started to feel loose, Shang Qinghua thought that compared to his uncle and other demonic beings, Mo Bei Jun was incredibly gentle and kind, almost like a little angel.

The longer he procrastinated, the more impatient and enraged Lin Guang Jun became. He stepped on Shang Qinghua’s back, grabbed his arm, and sneered, “Didn’t you promise to scream loudly and pitifully? Why are you keeping your mouth shut until now?”

This action gave Shang Qinghua some extremely unpleasant associations. He quickly spat out a mouthful of blood, which he had intentionally held in, and screamed earnestly.

Lin Guang Jun said, “Hmm, not bad. But still not pitiful enough. Let me help you.”

Shang Qinghua felt a terrifying pain as the muscles and bones in his shoulder were torn apart. He opened his mouth, but the fear overwhelmed him, rendering him unable to make a sound.

However, the pain hadn’t reached an unbearable level. Suddenly, the hand pulling him backward went limp.

A corner of a deep blue robe rolled in front of him, filled with swirling snow and wind.

Mo Bei Jun took advantage of the opportunity and broke free from the fire circle, his palm striking Lin Guang Jun’s chest!

Caught off guard, Lin Guang Jun took a blow to his chest, causing half of his chest to collapse, and his demonic energy surged out like a burst dam. He felt a chill in his heart: this kid’s attack was incomparable to the past. In the end, he managed to drag Mo Bei Jun over and completely absorbed the ancestral heritage of the Mo Bei lineage!

Moreover, he even disregarded the Xuan Yang true fire and broke through!

Although he was resentful and unwilling, it seemed that he was no longer a match for Mo Bei Jun. He hurriedly sealed his wounds with ice, transformed into a gust of black wind, and fled the ice fortress.

Shang Qinghua remained motionless with his face pressed against the ground. After a while, no one came to help him. He felt a sense of desolation: was he still angry? After all, he had been beaten like this for the sake of Mo Bei Jun. It was unacceptable for no one to lend him a hand!

Then, he heard a loud thud.

With great difficulty, Shang Qinghua struggled and turned his body.

Unexpectedly, Mo Bei Jun had fallen again. Two figures lay in various poses beside a blazing fire circle, silently, motionlessly, lying flat on the ground.

It finally dawned on him. Perhaps Mo Bei Jun hadn’t completely absorbed the seven-tenths achievement or suppressed Lin Guang Jun’s demonic energy. Earlier, it was his “impulsive move” that allowed him to temporarily scare off Lin Guang Jun. Now, Mo Bei Jun had exhausted his remaining strength and was roasted by the deadly Xuan Yang true fire… and thus fell flat on the ground.

Although Mo Bei Jun lay stiffly on the ground, unable to move a finger, he still stared at Shang Qinghua intensely.

Shang Qinghua couldn’t continue to lie down with that stare, so he spoke up, “Uh, Your Majesty, you… should stop struggling and lie still. Take your time to digest. The accumulated power of the previous lords cannot be fully absorbed in one go.”

Those eyes still showed no sign of relenting. Shang Qinghua felt a chill down his spine, his heart pounding. Finally catching his breath, he sat up, his upper body trembling uncontrollably.

Now, Mo Bei Jun could finally listen to him properly. Shang Qinghua breathed a sigh of relief and continued, “Uh, Your Majesty. Actually, I didn’t plan to leave at a time like this. I didn’t know it was such a critical moment for your ascension, really. Why didn’t you tell me earlier about such an important matter?”

Mo Bei Jun used his expression to tell him, “Kneel down and cry, and I’ll forgive you.”

The corner of Shang Qinghua’s mouth twitched, and he continued, “To be honest, you shouldn’t have brought me here in the first place. I can’t handle anything important. I can barely serve as your punching bag on a regular basis. Just now, I only managed to buy you a little time by getting beaten up like this. Your uncle has been severely injured by you, so he probably won’t dare to come again. You’re almost finished digesting, right? Well then… I’ll leave now.”

Mo Bei Jun’s face had softened a bit, but upon hearing the last sentence, his eyes immediately shot icy glares. “Leaving?!” he exclaimed.

Being yelled at again, Shang Qinghua was still in pain all over. Suddenly, a surge of anger rose within him, and he slapped the ground, shouting, “Why wouldn’t I dare?!”

Of course, this slap didn’t frighten Mo Bei Jun, but it did hurt his shoulder and arm. The pain made him see stars. Although Mo Bei Jun couldn’t move at the moment, Shang Qinghua, emboldened by his increasing audacity, pointed at him and said, “I’ll tell you the truth! I’ve put up with you for a long time, you spoiled brat, the arrogant second-generation demon!”

This was an audacious move, to say the least. Mo Bei Jun’s face was filled with disbelief. Shang Qinghua’s years of accumulated grievances burst forth like a rainbow, gushing out:

“You think I have a good temper and I’m easy to talk to because my cultivation is weak? You enjoy having control, don’t you? Do you really think I’m that… that… Ah?!”

“What are you looking at? Do you have a problem? I am your father! Call me father! It’s only because of me that you have any leeway! Try it with someone else?! Bingge wouldn’t beat you to death? Shen Qingqiu wouldn’t plot against you?!”

“No one likes being beaten every day, and no one can be happy all day long when they’re being beaten! I’m not really a dog! If it were a dog and you kicked it every day, it would eventually learn not to bother you!”

Mo Bei Jun said, “Do you want to die?”

In this situation, the impact of this sentence was greatly diminished. Shang Qinghua replied, “No, I don’t. Not only do I dare to leave, I dare to do something else as well. Today, as the Lord, I will stay here and return all the beatings you’ve given me in the past!”

Mo Bei Jun exclaimed angrily, “You—!!!”

Shang Qinghua interrupted, “What ‘you’? Another ‘do you dare’? Let me tell you, I really do dare now. Come!”

With that, he rolled up his sleeves and flexed his fists, eager to try them out in front of Mo Bei Jun’s livid face. Mo Bei Jun’s eyes emitted a freezing cold glare, but Shang Qinghua showed no fear. He threw a punch, aiming for Mo Bei Jun’s face.

Mo Bei Jun instinctively turned his head, feeling his face tighten.

It was a strange sensation. It was a bit itchy and a little painful, but it wasn’t the heavy blow he had expected.

Shang Qinghua used two fingers to pinch one side of his cheek, pulling it forcefully outward, and said, “How about that? Does it hurt?!”

While pulling, he thought to himself, this is so different from what I wanted to do in my heart! I wanted to beat him, take advantage of his inability to move and beat him. Pulling his face like this is… well, it still feels like I’m losing!

But there was nothing he could do. Indeed… he still couldn’t bring himself to hit that face!

Mo Bei Jun’s speech became slurred due to being pulled, but he persisted, “You’re finished!”

Shang Qinghua chuckled, “You have spirit. Even in this situation, you can still threaten me. I admire you, my son.”

His other hand joined in, pinching the other side of Mo Bei Jun’s face, pulling it in one direction and then squeezing it into a ball. Mo Bei Jun, who used to exude nobility and elegance, was destroyed by his despicable hands, leaving no trace of his former self. Shang Qinghua repeated, “Doesn’t it hurt? Does it?”

Mo Bei Jun’s indomitable spirit couldn’t resist the flow of tears brought on by physical pain. “…Does it hurt? If it hurts, then it’s good!” Shang Qinghua released his grip and said, “Normally, when you hit me, it hurts at least ten times more than this! What’s wrong with me pulling your face a little? So delicate!”

Mo Bei Jun was pale with anger, his cheeks covered in numerous green and red fingerprints, a truly shocking sight.

Shang Qinghua was indeed cowardly. After the passionate crime, he was afraid of being sent to the crematorium. Especially after Mo Bei Jun’s face returned to its normal shape, his expression… his expression made Shang Qinghua’s heart tremble. He hurriedly patted his clothes, preparing to leave. Taking large strides, he had already taken a few steps when Mo Bei Jun shouted, “Stop right there if you want your legs!”

Reflexively, Shang Qinghua obeyed.

He didn’t dare turn around and said, “Your Majesty, I’m really leaving now.”

Mo Bei Jun roared, “Shut up! Come back!”

Shang Qinghua continued on his own, “Even if you’re angry, don’t bother looking for me. Once I go back, you won’t be able to find me, so don’t waste your efforts. Well then, Your Majesty, goodbye.”

Mo Bei Jun almost roared, “If you dare to leave, don’t let me see you again!”

Shang Qinghua paid no attention.

After taking two steps, he added, “I’m glad to have met you. Really… you’re even more handsome than I imagined!”

At this moment, his joyous and ecstatic appearance, mirroring the expression he had when he first wrote this character’s entrance, was exactly the same.

He truly felt a genuine connection with the character he had created. In hindsight, it was really embarrassing.

But as the parting moment drew near, the embarrassment only lasted for a moment.

However, Shang Qinghua couldn’t understand why it was supposed to be “the parting moment”?

After the system announced the attachment for returning to the city, it had already been a month, and he was still idling in the world of Proud Immortal Demon Way!

Every time he clicked on the system and faced the different colors of red and green for “yes” and “next time,” he would be momentarily stunned, then choose the option on the right to close the interface.

Next time… next time, there were so many next times.

Shang Qinghua blamed it on his procrastination. The wicked procrastination!

Cangqiong Mountain was temporarily out of the question for Shang Qinghua. He didn’t know if Mo Bei Jun would be angry enough to block him at An Ding Peak. But half of his savings were kept in a cave at An Ding Peak, and the other half was at Mo Bei Jun’s mansion in the northern territory. So, for the past month, Shang Qinghua had been living a seemingly carefree life, but in reality, he had to tighten his belt and endure hardships. If it weren’t for the bit of spiritual power he had, he would be no different from an ordinary beggar.

After wandering for nearly a month, he unexpectedly ran into a master and disciple pair who were leisurely traveling the mountains and playing with water.

When Shang Qinghua recognized who they were, he couldn’t help but rub his eyes. It took him half a minute to confirm that the young man in plain clothes, carrying a fishing rod and a fish basket, who still exuded an elegant aura, was Luo Binghe. It took him another half a minute to confirm that the one holding a food container and persistently pretending to be ethereal and divine was Shifu Shen, the Lord Shen Qingqiu.

You two are here enjoying the pleasures of seclusion in the mountains, while leaving Mo Bei Jun behind in the demon realm, forcing me to deal with him forcibly. How unfair!

While inwardly cursing, Shang Qinghua couldn’t deny that he was genuinely happy to see these two people. Especially since he hadn’t had a decent meal in so many days.

Don’t criticize why he, as a cultivator, still cared about whether he had enough to eat. There were already enough criticisms in the book review section. He wasn’t a disciple of the Austerity Peak, so he didn’t follow the fasting practices!

Interrupting their idyllic life in the countryside, Luo Binghe naturally didn’t give him a good look. Although he didn’t show it on his face in consideration of Shen Qingqiu’s presence, his face darkened when Shen Qingqiu greeted Shang Qinghua and asked him to “come inside the house for a while.”

They had built a small bamboo house in a picturesque area. As Shang Qinghua sat down, he couldn’t help but feel that these two were living a really comfortable life. He said while sitting on the rattan chair, “Nice house.”

Shen Qingqiu fanned himself and said, “Have you ever thought about who built it? Isn’t it obvious who got it wrong?”

Shang Qinghua’s face turned red and he said, “You two are living much more comfortably than me. I wonder if I can enjoy a bit of your good fortune by association?”

Shen Qingqiu replied, “Unfortunately, you came at the wrong time. We are about to have a meal.”

Shang Qinghua said, “Oh, don’t worry. I came at just the right time. Let me see how good your food is.” He stood up and walked towards the door that seemed to lead to the kitchen, lifting the curtain.

Luo Binghe, dressed in a light black robe, sleeves rolled up high, with a solemn and focused expression, was silently… kneading dough.

He looked serious and focused, with a bit of flour on his eyelashes. It was as if he wasn’t kneading dough, but holding a scroll of conquering the world!

No, no, no, no—

Shang Qinghua’s heart and gall were both breaking. He created the protagonist, Bingge, who was awe-inspiring and captured the hearts of countless fangirls. And now, he was kneading dough!

Making noodles!

Noodles, noodles, noodles (endless loop)…

It was indescribably horrifying!

Shang Qinghua silently retreated. He sat down at the table and reached out to grab a cup to have some tea and calm his nerves, but Shen Qingqiu snatched it back, saying, “It’s mine.”

Shang Qinghua had lingering fears, “Do you have a second cup here? What harm would it do if I used it?”

Shen Qingqiu pointed to the kitchen and said, “You know there isn’t a second cup here, so it’s also his.”


“Do you dare to use it? If you dare, I’ll let you have it.”

Shang Qinghua pulled his hand back and said, “You can use it yourself, no need to share your good fortune with me.”

Luo Binghe continued cooking. The two of them chatted casually for a while. After listening to the live broadcast of the sudden incident at Mo Bei Castle, Shen Qingqiu expressed doubt, “Is that true? Just like that?”

Shang Qinghua said, “Do you think I would lie to you? What do you mean ‘just like that’? It’s about my dignity. Of course, I couldn’t stay there anymore.”

“That’s true,” Shen Qingqiu pondered and said, “but you don’t seem like the kind of person who cares so much about dignity.”

“What kind of person am I?”

Shen Qingqiu said with a gentle smile, “The kind of person who cares so much about dignity.”

With the unwavering determination to stroke the skies, the thick-skinnedness, and the tenacity of life, he didn’t seem like someone who would run away after being beaten by Mo Bei Jun. After all, he had endured all these years, so why would he suddenly become fragile, sensitive, and melancholic?

Shang Qinghua said in a mumbled voice, “Gua-ge, I only occasionally compromise my principles for votes and wealthy sponsors, and incidentally become the Peak Lord of An Ding. But you discriminate against me because of that. That’s not fair.”

Shen Qingqiu said, “With the reasons you’ve given, isn’t it enough to justify discrimination against you?”

“Ah, come on, be nice to me, be gentle. Can you? Gua-ge, when do you think I should return to the real world?”

Shen Qingqiu said, “Do you really want to go back to the real world? Your eyesight will really deteriorate if you spend too much time masturbating. Wake up, you’re just waiting for someone to apologize to you and then tie you up again to continue lightly beating you three times a day.”

2 / 2

Before the conversation could finish, it was time for dinner. Luo Binghe brought two bowls of noodles.

White noodles in red broth, topped with finely chopped green onions and neatly arranged slices of tender meat. It looked extremely appetizing.

But Shang Qinghua knew better than to reach out his paw. Without Bingge explicitly stating it, just a seemingly casual glance was enough for Shang Qinghua to understand that there was no portion for him.

Shen Qingqiu sighed, “That’s why I said you came at the wrong time.”

After all, not everyone had the privilege to eat a meal cooked by Luo Binghe himself. Shang Qinghua had nothing to say, so he shrank into a corner of the table and watched the other two start eating with their chopsticks.

Eventually, Shen Qingqiu couldn’t bear it any longer. He smiled and picked up a piece of meat to put in Luo Binghe’s bowl, showing some mercy. “Forget it, don’t tease him anymore. Your Shishu has had a rough time these days, so stop bullying him.”

Luo Binghe put the piece of meat into his mouth without looking up and said, “There’s more in the pot.”

Shang Qinghua happily grabbed a ladle and went over.

He savored the delicious bowl of noodles with tears of joy in his eyes. For the first time, he deeply felt that the most reliable thing in this world was the friendship with the peerless cucumber.

After enjoying an incredibly delicious bowl of noodles, Shang Qinghua was pleasantly surprised. He hadn’t even thought about staying overnight.

Come on, he didn’t want to listen to Bingge’s wall speeches. Ensuring the quality of his sleep was one thing, and the other thing was whether Bingge would cut off his ears the next day.

He looked at Shen Qingqiu’s heavenly-like days and then looked at his own. It was infuriating. How was it fair? After all, he was the author, the god of this world, Kamisama. Couldn’t they treat him a little better? Show some care for the author! Protect the author!

While savoring the taste of the only bowl of noodles his son made for him, Shang Qinghua used a grass root to pick his teeth as he walked along a small path in the mountains.

Suddenly, he slipped.

Beside the path was a valley, and Shang Qinghua didn’t bring a sword. If he fell down, he wouldn’t be able to fly back up. He cursed himself, sitting on the ground, “How did I slip while walking on a good path? I’m not a manga heroine with the special skill of falling on flat ground!”

As he looked at the ground, he saw that there weren’t any banana peels or small tree roots sticking out. There was only a small puddle of water.

But that puddle of water was frozen. The low grass around it was covered with a thin layer of frost.

Shang Qinghua scrambled and crawled towards the nearest rock wall, seeking a sense of safety against it.

He had thought that procrastinating and risking his life would be the worst scenario until Mo Bei Jun finally came looking for him. However, when he saw someone emerge from behind the rocky vines, he realized that things could get even worse.

Ling Guang Jun said, “Oh, look who it is?”

Shang Qinghua forced a laugh, “Yeah! Who could it be?”

Ling Guang Jun patted his head and said, “Mo Bei has been searching all over the Northern Territory for you. You really know how to hide, huh?”

“Your Majesty is joking. I’m not hiding…”

“Is that so? I’m also curious. What’s there to hide? Last time in the Ice Palace, you achieved such a great accomplishment, and Mo Bei didn’t even have time to reward you. Why did you take it so hard and run to this remote place?”

“No, no!” Shang Qinghua waved his hands repeatedly. “It’s none of my business. Last time, Mo Bei relied on his own abilities…”

As he tried to decline, he realized that Ling Guang Jun’s expression suddenly changed, and his tone turned menacing, “So you mean, without your despicable, cunning, shameless, and filthy interference, Mo Bei wouldn’t have been able to defeat me with just his own power?!”

Whether he agreed or disagreed, Shang Qinghua was in trouble. He lamented with a mournful face and kept silent.

Ling Guang Jun sneered, “That brat Mo Bei could never have imagined that the person he couldn’t find no matter how hard he tried would run into me so easily. In that case, I might as well make good use of you…”

Shang Qinghua hurriedly said, “Your Majesty! If you want to capture me and use me to threaten Mo Bei Jun, it won’t work! Let me tell you the real reason why I ran away. Actually, last time, while he couldn’t move, I couldn’t help but beat him… You know how his deadpan face is! When there’s an opportunity like that, it’s difficult not to want to hit him, right? After hitting him, I had no choice but to… run away. If he’s looking for me everywhere, it’s probably just to hit me back. In his eyes, I have no value at all. At best, I’m just a convenient punching bag and follower.”

Ling Guang Jun paused and impatiently said, “Why are you telling me all this? Do I look like a demon who would do such lowly things?”

Well, you ambushed Mo Bei Jun, which isn’t exactly high-class… Shang Qinghua sincerely said, “Not really.”

Ling Guang Jun replied, “Then do I look like a demon with that much patience?”

Shang Qinghua responded, “I’m not sure about that. So, Your Majesty, how do you intend to ‘use’ me?”

“How to use you?” Ling Guang Jun chuckled. “To kill you and vent my anger. Isn’t that a simple and effective way?”

Shang Qinghua was momentarily stunned and said, “No, please! That would be a waste! Your Majesty, you could capture me and use me to threaten Mo Bei Jun instead. It would be such a pity to kill me directly!”

Ling Guang Jun said, “Who said, ‘I have no value in his eyes, at best I’m just a convenient punching bag and follower’? "

Shang Qinghua replied, “There’s an old saying that humility is a virtue…”

Before he could finish saying the word “virtue,” Ling Guang Jun suddenly waved his hand and shouted, “Behold the Xuan Yang True Fire!”

Several groups of red flames rushed towards them. Ling Guang Jun was taken aback and quickly dodged. However, the flames extinguished upon reaching the ground. It was obviously not the Xuan Yang True Fire that was unaffected by wind or water. Shang Qinghua had deceived him!

Ling Guang Jun became angry and, in a fit of rage, plucked a dewdrop that was about to fall from a drooping leaf and aimed it at Shang Qinghua’s lower body. Shang Qinghua felt a chill on his calf as an ice bullet formed from demonic energy pierced through his leg. He couldn’t run and fell to the ground.

Ling Guang Jun approached and stepped on his other leg’s kneecap. He said, “You’re like a cockroach, so good at running! I’ll disable both your legs first. Let’s see how you run then!”

Shang Qinghua had no intention of remaining defiant. He cried out, “My Lord!!”

Speaking of the devil, Mo Bei Jun suddenly appeared. With a crackling sound, two dark energies collided. Ling Guang Jun held his shattered kneecap and went insane, “You brat, did you have to come at such a timely moment?! Couldn’t you have waited a little longer? Couldn’t you have let me step down first?!”

Mo Bei Jun kicked and shattered Ling Guang Jun’s other kneecap and coldly said, “No!”

Ling Guang Jun was stubborn. Both his kneecaps were reduced to dust, but he didn’t scream in pain. On the contrary, he became even more hysterical, “You’re just like your dead-faced father! Why do you have to be so much like him? A nest of turtle eggs! He robs you, and you rob him! Why didn’t you die earlier when he died! Fuck…”

Mo Bei Jun said, “Keep cursing, and I’ll send you to accompany him.”

Shang Qinghua was dumbfounded. Although he knew that Ling Guang Jun had deep grievances against his brother, he didn’t expect it to be to the extent that he would curse so passionately here…

Amidst Ling Guang Jun’s furious curses, Mo Bei Jun casually lifted him and threw him into the valley. Falling into the valley, a person might die, but a demon certainly wouldn’t. Shang Qinghua didn’t remind Mo Bei Jun to eliminate the root. After all, he was his uncle, and Mo Bei Jun’s father must have instructed him to be lenient with Ling Guang Jun no matter what he did. In fact, Shang Qinghua had no intention of reminding him of anything. It would be even better if Ling Guang Jun could forget about his existence…

Mo Bei Jun withdrew his gaze from the bottom of the valley and shouted, “Stay!”

Shang Qinghua, dragging his leg with a hole in it, was about to slip away when he was halted by Mo Bei Jun’s command.

Being caught red-handed is nothing compared to his guilty conscience. Hearing Mo Bei Jun’s footsteps approaching, which sounded like cracking ice, Shang Qinghua instinctively covered his face.


Mo Bei Jun separated Shang Qinghua’s hands, straightened them, and could no longer bear it. He said, “What are you doing?!”

Shang Qinghua sheepishly replied, “Didn’t you say ‘don’t let me see you again’? Since you’ve seen me, there’s nothing I can do. I just covered my face first.”

Mo Bei Jun raised his hand, and Shang Qinghua instinctively covered his head.


Mo Bei Jun moved his hands apart, extended them, and said with an unbearable tone, “If I see you make that move again… you won’t need your hands anymore!”

There was a hint of resentment in his teeth. Shang Qinghua reflexively wanted to cover his head, but he held back for the sake of his hands that had diligently typed on the keyboard.

Feeling desperate, he started trembling, which caught Mo Bei Jun’s attention. Mo Bei Jun asked, “Am I that frightening?”

Shang Qinghua replied, “Well, not really! But I just have this feeling that Your Majesty would give me a couple of hits. It used to be fine to get hit or kicked, but now that you’ve officially ascended the throne and your cultivation has greatly improved, you can create waves, shatter rocks, and pierce through clouds with a single strike. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to withstand your blows…”

Mo Bei Jun said, “Shut up! Follow me, let’s go!”

Shang Qinghua went all out, clinging to the stone wall like a gecko. “I won’t go! No, I want to go! I want to go back to my hometown.”

Mo Bei Jun said, “If I beat you back, will you stop leaving?”

Shang Qinghua replied, “Instead of staying and getting beaten by you three times a day, I’d rather… What?!”

Beat him back?

Mo Bei Jun would beat him back?

Was Mo Bei Jun willing to beat him back?

Shang Qinghua was too shocked, and his mind was infinitely cycling through a hierarchical array of words.

Mo Bei Jun raised his chin and stood stiffly, exuding an aura of “I don’t mind beating you, and I won’t fight back.” However, he secretly kept an eye on Shang Qinghua.

After a while of not making a move, Mo Bei Jun seemed to suddenly become happy. Even when he was happy, it seemed that his eyebrows merely lifted slightly.

Mo Bei Jun said, “You’re not fighting back? Time’s up. Then I won’t beat you. Go.”

Wait, didn’t I say I wouldn’t fight back? And there’s a time limit?

With a hidden hint of pleasure in the corner of Mo Bei Jun’s eyebrows, he dragged Shang Qinghua and ran. Shang Qinghua immediately cried out in pain, “Oh, it hurts! Your Majesty, look at me! Look at me!”

Mo Bei Jun did glance at him and saw his bloody leg.

“…” After a moment of silence, he tried to lift Shang Qinghua.

Shang Qinghua pleaded, tears in his eyes, “Spare me, Your Majesty, spare me! If you carry me like this all the way, my leg will really be useless!”

Mo Bei Jun asked, “Then what should we do?”

With tears in his eyes, Shang Qinghua tentatively suggested, “How about… finding a doctor for me first?”

Mo Bei Jun clicked his tongue and turned around to leave.

A cold gust of wind blew, leaving Shang Qinghua abandoned in place, dumbfounded.

Did he find him troublesome?

Shortly after, Mo Bei Jun returned, dragging a broken cart that he had somehow stolen. The wooden chicken had turned into a live one.

The majestic second-in-command of the demonic race, the noble and glamorous Mo Bei Ice Clan leader, was dragging a dilapidated cart that was extremely mismatched with his image. What a sight!

Shang Qinghua couldn’t help but burst out laughing, ruining the atmosphere.

As he saw Mo Bei Jun’s temples pulsing with anger, he quickly feigned pain and frowned. He groaned a couple of times, and Mo Bei Jun picked him up and placed him in the cart.

Although it was a crooked and worn-out cart, likely stolen from a horse in a farmer’s yard, it made Shang Qinghua feel triumphant and majestic. Ignorant people might think he was a top scholar who had studied hard for ten years and was heading to his wedding ceremony, accompanied by the sound of gongs and drums.

It was truly the cycle of destiny. The first time Shang Qinghua saw Mo Bei Jun, it was with a cart like this, taking the unconscious Mo Bei Jun to find a room!

There’s a poem as proof: Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river. The cart keeps rotating, and next year it arrives at my home. Haha!

Shang Qinghua declared with a lofty air, “I want to eat noodles.”

Ice bro’s noodles were delicious, but there were too few. He didn’t leave him a few strands, so he didn’t get enough.

Mo Bei Jun responded, “Hmm.”

Shang Qinghua emphasized, “Hand-pulled noodles.”

Mo Bei Jun replied, “Okay.”

Shang Qinghua took advantage and pushed further, “You make them.”

The cart suddenly jerked, and Mo Bei Jun stopped in his tracks.

A vaguely chilling air floated in. Shang Qinghua immediately panicked and gestured, “I’ll make them, I’ll make them! Of course, I’ll make them. Just kidding, hehehe.”

Sigh. Dreams are grand, but reality is harsh.

After a while, the wheels of the cart slowly began to turn again. Mo Bei Jun was in front, not looking back, and said, “I’ll make them.”

What did he say? He said he would make them? Make what? Hand-pulled noodles?

Mo Bei Jun was willing to beat him and willing to make him noodles—what day was it today? It was his lucky day!

Shang Qinghua decided!

He would resume his old profession.

The pen name “Xiang Tian Da Fei Ji” would make a powerful comeback in the literary world!

What should he write? Shang Qinghua slapped his thigh. He heard that the set of “Spring Mountain Hatred” by Liu Su Mian Hua was selling like crazy at an 81% discount. Well, he would follow the trend and write that! Although he was extremely honest himself, if there were people who wanted to read it, there would be a market. Xiang Tian Da Fei Ji was best at following trends. He would write whatever was popular, and it would surely be a success!

The first step was to come up with a popular and catchy book title. Well, it hadn’t been decided yet, but let’s think about it first. It didn’t matter if the writing style wasn’t as good as Liu Su Mian Hua’s. Xiang Tian Da Fei Ji was never sold based on the writing style. Besides, Xiang Tian Da Fei Ji didn’t like the small clique formed by Liu Su Mian Hua and the other writers. After all the writing, Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe were the only ones, their horizons too narrow. In his opinion, he could be more daring and adventurous. For example, why limit it to just one couple? It would be a waste not to write about beauties like Liu Qingge and Yue Qingyuan. Even Mu Qingfang and Wei Wuxian were considered male gods in the eyes of many. Writing about a messy relationship wouldn’t be lacking in readers, right?

In short, as long as it was explicit, vulgar, and shameless enough (this part crossed out), he would eventually become a dominant figure in the local literary scene. Even without selling homemade soap, he could still be popular and successful—what a lofty goal!

Xiang Tian Da Fei Ji raised his legs as the cart rattled along the bumpy mountain road. The sun was setting, and Mo Bei Jun dragged him along, heading to an unknown destination.

Although filled with sarcasm, chaos, and a mishmash of nonsense, written in the style of an elementary school student, there might be serious readers who couldn’t help but throw the book down and curse, “What nonsense is this?” However, Xiang Tian Da Fei Ji could find a thousand “justs” to smooth things over. For example: it’s just reading a story, just like living life, seeking happiness, so why take it so seriously; it’s just a casual play I wrote, so everyone should be more forgiving; it’s just…


…just that he really loved the story he had written.