Is there anyone who likes Yue Sect Master? I love the “Warm Oil” (Wen You) character so much! Whimpers Just passing by quietly.


Boring. It’s not as good as “Immortal XX War,” far from it. That’s what a true cultivation novel should be like.


It’s so satisfying to praise and criticize at the same time, isn’t it? Hehe.


The amount of comments from user “9l” to “Huanggua Xiong” is definitely true love.


In response to comment 13, hehe, I won’t take it back. Here’s the original sentence for you. Do fans of “Kuang’ao” (Mad Pride) love stepping on other books? Do you want me to dig up the records and screenshots to prove it?


In response to comment 10: Is there anyone who likes Yue Sect Master? Whimpers Just passing by quietly.

Catch the girl on the tenth floor! Is it a girl?! I also love Senior Martial Brother! So much! ☆( ̄▽ ̄)/★ Endless indulgence, so cute! (w’) It’s a pity that he ended up with such a self-destructive junior martial brother. It’s too much…


Shen Qingqiu, you scoundrel, no need for explanations! I can’t believe I can still have a crush on this scum like the 15th commenter.

I always feel that it’s a pity that the Peak Lord of Bai Zhan Peak died so early. Letting Feiji Ju (Airplane Ju) write it, it would definitely be full of angst.


The information on the previous few floors is so overwhelming. I want to say, has the “Thunderous Skies” forum been invaded by strange people?

18# [Peerless Cucumber]

The person above is calm. There are quite a few girls from Green Dingding Net in this forum.


Huanggua Xiong is definitely true love, but the criticism here is not as fierce as in the book review section. It’s not malicious enough, a bad review.


Here comes the “Kuang’ao” (Mad Pride) fans again. You can see this book everywhere, it’s disgusting. This book’s quality can’t live up to its popularity at all. Don’t tell me Feiji didn’t hire any navy (internet trolls), I won’t believe it.


In response to comment 4: Who are you calling an idiot upstairs? You have such low quality.

What a joke, even the elementary school students who love to read trashy novels like “Kuang’ao” have the nerve to talk about quality. No one has lower quality than you.


It’s really annoying when a few people bombard the forum like this. Once again, the 20th commenter is stirring up trouble. Let’s not talk about anything else, just look at the updates of “Feiji.” Daily updates of tens of thousands of words, and a burst of double the amount on weekends. How many people can achieve that? Well, let’s put the issue of quality aside for now.


I wrote a fanfiction about Ice Bro and Scum Shen. I wonder if anyone wants to read it. It seems so painful to have a crush on the cold couple in the Arctic. Even searching for a couple in the final chapter feels like self-destruction to me.


Don’t go, girls who write fanfiction! Are you the one with the letter “8” in your name? Please!


The author really doesn’t know how to write a romantic storyline, better not write it at all. I feel that Luo Binghe doesn’t have any emotions for any of his wives, just using them.


As long as the girls are all here, whether there are emotions or not doesn’t matter.

26# [Peerless Cucumber]

The 25th commenter is joking. You want Feiji to not write a harem? Two-thirds of this book would be gone.

Fly Airplane Ju casually stirred his instant noodles with one leg raised, calmly scrolling through the forum posts. His eyes automatically highlighted the familiar ID of “Peerless Cucumber.”

This renowned Peerless Cucumber often ranted in his book review section, but never failed to subscribe and vote for updates. Therefore, he suspected that this person might be a masochist.

The roar of Peerless Cucumber in the book review section gave him this feeling: It’s like a woman who married a disappointing husband, menstruating every day, itching to straddle him and shake his neck while simultaneously kissing and spitting on him. He couldn’t help but continue to follow along, while resenting, “Why can’t I control my wretched hand from clicking to read?”

“You complain with a righteous heart!”

Fly Airplane Ju reached a conclusion and burst into uncontrollable laughter, slapping the computer desk. However, this slap was not without consequences—the bowl of noodles tipped over, splashing his beloved keyboard, and the spicy soup spilled all over his face. Startled, he jumped up and hurriedly tried to salvage the situation. In his haste, he tripped over the power strip, and the laptop screen went dark with a snap.

After a series of joy-turned-sorrow chain reactions, Fly Airplane Ju’s face turned pale.


With his heart pounding, he instinctively rushed to the power strip, picked it up, and inserted it into the socket—zap—he experienced firsthand what it meant to be struck by “Nine Heavens Divine Thunder.”

“What are you daydreaming about? Get to work!”

Fly Airplane Ju spat out the dog-tail grass in his mouth with a contemptuous sound.

In his heart, he gave a thousand middle fingers and cursed a thousand words starting with ‘f’ to the sinister and evil Senior Martial Brother from An Ding Peak. But when he turned around, he had a smiling face, eagerly approaching. “Here!”

Senior Martial Brother X sneered, “Just knew you were slacking off!”

Shengli, a seventeen-year-old senior outer disciple, Shang Qinghua, followed the majority, slowly unloading the cargo from the ship at the dock while looking around.

Yes, he became Fly Airplane Ju—Shang Qinghua.

The despicable and cunning minor character, the scheming spy in his own harem novel, diligently working for Mo Bei Jun, only to be ruthlessly discarded by his heartless boss, Shang Qinghua, the cannon fodder logistics worker.

No, at this moment, he was still an outer disciple of An Ding Peak, someone who could be bullied by everyone, not a chief disciple, and hadn’t changed his name to the Qing generation.

An Ding Peak itself was a very stifling peak. The Peak Lord himself was like the director of a domestic service center—oppressed. With the disciples included, it was like being unpaid hourly workers—oppressed. As for the outer disciples, let’s not even talk about it. They were at the bottom of the food chain, oppressed within oppression. Everyone had a temper, with the seniority-based oppression targeting the less senior ones, a common occurrence.

Shang Qinghua occasionally complained inwardly, “Just you wait until I sit on the position of Peak Lord, I’ll show you… Hehe!”

However, these delusions were quickly extinguished by himself.

Think about it, the ending: being used and discarded by the boss, with a miserable death.

It was obvious that it wasn’t worth it!

If he could do as he wished, he would take off his clothes, roll up his bedding, dash down Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, escape from the world of cultivation, and embrace a free life as a poor commoner. Based on the heap of information he had searched for the sake of writing transmigration harem novels (such as how to make soap, glass, and abacus), he believed he could live a smooth and prosperous life. Oh, How Hua! (Note: “Hua” here means “flower” and is used to convey a sense of “easily, without trouble or effort.”)

But every time he had such thoughts—

【Violation, deduction of points.】

If he had transmigrated into the harem novel he wrote himself, it would be fine, but why wasn’t he the protagonist?

If he wasn’t the protagonist, it would be fine, but why was there a damn system!

It was all because of that person who started the thread. No pinches, no harm! And that Peerless Cucumber!

Shang Qinghua moved one heavy box after another from the ship onto the cart, harnessed the horse, and continued to harbor resentment.

Handling these logistics tasks should have been a breeze in cultivation novels. When it came down to it, he blamed himself. Why did he have to write about low-level magical devices? Now, they had to work hard like laborers, only to end up digging his own grave.

Alright, what he truly wanted to say was: Qing Jing Peak was truly good at making trouble!

They were the best at it! You said helping the fairies from Xian Shu Peak transport their clothes and such might be tiring, but at least there was a certain sweetness in their hearts. The suffering was in their bodies, but the sweetness was in their hearts. But being a porter for Qing Jing Peak, what was that supposed to be?!

Every time there was a purchase, hundreds of kilograms of books had to be delivered. They, the disciples of An Ding Peak, had to climb up and down the mountain, panting heavily, to deliver them. As for them, they sat there without moving, their fingers not leaving the strings, waiting for the delivery.

Who do you think you are, Mr. Aloof? If you’re so capable, come down the mountain and fetch it yourself!

The other outer disciples also complained, “The disciples of Qing Jing Peak clearly look down on us from An Ding Peak. We have to serve as their oxen and horses.”

Someone grumbled, “Especially Sheng Qingqiu, he really thinks highly of himself with his eyes on top of his head.”

“Even though he has some fame as a refined sword cultivator, he’s too arrogant.”

“Hehe, he even dared to provoke Liu Qingge, the chief disciple of Bai Zhan Peak. How could he look down on insignificant people like us?”

“With Bai Zhan Peak’s temper and Liu Qingge’s temper, they still didn’t kill Sheng Qingqiu?”

“How could they? When Yue Qingyuan was there, Liu Qingge wouldn’t dare lay a finger on Sheng Qingqiu.”

Another outer disciple, who also exceeded the age limit when joining Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, said with a sour tone, “I don’t know how Sheng Qingqiu, who came from nowhere, was chosen as the chief disciple. They say he has a good relationship with Senior Martial Brother Yue, but he never went to Qiong Ding Peak, and when he meets Senior Martial Brother Yue, he always puts on a fake high-and-mighty face; when they say he’s not good, it doesn’t seem like it.”

Shang Qinghua silently kept his mouth shut, feeling suffocated.

Sigh! Really wanted to gossip!!! Really wanted to throw all the plot outlines I had set but hadn’t realized in your faces!!! Nobody knows these ancient stories better than me!!!

The group of people continued their grumbling and venting, getting angrier as they spoke, their envy and resentment intertwined. Shang Qinghua drove the cart, casually responding with a smile whenever someone spoke to him, cautiously refraining from saying a word.

Don’t be fooled by their current complaints, they might very well expose the people they complained about today in the future. A moment of indulgence could lead to trouble. If someone reported him, disciples from other peaks would focus on him, and he wouldn’t be able to escape.

The road was uneven after the rain, with bumps and potholes. The wheels rolled over them, swaying from side to side. In the midst of this tilt, the system prompted with a “ding”:

【Mission, prepare.】

Upon hearing this, Shang Qinghua’s face wrinkled like a chrysanthemum.

He forced a smile and said, “Brother System, aren’t your messages a bit too cryptic? Can’t you clarify what the mission is? How to prepare? Prepare for what? Could you at least give a hint? Is that too much to ask?”

The system responded tactfully, “You know.”

Shang Qinghua: “…”

I don’t know!

At that moment, there was a creak, and the cart suddenly stopped as if something was stuck on the ground.

The cart and the outer disciple senior brothers behind it jolted, causing a commotion. With their already fiery tempers, they immediately cursed and waved their staffs, saying, “You fool! Can’t even drive a cart properly! Let’s go, why are we just standing here?”

Shang Qinghua also didn’t know why it suddenly got stuck. He jumped off the cart, looked down, and was instantly frightened out of his wits.

The reason the wheel couldn’t move was that it had sunk into a puddle in the ground, and the water in the small pit had frozen, freezing the wooden wheel in place.

An unseen chill permeated the air.

Winter was cold, but Shang Qinghua’s heart was even colder. He shivered and raised his eyes.

A figure dressed in a black cloak was slowly walking towards him. The figure was tall and slender, faintly resembling a young man.

System: 【Current anger value of the other party: 500. Mission objective: Stay alive.】

【Prompt complete. Good luck.】