It was a harem novel with an over-the-top plot. This was made clear from the very beginning.

Shen Qingqiu was a self-proclaimed straight guy, who had been true to himself since birth.

So, if someone dared to say to Shen Yuan when he first opened this masterpiece of thunderous absurdity, “Ah, you’re going to engage in gay relationships, and with the male lead of this novel no less, and you’re even offering yourself willingly in that position”—he would definitely take the full set of forty thick volumes and make the person witness what it meant for brains to splatter on the ground.

Now, he was floating in the void of the space he had entered at the beginning, listening to the system’s familiar and friendly voice echoing in every corner, just like Google Translate.

“Hello, through your unremitting efforts and active cooperation, all indicators have reached the required level for an upgrade.”

“The system is honored to inform you that you have been promoted to a Junior VIP user. We would like to remind you that VIP users can activate the advanced feature ‘self-rescue’.”

“When your health reaches its lowest point, you can fully recover once.”

Full recovery!

This VIP treatment was really something!

Shen Qingqiu asked, “So, this self-rescue function can only be used once? Can it only be used on myself?”

System: “That is correct.”

Shen Qingqiu immediately considered a serious problem.

He had already drawn a large portion of the demonic energy onto Luo Binghe’s body. Even if he were to destroy the Heart Demon Sword now, it shouldn’t have any impact on Luo Binghe.

Originally, he thought he was most likely done for, and that child cried and said he wanted to die with him. Now that he had used the self-rescue function, he really hoped Luo Binghe wouldn’t foolishly follow suit and commit suicide!

Shen Qingqiu hurriedly asked, “What about Luo Binghe? How is he now?”

System: “Currently, your permissions do not allow you to inquire about matters related to the overall energy source. Would you like to view your historical achievements?”

Why couldn’t he inquire even as a VIP user!

Shen Qingqiu was anxious, but he had long understood the system’s character.

If it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t enough. No matter how anxious he was, it wouldn’t help!

System: “Would you like to view your historical achievements?”

… Fine, it seemed he had to see this thing. Shen Qingqiu waved his hand, “Show me, show me, quickly!”

Accompanied by a cheerful background music, the system slowly unrolled a scroll-like list of achievements:

“Avoiding more than 20 clichés, removing the ‘Thundering with Thunder’ label, and obtaining the ‘A Few Cringe Moments’ medal.”

“Breaking through the highest historical cringe value of 5000 and obtaining the ‘Readable in a Drought’ medal.”

“Experiencing extreme dog-blood moments three or more times and obtaining the ‘Showered with Dog Blood’ medal.”

“Cutting out filler content and irrelevant side plots, removing the ‘Invincible Water God’ label.”

“Completing hidden characters, basically filling in the gaps, and removing the ‘Pitfalls Everywhere’ label.”

“Experiencing pleasure value beyond the statistical range and obtaining the ‘Acceptable Masturbation’ medal.”

“Meeting the recommended standards of the system. One-line summary: A story of a love-brained chuunibyou trying to destroy the world.”

Upon seeing this, Shen Qingqiu said, “…”

There was absolutely no way to refute it [wave goodbye].

Upon careful consideration, indeed, ever since he was reborn here, he had gone from an unlimited smut and harem novel to a dog-blood love story of an innocent virgin suffering from delusions.

However, looking at this row of sparkling medals, Shen Qingqiu secretly admired himself a little.

The author didn’t fill in the gaps, so he took matters into his own hands and filled them. Isn’t that impressive?!

In the history of harem novels, which reader was as dedicated as him, sacrificing himself to fill in the gaps, raising the cringe value of this book to this level, and earning so many honors?!

Although the direction might have deviated a bit, at least, this was the true “you you up, o bb”!

Suddenly, Shen Qingqiu noticed a small pink symbol “♀” in the top left corner of the list of honors.

He knew that “♂” symbolized male, and “♀” symbolized female, and found it a bit strange. “What does this symbol mean?”

System: “It indicates that all the achievements obtained in the list are female-oriented honors.”

Shen Qingqiu: “…Are you kidding me?”

System: “Work classification has been modified.”

Wait a minute!

Why was he categorized as female-oriented?!

No wonder why this bizarre and dog-blood plot could still earn so many medals. It turned out it had been classified as female-oriented!!!

What did they use to satisfy themselves in the female-oriented category?!

Could it be that he was banished from the main site of the male-oriented genre to the female-oriented genre?!

No, the truth should be even more terrifying!

Shen Qingqiu suddenly remembered that ever since the system had upgraded, the interface had changed. No wonder it looked familiar. The style and color scheme of this interface seemed… like the legendary Green Ding Ding Literature City?!

After holding back for so long, from the day he was reborn until now, Shen Qingqiu, who had finally learned the truth, couldn’t help but spew out a mouthful of old blood.

He raised his hand to the heavens, “No—!”

The room fell silent for two seconds.

Then, a swarm of people rushed towards him.

Ning Yingying, Ming Fan, Qi Qingqi, Mu Qingfang, a bunch of people crowded around the bed, talking all at once. Shen Qingqiu’s head was throbbing from the noise, and he couldn’t hear anything clearly. He hunched over, clutching his head. Only Liu Qingge said, “Everyone, get out!”

As soon as he spoke, the others immediately fell silent. The juniors stuck out their tongues and retreated reluctantly. The empty space was filled by Liu Qingge. He stood by the bed with his arms folded, and Shen Qingqiu, relieved to see someone reliable, grabbed him and asked, “Where is Luo Binghe?”

Liu Qingge’s face darkened as he said, “He’s dead!”

Shen Qingqiu: “…Dead?”


Did he foolishly follow him to his death?!

Looking at Liu Qingge’s expression, it didn’t seem like a joke. Liu Qingge never joked around. Shen Qingqiu suddenly sat up, but his movement was too abrupt, and he felt a dull pain in his buttocks.

His face twisted instantly, and with a thud, he fell back down.

Liu Qingge, looking startled, took three steps back, as if he was about to come forward to speak but also wanted to run away. Qi Qingqi grabbed him and shouted, “Look at yourself! Look at what you’ve done! Stop scaring him! You’ve scared him unconscious!”

Shen Qingqiu lay on the bed, raising his hand, “I didn’t faint. I…”

I just felt a pain in my buttocks, that’s all…

Ning Yingying, who used to be most afraid of Bai Zhan Peak’s Peak Lord, had grown bold and scolded Liu Qingge, “Senior Liu, how could you do this? Even if you don’t like Luo Binghe, you know that Master has just woken up and can’t handle any more shocks. You… you said such things, cursing him to death.”

Mu Qingfang also looked reproachful, “Senior Liu, what you did was really bad. Not good at all.”

Liu Qingge became the target of everyone’s accusations. Since he wasn’t good with words, he simply retreated to the table and exploded, “I won’t speak anymore!”

Shen Qingqiu pressed his temple with one hand and his waist with the other, “Someone tell me, did he really die or not?”

Qi Qingqi said, “He didn’t! That brat thought you were done for and almost followed you. Later, Mu Shidi said you were fine and still had a temper, so he couldn’t bear to die.”

As expected.

Thank goodness there wasn’t a mix-up!

Shen Qingqiu now knew that Liu Qingge had spoken in anger just now, but he was also momentarily shocked. His old face couldn’t bear it, and he criticized, “Liu Peak Lord, don’t act like this. I trusted you and asked you first. You’ve really disappointed me.”

Liu Qingge glared at him, but Shen Qingqiu wasn’t afraid of his glare. He sat up slowly, adopting a position that wouldn’t put too much pressure on his buttocks, and asked, “What exactly happened? How did I end up back at Qing Jing Peak? What about Burial Mound? Where is Luo Binghe?”

Qi Qingqi said, “Don’t worry about Burial Mound. It exploded a long time ago.”

Shen Qingqiu repeated, “It exploded?”

Qi Qingqi said, “When you and Luo Binghe destroyed the Heart Demon Sword at Burial Mound, the mountain exploded when the sword broke.”

Ming Fan squeezed his head to the bedside and said, “Yeah, yeah, Shizun, half the mountain fell onto the ice of Luo River, creating a huge hole, and then the ice on Luo River melted. You and Luo Binghe fell into Luo River, and it was Liu Shishu who fished you out.”

Shen Qingqiu was about to accept the tea that Ning Yingying handed to him, but luckily he didn’t drink it, or else he would have definitely spewed it out.

“Both of you”?

Shen Qingqiu glanced at Liu Qingge with guilty eyes.

Damn, if he remembered correctly (how could he forget something like this), he had just finished that with Luo Binghe!

Although Luo Binghe had dressed him afterward, there were still some lingering pieces of evidence on his body. With Liu Qingge’s keen eyes, he should be able to see that something was off. That was strange.

No wonder Liu Qingge had been staring at him with such stern eyes!

It was too vulgar!

Qi Qingqi rambled on, “You fished out two people at once, holding them like corpses, unable to separate them. So many people saw it. Isn’t it embarrassing?”

In front of everyone, he held onto Luo Binghe after falling from Burial Mound!

Shen Qingqiu deeply regretted it.

He had been on guard, but he still couldn’t prevent Spring Mountain from gaining new material!

But it was strange that Luo Binghe, with his thought process, didn’t take him away directly but rather sent him back to Qing Jing Peak obediently. Shen Qingqiu felt that something wasn’t right and asked, “So where is Luo Binghe now?”

Ning Yingying, obedient and filial, said softly, “Shizun, you’ve been sleeping for so many days, of course he went to find spiritual medicine for you.”

What spiritual medicine? After surviving a great ordeal and making a full recovery, this kid didn’t kneel by his bedside waiting for him to wake up. Why did he go out and run around? Leave these trivial matters to his disciples!

Ning Yingying muttered under her breath, “It’s because he was driven down the mountain by the senior martial uncles and martial brothers…”

Luo Binghe had offended too many people in Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, so it was normal for him to be driven away. But it was surprising that he now knew how to swallow his pride and obediently leave. It was really pitiful.

But as long as he was fine, it was alright.

Seeing that everyone’s expressions were normal and they were causing such a commotion, Shen Qingqiu guessed that Yue Qingyuan should be safe and asked, “How is Sect Master Yue?”

Qi Qingqi replied irritably, “You actually care about Sect Master Yue?”

As expected, when they fought at Burial Mound and Luo Binghe broke the sword, it didn’t exhaust Yue Qingyuan’s lifespan. It seemed that Xuan Su’s secret had not been revealed to others.

Shen Qingqiu breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, several golden fireworks exploded in the pitch-black night sky outside, and if he listened carefully, he could hear the bustling sounds coming from Peak of the Heaven’s Vault. He asked, “What’s going on? Why is it so noisy over at Peak of the Heaven’s Vault?”

Mu Qingfang smiled and said, “Shen Shixiong, you woke up just in time. It happens to be a celebration.”

What celebration? Shen Qingqiu wondered. Could it be a celebration for his awakening?!

As if guessing what he was thinking, Liu Qingge said, “The merger of the two realms failed, and combined with the 400th anniversary of Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, they are celebrating together.”

Shen Qingqiu decided to go and see Yue Qingyuan at Peak of the Heaven’s Vault first.

This celebration was not only attended by members of Cang Qiong Mountain Sect but also by many sects who participated in the exhibition at Luo River. Shen Qingqiu saw many familiar faces.

Master Wu Chen smiled and said, “Shen Peak Lord, it’s fortunate that you’re safe and sound.”

Wu Wangheng glanced at Shen Qingqiu disdainfully and walked away.

Master Wu Chen said, “Shen Peak Lord, don’t bother with Senior Wu Wangheng. Since I lost my legs in Jinlan City, he has developed a deep hatred for the demon race and by extension, for you…”

Shen Qingqiu touched his nose indifferently and said, “It’s fine.”

Being despised by an old bald donkey wasn’t a big deal!

He thought for a moment and asked, “I heard that Tian Lang Jun was taken into custody by the Guan Yu Temple?”

Master Wu Chen said, “It can’t be considered custody. I just want to have a conversation about Buddhism with him and help him delay the decay of his Lu Zhi body. After a few years, when he stabilizes, I will accompany him. At that time, he can choose whether to travel in the human realm or return to the demon realm, whichever he desires. I believe that he no longer harbors any malicious intent, and even if he did before, it should have dissipated.”

Master Wu Chen had lost his legs in Jinlan City due to the Demon Clan’s actions, and yet he was able to let go of that grudge. Shen Qingqiu couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration.

Moreover, he wasn’t being overly compassionate. When they last parted, Shen Qingqiu also felt that Tian Lang Jun probably wouldn’t have any more “destroy the world” chuunibyou tendencies.

Having the power to destroy the world while suffering from chuunibyou was an absolute truth!

After bidding farewell to the monks of Zhao Hua Temple, next to the Hall of the Heaven’s Vault, stood the disciples of Tian Yi Guan.

Three beautiful nuns were sweetly and softly coaxing someone, and it turned out to be Liu Mengyan, whose face was covered by a veil.

Now, seeing these harem members of Luo Binghe gathering together, Shen Qingqiu had a strange feeling. He was still enthusiastic about watching them compete for attention, but he couldn’t watch with the mindset of a daydreamer anymore.

He glanced at them sideways a few times. The three sisters said in a tender voice, “Good sister, good grown-up, please write a title for us.”

“It’s so rare to meet the author, so leave us with a memento.”

They handed her a stack of fancy little booklets, which looked very familiar. Shen Qingqiu secretly wondered why they seemed worth paying attention to. He was about to get closer to see what the three big characters on the cover were, but suddenly a figure flashed by stealthily.

Shen Qingqiu followed closely behind him and grabbed the person, coolly saying, “You dare to come to Peak of the Heaven’s Vault? Aren’t you afraid that Qi Qingqi will skin you alive?”

Being caught, Shang Qinghua almost knelt down in fright. When he heard that it was Shen Qingqiu, he heaved a sigh of relief and turned around, saying, “What are you doing? I’ve helped you fight before, haven’t I? Don’t rush to drive me away.”

Shen Qingqiu said, “You just came out of the Hall of the Heaven’s Vault?”

Shang Qinghua replied, “That’s right. Don’t be scared when I say this, but I might have to come back and continue being the Peak Lord of An Ding Peak.”

Shen Qingqiu asked, “Did Yue Qingyuan ask you to come back?”

Shang Qinghua said, “I’m a prodigal son returning, finding my way back. I haven’t done anything outrageous, so why wouldn’t he let me come back?”

Shen Qingqiu let him go and said grumpily, “The Sect Master is just too kind.”

Shang Qinghua straightened his collar and said, “Hey, it’s really intoxicating to see the original novel I wrote turn into this… I can’t describe it.”

Although he knew that he was forcefully changing the subject, Shen Qingqiu was reminded of various memories by that sentence and sincerely agreed, “Yes, it’s intoxicating. Fooling around without rhyme or reason, I really don’t know what it’s all for.”

Shang Qinghua said, “You shouldn’t say it like that. Maybe you think it’s all just random fooling around with no use, but for Bing-ge, maybe the entire meaning of the world’s existence is your random fooling around.”

…Damn, how could Cucumber-bro say something like that?!

Shen Qingqiu was horrified. “Damn, you’re not the original article, are you?”

Shang Qinghua said seriously, “Don’t be like this. I’m also a young person with literary ideals, so of course, I have my own feelings.”

Shen Qingqiu sneered, “What about your literary ideals? Why do I only see bottomless killing? Along with your daily updates of ten thousand words and intermittent bursts of twenty thousand words of courage. Who would read this Thunderstorm novel if not for these hardware specifications!”

Shang Qinghua spread his hands and said, “Do you think I started out writing content with no bottom line and no principles? I used to write pure literature, but those books flopped, so I had to open up a more popular path.”

Shen Qingqiu appraised him, “You don’t seem to feel bad at all.”

Shang Qinghua said, “Why should I feel bad? Instead of writing a stallion protagonist, it’s more in line with my writing philosophy to create a quirky male lead like Bing-ge with a more complex personality.”

Shen Qingqiu summed it up, “So your writing philosophy is to write about gay men?”

Shang Qinghua said, “Do you look down on gay male protagonists? Pure literature, artistic works, they all like to portray gay men. Look, there’s ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ Bai Xianyong, ‘Farewell My Concubine,’ classics, masterpieces, they all like to write about gay men. Do you know that pure literature favors gay men?!”

Shen Qingqiu chuckled, “So writing about a gay male protagonist is pure literature. Do you know about Ding Ding Originals? According to your logic, everything there would be pure literature?”

Shang Qinghua waved his hand, “I won’t communicate with you. You’re a black fan.”

Shen Qingqiu was about to say, “I’m just a black fan!” when he suddenly heard Shang Qinghua humming.

Something about “warm feelings, difficult to repay, lips meet, willing to spend this night until morning, day after day, never-ending,” and the key was that the tune sounded very familiar. Shen Qingqiu’s hands and teeth itched, and he pointed at him and said, “Shang Qinghua, what are you humming?”

Shang Qinghua continued to hum, “Unsure of today or tomorrow, just how long will the sun shine, the sun rises slowly, the sound of autumn is rustling, no elegant sheath, cold water sprays high, crying without making a sound, a pitiful plea, a plea that cannot be fulfilled and rises again…”

Shen Qingqiu couldn’t believe it, “I fucking——sing one more line?”

Shang Qinghua said, “Shen-dada, why don’t you listen when people talk? Don’t casually bother others. Bing-ge is going crazy. Let me tell you, this ‘Spring Mountain Hatred’ is now equivalent to the ’eighteen touches’. The two of you are legendary national homos, you know? What’s the use of trying to shut me up? You can’t stop the talk of the world…”

Finally, Shen Qingqiu fulfilled his wish and beat the hell out of Cucumber-bro.

So shameless. Too shameless!!!

This kind of author who digs pits and doesn’t fill them, whose characters are a mess and end up in Siberia but still triumphs, should be beaten to death!

After beating him, he tidied himself up and buried himself in the Hall of the Heaven’s Vault. In the center of the hall, Yue Qingyuan stood with his back to him.

Shen Qingqiu stepped forward and saluted, “Senior Martial Brother.”

Yue Qingyuan suddenly turned around, a hint of joy on his face. “Xiao Jiu…”

Shen Qingqiu said, “Senior Martial Brother, it’s Qingqiu.”

Even if he couldn’t explain the truth to Yue Qingyuan, Shen Qingqiu still hoped to differentiate himself as much as possible.

Although this might be cruel.

Yue Qingyuan was stunned for a moment, lowered his head, and softly said, “…It’s Qingqiu. Junior Martial Brother Qingqiu.”

Shen Qingqiu looked at the Xuan Su at his waist, but before he could speak, Yue Qingyuan spontaneously said, “Junior Martial Brother, don’t worry. After this retreat for several months, I should be temporarily fine.”

Shen Qingqiu said, “Senior Martial Brother, please don’t impulsively draw your sword again in the future. Cultivation can be improved, realms can be ascended, but lifespan cannot be regained.”

Yue Qingyuan showed a bitter smile and slowly shook his head. “It can’t be regained, and it’s not just about lifespan.”

Leaving the Hall of the Heaven’s Vault, Shen Qingqiu walked slowly along the path amidst the cheerful voices of the young disciples and the clusters of fireworks overhead.

Before leaving, Yue Qingyuan said to him, “However, Cang Qiong Mountain Sect will always be a place you can return to.”

He said it with solemnity, as Yue Qingyuan always did. What he promised, he would surely fulfill. And if he couldn’t fulfill it, he would find a way to make up for it.

If only he were really Shen Jiu.

If only the original article could really hear those words.

Shen Qingqiu slowed down as he walked, suddenly sensing something and looked up. He happened to see Luo Binghe rushing through the crowd, his face full of anxiety, seemingly searching for someone.

When others saw his expression, they had all sorts of reactions. Shen Qingqiu called out, “Luo Binghe!”

Luo Binghe also saw him and instantly appeared before him. “Master, why aren’t you in the Quiet Peak? Are you able to walk now?”

Shen Qingqiu said, “I should be asking you why you didn’t wait at the Quiet Peak and went out running around.”

Luo Binghe lowered his head. “Nobody in Cang Qiong Mountain Sect welcomes me. I can only come to accompany you quietly from time to time. I didn’t see Master in the Bamboo House just now, and I thought you had left again. Or they had hidden you away.”

Listening to his somewhat aggrieved explanation, Shen Qingqiu couldn’t help but think of Shang Qinghua’s words just now.

If he hadn’t stirred up trouble, maybe Luo Binghe would have turned completely dark and become the dark youth who tore people apart in the original and punishment system.

Although now, he had grown up as a crazy youth with love on the brain, seemingly not much better… But he did have some endearing qualities.

Shen Qingqiu sighed, “If you know you’re unwelcome, why did you bring me back to Cang Qiong Mountain?”

Luo Binghe whispered, “I thought when Master woke up, you would definitely prefer to be at Cang Qiong Mountain…”

Shen Qingqiu gave him a slap on the head.

Now that things had come to this point, why was this child still so self-deprecating, so stubborn, and so unable to let go!

He angrily said, “As your master, of course I wanted to see you first!”

Luo Binghe took the slap, but his face turned red with excitement. His eyes began to well up, and he had a hesitant look. Shen Qingqiu couldn’t bear his gaze, and then he heard shouts and the sound of swords all around.

Yang Yixuan stood on the eaves of the Hall of the Heaven’s Vault, shouting, “That demon is pestering Senior Martial Brother Shen again!”

His call was answered by many, and others joined in shouting, “Fight! Let’s all fight back!”

“This scoundrel dares to come again!”

“Luo Binghe, you insignificant demon spawn! If you dare to come to Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, be prepared to be beaten down!”

No wonder Luo Binghe hadn’t been waiting by his side all the time he was unconscious. Apparently, he was still unwelcome in Cang Qiong Mountain Sect and received such a “warm welcome”!

Shen Qingqiu helplessly said, “It seems you can only come secretly.”

Luo Binghe whispered, “I told you I’m unwelcome here.”

Shen Qingqiu patted his head. “It’s alright. I welcome you.”

On the peak of the hall, there was a clamor of fighting and killing, a mix of real and fake, eager to try, a group of people who were afraid that the world wouldn’t be chaotic enough. But there were also many onlookers who turned a blind eye to Luo Binghe, the demon king of the world, and just acted like peaceful bystanders. Shen Qingqiu couldn’t laugh or cry and said, “It’s better if you take me away first.”

Luo Binghe didn’t react for a moment. “Go? Where?”

Shen Qingqiu nodded. “Wherever you want to take me, it’s fine.”

Luo Binghe stared at him blankly.

Shen Qingqiu continued, “You said you’re unwelcome here. So let’s go. To the Demon Realm, the Illusory Flower Palace, anywhere you want to go, I’ll accompany you.”

He didn’t lower his voice. Apart from the disciples of Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, the peak was also filled with cultivators from various sects who were invited to attend the celebration. They had keen senses, so there was no reason they couldn’t hear clearly. They all tacitly turned a deaf ear, watching the fireworks and laughing even louder.

With their cooperation, considering the face of Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, Liu Qingge didn’t appreciate it. She jumped down from the roof, almost furious as she shouted at Shen Qingqiu, “Hey!”

Qi Qingqi was furious, “I don’t care anymore! Go wherever you want! Let those two harm each other!… Muyan, let’s go! Why are you still looking!”

Shen Qingqiu turned his head and couldn’t help but twitch his face. “Why are you crying again!”

Luo Binghe hurriedly wiped his eyes and his voice trembled. “I won’t cry anymore. I won’t cry again.”

Shen Qingqiu felt like he was Tang Sanzang, having gone through countless hardships and difficulties, finally taming a disciple who caused havoc in heaven and earth, barely achieving a positive outcome. Damn, it was really not easy. Let him cry, he was just like that—crazy, foolish, a love-struck fool, and a madman. That was it.

Shen Qingqiu held his hand, just like holding a child’s hand, and asked, “Shall we go together this time?”

Luo Binghe slowly raised his head, and his eyes seemed to twinkle with a galaxy.

Their palms pressed together, fingers tightly intertwined.

Shen Qingqiu strode forward, and from behind him, he heard Luo Binghe calling out to him.

He called softly, “Master.”

In fact, this voice had never changed.

Remained the same.