Shen Qingqiu abruptly opened his eyes.

Pitch black.

His heart was pounding furiously, and it seemed like his eardrums were throbbing along with it.

To determine whether it was pitch-black or if he had gone blind, Shen Qingqiu actually reached out with his five fingers. Before he could extend them far, his fingertips touched a solid barrier. Shen Qingqiu began to feel his way around cautiously.

After feeling around for a while, he had a rough idea. He was currently inside a narrow space, as if he had been placed inside a rectangular stone box.

He lightly tapped the stone wall. It was cold, smooth, and delicate in texture, possibly made of marble or a similar material. Using his spiritual power to examine it, he concluded that it wasn’t too thick, probably less than four inches.

Continuing to feel around, he held his breath and gathered his strength, then forcefully struck the center of the stone lid above him with a resounding palm strike.

He struck three times in succession, and with a loud crack, the darkness shattered. Fresh air rushed in as Shen Qingqiu sat up abruptly, taking a few deep breaths. However, he soon realized that the air wasn’t fresh at all. It felt like air that hadn’t circulated for many years, thin and stagnant. When he lowered his head, he found himself lying in a coffin.

This rectangular stone box turned out to be an exquisitely carved stone coffin, translucent white like jade.

He lightly pressed on the edge of the coffin and leaped out.

Looking around, he found himself standing in a dimly lit stone chamber. The coffin with the blown-off lid was placed on a central altar. Dust-covered objects were haphazardly piled in the corners of the chamber, including weapons, gemstones, scrolls, bottles, and jars. The cold glimmers of blades and the luster of jewels were hidden beneath a thick layer of dust, shimmering faintly.

Taking a glance around, he saw murals on the walls depicting a chaotic dance of demons, surrounding him from all sides.

Shen Qingqiu slapped his forehead.

No mistake about it. This was definitely a sacred mausoleum.

Before he could digest this information, he unintentionally looked down and was hit by another realization.

This body… wasn’t a physical vessel formed by the Day and Night Dew Flower. It was Shen Qingqiu’s original body!

The sacred mausoleum indeed had a method of reviving the dead, and it wasn’t just a trick. Judging from the situation, someone must have secretly transported Shen Qingqiu’s corpse into the sacred mausoleum and activated a summoning array to bring him back to life in a new body.

The sacred mausoleum was a forbidden place of the demon race, the final resting place of the highest rulers of each generation. Those who hadn’t achieved such a high position would perish upon entering. Shen Qingqiu entered as a dead person, and later his soul possessed a body, taking advantage of a loophole to have an opportunity for a sightseeing tour.

Luo Binghe had claimed to spend five years repairing the meridians of this body, and it turned out to be true. Shen Qingqiu tested it out, and his spiritual power flowed smoothly and perfectly. As for the “unsolvable” issue, he currently didn’t feel any blockage, but he didn’t know if it had been resolved.

The physical vessel formed by the Day and Night Dew Flower, once infused with a soul and then separated, would rapidly wither and decay. Luo Binghe had just been beaten by him a moment ago, and now his fleshly body was probably scared half to death.

The diligent farmer Shen Qingqiu had been cultivating Day and Night Dew Flowers for so many years, and they withered away just like that. Withered away!

Shen Qingqiu was full of regret, wanting to beat his chest and stomp his feet, but the system’s prompt came through:

【Friendly reminder: You have entered the “Sacred Mausoleum” scene. The “Fill the Plot Hole” mission has been initiated. Please actively take part and seize the initiative.】

Shen Qingqiu responded with an “Oh” and continued to crouch down.

System: 【Please actively take part and seize the initiative.】

Shen Qingqiu remained motionless. System: 【Warning: Please actively…】

Shen Qingqiu: “I got it, I got it! Go away!”

Shen Qingqiu felt extremely annoyed and walked towards the exit of the burial chamber. As he walked, he recalled the plot of the original work regarding the sacred mausoleum.

In the demon realm, residences were hidden underground, but tombs were built above ground. Everything was the opposite of the human realm. The tombs were filled with numerous traps and dangers, as well as countless guardian demons lurking in the darkness.

If it weren’t for the system’s incessant reminders, Shen Qingqiu would have gone crazy trying to find his way out of the tomb!

The tomb passage was extremely dark, but Shen Qingqiu didn’t use any fire technique. Holding his breath, he silently and cautiously moved forward.

Before long, a faint, heavy breathing sound floated into his ears.

They called it breathing, but it sounded more like the sighs of someone on the verge of death.

Shen Qingqiu stood still, composed.

So soon. They’re here.

In the darkness, a thin and withered figure gradually emerged. Soon after, the second, third, and more followed behind, floating toward him like wandering spirits.

With each step they took, their bodies swayed unsteadily, getting closer and closer. Shen Qingqiu remained calm, shifting his body to the side and regulating his breathing to the slowest possible rate.

One of the lowest-ranked and most encountered guardian demons, the Blind Corpse.

Despite the word “blind” in its name, this monster actually had more eyes than usual, growing a few extra pairs that squeezed together on its face, creating a repulsive and grotesque appearance.

Despite having multiple eyes, they were basically useless. Most of the time, Blind Corpses wandered aimlessly in the sacred mausoleum, their eyes wide open but functionally blind. Their numerous and oversized eyes had severely degenerated. However, their sensitivity to light was extremely strong, capable of quickly capturing even the faintest reflection.

Once they detected something, their behavior would dramatically change, instinctively launching a vicious attack on the source of light. At that point, they would no longer move at the leisurely pace seen in the tomb passage.

Individually, these creatures weren’t terrifying, but what was truly frightening was the frequent appearance of something alongside them.

As Shen Qingqiu pondered this, a stumbling Blind Corpse approached him. He quickly sidestepped.

Suddenly, a faint glimmer of light ignited in the darkness. It was an eerie green flame that grew brighter and illuminated the tomb passage with a greenish hue.

The Blind Corpses, just about to pass by, suddenly turned their heads. Each face bore at least three pairs of bloodshot and enormous eyeballs, glaring directly at Shen Qingqiu, who was within arm’s reach.

Damn it, why did it have to be this one!

Shen Qingqiu swiftly moved, and in the next second, he reached the end of the tomb passage. But wherever he went, a dim green light would illuminate the area, revealing his figure. He was fast, but the Blind Corpses, stimulated by the light source, were even faster!

“Throat-snuffing Candle!”

Shen Qingqiu sent several rushing Blind Corpses flying.

This candle used human breath and vitality as fuel. Once a living being approached, it would spontaneously ignite. It might sound like a playful little item that could be used to deceive and swindle, but when used in conjunction with the Blind Corpses, the effect was incredibly brutal!

Just think about it. If an intruder entered the sacred mausoleum, wherever they went, they would breathe. With every breath they took, the candles would light up, unquenchable and never-ending. There could be throat-snuffing candles placed in any corner of the sacred mausoleum. Swarms of Blind Corpses would pounce on them. The candles would continue to burn until death, gradually dimming. Throat-snuffing Candle, what a fitting name!

For example, at this moment, more and more light-sensitive Blind Corpses had filled the tomb passage!

Shen Qingqiu rushed out of the tomb passage and dashed into a burial chamber. It was much more spacious and grand, with a central altar holding a coffin. He leaped onto it, attempting to lift the lid. However, it remained unmoved, and when he struck it, there was a heavy sound. It was much sturdier than the stone coffin he had lain in earlier. Shen Qingqiu wondered if there was someone inside?! He knocked on the coffin lid. “May I take refuge here temporarily?!”

He had initially acted impulsively, but to his surprise, there was a response from inside the coffin.

The voice clearly originated from within the coffin but sounded as if it was right next to his ear, not muffled at all, with a hint of amusement. “Please, go ahead.”

Holy shit!!! A zombie trick!

Shen Qingqiu was horrified. He swept his leg, knocking several Blind Corpses that had pounced on the stone coffin. Then, he flipped the coffin over in two steps, raised his hand, and delivered a powerful strike to the ceiling.

The debris fell, and Shen Qingqiu noticed it loosening, so he continued his relentless attacks. It would be best to bring down the entire ceiling. In the chaos, he could escape and bury all the Blind Corpses and fake zombies under the rubble!

Amidst the chaos, a gloomy hissing sound came from outside the tomb chamber.

Shen Qingqiu looked up and saw what seemed like two bright yellow lanterns illuminating the area. They were a pair of piercing bronze bells with large eyes, directly facing him. In the center, a vertical pupil line gave them a terrifying appearance.

When the group of Blind Corpses heard this sound, they seemed to be shaken by an invisible force. They stopped tearing and pouncing, bowed their heads, huddled together, and trembled.

Those large eyes blinked at Shen Qingqiu for a moment before suddenly disappearing. After a while, a person entered from outside the chamber.

Shen Qingqiu recognized the person and called out, “Xizhi Lang.”

Xizhi Lang slipped.

He rubbed his nose and, although feeling frustrated, maintained his manners and smiled. “If Master Shen wishes to call me that, please feel free.”

Shen Qingqiu said, “You’re the one who stole the bodies from the Hall of the Heavens, aren’t you?”

The deep bruising all over his body was most likely caused by the venom of the Jade Serpent. Although Mu Qingfang couldn’t find any wounds at a glance, it was because the snake’s fangs were small and the puncture wounds were difficult to detect.

Xizhi Lang replied, “With the situation unfolding unexpectedly, I had no choice but to resort to this plan. I hope Master Shen can forgive me for not daring to offend your sect’s disciples. I only made them sleep for a while.”

Shen Qingqiu gave a dry cough. “Unfolding unexpectedly” clearly referred to the incident where he drugged Xizhi Lang with the whole town’s concoction of yellow wine, beat him to a pulp, and rode on his back all the way.

Fortunately, Xizhi Lang hadn’t killed any disciples of the Cang Qiong Mountain sect; otherwise, things would never have ended. Shen Qingqiu asked, “You summoned me to the sacred mausoleum. Can you finally reveal the purpose for bringing me to the Demon Realm?”

Xizhi Lang said, “One of the reasons has already been explained to Shen Xianshi. Gratitude for a drop of water should be repaid with a gushing spring. As for the second reason, it’s better to directly ask His Majesty.”

Shen Qingqiu replied, “Alright. Where is Tianlang Jun?”

Xizhi Lang paused and said, “I thought Shen Xianshi had already met His Majesty.”

Met him?

Shen Qingqiu looked down at the stone coffin.

Could it be… the fake zombie inside… is Tianlang Jun?!

Strictly speaking, they hadn’t really “met” each other, right?!

The coffin lid, which he had struggled to pry open earlier, trembled uncontrollably and slowly slid open. A person sat up from inside.

With one elbow resting on the edge of the coffin, the person turned their head slightly and smiled. “Qingjing Peak Lord, it’s been a long time.”

Shen Qingqiu was stunned.

… This family indeed had diverse interests and peculiar hobbies. The son enjoyed hugging corpses, while the father enjoyed lying in coffins. The Tianmo bloodline was truly unique!

Although Luo Binghe had a resemblance to his mother, Su Xiyan, one could still find traces of his father in his appearance. For example, their eyes.

Tianlang Jun had deep eye sockets, handsome eyebrows, and pupils as black as a deep pool. Luo Binghe shared a striking resemblance to him in this regard. If Luo Binghe had inherited his mother’s eyes, his appearance would be excessively feminine, which would not be good.

Another similarity was their smiles. The smiles of both father and son gave Shen Qingqiu an indescribable… unsettling feeling.

Shen Qingqiu cautiously said, “I haven’t been the Peak Lord for many years.”