Luo Binghe’s cultivation system is an extremely unscientific system. It combines two systems that should have been mutually exclusive, requiring a balance between spiritual energy and demonic energy.

However, the intervention of the Heart Demon Sword precisely causes demonic energy to surge, disrupting the balance and causing the system to malfunction.

To solve this problem, Luo Binghe employs a method of finding human subjects.

During the full moon, he seeks out someone with strong spiritual energy to transfer the excess demonic energy into their body as an exchange, and then absorbs the majority of their spiritual energy. This naturally restores balance.

However, due to Luo Binghe’s overwhelmingly dominant demonic energy, it often results in the person being completely drained and incapacitated. Generally, the containers used for this transfer can only be used once.

Luo Binghe, of course, wouldn’t personally handle the task of finding subjects. Without him needing to say much, Sha Hualing would willingly capture people and lock them up for him to choose from. On the night of the full moon, Luo Binghe would simply open a rift to the demonic realm using the Heart Demon Sword and directly bring back a subject.

Unfortunately, despite Sha Hualing’s efforts, Luo Binghe ended up having affairs with the three beautiful nuns personally chosen by her. It was truly tragic, and one can imagine that Sha Hualing was furious!

Shen Qingqiu asked, “When you were captured, did you see anyone else? Where are they being held?”

Yang Yixuan shook his head and said, “After entering through the rift between the two realms, it led to the lair of that demoness, Chi Yun Cave. Are there others who have also been captured?”

Shen Qingqiu tossed the tassel of his sword and said, “I suspect there is more than just you.”

After thinking for a moment, he decided to go and take a look. It wasn’t the night of the full moon, so Luo Binghe would be busy causing trouble and sowing discord in the human realm. He definitely wouldn’t come to meet Sha Hualing. Yang Yixuan quickly followed, saying, “I’m going too! My sword is still in that demoness’s hands.”

Shen Qingqiu asked him, “Aren’t you afraid she’ll take off her clothes?”

Yang Yixuan snorted and said, “I’m not afraid. Besides, she’s already taken off her clothes dozens of times on this journey. What’s so special about it?”

Passing through the rift in space felt like passing through a warm and surging stream of water. When they emerged, they were in the territory of the demonic realm.

It was already past midnight in the human realm, while in the demonic realm, dusk was just setting in.

The air was particularly dry, and Shen Qingqiu stood for a moment, feeling slightly dizzy, similar to altitude sickness. Looking around, it didn’t seem much different from the human realm, except that there were fewer trees.

It seems like the greening efforts weren’t done very well.

Yang Yixuan led the way, passing through rugged and rocky terrain, and soon found the entrance to Chi Yun Cave. He had heard of the renowned architectural culture of the demonic realm, and now seeing it with his own eyes, it was indeed… extraordinary.

The demons favored darkness, and their residences and palaces were mostly located underground. The entrance looked like an exceptionally magnificent tomb.

Shen Qingqiu thought to himself, “Are you telling me that a large stone with a stone plaque standing in front, twisted red characters spelling out ‘Chi Yun Cave’—isn’t that a tombstone?”

He held onto a spiritual flow, ready to give any potential enemies a hard time, and entered not from the tomb passage, no, but from the entrance. However, there were no guards in sight. Come to think of it, only demons would infiltrate the human realm to cause mischief; there was no reason to station guards here.

The two of them quietly made their way deeper, passing through stone corridors until they reached a large hall.

The hall was covered with intact fur from various exotic beasts, giving the impression that they were still alive. Sha Hualing was barefoot, stepping on the tiger skin in the hall.

Shen Qingqiu worried that Yang Yixuan might make a sound and alert the enemy, but to his relief, he saw Yang Yixuan consciously keeping his mouth shut and turned his attention elsewhere.

On either side of the hall, there were several cages containing bound cultivators with different attire. Some looked very young, while others appeared seasoned. Some were dozing off, while others glared angrily.

Sha Hualing walked to one of the cages and crossed her arms, saying, “The disciples of your Cang Qiong Mountain are really troublesome and annoying! It was so difficult to capture two of you, and one managed to escape before I could bring her in.” She gritted her teeth and said, “If it weren’t for… if it weren’t for… I really wish I could break all of your legs!”

In this particular cage, Liu Mingyan had her face covered with a veil, sitting in a meditative posture, seemingly unaffected by the outside world.

Seeing that Liu Mingyan ignored her, Sha Hualing sneered and said, “Do you always keep that thing on your face? Is it because your appearance is too ugly and you’re too self-conscious to take it off?”

Shen Qingqiu: Girl… Do you know who you’ll be most envious of in the future?

By saying she’s ugly, you’re just slapping yourself in the face!

Perhaps it was a sixth sense, but Sha Hualing found Liu Mingyan displeasing no matter how she looked at her. She opened the cage door, pulled Liu Mingyan out, and ordered, “Kneel!”

Liu Mingyan, of course, refused to kneel. Despite lacking spiritual power, she stood firmly. Sha Hualing pushed and shoved, but she couldn’t make Liu Mingyan bend her knees. Frustrated, Sha Hualing pulled off the veil covering Liu Mingyan’s face.

In an instant, Sha Hualing’s fair face turned even paler.

Shen Qingqiu roared in his heart: Turn around! Turn around! I want to see! Let me see what the most beautiful woman in this novel looks like!!!

For years, he had restrained himself and couldn’t say something like, “Hello, my niece, I want to see your face, is that okay?” It had been so suffocating not being able to see Liu Mingyan’s face!

But before Liu Mingyan could turn her face and satisfy his curiosity, a fierce glint flashed in Sha Hualing’s eyes. She clawed her fingers and reached for Liu Mingyan’s face.

That face, which was even more beautiful than hers, absolutely couldn’t be seen by Luo Binghe!

And so, when Sha Hualing was blasted away for the second time that night, she couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of frustrated blood. In her mind, a self-consoling thought flashed by: At least my clothes weren’t torn this time, right…?

Although Shen Qingqiu sent her flying, his sleeve still had five torn slits from her claws. He was taken aback: Weren’t her nails cut just half an hour ago? Could they regenerate infinitely!

As he sent Sha Hualing flying, he quickly turned to look at Liu Mingyan, but his footing slipped.

In such a short time, she had immediately put on her face veil again. So what if he just wanted to take a quick look?!

Yang Yixuan had already quickly opened a dozen cages and cut the ropes with the sword he had just found. Shen Qingqiu was speechless. He had originally only wanted to save Liu Mingyan, who shouldn’t be here. It wouldn’t be considered disrupting the plot; it would be more like correcting it. But with Yang Yixuan releasing everyone like this, what if he let the three beautiful nun disciples who were meant to help Luo Binghe dispel demonic energy escape?!

Seeing that he had released enough, Shen Qingqiu had no choice but to follow suit. However, as soon as he opened a cage door, he came face to face with a slightly familiar face, causing his heart to skip a beat.

Oh no. It’s truly a narrow path for enemies to meet.

Qiu Haitang curled up in the cage, staring at him with a mix of surprise and uncertainty.

Shen Qingqiu paused for two seconds, pretending not to recognize her, gesturing for her to come out, and then casually turned away.

With his current appearance, (hopefully) no one could recognize him. Moreover, five years ago, countless eyes witnessed Shen Qingqiu self-destructing on the spot. There was no need to feel guilty.

Sha Hualing, still in a daze, struggled to sit up and fixed her gaze on him. She said in a stern voice, “It’s you? Who are you exactly? You actually dare to follow us here. You have some guts!”

Yang Yixuan seemed to suddenly remember this question and casually asked, as he opened the cage, “Right, senior, who are you?”

“What the hell!”

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Suddenly, something heavy seemed to press down on Shen Qingqiu’s head.

A giant net.

Countless thick Binding Immortal Cords intertwined to form a massive net that descended upon him.

When it landed on him, just the weight alone made Shen Qingqiu’s knees go weak, nearly causing him to collapse on the spot.

Where did this heaven-defying prop come from? Are you sure each rope is meant for binding “immortals” and not for binding elephants?!

Sha Hualing waited for a moment, seeing that Shen Qingqiu couldn’t break free this time, she slowly approached him, her previous disheveled state now completely gone. She giggled and said, “A hundred Binding Immortal Cords couldn’t hold you, do you think I can’t use a thousand? This Binding Immortal Web wasn’t originally prepared for you, so you should feel honored that it’s being used on you.”

Creating this thing cost a lot of resources and time, and it definitely wasn’t prepared specifically to deal with him. It just happened to come in handy early.

Satisfied with herself, Sha Hualing felt that she had achieved a great feat and even scolded him coquettishly, “Don’t move around! Behave yourself, I won’t do anything to you.”

Shen Qingqiu said, “If you won’t do anything to me, can you please remove the net?”

Sha Hualing didn’t engage in a conversation with him and continued to talk to herself, “Considering your exceptional talent, if you can submit to our clan, power and glory will be within your grasp. Of course, even if you refuse to submit, it doesn’t matter. What needs to be done will still be done.”

No wonder Sha Hualing ignored everyone else earlier and focused all her firepower on him.

It turns out this girl planned to use him as bait and send him to Luo Binghe!!!

Luo Binghe needed someone with strong spiritual power, but among the captives she brought, was there anyone with greater spiritual power than him? Of course, she couldn’t care less about them!

Suddenly, Sha Hualing hurriedly tidied up her slightly messy hair.

Seeing her actions, Shen Qingqiu felt as if a furry creature was climbing up his back.

Logically speaking, today wasn’t the night of the full moon, so he shouldn’t have come.

Sha Hualing turned around and walked towards the hall entrance, smiling coquettishly, “As I just mentioned, I have prepared a great gift for you, and it’s right here.”

Although Shen Qingqiu didn’t see the person who arrived, he felt a surge of hot blood mixed with cold sweat rushing to his forehead.

From somewhere, an explosive force surged up, and he grabbed the net, using his continuously flowing spiritual power to deliver a powerful blow.

An explosion resounded.

Sha Hualing’s smile froze on her face. She turned back in a panic, her eyes wide open.

In the hall, the subordinates of the Red Cloud Cave were all scattered, sprawled on the ground in various positions. In the center of the Binding Immortal Web, a huge gaping hole remained, with sparks flickering and white smoke dissipating.

This person was too terrifying. He actually blasted a big hole in the Binding Immortal Web and escaped!

The person walked past her, stepping slowly into the hall. The Red Cloud Cave was dark and gloomy, but she could only see a figure with a tall and slender build, and faint silver reflections on the dark-patterned black robe.

After a moment, a voice devoid of joy or anger resounded.

“So, this is your great gift?”

Sha Hualing said resentfully, “I miscalculated for a moment, and he managed to escape!’

She felt heartbroken. The Binding Immortal Web, woven with over a thousand Binding Immortal Cords, was originally meant for a greater purpose, but now it had been blasted open with a large hole. It wasn’t something that could be easily repaired!

The person didn’t turn around, didn’t stay any longer, and walked directly towards the exit of the Red Cloud Cave. Sha Hualing was stunned, wanting to call out to him, but hesitated.

He was going back to that place again.