Liang Wenwu sat in a wheelchair, while Qiu Wane was led into the bridal chamber by the matchmaker.

Mr. Liang and Mrs. Qiu sat in the hall, one beaming with joy, the other with a solemn expression. However, amidst the vibrant red surroundings, they didn’t attract much attention.

After the bride and groom entered the chamber, they knelt down, offered incense, and kowtowed three times before rising to pay respects to the heavens and their parents.

When it was their turn to pay respects to each other, Mr. Qiu looked at Liang Wenwu, who was clearly handicapped in his wheelchair, and let out a deep sigh. Despite his anger over the deception and scheming regarding Qiu Wane, he could only accept the fact that his daughter was now married. Seeing that the two had become an unchangeable reality, he had no choice but to resign himself to it.

Mr. Liang, on the other hand, became increasingly delighted and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

The bride was quickly taken to the bridal chamber, while Liang Wenwu, accompanied by the young Liang man from before, went around toasting each table.

He first toasted the main table, then approached Tao Mo and deliberately poured a full cup, sincerely expressing his gratitude, “If it weren’t for the judgment you made in court that day, Qiu Wane and I wouldn’t be where we are today. I will remember this kindness and grace for the rest of my life.” He said, raising his cup and emptying it in one gulp, then turned the cup upside down, ensuring not a drop remained.

Tao Mo offered a few words of congratulations and followed suit, emptying his cup in one go.

“Good!” The people at the table cheered.

Liang Wenwu smiled at them and moved on to the next person.

With a cup in one hand and a wine pot in the other, Tao Mo poured and drank for himself.

Although Hao Guozi was sitting far away, his gaze never left Liang Wenwu. Seeing him drinking incessantly, his heart was both shocked and worried. Seizing the opportunity while everyone was busy eating, he quietly approached Mu Chun’s side. Just as he was about to speak, he caught sight of Yi Yu, who was also looking their way, and was immediately stunned.

Mu Chun gently tugged at his sleeve.

Hao Guozi snapped back to his senses and blurted out, “What are you doing here?”

Yi Yu awkwardly replied, “I know Liang Wenwu from before, so I came to ask for a wedding toast.”

“Your acquaintance? Well, I don’t think Liang Wenwu is a good person either.” Hao Guozi spat.

Yi Yu, seeing everyone at the table listening attentively, lowered her head and remained silent.

Hao Guozi was about to continue his attack when he noticed Mu Chun staring at him disapprovingly. He awkwardly fell silent.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Chun asked.

Hao Guozi, still dissatisfied, glared at Yi Yu and whispered, “I was wondering why the young master doesn’t usually drink, but today he’s suddenly drinking so much. It turns out there’s a demon here!” He emphasized the word ‘demon,’ and it indeed drew puzzled looks from the others.

Yi Yu lowered her head even further.

Hao Guozi then turned to Mu Chun and said, “You should persuade the young master not to drink anymore.”

Mu Chun was taken aback. “Why don’t you go?”

“Well…” Hao Guozi hesitated for a moment before whispering, “I don’t look as good as you do.”

Mu Chun: “…”

Tao Mo, slightly intoxicated, felt a hand reach out and press down on his cup.

“Master, that’s enough.” Mu Chun was reluctant to get involved, but with Old Tao’s heartfelt admonition earlier and Hao Guozi’s intense gaze, he was forced to intervene.

Tao Mo’s cheeks were as red as if they were painted with rouge, and his eyes were only squinted slits as he looked at Mu Chun. “You are…”

“Mu Chun.”

“Mu Chun?” Tao Mo lowered his head.

Just as Mu Chun suspected that he had fallen asleep, Tao Mo suddenly looked up. “I haven’t heard of you.”

“…I’ll take you back.” Mu Chun reached out to try and help him up.

Tao Mo suddenly threw himself forward.

Mu Chun frowned. The strong smell of alcohol all over him made him want to throw the person out!

“You really like… spring?” Tao Mo murmured.

Mu Chun, looking at the curious expressions of the others, nodded in acknowledgment. “I’ll take my lord back first.”

Mr. Liang stepped forward and said, “Since Mr. Tao is not in a condition to travel, why not rest in my guest room for the night before leaving?”

Mu Chun thought about the prospect of sitting in a carriage full of alcohol fumes and frowned even more, but he reluctantly agreed due to Old Tao’s earlier request and Hao Guozi’s burning gaze.

Seeing that, Mr. Liang called for two servants to help.

However, Tao Mo seemed to have decided on Mu Chun and refused to let anyone else touch him no matter how they pulled or tugged.

Mu Chun was just about to use his internal force to push him away when he heard Hao Guozi say, “Let’s go on like this. If Master Mu feels it’s too heavy, we can carry his legs.”

Mu Chun imagined the scene and his lips twitched slightly. Unfazed, he said, “No need, I can manage.” With that, regardless of the crowd’s gaze and the world’s opinions, he simply picked Tao Mo up horizontally and followed the Liang family servants towards the guest room.

Hao Guozi followed by his side, looking at his composed expression with astonishment, constantly asking, “Are you sure you’re okay? Isn’t it too heavy? Do you need help… or take a break… you really don’t need help… really, really don’t…”

“We’re here!” Mu Chun interrupted him, quickening his pace to reach the bedside and tossing Tao Mo onto the bed.

However, Tao Mo still didn’t let go. His hands tightly clung to Mu Chun’s neck, to the extent that when they let go of the person, his body was also pulled down.

Hao Guozi stared in astonishment. It was only after Mu Chun struggled to get up in a sorry state that he finally realized the Liang family’s servants, who had stayed behind to watch the show, and sent them away.

“Leave,” Mu Chun said.

Hao Guozi rubbed his hands and said, “Perhaps you need someone to help fetch water.”

Mu Chun stared at him, slowly revealing a smile.

Hao Guozi smartly went out, closing the door behind him.

“I never expected the final Mrs. Shao to be… Mu Chun,” he murmured as he walked away.

Inside, Mu Chun heard everything clearly, closed his eyes, and then extended his finger to quickly tap twice on Tao Mo’s acupoint at the shoulder. Tao Mo’s arms fell weakly, and only then did Mu Chun quickly stand up, push open the window, and take a deep breath.

“Mu Chun.” Tao Mo seemed to feel empty, and his body twitched.

Mu Chun thought he had awakened and quickly composed himself, ready to turn around, but then he heard Tao Mo ask, “Do you really like spring?”


“Mu Chun, Mu Chun…” Tao Mo’s voice gradually faded.

Mu Chun was about to leave when the person lying on the bed suddenly exclaimed, “Ah, Si Chun!”

His footsteps towards the door paused, he turned around, and walked directly towards the bed…

Ever since Gu She changed the originally scheduled date for sailing, Gu Xiaojia felt that he had become somewhat different. For example, he seemed to spend more time lost in thought while reading. Previously, reading and getting lost in thought would bring him some insights from the books, but now, it was as if he was daydreaming.

Gu Xiaojia pondered and couldn’t help but associate these changes with Tao Mo.

All these changes had occurred after Gu She returned from the county government office. Could it be that something happened at the county office?

He thought about it and hinted around several times, but Gu She didn’t answer. After he asked multiple times, Gu She sent him to the kitchen to help.

To think that he, as a young master’s personal servant, would actually go to the kitchen to help… Even though it was just helping with eating, it was still quite a blow to him. As a result, he had been feeling mentally low recently.

So when Mu Chun jumped down from the eaves with Tao Mo in his arms and disappeared quickly into the Moon Archway, the only thought in his mind was: hallucination.

The structure of the Gu Residence was quite simple, and it didn’t take Mu Chun long to find Gu She’s bedroom.

He pushed the door open and entered.

There was a faint fragrance of orchids in the room.

Mu Chun placed Tao Mo on the bed and casually covered him with a blanket.

Tao Mo, who had been put to sleep with acupressure, was sleeping soundly with his mouth slightly open.

Mu Chun smiled faintly, turned around, and walked out.

A bamboo raft set sail.

Gu She picked up a pen and slowly sketched the vast sea.

His paintings were always spontaneous, and his brushwork seemed guided by a higher power, with his thoughts and brushstrokes freely wandering. Success or failure was not necessarily predetermined. Everyone praised Gu Xian’s unparalleled talent in painting and calligraphy, but in reality, his failed works far outnumbered the ones that became well-known.

As he was painting, his brush suddenly stopped.

Before he touched the brush to the paper, the calm and peaceful sea in his mind suddenly became turbulent, with roaring waves and gusts of wind striking the bamboo raft, like a ferocious beast attacking the helpless raft.

He slowly put down the brush, and a pensive expression appeared on his calm face.

Could it be that he no longer wanted to go out to sea?

Since childhood, his father had high expectations of him, leading him to develop a sense of arrogance. By the time he realized that his son’s temperament was different from that of his peers, it was too late. At that time, he was introverted and only wanted to immerse himself in books and painting. Later, when Gu Huankun sent him to the top-ranked Youlin Academy, where talented scholars gathered, and the instructors were renowned scholars and literary figures, it opened up his heart a little. After spending a long time at the academy, he gradually developed a fondness for resolving doubts. Whenever he had difficulties, regardless of their relationship, he was willing to help. People thought he was naturally generous, but in reality, he just enjoyed resolving doubts.

Coming to Tianyang County was because he admired the reputation of being a place of scholars, but not long after being accepted by Mr. Yi, he grew tired of it. The so-called scholars were just people who stirred up trouble with their clever tongues. Therefore, he began to consider going out to sea. Going out to sea was a big endeavor, requiring careful consideration of ships, routes, boatmen, supplies, and so on. He never thought that after preparing for two years, he would suddenly change his mind.

He lowered his head and looked at the painting.

The bamboo raft floated and sank in the sea, constantly facing the danger of being overwhelmed.

His gaze grew solemn, and he casually threw the painting into the nearby brazier, reducing it to ashes.