Although Tao Mo was in a hurry to enter the house, he had to stop and turn around.

The man from the Liang family, surpassing Cui Jiong who was about to stop him, respectfully clasped his fists from a distance and said, “Sir, please handle this matter with care!”

Tao Mo said solemnly, “I will do my best.”

The man from the Liang family was about to say something, but he was taken away by Cui Jiong and a few constables.

Tao Mo felt something was amiss and was about to approach, but he was intentionally blocked by Mu Chun, who said, “Sir, please come this way.”

Seeing that Cui Jiong, despite taking people away, still behaved politely, Tao Mo felt relieved and turned to enter the house.

Hao Guozi watched the carriage from outside. Seeing Mu Chun leisurely following behind Tao Mo, he couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. Although Mu Chun was introduced by Old Tao, his demeanor and speech didn’t seem like those of someone who had been in a subordinate position for a long time. He didn’t know his true background.

Tao Mo naturally had no idea about his thoughts. At this moment, he was fully focused on listening to the conversation between Gu She and Mr. Tong.

Gu She was usually taciturn, so it was Mr. Tong who spoke more during their conversation.

After Gu Xiajia directed the Tong residence’s servants to move the tiger whips and ox whips into the Tong residence, he obediently stood behind Gu She.

After expressing gratitude and inquiring about the well-being of One Hammer and his wife, Mr. Tong ran out of things to say.

Gu She sat there calmly, neither attempting to change the subject nor preparing to take his leave.

Helpless, Mr. Tong shifted the conversation to Tao Mo. “Sir Tao Mo, regarding Miss Qiu Er’s marriage, please handle it with care.”

This was the second time Tao Mo heard the phrase “handle it with care” today. He said, “Although it is often said that marriage is a matter arranged by parents and matchmakers, there should also be a sense of priority…”

Mr. Tong quickly interrupted him when he realized Tao Mo’s words were not favorable to his own position. “Qiu family and Liang family had an agreement for two years. Now that the two-year period has passed and Liang family has violated the agreement, Qiu family has the right to arrange a separate marriage for Miss Qiu Er.”

Tao Mo stammered, “Actually, arranging a separate marriage is not an issue, but…”

Mr. Tong’s eyes lit up. “Does Sir also agree with the Qiu family?” He intentionally mentioned the Qiu family but not himself, as he didn’t want to implicate himself too early.

Tao Mo said, “But Mr. Tong already has Mrs. Tong…”

Upon mentioning Mrs. Tong, Mr. Tong thought of the ill-fated Tong Yinghong, his face tightened, and he became gloomy again. “I won’t mistreat her.”

Tao Mo didn’t know if he was referring to Mrs. Tong or Miss Qiu Er.

Gu She suddenly interjected, “If I’m not mistaken, Miss Qiu Er seems to be a few years younger than Miss Tong.”

Mr. Tong’s face, despite being thick-skinned, felt a bit embarrassed mentioning this in front of three younger men. He said, “She’s nineteen years old and should be married. After what happened to Yinghong, how could I let her face the same fate?”

Tao Mo whispered, “Actually, wouldn’t it be better to find someone of similar age?”

Mr. Tong’s face turned even grimmer. “I’m afraid it’s not for Sir Tao Mo to decide.”

Gu She said, “I heard that the Qiu family wants to bring their daughter in through the main gate.”

Mr. Tong was about to confirm it when he suddenly remembered something and his expression changed.

Tao Mo looked at Gu She in confusion. He vaguely felt that Gu She seemed to have grasped something, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Remarrying after divorcing seems to be prohibited in our dynasty,” Mu Chun finally spoke up.

Mr. Tong’s face became even uglier. If he were to remarry, Mrs. Tong would not agree, but after the incident with Tong Yinghong, Mr. Tong had become determined and openly stated that if she caused trouble again, he would divorce her without hesitation. It was because of this stern statement that Mrs. Tong swallowed her grievances and refrained from saying anything, only hoping to maintain her position as the legitimate wife. If it weren’t for the Qiu family’s urgency to repay their son’s debts, they wouldn’t have planned to send their daughter over as a secondary option. After all, they came from an honorable family, and marrying into an older man’s family was already a great compromise, let alone a secondary wife? After numerous negotiations between the two families, it was finally decided that they would welcome the bride through the main gate according to the three letters and six rituals.

Originally, Tao Mo thought it would be a simple matter of taking a concubine, but unexpectedly, the Liang family was involved, and now the issue of remarrying after divorcing had come up. He knew that remarrying after divorcing was a crime in which, if mishandled, could result in a lawsuit.

As he contemplated, cold sweat began to emerge from his forehead.

Gu She looked at Mu Chun several times, as if trying to figure out where he had come from.

Mr. Tong directly asked him about his thoughts.

Mu Chun clasped his hands and said, “I am Mu Chun, the new legal advisor hired by the county magistrate.”

Tao Mo was taken aback but didn’t deny it. Originally, he intended for Mu Chun to succeed Old Tao as the estate manager, but now it seemed that he was being burdened. This Mu Chun not only had outstanding appearance and talent but also seemed to have a good understanding of the law. He was indeed a talent fit for a counselor.

“Oh, so it’s the legal advisor,” Mr. Tong retorted during their back and forth. “I don’t know where Gu She heard the news that I wanted to remarry after divorcing. After all, I am Mr. One Hammer’s wife’s uncle. How could I commit such a legal offense? It must be some commoner spreading rumors and slandering me.” He changed Gu She’s address from “Young Master Gu” to “Gu She” to both establish a relationship and remind them of their respective statuses.

Gu She raised an eyebrow and said, “I heard it was spread from the Qiu residence.”

Mr. Tong’s smile froze. He had vaguely felt that Gu She had some animosity towards him ever since Tong Yinghong’s suicide. However, back then, the feeling wasn’t as strong as it was now. It was more of a vague suspicion, but now the thin veil had been lifted, and it was crystal clear.

“There must be some misunderstanding,” he struggled to find the right words.

“Oh,” Gu She responded indifferently.

The duration of a tea session made Mr. Tong extremely uneasy, and he quickly found an excuse to see Gu She off.

It seemed that Gu She had achieved his purpose and didn’t stay for long, leaving with a relaxed and contented expression.

Tao Mo had originally wanted to strike up a conversation, but after Gu She’s carriage disappeared at the end of the alley, he couldn’t come up with a suitable excuse.

Seeing him dejected, Mu Chun proactively suggested, “It’s getting late today. Why don’t I treat you, sir, to a nearby restaurant?”

Hao Guozi’s face lit up at the mention of a restaurant and eagerly introduced, “The most famous restaurant nearby is Xianwei Ju.”

“Then please lead the way,” Tao Mo said as he lifted the curtain and entered the carriage.

Tao Mo followed suit but couldn’t help but feel that Mu Chun seemed more like the county magistrate than himself. He remembered Mu Chun’s previous words at the Tong residence and asked, “Are you really going to be a legal advisor?”

Mu Chun smiled and asked, “Does sir disapprove?”

“Of course not,” Tao Mo quickly denied, “I just feel that someone like you doesn’t seem like a legal advisor.”

“What do I seem like then?” Mu Chun asked with interest.

Tao Mo pondered for a moment and said, “You seem like a noble young master.”

Mu Chun was taken aback but chuckled, “Sir is too kind.”

Tao Mo said, “It’s not flattery, it’s true. And you’re the kind of exceptional young master among the noble families.” After speaking, he realized his choice of words sounded a bit frivolous and hurriedly added, “I’m just amazed, no other meaning.”

Mu Chun smiled and said, “I trust your words.”

Tao Mo couldn’t help but be captivated by his radiant smile, like a clear moon and gentle breeze.

Mu Chun allowed him to gaze and didn’t show any displeasure.

The carriage soon arrived at the entrance of Xianwei Ju.

Just as Tao Mo got off the carriage, he unexpectedly encountered a familiar person.

“Oh, Sir Tao,” the person was also taken aback but quickly greeted him.

Tao Mo said, “Master Lu.”

It was indeed Lu Zhenxue who had come. Since Tao Mo had admitted to his ignorance in front of him during their previous meeting, he felt a bit embarrassed when he saw Tao Mo again.

“It’s rare for Sir to have the mood to visit Xianwei Ju. If you don’t mind, let me treat you?” Lu Zhenxue said this with a hint of guilt that he himself hadn’t noticed. Although Tao Mo hadn’t mentioned the matter again after that day, in fact, they hadn’t seen each other since then. However, Tao Mo’s words still lingered in his mind, making him feel that his previous actions were a bit excessive. So today, he wanted to treat Tao Mo to make amends.

Mu Chun had already investigated Lu Zhenxue’s background before he arrived, and in his eyes, besides Gu She, there was no need to pay attention to anyone else. Therefore, without waiting for Tao Mo to speak, he proactively refused, saying, “Unfortunately, that won’t be possible. Sir Tao has already accepted my invitation today.”

“That’s a shame,” Lu Zhenxue replied indifferently.

Hao Guozi, who could smell the delicious aroma coming from Xianwei Ju, couldn’t wait any longer and said, “Why don’t we go in first and talk slowly?”

Lu Zhenxue said, “Alright.”

After they entered, they realized that they had to talk slowly even if they didn’t want to—Xianwei Ju was fully occupied, with only one table remaining.