The door that had been stared at by Tao Mo and Hao Guozi until flowers bloomed finally opened.

Mu Chun was the first to walk out.

“Where’s Old Tao?” Tao Mo asked.

Mu Chun sighed, “Last night we shared a bed, but Old Tao accidentally fell off… "

Tao Mo and Hao Guozi rushed inside.

They saw Old Tao lying on the bed with a sickly appearance, two obvious bruises on his face.

Hao Guozi, straightforward as always, asked, “How did you fall so badly?”

Old Tao’s mouth twitched.

Tao Mo said, “Does it hurt a lot? Rest well, I’ll go fetch the doctor immediately.”

“No need,” Old Tao covered his face, “It’s just a minor injury, nothing serious.”

“It’s an injury to your face, how can you take it lightly?” Tao Mo frowned, “Besides, it’s not troublesome to find a doctor.”

“In fact, I have something to tell you,” Old Tao changed the subject.

“What is it?” Tao Mo asked.

“I believe you have already guessed. Actually, this Mu Chun is from my former employer,” Old Tao said, “He came this time to deliver a message from my old employer, asking me to go back.”

Tao Mo remembered the various grudges and grievances between Old Tao and his old employer, and worriedly asked, “Do you have to go back?”

“Don’t worry. My old employer has long let bygones be bygones. It’s just that we haven’t seen each other in so many years, and he wants me to come back to reminisce,” Old Tao cleared his throat and turned to Hao Guozi, “After I leave, you must take good care of Young Master. If anything happens… listen to Mu Chun’s advice.”

Hao Guozi asked in confusion, “Mu Chun? Why should I listen to him?”

Old Tao said, “Mu Chun has already agreed to stay. Although he is young, he is very experienced in handling things. If you have any problems, you can ask him.”

Reluctantly, Tao Mo looked at Old Tao and said, “I have no relation with him. I’m afraid it’s inappropriate.”

Old Tao knew that Tao Mo was introverted, and if he didn’t make it clear, Mu Chun might end up as an uninvolved bystander. He said, “We are acquainted. You can rest assured and use him without hesitation.”

Hao Guozi said, “Acquainted? But you two look more like father and son.”

Old Tao said, “A true friend is hard to come by. Since we have met, why fuss about it?” In fact, what he wanted to say was, why so many questions from you?

Tao Mo, understanding the situation, knew that it was already irreversible and could only nod in agreement.

Old Tao continued, “There’s one more thing to remember. Although Jin Shiye is Young Master’s appointed adviser, he has been a worshiper in the county yamen for many years, and his relationships throughout the yamen are not ordinary. It’s fine to trust him most of the time, but when it involves the yamen, only trust him partially.” He could tell that Jin Shiye’s attitude towards Tao Mo had changed, but there were still reservations. If he stayed behind, he wouldn’t be afraid of Jin Shiye causing trouble, but once he left, he wasn’t sure if Mu Chun would be wholeheartedly devoted.

With that in mind, he looked at Tao Mo with worry in his eyes.

How could Tao Mo not understand? But since he could see that it was imperative for Old Tao to leave, he naturally wouldn’t add to his troubles. He smiled and said, “You can rest assured and go. I will be cautious. Besides, with Mu Chun here, I can always ask him if anything happens.”

Old Tao nodded and said to Hao Guozi, “Go and wake up Mu Chun. I have something to discuss with him.”

Hao Guozi went out, and Old Tao suddenly lowered his voice, “Even with Mu Chun, be cautious.”

Tao Mo was taken aback, but in an instant, Old Tao’s expression returned to normal.

In a moment, Mu Chun and Hao Guozi entered the room.

Old Tao took out a key from his pocket and threw it to Mu Chun.

Mu Chun caught it with surprise.

Old Tao said meaningfully, “I am entrusting you with Young Master and the Tao family property.”

Hao Guozi was dumbfounded. This… was it a lifelong trust?

Tao Mo also seemed to misunderstand, looking at Old Tao and then at Mu Chun with confusion.

Old Tao said, “Of course, when I come back, I will take it all back.”

Mu Chun smiled and said, “Naturally.” Then, he turned to Tao Mo and saluted, “Master.”

His voice was pleasant, his appearance outstanding, and he exuded grace and elegance. As Mu Chun focused his attention on Tao Mo, Tao Mo’s heart fluttered, and he felt a sense of otherworldliness, unable to speak for a while.

Seeing Mu Chun looking at him with confusion, Old Tao quickly said, “Mu Chun and I still have something to discuss. Hao Guozi, take Young Master out first.”

“Oh,” Hao Guozi tugged at Tao Mo.

Tao Mo snapped out of his daze, his face instantly turning red, and he hurriedly followed Hao Guozi out.

When the two of them were far away, Mu Chun pondered and said, “I thought he was interested in Yi Yu Gongzi.”

Old Tao swiftly got up from the bed and said, “My Young Master’s taste has never been that good.”

Mu Chun raised an eyebrow and said, “I think the one he recently took a liking to, Gu She, is not bad either.”

Old Tao asked, “You know Gu She?”

“I not only know Gu She, but I also know his background.” Mu Chun smiled like a gentle breeze, but in Old Tao’s eyes, there was a sense of playing with a trick. But for Tao Mo’s sake, Old Tao had to put on a serious face and ask, “What is his background?”

“Gu She is just his name; his style name is Xianzhi.”

“Gu Xianzhi… Gu Xianzhi?” Old Tao remembered his identity, and his expression changed. “How could he be in Tanyang County?”

“If you can be in Tanyang County, why can’t he?” Mu Chun remained composed.

Old Tao frowned. “If he is Gu Xianzhi, then Young Master must not continue to associate with him!”

“Why not? Gu She’s identity and background are just right for supporting Tao Mo. With him, not to mention avenging his father, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to rise in the official ranks,” Mu Chun raised an eyebrow.

“You know what Young Master thinks of Gu She, so why would you say such things?” The underlying meaning was obviously that he had doubts about whether Mu Chun could take care of Tao Mo.

Mu Chun smiled. “Nothing in this world is absolute. How could you have expected that Hou Ye would be infatuated with Ming Zun?”

Indeed, this was something he had never expected. Old Tao admitted that when he learned this news, he was stunned for two whole days before recovering. He had thought that even if Ming Zun cut off ties, the other party should be an An Zun in secret. After all, there were precedents of previous Ming Zuns and An Zuns. Unexpectedly, the current Ming Zun and An Zun both severed ties, one choosing the rival Mo Dao, the Splendorous Gate, and the other choosing the Mo Dao’s other rival, the Snow Cloak Marquis. It was truly a world without absolutes.

But Gu Xianzhi and Young Master?

Although Old Tao was optimistic, he wasn’t optimistic to this extent. “It is rumored that Gu Xianzhi is a proud and arrogant person. How could he be interested in Young Master?”

Mu Chun smiled. “Isn’t being proud and arrogant a weakness?”

Old Tao was taken aback.

Mu Chun thought of a scene at the lantern festival and had a faint understanding in his heart. He said, “Don’t worry. Even if Tao Mo does something to Gu She, I am confident that he will leave unscathed.”

“Wait a moment.” Old Tao looked at him suspiciously. “What do you want Young Master to do to him?”

“I only said ‘if,’” Mu Chun saw that Old Tao continued to glare at him and had to loosen his mouth. “I promise I won’t interfere in any matters between Gu She and Tao Mo. How about that?”

“Except for protecting Young Master.”

“Good, except for protecting your Young Master.”

Old Tao still felt uneasy, but at this point, besides trusting him, there was no other way.

Mu Chun asked, “When are you planning to depart?”


Mu Chun was startled. “So soon?”

Old Tao said, “Since I have decided to leave, why waste time?”

Mu Chun smiled. “Indeed, Master Lu is straightforward. I will immediately gather the disciples to escort Master Lu on the road.”

Old Tao glanced at him. “Are you afraid that I’ll run away?”

“How could that be?” Mu Chun’s smile became even brighter. “As the saying goes, the monk may run away, but the temple remains. Isn’t that right?”

Old Tao snorted. “Right. I still have a few things to discuss with you.”

Mu Chun saw that he was serious and also restrained his smile. “Please speak.”

“It’s about Lord Tao…”

Tao Mo and Hao Guozi were shocked to learn that Old Tao would be leaving today. Tao Mo tried to persuade him, but when it didn’t work, he immediately began to arrange for the journey.

Old Tao originally wanted Mu Chun to take care of it, but seeing his excitement, he couldn’t bear to dampen his spirits and let him handle it.

Although it was Tao Mo’s first time making preparations, with the assistance of Hao Guozi, they managed quite well.

Mu Chun looked at the rudimentary wooden cart and whispered to Old Tao, “The carriage I prepared for you is waiting at Shili Pavilion outside Tanyang County.”

Old Tao glanced at him and nodded slightly.

Regardless, traveling by ox cart was indeed… time-consuming.