Tonight, many people in Tan Yang County were destined to have sleepless nights.

Madam Yi looked at Mr. Yi holding a red invitation, sitting in front of the lamp, chuckling incessantly. Unable to resist, she poked his head and coquettishly said, “Smiling so much, you’ll become a fool if you keep it up.”

Mr. Yi embraced her and handed her the invitation, saying, “Take a look at what it is.”

“Since you’re so happy, isn’t it your own wedding invitation?” Madam Yi teasingly took it and looked at it, saying, “What’s so special? It’s just an invitation to an art exhibition. Tan Yang County doesn’t have much, but it has many talented individuals. Is a small art exhibition worth your excitement? Huh, and you have to wear a red robe? What kind of ridiculous rule is that?”

Mr. Yi said, “Take a look at the signature.”

Madam Yi shifted her gaze downward. “Gu Xianzhi?!”

Mr. Yi gently patted her bottom. “Now you should know why I’m so happy, right?”

Madam Yi said, “But the venue is clearly…”

“Gu She, Gu Xianzhi,” Mr. Yi said meaningfully.

Madam Yi suddenly realized, “You mean…”

“I didn’t expect him to admit it after all,” Mr. Yi laughed like an old fox who had cultivated for a thousand years.

Madam Yi stared at him. “You knew all along?”

Mr. Yi smiled and remained silent.

“If you already knew, why didn’t you say anything?”

Seeing Madam Yi getting angry, Mr. Yi hurriedly explained, “I just guessed, I wasn’t certain.”

Madam Yi looked at the invitation several times. “Cinnabar Banquet. Don’t you find it suspicious?”

Mr. Yi said, “Of course it’s suspicious. Gu She is a person who doesn’t draw attention to himself. If it weren’t for a reason, he wouldn’t reveal his true identity.”

Madam Yi said, “So, are you going or not?”

“Of course, I’m going,” Mr. Yi said, “Gu She is universally recognized as a genius of our time. If I don’t go, wouldn’t it be a waste of being contemporaries with him?”

Madam Yi shook her head. “Those who know will know that you are his mentor. Those who don’t know might even think he’s your mentor.”

“There’s no distinction in learning, the one who excels comes first. In the fields of painting, calligraphy, and poetry, I can call him my mentor without exaggeration.”

Seeing how delighted he was to call someone his mentor, Madam Yi shook her head. “Let me go and find the wedding attire we used when we got married.”

Mr. Yi was astonished. “Why the wedding attire?”

Madam Yi said, “Besides the wedding attire, who would wear red clothes all day to go out?”

Mr. Yi seemed to understand.

Madam Yi complained softly, “He has so many strange ideas. Who would come up with something like the Cinnabar Banquet, asking everyone to wear red robes? I wonder what his true intentions are.”

Mr. Yi suddenly chuckled. “Madam, how about preparing a congratulatory gift for me tomorrow?”

“A congratulatory gift?” Madam Yi asked in confusion, “Why?”

Mr. Yi said, “Since we’re going to the banquet, we can’t go empty-handed.”

“I haven’t seen you so polite before.”

“Well, Gu Xianzhi is different,” Mr. Yi casually brushed it off, and then said, “Remember, it has to be a grand gift, a generous gift.”

When the news of the number one genius in the world coming to Tan Yang County spread, the entire city was astonished!

The Gu Residence was crowded with visitors, who came one after another.

While instructing someone to guard the entrance and keep everyone out, Yue Ling sarcastically said to Gu She, who was calmly drinking tea, “What a great idea, what a brilliant idea, what a clever idea!”

Gu She said, “Do you have a better idea?”

Yue Ling said, “I would never willingly involve myself in such troubles.”

Gu She said, “If you were able to marry, I’m afraid you would willingly embrace even greater troubles.”

Yue Ling pursed his lips but surprisingly didn’t retort.

Gu She set down his teacup and said, “What’s your view on the case of Shi Qianshan?”

Yue Ling sneered, “I am managing your wedding affairs, must I also play the role of Detective Tao Mo?”

Gu She said, “I was just asking.”

Yue Ling said, “The scandal between the Ninth Prince and Shi Qianshan has already caused a sensation in the capital city. It’s not the first time someone has framed and set traps. I think we all know who is behind it. What else is there to say?”

Gu She said, “It happened in the capital city before, and now it’s happening thousands of miles away in Tan Yang.”

Yue Ling’s eyes flickered left and right. “You suspect someone is meddling in it?”

Gu She said, “Mm.”

Yue Ling said, “No wonder you haven’t taken action yet. You wanted the other party to reveal more flaws and missteps, to lure them out.”

“The case has already been resolved, whether it’s resolved sooner or later doesn’t make a difference,” Gu She set down his teacup and calmly said, “Now, let’s see what his next move will be.”

“You’re still the same,” Yue Ling shook his head, feeling emotional. He liked unraveling mysteries, liked puzzles that were difficult to solve. “But a cornered dog will jump over the wall, so be careful.”

Gu She’s lips curled up. “Have you ever tried using this line to persuade King Lingyang?” In terms of the situation, King Lingyang faced much greater danger than him.

Yue Ling said, “If I say I’m looking forward to this day, would it be too much chaos in the world?”

Gu She said, “Yes.”

Yue Ling playfully stroked his beard and said, “That’s why I always say I hope for peace in the world.”

The Gu Residence was in a buzz due to Gu She’s revelation of his identity, while the county government office seemed neglected in comparison.

Thinking that tomorrow would be the day of his wedding, Tao Mo was absent-minded even when thinking about the case.

“That corpse was from a newly purchased servant in the Xiao Guan. He couldn’t bear it afterward and committed suicide by crashing into a post. The owner of the Xiao Guan was afraid of trouble and had someone dispose of the body in a makeshift grave. I’ve already sent Cui Jiong to verify the matter. The body has also been arranged for burial,” Jin Shiye couldn’t help but smile as he saw Tao Mo staring out of the window with lifeless eyes, and he said, “Well, tomorrow is the big day for the master, so let’s set these matters aside for now and not speak of them.”

Tao Mo hastily came back to his senses, and there was a visible blush on his face. “I-I was just…”

Jin Shiye said, “I heard from Hao Guozi that Master Gu sent the wedding attire. I wonder if it fits the master?”

“It fits,” Tao Mo said embarrassedly, lowering his head.

Jin Shiye said, “Since Master Gu has decided to make a grand gesture, the master will surely be very busy tomorrow. It’s better to rest for a while now so that you won’t be tired tomorrow.”

Tao Mo bit his lip, hesitated, and said, “I think it’s not a good idea.”

Jin Shiye raised an eyebrow.

Tao Mo said, “We are both men after all. Making such a grand gesture might attract criticism. It’s fine for me, but he is the son of the Marquis and a renowned genius in the world. I don’t know how much gossip he will have to endure in the future. Speaking of which, it’s all because of me.”

Jin Shiye said, “Who does the master think is smarter between you and Master Gu?”

“Of course, it’s Xianzhi,” Tao Mo said without hesitation.

Jin Shiye smiled and said, “Then why does the master think that what you think of, Master Gu wouldn’t think of?”

Tao Mo was startled.

Jin Shiye said, “Don’t forget, Master Gu is organizing the Cinnabar Banquet, not a wedding banquet.”

Tao Mo gradually looked confused.

Jin Shiye didn’t reveal it and just smiled. “Anyway, as long as the master enters the bridal sedan peacefully, everything else is for Master Gu to worry about.” He secretly admired Gu She’s thinking behind his actions. Perhaps only Gu She could achieve such an effect with this method in the world.

Old Tao entered from outside the door. “Young Master, Master Gu will host a grand feast tomorrow. I’m afraid that there may be opportunities for malicious individuals. So I’ve asked a few friends for help. They will be guarding around the Gu Residence and your convoy to provide nearby protection.”

Tao Mo worriedly said, “According to your thoughts, are you afraid that someone will cause trouble tomorrow?”

Trouble might be an understatement. Huang Guangde had noticed something when Tao Mo’s men gathered evidence against him. Given his ruthless nature, he might act desperately and strike first. Although Old Tao wasn’t afraid of the other party, if a disturbance were to occur during the wedding banquet, it would likely be uncontrollable.

Old Tao thought so, but he didn’t reveal it. He simply said, “Just in case. With so many people tomorrow, even if no one causes trouble, the guests themselves can create a mess. After all, Master Gu’s status is different.”

Tao Mo nodded and said, “You’ve thought it through thoroughly.”

Jin Shiye on the side was surprised and said, “So you have friends in the vicinity of Tan Yang County, but I’ve never heard of it.”

Old Tao laughed and said, “I used to wander the rivers and lakes, and I have friends all over. Besides, these people didn’t come for no reason.”

Jin Shiye suddenly understood.