Hurry to the Imperial City!

Hua Cheng said, “You don’t need to worry about this place anymore. They will handle it themselves.”

The National Teacher placed Yin Yu’s body on the back of the bone fish, and the fish carried the bone dragon head, Quan Yizhen, and Yin Yu as they swam into the distance. The other bone fish went to collect the scattered bone dragon bones from all around, piecing them together and slowly repairing them. It seemed that they could indeed handle it themselves.

Time was of the essence. Without a second thought, Xie Lian immediately commanded the stone statue to soar into the sky. The officials asked, “Where are you going, Crown Prince?”

“You’re not thinking of going after him, are you?! We’ve barely escaped…”

Xie Lian said, “I have to chase him. He’s gone to where there are many people! There’s no time left, everyone hold on tight!”

Hua Cheng flipped a dice between his fingers and said in a deep voice, “Gege, are you ready?”

Xie Lian nodded. Hua Cheng tossed the dice and said, “Thousand Miles Shuttle, activate!”

The stone statue accumulated its power and surged upward with all its might!

Passing through the clouds, they indeed saw the gigantic burning figure of the fiery giant ahead, illuminating a large expanse of the horizon with a fiery red glow. They had also arrived above the Imperial City!

The people on the ground were shocked to see such a massive burning creature suddenly appear in the sky, slowly descending and approaching them. Some were stunned, some started screaming, and some were so scared that they turned and ran. Shi Qingxuan even took a few sharp breaths but quickly reacted and shouted desperately among the crowd, “It’s alright! Don’t panic, everyone! It can’t come down. Someone will stop it! There are immortals in the sky helping us!!!” @Infinite Great Novels, available on Jinjiang Literature City

“Is it true, Old Feng? It’s not just a joke when a creature that big slaps down with one hand!”

Shi Qingxuan laughed maniacally, “It’s true! Look, I’m here too, so if I die, I die first! Hahahaha!”

He was so nervous that he became irrational. Xie Lian manipulated the stone statue to fly over, avoiding several fire walls it spewed out, and grabbed the fiery giant, desperately pulling it upward to prevent it from getting closer to the ground. He said, “Everyone, get down quickly!”

The officials had been frightened by Xie Lian’s style of control throughout the journey and couldn’t wait to get down, jumping off like dumplings. As soon as they landed, they saw Shi Qingxuan and were stunned, “Senior Feng? What are you doing here?”

“Why do you look like this…”

Shi Qingxuan was overjoyed and said, “Don’t ask so many questions. Come, come, come, join us quickly and help support the human formation. We can’t let the vengeful spirits inside break free!”

Most of the officials hesitated, but Lang Qianqiu was the first to rush over and said, “I’ll assist you!”

With someone leading the way, the other officials gradually joined. The human formation grew stronger once again and became more solid. Xie Lian finally breathed a sigh of relief and continued to pull the fiery giant upward. But then, there was a grinding sound. The fiery giant, once again, disintegrated!

One of its legs separated from its body and flew downward. Even with just one leg, it could crush a large area. Not only the human formation, but the whole street would likely be smashed!

Unexpectedly, halfway through its flight, the leg suddenly shattered in mid-air, bursting into countless tiny sparks. They scattered like fireworks in the night sky, devoid of any destructive power. Xie Lian said, “How did it explode on its own?”

At that moment, a figure rose from the center of the fireworks, flying against gravity. With a few ups and downs, the figure landed on the fiery giant. Xie Lian fixed his gaze and exclaimed with joy, “General Pei, you’re alright! That’s great!” He had already made a mental note to perform a ritual for Pei Ming.

Pei Ming held a sword in one hand and brushed his hair back with the other. His hairstyle remained intact, and his demeanor unchanged as he said, “Something came up, but it’s nothing serious.”

Their bodies were burned and boiled but not fully cooked. The vitality of the War Gods was indeed formidable. Xie Lian asked again, “What about Ban Yue and the others?”

Hua Cheng said, “They’re fine. Look, they’re over there.”

Xie Lian turned his head and saw Ban Yue and Pei Su standing on the roof of a building in the distance. It seemed that the Mingguang Hall was securely sealed, and the boiling black seawater hadn’t completely flooded in. Everyone was safe. Xie Lian asked again, “And Xuan Ji and the others?”

A voice sounded triumphantly, “Of course, I defeated them!”

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The voice came from Pei Ming’s hand, and Xie Lian suddenly noticed that he was holding the Mingguang Sword!

He asked, “General Pei, how dare you wield the Mingguang Sword?”

Pei Ming said, “It’s a bit complicated.”

Rong Guang chimed in, “Hehehe, what’s so complicated about it? Isn’t it just kneeling down and apologizing to me, admitting you were wrong, and begging for my forgiveness? Hahahaha, satisfying, satisfying, satisfying!”



Xie Lian had a rough idea. It was likely that the Three Ghosts hadn’t killed anyone yet but started fighting amongst themselves due to a disagreement over the spoils. Rong Guang emerged victorious, pushing Xuan Ji and Ke Mo aside. At this critical moment, with the roaring outside, it became clear that they couldn’t break through on their own and had to join forces. Xie Lian constantly pressured Pei Ming to apologize and help, and Pei Ming reluctantly complied. This pleased Xie Lian.

The fiery giant lost one leg but remained unfazed. It calmly began to reassemble itself, with other stone pieces and the golden palace shifting to fill the gaps. After a short while, the reassembly was complete, and it remained a giant, just slightly smaller in size.

Pei Ming wielded the Mingguang Sword and charged towards the Divine Martial Palace. Xie Lian warned, “Be careful, General Pei!”

However, with the Mingguang Sword in hand, Pei Ming’s attack power suddenly skyrocketed. Despite Rong Guang’s lousy character and sinister intentions, he had been his loyal subordinate for many years. These two individuals understood how to cooperate with each other. Before Quan Yizhen could approach the Divine Martial Palace, he was struck several times, encountering numerous obstacles on his path. However, Pei Ming surged even farther, directly rushing into the Divine Martial Palace!

Rong Guang, hiding beside the Divine Martial Palace, shouted, “You fool, I advise you not to come up here and seek death!”

Pei Ming swiftly swung the Mingguang Sword and exclaimed, “Move aside, you green thing blocking my way!”

Rong Guang was nearly thrown off balance by the sword swing, and Gu Zi, clinging to Rong Guang’s leg, struggled to stabilize him. Worriedly, Gu Zi asked, “Father… Are you alright?”

Rong Guang, embarrassed in front of Gu Zi, flew into a rage but didn’t dare to confront Pei Ming head-on. He retorted, “Using despicable methods again!”

To their surprise, Gu Zi didn’t respond. Instead, he suddenly collapsed to the ground with a thud. Rong Guang looked down, and Gu Zi remained motionless. Furious, Rong Guang grabbed Gu Zi, shaking him by the collar, and said, “You idiot, what are you doing?”

Gu Zi seemed to be asleep, his eyes closed and his forehead burning hot. While Xie Lian desperately held onto the fiery giant, he also noticed the situation below and said, “Rong Guang! Hurry up and leave that place. It’s been burning there, with fire and water coming from above. That child is too young, he’ll die!”

Rong Guang looked up and cursed, “Don’t lecture me! Who do you think you’re scaring? This brat was born to be resilient. Is it that easy for him to die? Do you think I don’t know that you just want to deceive me? Once I leave here, you’ll definitely make a move against me!” Even if Xie Lian didn’t harm him, Lang Qianqiu was waiting for him!

Meanwhile, Pei Ming and Jun Wu had already begun fighting. Rong Guang screamed in pain as the battle raged around him, jumping around to avoid the flames. Xie Lian angrily said, “You can’t withstand this fire as a ghost, yet you expect a child to endure it?!”

Gu Zi, held tightly under Rong Guang’s armpit, had a red face, and Rong Guang stubbornly replied, “I won’t leave! I won’t leave! Ahh!!!” As flames engulfed him, he rolled and crawled in a panic, unable to resist shouting, “You, Jun… Leader! Can’t you control your fire? You… me!”

Xie Lian couldn’t help but think that he wanted to say, “You, Jun Wu, you burned your father!” But fearing for his life, he didn’t dare say it out loud. Jun Wu wouldn’t even bother with him. He was engrossed in his battle with Pei Ming, wearing a sinister smile. The flames around Rong Guang grew increasingly intense, leaving him with no place to step. Although he was a ghost and wouldn’t die from burning, he still felt uncomfortable. He had almost nowhere to step. Before long, Gu Zi, trapped under his armpit, also screamed in pain as if burned. Rong Guang lifted him up and saw that his forehead was bloody and a large hole had been burned through his shoulder, exposing the charred flesh.

Gu Zi, awakened by the burning pain, burst into tears, knowing nothing, and clung to Rong Guang, saying, “Father, it hurts! I’m scared!”

Cold sweat dripped down Rong Guang’s forehead, and his mouth stiffened as he didn’t know what to say. Gu Zi, covering his wound, sniffled and tearfully asked, “Father, are we going to burn to death here?”

Rong Guang stammered, “This… This, this…”

Xie Lian was about to get angry and bring him down from the Jade Crown Terrace. He said, “Don’t go up there and seek death. Just come down! I promise not to harm you!”

Rong Guang completely ignored him. Seeing Jun Wu’s indifference and how he didn’t even regard him, and hearing Gu Zi crying loudly, he probably felt embarrassed in front of his son and rushed up, shouting, “Why are you so hot-headed? Didn’t you hear me telling you to stop burning?!”

Xie Lian exclaimed, “Rong Guang!!!”

Before he could get close, Jun Wu raised his hand, and a ball of fire instantly enveloped Rong Guang!

Rong Guang let out a sharp, agonizing scream. Xie Lian said, “Gu Zi!”

With such a massive fire, Rong Guang would be severely injured even if he didn’t turn into ashes. Wouldn’t Gu Zi be reduced to ashes directly?

Pei Ming also saw that Rong Guang was holding a child under his arm and wanted to save him, but Jun Wu gained the upper hand. Pei Ming couldn’t break free, and he knew that it was likely too late to save him. He said, “Divine Sovereign, is it necessary to use such cruel means on a young child?”

But both Xie Lian and Pei Ming knew that in Jun Wu’s eyes, there was no distinction between a child and an adult. He only saw enemies and people blocking his path. With a wave of his hand, a fierce flame carried Pei Ming away.

The many officials below exclaimed, “General Pei is on fire!”

At that moment, a downpour of pouring rain began, which couldn’t extinguish the flames on the giant’s body but did douse the fire on Pei Ming. In the crowd, a figure leaped into the air and caught the falling Pei Ming.