The fiery demon city, originally the Heavenly Capital, trembled in the air, making cracking sounds. Countless burning stones tumbled down and fell into the water, while the structure of the city slowly tilted and began to disintegrate.

It was once a relatively flat land, but now it stood upright, breaking apart into seven or eight large pieces. A god official said, “Is it collapsing? Is it falling apart?”

Xie Lian replied, “How is that possible? This is probably…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the “split” pieces of the city started rapidly reassembling. The sound of grinding stones echoed, and the eyes of the officials widened as they watched in astonishment.

The demon city did not collapse; it was reassembling itself.

After the reformation, it transformed into a giant made of flames!

Awakened from its slumber, the giant stood erect in the air. The dazzling golden palaces almost covered its entire body, resembling an impregnable armor. It replaced the Heavenly Capital and confronted Xie Lian’s stone statue in the sky.

Comparing the two, Xie Lian appeared extremely petite and almost pitiful, like a child standing in front of an adult. While the stone statue could be considered a colossal figure, this fiery giant easily surpassed it by five or six times. Its imposing presence sent shivers down the spine, as if with one step, it could destroy a city beneath its feet.

After the complete reassembly, the fiery giant turned its head slightly and spewed out a flame, aimed at the four skeletal dragons. The wall of flames severed the four water jets, causing the skeletal dragons to retreat into the sea. The giant then landed on the sea surface as if walking on flat ground, steadily approaching the stone statue.

Atop the giant’s head was the Godly Martial Hall, where Jun Wu sat, emanating a terrifying aura. The god officials felt suffocated. “Your Highness, stop standing there! Hurry and escape!”

“You absolutely cannot win against it! Wake up, Your Highness! It’s several times bigger than you!”

However, Xie Lian said, “We can’t keep running forever. If we can’t win, we can’t go elsewhere either.”

The officials were initially stunned but soon realized the truth. They couldn’t escape indefinitely. If Flower City didn’t provide them with spiritual power, they would eventually exhaust their own power, leaving the statue unable to fly. They had to fight in one place.

Rather than luring the fiery giant to a densely populated area, it was better to confront it here. At least on the surface of the Blackwater Ghost Lair, there were no ordinary people to be harmed.

Although the god officials should have considered this, facing such a formidable opponent and the prospect of battling against it with their backs against the water, how could they not feel apprehensive? However, they were reluctant to be the first to shout for Xie Lian to lead them to a more populated area. Xie Lian said, “Hold on tight, and be careful not to fall! The Blackwater Ghost Lair sinks once you enter the water!”

The fiery giant reached out its palm towards the stone statue, which was several times smaller. Xie Lian agilely evaded, leaping, tumbling, ascending, and descending, all while grasping onto the god officials around the statue. It was an extremely thrilling and perilous sight, accompanied by continuous screams. Most of the officials were not warriors but rather those who spent their days sitting in the halls, and even among the warriors, few had experienced such battles. Xie Lian heard Quan Yi Zhen shout, “You don’t have a weapon! You need a weapon!”

The officials couldn’t hold back any longer and said, “Yes, Your Highness! It will be difficult to win without a weapon!”

Xie Lian replied, “I’m trying to think of something I can use as a weapon!” Luo Binghe excitedly twisted his body several times, approaching Xie Lian, but he pushed it away, saying, “Thank you, but you won’t do. You’re too small!”

At that moment, Flower City said, “If you need a weapon, we do have one. Let’s make do with this for now.”

Afterward, Xie Lian heard several sharp whistles. The four skeletal dragons, which had been blasted into the depths of the sea by the fiery giant, emerged again and surrounded the four sides of the stone statue. The officials couldn’t help but feel alarmed. “What are they planning to do?”

Their intention was not to attack. Xie Lian observed as one dragon bit onto the tail of another, and the four long dragons connected to form an incredibly lengthy dragon!

The dragon that bit its own tail leaped into the air and flew towards them. Without hesitation, Xie Lian raised his hand, and the stone statue grabbed hold of it. Xie Lian said, “This is…”

The Bone Dragon Whip!

He could control it just like how he controlled Luo Binghe before!

3 / 3

Xie Lian raised his hand, and a bone dragon whip lashed out, aiming directly for the head of the fiery giant. The fiery giant also raised its hand, grabbing onto the whip. However, the bone dragon whip suddenly snapped in the middle, and the stone statue took a step forward, striking the giant’s head with the whip. The fiery giant seemed to be in pain, releasing its grip, and the piece of bone dragon that it held returned to Xie Lian’s hand.

The bone dragon whip was flexible and versatile. It could split into two or merge into one, combined with the stone statue’s agility, making it increasingly difficult to deal with. The god officials, disheveled by the raging wind, exclaimed, “I never expected Prince Xie to have such tricks up his sleeve!”

“I’ve only seen him collecting junk before, but I didn’t expect him to have a background in martial arts.”

The National Teacher said, “We didn’t need to emphasize the junk collection part. Martial arts background is enough!”

Xie Lian chuckled awkwardly.

The incredibly long bone dragon whip, like a pale iron chain, wrapped around its opponent. The fiery giant’s body sank slightly. Then the officials realized, “Quick, quickly, pull it into the sea!”

Beneath the battlefield was the Blackwater Ghost Lair—once you enter the water, you sink!

The stone statue held onto the bone dragon chain, and Xie Lian exerted his strength, saying, “Come down!”

The fiery giant indeed sank a little further. The officials hurriedly transmitted spiritual power to the stone statue, shouting, “Sink! Sink! Sink quickly!”

Hearing them all shout “sink” in unison, Xie Lian felt a chill in his heart and looked up at the Godly Martial Hall atop the stone statue’s head. Although he couldn’t see the person inside clearly or their current expression, he had a feeling that Jun Wu was sneering.

After a fierce struggle, the fiery giant was gradually pulled deeper into the sea. The flames on its body continued to burn and were not extinguished upon entering the water. Instead, they emitted a red light from the dark depths, illuminating the sea with a reddish glow. As the bone dragons pulled it deeper, the red light gradually disappeared. The officials breathed a sigh of relief, but Xie Lian remained on high alert.

After a while of silence, Xie Lian remembered that Pei Ming hadn’t responded, and he hadn’t heard a sound from Ban Yue and the others either. They were most likely pulled into the depths of the sea together, and this time, the situation seemed genuinely grim.

At that moment, bubbles began to churn on the surface of the water below.

Gurgling and expanding, the water became turbulent and emitted bursts of white smoke.

The sea was boiling!

Xie Lian thought, “This is bad,” and was about to fly upwards when a hand suddenly broke through the water and grabbed the stone statue’s ankle!

Xie Lian felt his body sink abruptly, and as he looked down, he saw that the fiery giant had crawled back up!

Its chest had emerged above the water’s surface, drenched, with its flames extinguished by half but reigniting. The bone dragon chain was still wrapped around it, but it was evident that it couldn’t hold on much longer.

Jun Wu’s laughter echoed across the entire sea, omnipresent. It wasn’t maniacal laughter or cold laughter, but an inexplicable and bone-chilling presence. Under the fiery giant’s pulling force, more than half of the stone statue’s body sank into the boiling water. The officials who had been standing lower desperately climbed upward. Even Xie Lian, who stood at the top of the stone statue’s jade crown, felt the suffocating heat, with sweat pouring down his forehead, the intense heat making him sweat profusely.

If they were pulled into the sea, they would be cooked through from head to toe!

No, none of the other weapons could be fully utilized. Xie Lian needed a sword!

Suddenly, he heard the National Teacher’s voice, “Um… that… that curly-haired kid? What are you doing? Don’t throw corpses at me randomly! Wait a minute! What are you doing?!”

Xie Lian was also startled, maintaining his hand seal and shouting down, “Qi Ying?”

A figure dashed down along the stone statue’s leg, then along the fiery giant’s arm, heading straight for Xie Lian’s head. Xie Lian said, “Qi Ying is back!”

However, Quan Yizhen couldn’t hear what others were saying. He rushed onto the fiery giant’s forearm and was discovered. The giant swatted him away with its other hand, as if swatting a mosquito perched on its arm, astonishingly fast and accurate. With a loud smack, it struck directly!

Many officials screamed in shock, but when they looked closely, they saw Quan Yizhen still running. It turned out that he had indeed been hit, but he had managed to dodge into the gap between the giant’s fingers, avoiding being crushed into pulp. He skipped past the fingers and continued running. He narrowly evaded two consecutive strikes, but he probably wouldn’t be so lucky with the third. If another strike came, he would most likely be turned into pulp!

However, before the third strike came down, Quan Yizhen had already reached his destination. He jumped into the head of the bone dragon entangling the fiery giant.

He jumped in, and the two ghostly lanterns in the bone dragon’s eyes suddenly gleamed brightly, with a surge in spiritual power. His body emitted a faint white light as he let out a roar towards the sky, his body becoming even more tightly entwined. Xie Lian could clearly hear the heavy sounds of the stone statue being squeezed. The fiery giant, suffocating under this pressure, released its grip and finally let go of the stone statue’s ankle.

As soon as he gained his freedom, Xie Lian flew into the air and reached out his hand, saying, “Qi Ying, come here! Don’t cling to him anymore!”

Quan Yizhen, riding on the bone dragon that was biting its tail, not only didn’t let go but shouted loudly, exerting even more force to tighten the entanglement with the giant. In the intense struggle, numerous falling stones and debris splashed into the sea, sinking instantly. The fiery giant, losing patience, completely emerged from the sea, reigniting a fierce battle fire from within the Godly Martial Hall, engulfing its entire body in flames.

The bone dragons tightly coiled around it and Quan Yizhen were also buried in the sea of fire.

Xie Lian exclaimed, “Qi Ying!!!” as he rushed toward the giant, delivering a punch that shattered the bone dragon chain!

The burning bone joints fell into the sea, and Xie Lian was about to catch the bone dragon head where Quan Yizhen was when the giant struck out, slapping the bone dragon head away, sending it flying three or four miles away.

At that distance and speed, the stone statue had no way to intercept it in mid-air. It was likely that by the time they arrived, Quan Yizhen would have fallen into the sea along with the bone dragon head. And now, the seawater was like a boiling pot, where entering meant being cooked!

At this critical moment, a large white bone fish suddenly flew out of the sea, catching the bone dragon head, and swiftly swam away like an escaped fish, wagging its tail.

Relieved, Xie Lian finally breathed a sigh of relief. Flying over quickly, he saw that the flames had extinguished after being separated from the giant. The teeth of the bone dragon head were still chattering, opening and closing its mouth as if gasping for breath. Quan Yizhen lay inside, his body blackened, slightly charred, and his hair seemed even curlier. However, because the bone dragon skull had provided an outer layer of protection, the burns were not too severe. He must have been injured and needed rest, but Quan Yizhen’s vitality was extremely tenacious. The situation was more severe for the four bone dragons, being burned and battered, with their bodies scattered on the sea surface, some still burning. Xie Lian swept his gaze over them and couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed. “Um, we beat the guards of the Blackwater Family to death. Is it really okay?”

Hua Cheng smiled and said, “Don’t worry. It’s fine.”

Xie Lian asked, “…How much money does he owe you, after all?”

The officials looked at Quan Yizhen’s pitiful state and said, “We never expected Prince Qi Ying to be so brave. In a critical moment, he stepped forward and saved everyone…” Xie Lian remembered the way Quan Yizhen was often despised in the Heavenly Court and shook his head, thinking that he didn’t do it to save everyone. At this moment, there was a grinding sound in the distance behind them.

When he turned around to look, the entire body of the giant was once again surrounded by intense flames. However, it didn’t come to chase Xie Lian and the others; instead, it flew up into the sky, pierced through the clouds, and disappeared.

The officials were astonished but also somewhat joyful at having escaped the disaster. They said, “Did he give up chasing us?”

However, Xie Lian didn’t find it amusing at all. He asked, “San Lang, how did he disappear?”

Hua Cheng replied, “He used the Thousand Miles Shuttle.”

Xie Lian asked, “Where did he go?”

Hua Cheng’s gaze became solemn as he looked at Xie Lian and said, “The Imperial City.”

Shi Qingxuan is still there, guarding the formation that traps the vengeful spirits!