Amidst countless astonished gazes, the colossal stone statue continued to rise higher with a smile. Xie Lian saw that it was completely intact, and there was no trace of the leg that Bai Wu Xiang had broken. He exclaimed with joy, “San Lang, did you fix it?”

Hua Cheng smiled and replied, “If I want to fetch my brother from the sky, of course I can’t come empty-handed. Let’s go!”

Xie Lian nodded and said, “Everyone, hurry and get on!”

However, the officials finally recognized that the person beside Xie Lian was Hua Cheng and nearly fell to their knees. “Your Highness Prince Tai, who is that next to you???”

Feng Xin’s brow furrowed deeply, and he finally shouted, “Jian Lan! Jian Lan!” There was no response. Lang Qian Qiu saw Qu Rong hiding in a corner and was about to catch him when suddenly the Tai Hua Hall collapsed with a loud crash, as if something had exploded inside. The officials were startled and turned to look, only to see a figure standing silently amidst the raging fire and the ruins.

It was Jun Wu.

The silver butterflies couldn’t stop him after all!

Qu Rong quickly slipped behind Jun Wu and shouted at the crowd, “Bunch of trash! If you have the guts, come over here!”

Only he, who didn’t know any better, dared to approach. The other officials didn’t dare to say a word!

On that white-clad God of War, black energy surged while brilliant white light radiated, creating an unpredictable mix of colors. The officials were extremely unfamiliar with this “Jun Wu” and didn’t dare to make a move, just staring at him. He fixed his gaze on Xie Lian and slowly walked towards the gathering crowd. With each step, flames burst into life beneath his feet. It started with flickering flames and then rapidly spread in all directions, growing into towering infernos.

Just like the ghosts on the bridge.

Qu Rong was scorched by the flames and howled in agony as he hurriedly fled with Qu Zi. Quan Yizhen stood in the street, covered in ash, with the body of Yin Yu on his back. When he saw Jun Wu, flames of anger ignited in his eyes, and he approached him without even putting down the body. Xie Lian pulled him back. Approaching Jun Wu now would undoubtedly be walking into his own death!

Another wave of silver butterflies attacked. Seizing this opportunity, Xie Lian shouted, “Quick! Stop hesitating!”

The officials hesitated for a moment but finally began to respond one by one. Hundreds of officials leaped onto the colossal stone statue, appearing like a swarm of dark ants crawling up, squeezing onto its shoulders and chest. Those who couldn’t find a spot to stand grabbed onto its clothing. If they wanted it to fly, they couldn’t rely solely on the lanterns and silver butterflies. But now there were too many people. Xie Lian couldn’t make a move against Hua Cheng. In a moment of inspiration, he grabbed a nearby official, held his face behind him, and planted a deep kiss on Hua Cheng’s face.

Instantly, Xie Lian’s body filled with spiritual power. The official, who had been used as a living shield, froze in shock and exclaimed, “What are you doing behind me???”

Countless eyes were also shocked and turned their gaze towards them. Xie Lian realized that the official he had pulled over to block the view was actually Lang Qian Qiu. He thought to himself that it was a guilty act that he must not let the child see, and said, “We didn’t do anything. It’s not something you should be looking at!”

Turning around, he shouted to the statue, “Fly!”

The statue heard his call, as if it had been activated by something. Its half-closed eyes suddenly opened, and the smile on its face grew even deeper.

The silver butterflies and lanterns dispersed, and the statue remained steadily suspended in the air, its long hair and robes fluttering in the wind.

It took flight!

Xie Lian and Hua Cheng leaped onto the top of the statue’s head, standing on the jade crown platform. Xie Lian said, “Everyone, hold on tight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the statue’s body slightly sank, accompanied by a rumbling sound. With a howling wind whistling past, it suddenly shot forward!

Xie Lian and Hua Cheng stood at the highest point, carrying the statue and many officials, leaving Xian Jing far behind. However, many officials had left their accumulated wealth in Xian Jing and couldn’t help but look back with regret, pounding their chests and stamping their feet. Calming down a little, Xie Lian suddenly remembered that he had hastily left without counting heads, and he didn’t know if Pei Ming and the others were safe or not. He worriedly scanned the crowd below, searching for the familiar figures. He asked, “Master! General Pei! Have you come?”

He heard the voice of the National Master from a distance, replying, “I’m here!”

Xie Lian felt slightly relieved. At this moment, someone suddenly shouted, “They’re catching up! They’re catching up!”

When he looked back, he indeed saw a red light chasing them from behind the colossal stone statue, like a glaring red death.

It was Xian Jing!

The original Xian Jing, once filled with auspiciousness and heavenly clouds, was now engulfed in flames, transformed into a city of fiery demons. Someone exclaimed in fear, “It’s the Emperor! The Emperor has brought Xian Jing here. He wants to annihilate us all…”

“He’s catching up!”

Xie Lian said confidently, “It’s not that easy.”

His handprints suddenly changed, and the colossal stone statue’s eyes gleamed brightly. The wind in the ears of the officials grew even more intense, howling and whistling. The red light chasing from behind was immediately pushed back a distance.

The statue flew even faster!

But as they accelerated, the red light showed no weakness. Its speed suddenly surged, rumbling closer than before, causing many officials to cry out in alarm. At this distance, they could almost see the figure standing in Xian Jing!

Meanwhile, people in the mortal realm had no idea what was happening. Children laughed and played, their mouths agape as they pointed at the white figure racing across the sky and the streak of red light, exclaiming, “Look! There’s light! It’s so beautiful!”

Xie Lian knew they couldn’t continue like this. They had to accelerate further, but he felt slightly dizzy. After all, he had been flying for so long, relying solely on his breath. Hua Cheng supported him, and before they could say anything, the National Master from below shouted, “What are you all standing there for? A bunch of officials, still relying on the Ghost King for help to escape? Isn’t that embarrassing?”

An official couldn’t accept it and retorted, “Who are you? What right do you have to lecture us?”

The National Master replied, “Who I am is not important. Even when I was in the Heavenly Court, you were probably playing with mud and have no qualifications to lecture you. What’s important is that you quickly place your precious jade hands on this statue. Give as much spiritual power as you have! Only then can this statue fly faster. Otherwise, do you want to be caught up by him? Are you used to just standing by and watching, even when your lives are at stake? Do I have to remind you of such things?”

After being reminded, the officials snapped out of their daze, feeling ashamed for forgetting they could support in this way. They exerted their strength, placing their palms on the statue and shouting, “Your Highness Prince, I, uh, lend you a helping hand!”

“Oh, I can also…”

“Not too much… Let’s make do with what we have.”

With this, hundreds of hands and feet, the statue was once again filled with spiritual power. Xie Lian felt a surge of energy, and the statue exerted its power again. This time, with a loud rumble, it distanced itself from the red light by dozens of miles!

The officials breathed a sigh of relief, wiping off their sweat. Xie Lian felt the same. Suddenly, Hua Cheng said, “Brother, go down.”

Since he spoke, Xie Lian didn’t ask why. Controlling the statue, they tore through the rolling darkness of the clouds and descended straight down. Below, it was pitch black, with no lights or signs of human activity. The officials wondered in confusion, “What place is this? Why is it so dark? It’s creepy.”

“Your Highness Prince, why are you coming down?”

“I think it’s not suitable to stay here for long…”

But Hua Cheng said, “Stay here, don’t move. We wait.”

The colossal stone statue remained suspended in mid-air. Xie Lian asked, “Hmm. Wait for what?”

Hua Cheng whispered, “Wait for him to catch up, and then we’ll fight.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a red light broke through the dark clouds above, and the burning Xian Jing also descended. The officials watched as the red light gradually approached, feeling a chill run down their spines. They exclaimed, “Your Highness, why aren’t you leaving?”

“Do you really want to confront him head-on? There’s no chance of winning!”

“He’s being foolish again! I knew it, this person always acts foolishly!!! He’s been like this for hundreds of years… Who kicked me?”

“It’s me. Say one more word, and I’ll push you down.”

“Who are you, after all?”

Although the colossal stone statue was a massive entity, Xian Jing was even grander. If they were to collide head-on, given the statue’s size, it would surely be crushed. However, Xie Lian believed in Hua Cheng’s judgment and focused his mind without speaking.

One person and one city confronted each other in the night sky. Just as the red light approached within half a li, Xie Lian suddenly felt that something below seemed to be stirring.

He looked down and found that the darkness in the distance was churning, roaring and surging like…


Xie Lian suddenly understood where they were.

Some officials also noticed, their faces filled with horror. “Oh my, this seems to be… the Blackwater Ghost Lair! We’ve been brought into a den of ghosts!”

As soon as they spoke, several sharp white objects broke through the darkness below and shot up into the sky!

Four pairs of eyes, eight giant eyeballs resembling ghostly lanterns, emitted a faint green light as they stared at the flaming demon city, letting out a menacing roar. It seemed they were displeased with this intruder who showed no courtesy. Their enormous bone tails whipped and lashed at the sea, stirring up towering waves.

It was the four skeletal dragons!

They raised their heads toward the demon city, spewing out powerful jets of water. With their strength, they could likely penetrate even copper walls and iron fortresses. Xie Lian couldn’t help but be impressed as he said, “Last time I saw them, they seemed… Haha, turns out they’re quite fierce.”

More and more colossal skeletal creatures emerged from the pitch-black sea, flying fish shooting up like projectiles. The officials were completely bewildered. Jun Wu was chasing after them, while Hua Cheng and the Blackwater seemed to be helping. The situation was truly mysterious.

The four skeletal dragons continued to spew water relentlessly at the demon city. However, the raging flames of war could not be extinguished by water alone. The more they sprayed, the angrier the flames became, even burning underwater. On the surface of the Blackwater Ghost Lair, flames grew rampant, intertwining with the dancing water lights, while cries of ghosts and howls of wolves echoed from beneath the water. Xie Lian suddenly felt embarrassed and said, “We brought all this mess to the territory of the Blackwater and caused chaos here. Is it really okay?”

Hua Cheng replied, “Don’t worry about it. He owes me money, so it’s fine to mess around.”

Xie Lian: “???”

Suddenly, someone pointed ahead and exclaimed, “It… What is it doing?”

Upon hearing this, Xie Lian hurriedly looked up and was slightly taken aback by what he saw.