Upon hearing these words, Xie Lian was suddenly filled with a chilling dread, causing the hair on his back to stand on end.

He seemed to empathize with the Master’s feelings when he quietly snuck into his room and took off his mask. He heard Jun Wu rise from the table and slowly approach.

Hua Cheng was standing behind the bed curtains!

When he got on the bed, Xie Lian hid his dagger under the pillow, gripping it tightly, searching for an opportunity, but also doubting if there was any opportunity at all. However, Jun Wu didn’t walk behind the curtains, instead he came to the bedside and directly lifted the blanket off Xie Lian. Feeling a chill, Xie Lian sat up abruptly, staring at him. Jun Wu surveyed his body and said in a soft voice, “This garment doesn’t suit you.”


Only then did Xie Lian remember that the Divine Silks were still on him!

Although the Divine Silks had transformed into a white Daoist robe, Jun Wu naturally wouldn’t overlook it. After observing for a moment, he sighed and said, “You really won’t listen to me. You went out causing trouble again.”

Xie Lian looked at him in a state of uncertainty. Suddenly, his gaze fell upon the table where there was a gift box, already opened, containing several large cabbages, potatoes, and radishes.


It turned out that Rain Master had just called Jun Wu and said she forgot to give him something, and it was a specialty from her hometown…

Behind Jun Wu, Hua Cheng quietly lifted a corner of the curtain with his hand, revealing his true appearance, making eye contact with Xie Lian over Jun Wu’s shoulder.

His hand slowly reached for the hilt of a silver knife at his waist, seemingly considering whether to take action immediately. But Xie Lian didn’t think it was a good opportunity and pretended not to want to talk to Jun Wu, shaking his head.

Jun Wu said, “Where did you hide the Ling Wen?”

Of course, he couldn’t hand over Ling Wen. Just by seeing Ling Wen, there was no need to ask what had happened to her. As long as she had been turned into a wobble doll, it could be inferred that Hua Cheng had definitely infiltrated Xian Jing.

However, Xie Lian couldn’t help but doubt—did Jun Wu really have no suspicion that Hua Cheng had already infiltrated?

At this moment, Jun Wu said again, “Xianle, your expression seems to be saying something is wrong. What’s wrong? Besides the Divine Silks, have you hidden someone else?”

Xie Lian’s expression hadn’t changed at all. Jun Wu really did, know him like the back of his hand.

With a calm exchange of eye contact behind Jun Wu, Xie Lian composed himself and coolly said, “Think whatever you want. Anyway, now no one can leave, and there’s nothing I can do. As long as you’re happy, old man.” After speaking, he lay back down and pulled the blanket over his head. Jun Wu turned around and began to leisurely search within Xianle Palace.

After searching for a while, neither fast nor slow, without finding anything, he pondered for a moment. As expected, he turned his attention to the curtains and reached out his hand.

As the curtain was lifted, it was empty.

After a moment, Jun Wu let the curtain fall and returned to the table. But Xie Lian, who was still on edge, hadn’t let his guard down yet.

In the blanket, Hua Cheng was lying next to him, their faces extremely close. Xie Lian’s heart pounded heavily, and his whole body was tense. Hua Cheng gave a slight smile and silently said, “Your Highness, don’t be afraid.”

Just now, as Jun Wu turned around, Hua Cheng calmly let go of the curtain. When Jun Wu walked past, he calmly stepped out from behind the curtain, silently slipping to Xie Lian’s bedside. Xie Lian pulled him onto the bed and tucked him inside. Just as Hua Cheng had settled on the bed, Jun Wu turned back around.

The timing was impeccable, coupled with their subtle positioning. Apart from a mess of tangled blankets, Jun Wu saw nothing.

Finally, Jun Wu said, “Xianle, don’t sleep. Since you can’t sleep anyway, get up and come with me.”

Xie Lian actually wanted to stay in bed and not get up, but he was afraid that if he didn’t get up, Jun Wu would come over and lift the blanket again. So he reluctantly got out of bed, leaving the blue wobble doll hidden in his sleeve by the pillow.

Jun Wu had already left the bedroom. Xie Lian turned back and glanced, and Hua Cheng also got off the bed. Their eyes met, and Hua Cheng was about to approach. Xie Lian quickly gestured for him not to expose himself, everything was fine. Jun Wu, who had already left, said, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you leaving? Is there something on the bed that’s making you unwilling to leave?”

Xie Lian immediately returned to the room, grabbed the box of local products from the table, closed the door behind him, and held the box as he took a bite of a radish, saying indifferently, “It’s nothing. I’m hungry, is that not allowed?”

Jun Wu glanced at what he held in his hand and said warmly, “You like this, I have more. I’ll bring them to you another day.”


After walking a few streets, they could already hear a voice shouting and laughing, “Hahaha! Fengxin! You dog! This Ghost King is now stepping on your palace. How about that! How about that! Come and fight me! Hahaha!”

It was indeed Qi Rong!

As they approached, they saw that every golden palace was in a miserable state, covered with large and ugly graffiti saying “I was here.” Qi Rong even climbed onto the roof and shouted loudly at the imprisoned priests inside, showing off. Gu Zi stood beside him, looking helpless and wanting to speak but hesitating.

At the moment, he was prancing around on Nanyang Palace, annoying Feng Xin who completely ignored him. Qi Rong called for a while with no amusement and then went to Mu Qing Palace to make the same fuss. Mu Qing seemed to give him a disdainful glance from a distance, which infuriated him and made him jump up and down before moving on to Quan Yizhen Palace. Little did he know that before he could utter a word, a statue with curly hair broke through the roof and flew out, knocking him down headfirst. It turned out that Quan Yizhen, in his anger, had used his own statue as a weapon and directly threw it at Qi Rong. Gu Zi was startled and clung to the edge of the roof, saying, “Father! Are you alright?”

Qi Rong angrily exclaimed, “That shameless idiot, Quan Yizhen! He actually used despicable means to attack me!”

Gu Zi hesitated for a moment and asked, confused, “Father, what despicable means did he use?” Quan Yizhen had clearly thrown the statue at him openly, hadn’t he?

Qi Rong scolded, “You foolish son! As long as he defeats me, no matter what means he uses, they’re all despicable! Otherwise, how could he win against your father?”

Gu Zi said, “Oh…”

“…,” Xie Lian couldn’t help but cover his face. Jun Wu paused and said, “Qing Gui.”

Upon hearing this voice, Qi Rong’s expression froze, and he quickly climbed up and looked over with caution, seemingly wary of Jun Wu. With this glance, the “father and son” naturally saw Xie Lian, and Gu Zi happily said, “Senior Martial Brother Shatter Void!”

Qi Rong smirked, “Oh! Look who’s here, isn’t this the prince’s cousin?”

Xie Lian didn’t even want to acknowledge him, but he continued to make a scene. He came closer, circled around Xie Lian, and taunted, “Weren’t you very arrogant before? Leaning on two powerful supporters, disregarding me completely. Why do you look like a frightened dog now?”

Xie Lian felt puzzled. “Two powerful supporters?” After a moment, he realized that one was Hua Cheng, and the other was Jun Wu. He glanced at Jun Wu beside him, his emotions mixed. He suddenly remembered a long time ago when he asked Hua Cheng about his opinion on Jun Wu. At that time, Hua Cheng had said that Jun Wu must really dislike him.

Qi Rong continued, “Hehehe, relying on that dog Hua Cheng to back you up, he sneakily attacked me. I haven’t settled the score with you, but you’ve already been dealt with. It’s such a wonderful karmic cycle!”

Jun Wu said calmly, “Qing Gui, stop wasting time with Xianle. You can release your subordinates now.”

Although Qi Rong had been cursing Jun Wu behind his back, when faced with him, he reluctantly lowered his head. Despite his dissatisfied expression, without saying a word, he picked up Gu Zi and left. Jun Wu then said to Xie Lian, “Let’s go.”

Xie Lian watched the path that Jun Wu led him on and pondered, “This direction leads to… Qi Rong’s subordinates? Could it be…”

After a while, they turned a corner, and sure enough, a magnificent Hall of Ming Guang appeared before them.

Ming Guang Hall!

Inside the hall, chaotic shouts and roars could be heard. Xie Lian’s heart skipped a beat, and without caring about following Jun Wu, he rushed in. The scene inside was a complete mess! Pei Ming’s face was livid, while Xuan Ji clung to him like a dead snake, winding around him several times, seemingly wanting to bite his neck, but her own neck was being pulled by Ban Yue. On the other side, a broken sword pointed directly at Pei Ming’s throat, as if it was about to pierce through, but Pei Su tightly held onto the blade, preventing it from moving forward. Behind Ban Yue and Pei Su, Ke Mo swung his fists, ready to strike. If it weren’t for Pei Ming, whose face was dark, holding them off, Ke Mo’s enormous fists would have flattened Ban Yue and Pei Su long ago. Xuan Ji and Rong Guang fought each other, trying to strangle or stab Pei Ming, while also pulling and tearing at each other. Xuan Ji screamed, “Get lost! Pei Ming’s life is mine, mine, all mine!!!”

Rong Guang, attached to the Ming Guang Sword, cursed, “You get lost! You have no self-awareness! There are countless women who don’t want Pei Ming, do you even stand a chance? The one who will take Pei Ming’s life is me!!!”

Veins bulging on his forehead, Pei Ming said, “…All of you…are crazy!! Get the hell out of here!”


Xie Lian felt immense sympathy. In a way, this was also an unfortunate consequence of being too popular. He said, “General Pei, hold on!” and was about to step forward to mediate, but before he could, a hand rested on his shoulder.

Jun Wu spoke behind him, “Xianle, you don’t think that I called you here to help me do something good, do you?”

Pei Ming and the others noticed the commotion and Ban Yue happily exclaimed, “General Hua!”

Xie Lian was immobilized by Jun Wu’s hand pressing down on him and asked, “Then why did you call me here?”

Maintaining his hand on Xie Lian’s shoulder, Jun Wu pushed him into the hall. As soon as he entered, the tangled group of people seemed to lose all their strength and collapsed to the ground, with only a few struggling to move.

Jun Wu said, “Ming Guang.”

Xuan Ji no longer had her grip on his neck, and Pei Ming’s face finally returned to normal. He let out a sigh of relief and said, “Emperor, this is really…thank you so much.”

Although his tone was not mocking, the words themselves carried a hint of sarcasm. Jun Wu paid no mind to it, smiled slightly, and said, “You don’t have to thank me so soon. Ming Guang, I came here to ask for your help with something.”

Pei Ming asked, “What is it?”

Jun Wu said, “There is currently a human formation in the mortal realm’s imperial city.”

Just as expected!

Jun Wu said calmly, “Break the formation and restore your identity as the Northern God of War.”

Pei Ming glanced at Xie Lian and forced a laugh, “Now, isn’t that Blood Rain Seeking Flower guarding the formation? I’m afraid I can’t break through forcibly.”

Jun Wu said, “Of course, you can’t break through forcefully. I didn’t say that you have to.”

If it were Pei Ming, breaking the formation would be simple. He just needed to pretend to help and Shizun Qingxuan would certainly let him in. Once inside the formation, he could unexpectedly withdraw, and the formation would be finished!

Besides, Hua Cheng was not currently guarding the imperial city, so there was no way to salvage the situation!