Rolling onto the streets of Xianjing, Xie Lian still had half of his face covered, stumbling along the way. Although the small temple officials hurriedly passing by didn’t dare to approach him, they couldn’t help but look at him with curiosity. Xie Lian quickly put down his hand, straightened his posture, and hypocritically rubbed his mouth, stammering, “My mouth is a little sore, I don’t know why, hehe…”

The gazes of the small temple officials became even stranger.

What kind of mouthache could be so painful?

Indeed, it did hurt a bit. He had kissed Hua Cheng with too much force when he jumped up, and he probably bumped into Hua Cheng as well. But after leaning in, he could clearly feel that Hua Cheng seemed to be smiling. Xie Lian didn’t dare to think too much, lowered his head, and continued walking forward. The other temple officials didn’t delay either and hurried on their own way.

It seemed that the disturbance caused by Tonglu Mountain was too great, and the atmosphere in Xianjing was uneasy. Many temple officials had gathered in the Godly Military Hall. Although the vengeful spirits from Tonglu Mountain had spread to various places, the majority had been sent to the densely populated imperial city. Xie Lian and Hua Cheng had shouldered a heavy burden, dealing with the most difficult part. The others had already dealt with a few hundred spirits and had returned to Xianjing, looking refreshed. As soon as Xie Lian stepped into the hall, he made eye contact with someone he hadn’t seen in a long time—Lang Qianqiu.

Lang Qianqiu’s expression turned grim, and when he saw Xie Lian, he was also taken aback, then immediately turned his head.

Everyone lowered their heads and fell silent. Jun Wu sat at the top, and when he saw Xie Lian, he slightly stood up, about to say something. However, Lang Qianqiu stepped forward and said, “Divine Lord, I heard that you have captured the Green Ghost Qi Rong.”

Jun Wu looked at him and said, “That’s correct. However, it was not I who personally captured Green Ghost Qi Rong and Ghost Princess Xuan Ji. They were handed over by Yin Yu from the Ghost Market.”

Only then did Xie Lian notice that Yin Yu was also present. There was no way around it; he truly had no presence. It was the first time Yin Yu had entered the Godly Military Hall. Besides the senior temple officials, only those permitted by Jun Wu could set foot in the hall. Previously, when Yin Yu was a temple official, he didn’t have the qualifications to enter. But now that he had “fallen from grace” and ended up in the Ghost Market, he finally entered the inner chambers. It was truly ironic.

Lang Qianqiu spoke straightforwardly, “Qi Rong is an enemy who exterminated my clan. Divine Lord, please hand this person over to me for disposal.”

Jun Wu glanced at Xie Lian, pondered for a moment, and said, “I can hand them over to you for disposal, but I have a question. What will you do after dealing with Green Ghost Qi Rong?”

Originally, Lang Qianqiu had vowed to settle the score with Qi Rong and then find Xie Lian. Jun Wu was aware of this. Lang Qianqiu said in a harsh tone, “That is none of Divine Lord’s concern. Surely, if I don’t answer this question, Divine Lord doesn’t intend to shield Qi Rong and prevent me from seeking revenge for my clan?”

He rarely spoke in the Godly Military Hall before, and even if he did, he was naive. But now, when he opened his mouth, there was an inexplicable air of hostility in his expression and tone. This state of his was not good at all. Pei Ming tried to smooth things over, “Tai Hua Crown Prince seems a bit hot-tempered today. Of course, Divine Lord would never shield him…”

While trying to defuse the situation, a commotion arose outside the hall. Someone burst in and said, “Divine Lord, I can’t wait any longer!”

It was unexpectedly Mu Qing. Dressed in black, his face turned dark, and several Divine Martial Officials who were originally guarding him couldn’t hold him back either and followed him in. He continued, “Divine Lord, we were about to send General Xuan Zhen…”

Jun Wu sighed, touched his forehead, and waved his hand, “Understood, you can all leave.” In a moment, he raised his head and turned to Mu Qing, “So, what’s the matter?”

Mu Qing resolutely said, “That’s why I can no longer endure being wrongly accused like this. Now that you have captured that woman in Tonglu, I want to confront her face-to-face!”

Lang Qianqiu also said, “Divine Lord, please hand Green Ghost Qi Rong over to me!”

The two of them spoke loudly together, causing chaos below. Jun Wu, looking visibly frustrated, said, “Silence! Can’t you wait a little longer for me to deal with the situation at Tonglu?”

Mu Qing said, “You need manpower to deal with the vengeful spirits leaked from Tonglu. What’s the point of keeping me detained? It would be better to let me clear my name sooner and serve the Heavenly Court. As long as Divine Lord brings her up here for me to confront, the truth will come to light!”

That made sense. If he didn’t grant their wishes, they would probably be unyielding. Jun Wu had no choice but to say, “Bring Ghost General Jian Lan.”

Before long, Jian Lan was also brought up. She held a bundle in her hands, emitting a sinister black aura. A pale, bone-like thing that resembled a hand but wasn’t a hand protruded from it, gnashing its teeth and claws. Jian Lan tucked it back into the bundle. Perhaps to save face for Feng Xin, the temple officials escorting her didn’t restrain her. Feng Xin’s Adam’s apple twitched as his gaze met hers for a moment. Jian Lan sidestepped first. Then, Feng Xin’s gaze fell on the “bundle” in her arms, his expression growing even more complicated. Meanwhile, Mu Qing seemed to have run out of patience and immediately said, “I don’t know why your son would frame me, but it definitely knows that I am not the culprit. Someone must have manipulated it.”

He was somewhat losing his composure, but Xie Lian could understand. After all, Mu Qing cared a lot about his reputation. Being falsely accused for so long, which even affected his position in the Heavenly Court, naturally fueled his anger. Jun Wu said, “From your perspective, who manipulated it?”

Mu Qing didn’t speak, but his gaze shifted to the side, and everyone could tell he was looking at Jian Lan.

Feng Xin’s temples throbbed as he exclaimed, “What do you mean? Do you think she deliberately had her son frame you?”

Mu Qing withdrew his gaze and said, “I didn’t say that.”

Feng Xin retorted, “Then what do you think she did? She has no grudge against you. Why would she manipulate like this?”

Mu Qing stared at him and said, “She has no grudge against me, but that may not be the case for you.”

Feng Xin questioned, “What do you mean? Speak clearly.”

Mu Qing glanced at Xie Lian and said, “You met Miss Jian Lan during the time you were demoted as the Crown Prince, right?”

The temple officials turned their gaze towards Xie Lian. Xie Lian: “???”

How did it end up involving him again?

Feng Xin also glanced at him and angrily whispered, “What does that have to do with anything?”

Mu Qing decided to let it all out and said, “Of course, it has something to do with it. At that time, you were down and out, following the Crown Prince, and deeply resentful towards me, who had ascended to the Heavenly Court. You loved nothing more than using me as a scapegoat and bringing up past grievances to criticize me. Since she was your close confidante, how could she not be influenced and grow to hate me as well? Maybe she even resents the Crown Prince because in the end, you didn’t take her away but chose to return and continue your loyal yet miserable life. It’s a blatant betrayal…”

Feng Xin couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, “Stop spouting nonsense!”

He threw a punch, and Mu Qing retaliated. Jian Lan tried to step forward to intervene, but the fetal spirit in her bundle cackled, sounding like a crow’s raucous cries, extremely terrifying. Pei Ming and Yin Yu respectively restrained Feng Xin and Mu Qing, while Quan Yizhen stood by, seemingly contemplating who would win if they fought. In short, the hall was filled with tension and animosity. Xie Lian stood silently for a while, lowered his head, sighed after a long moment, and reminded, “Divine Lord, the immediate priority is to find Bai Wu Xiang and deal with the human-faced plague. The person we found earlier is the most important clue.”

Jun Wu couldn’t bear it any longer and waved his hand, saying, “…Take the Ghost General Jian Lan and the fetal spirit downstairs. Bring the Immortal Music Master up.”

Mu Qing shouted, “No need! I want… What??”

Feng Xin also exclaimed, “Bring who??”

Both of them looked towards the entrance of the hall. The person being brought in by the group of Divine Martial Officials was none other than the Immortal Music Master they were both very familiar with—Mei Nianqing?

Feng Xin and Mu Qing were dumbfounded. Feng Xin said, “The Music Master? Is it really the Music Master?” Mu Qing didn’t say anything, but he was also full of doubts. It was no wonder. Honestly, even now, Xie Lian also felt somewhat unreal and couldn’t connect this person with the “cup of water” questioning him.

Mei Nianqing walked forward slowly, passing by Xie Lian. Jun Wu sat above the hall and said, “Immortal Music Master, when you were below, it seemed like you had something to say.”

Xie Lian slightly bowed and said, “Yes.”

Thus, he recounted the important events such as entering Tonglu Mountain and investigating Wuyong Kingdom. The more they listened, the wider their eyes grew, especially Feng Xin and Mu Qing. After hearing it all, Jun Wu slowly said, “I have never heard of Wuyong Kingdom before.”

The temple officials also echoed, “Neither have I…”

“After all, it was two thousand years ago.”

“They must have deliberately erased the traces.”

Mei Nianqing remained silent throughout. Xie Lian said, “Music Master, Wuyong’s Crown Prince is Bai Wu Xiang, right?”

Mei Nianqing replied, “Yes.”

As expected!

Pei Ming pondered for a moment and said, “Who left behind those murals? And who destroyed the last one?”

Xie Lian said, “I don’t know who left them, but I think it should have been Bai Wu Xiang or one of his subordinates who destroyed them. After all, he didn’t want others to know his identity.”

He turned to Mei Nianqing and said, “And you are one of Bai Wu Xiang’s subordinates.” In other words, one of Bai Wu Xiang’s subordinates.


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Mei Nianqing remained silent. Xie Lian had an urge to ask him if the Immortal Music Master knew that the object back in Xian Yue was Bai Wu Xiang. Were they in cahoots? Was Mei Nianqing even an accomplice?

But in the end, he asked a different question: “Where is Bai Wu Xiang now?”


Xie Lian asked, “Why did Bai Wu Xiang want to destroy Xian Yue?”


Xie Lian asked, “Why did you want to kill me?”

Mei Nianqing finally spoke. He said, “Crown Prince, I didn’t want to kill you.”

Xie Lian asked, “Then why did you aim for my throat downstairs?”

Mei Nianqing countered, “If I strangled you, would you die? Can the person beside you let me succeed?”

Indeed, they couldn’t. But that didn’t mean Mei Nianqing harbored no ill intent, because his reaction at that moment had been purely instinctual. Mei Nianqing probably knew he couldn’t convince Xie Lian and stopped arguing.

After a brief silence, Xie Lian finally asked the question he wanted to ask the most.

He said, “Music Master, what do you want to awaken from me?”

Jun Wu had informed him that the Music Master seemed to want to awaken something from him. What could it be?

Mei Nianqing stared at him with an odd expression. Xie Lian clenched his fist under his sleeve and said, “Music Master, speak up.”

Xie Lian had been feeling vaguely uneasy. The trajectory of Wuyong’s Crown Prince’s fate was so similar to his own. Could there really be some hidden connection between him and Bai Wu Xiang?

He had to figure this out. Because he absolutely couldn’t tolerate any connection between him and Bai Wu Xiang. But he was also very afraid. Could it be true that he and Bai Wu Xiang were connected?

Mei Nianqing looked at him for a while and said, “Crown Prince, I can’t answer these questions at this time. And even if I did, you might not believe me.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “However, there is one thing I can answer immediately.”

Mei Nianqing said word by word, “Bai Wu Xiang is now in this Godly Martial Temple. He is right in front of me!”

Who was in front of him?

Xie Lian!

Xie Lian immediately took a few steps back, seemingly wanting to avoid that position. Feng Xin, who was standing closest, said, “Music Master, you… Open your eyes and see clearly. The person in front of you is none other than the Crown Prince! Your disciple!”

However, there were also other voices. Someone in the distance covered their mouth and whispered, “Could it be… Could it be that the Crown Prince and Bai Wu Xiang are… two halves of the same soul?!”

“What does it mean to be two halves of the same soul?!”

“It means that it’s one person’s soul divided into two halves or split into two. Each half has different memories, characteristics, and abilities. Maybe even different appearances…”

“It’s possible.”

“I’ve heard of such examples before!”

“If that’s true, what should we do? Is the Crown Prince the white-clad calamity of the world???”

Voices like these came from all directions, and Xie Lian also began to doubt: Was he Bai Wu Xiang? Was it really like that???

Could it be that he himself destroyed Xian Yue and tormented himself for eight hundred years? Until now, all of these things were his own fault???

The temple officials were in an uproar, their expressions varied. Feng Xin didn’t know what to say or believe anymore. Jun Wu stood up and said, “Xian Yue, calm down!”

Xie Lian was in a state of confusion and said, “I… I…”

Could it really all be his fault???

If it really was him, then what should he do? He had no idea!

Amidst the confusion, a voice suddenly echoed in his mind:

“No! I can assure you that you are you and no one else. Trust me!”


San Lang. San Lang!

What Hua Cheng said… It couldn’t be him, it couldn’t possibly be his fault!

With that thought, Xie Lian’s mind instantly cleared, and he regained his composure. Jun Wu had already descended from the throne and stood by his side, saying, “Xian Yue, calm down first…”

Xie Lian was about to raise his head and respond calmly, but at that moment, Mei Nianqing suddenly reached out and drew the sword at Feng Xin’s waist, aiming it at Jun Wu!

The temple officials exclaimed in unison. However, Jun Wu and Xie Lian were both Martial Gods, and they were among the most powerful ones. They didn’t regard this level of sneak attack as a threat. Before the tip of the sword could touch Jun Wu’s body, Xie Lian swiftly extended two fingers like lightning, clasping the shining blade right before his eyes!

Feng Xin quickly regained his senses and moved to restrain the Music Master. It was simply suicidal to attempt an attack in the Godly Martial Temple, especially in front of so many powerful Martial Gods. Feng Xin said, “Music Master, what you’re doing is futile!”

Mei Nianqing struggled in vain while shouting at Xie Lian, “Look! Look quickly!”

Yin Yu rushed forward and asked, “Crown Prince! Are you okay? What happened?”

Mu Qing remained cautious from afar and asked, “Look at what? What does he mean? What does he want to do?”

In the midst of chaos, Xie Lian remained motionless for a long time.

Not for any other reason, but because within that gleaming sword’s edge, he saw something.

A face.

A calm and handsome face of a young man.

And on this face, there were three other faces!

The three smaller faces pressed against his face, distorting his originally beautiful features into a sinister and terrifying appearance, even twisting his facial features slightly. Half of his face seemed to be crying, while the other half seemed to be smiling.

Xie Lian should be familiar with this face. But at this moment, reflected in the mirror-like sword’s edge, it appeared so unfamiliar and horrifying that Xie Lian broke out in a cold sweat. He suddenly remembered that the sword Feng Xin carried with him was the Red Mirror, a wicked and manifesting mirror. Demons and monsters had nowhere to hide from its reflection.

From this angle, what the Red Mirror showed was not his own face but the face of the person standing behind him. Moreover, there were a pair of gloomy eyes on that face, tightly fixated on him.

Xie Lian’s pupils slowly contracted. His movements seemed to lag for several beats. He slightly opened his mouth but hadn’t made a sound when suddenly his wrist stiffened.

A strong hand grabbed his wrist, and Jun Wu smiled behind him, saying, “Xian Yue, what are you looking at?”