These people originally thought they would meet a gruesome death at the hands of the Yiling Patriarch and become his mindless puppets. Each of them was filled with fear. However, to their surprise, Wei Wuxian showed no interest in entangling with them further. After reading the announcement, he threw them to the ground and left with his hands behind his back.

He did not retrieve the malevolent spirits; they continued to wail in pain and wriggle on the ground, unable to get up.

After an unknown amount of time, a blue sword light flashed by, and everyone felt a weight lift from their backs. Someone exclaimed, “I can move!”

Several individuals struggled to climb to their feet, only to see the blue sword light fly back and return to its sheath.

The person was an extremely young and elegant man, dressed in white with a cloth covering his forehead. His face was solemn, and there seemed to be a trace of restrained worry between his brows. Despite his swift movements, there was no trace of haste, and even his robes did not flutter.

The cultivator with broken legs endured the pain and said, “Hanguang-Jun!”

Lan Wangji walked to his side, squatting down to examine his injuries. He confirmed that they were not too severe and stood up without speaking. The cultivator added, “Hanguang-Jun, you arrived late. Wei Wuxian just left!”

Many knew that in recent days, Hanguang-Jun of Gusu Lan had been searching everywhere for Wei Wuxian, most likely to hold him accountable and seek justice for the dozens of lives lost in Gusu Lan. They hurriedly said, “Yes, he only left less than half an hour ago!”

Lan Wangji asked, “What did he do? Where did he go?”

The crowd quickly complained, “He didn’t discriminate; he attacked and almost killed us all on the spot!”

Lan Wangji’s fingers, hidden beneath his snowy white wide sleeves, twitched slightly, as if he wanted to clench them into a fist but quickly let go.

The cultivator hurriedly added, “But he left a message. He said he’s going to the No Night City to settle accounts with the four major clans at the oath-taking ceremony!”

After the destruction of Qishan Wen, the main hall group of the No Night City had become a magnificent yet desolate ruin.

Located at the highest point of the entire No Night City, in front of the Flame Sun Palace, was an incredibly spacious square. In the past, three towering flagpoles stood at the forefront of the square. Now, two of them were broken, leaving only one flagpole with a torn, blood-stained Flame Sun flag.

On this night, the square was densely packed with formations of various sizes, representing different clans. Each clan’s banner fluttered in the night breeze. In front of the broken flagpole stood a temporary altar, and the heads of each clan stood in front of their respective formations. Jin Guangyao, one by one, handed them a cup of wine. After receiving the wine, the clan leaders raised their cups high and poured the wine onto the ground.

As the wine seeped into the soil, Jin Guang solemnly said, “Regardless of the clan or surname, this cup of wine is to honor the fallen heroes of the noble families.”

Nie Mingjue said, “Their spirits will live on.”

Lan Xichen said, “May they rest in peace.”

Jiang Wanyin wore a gloomy expression and remained silent after pouring the wine.

Next, Jin Guangyao stepped out of the Lanling Jin formation, holding a black square iron box with both hands. Jin Guang raised the iron box high and exclaimed, “The remains of the Wen remnants are here!”

He then circulated his spiritual energy and shattered the iron box with his bare hands. The black iron box broke into several pieces, and countless white ashes scattered in the cold night wind.

Casting their bones and scattering their ashes!

Cheers erupted from the crowd. Jin Guangyao raised both hands, gesturing for everyone to be quiet and listen. Once the applause gradually subsided, he loudly proclaimed, “Tonight, the two leaders of the Wen remnants were cast away, and tomorrow it will be the remaining Wen dogs and… Yiling Patriarch, Wei Wuxian!”

Suddenly, a low laugh interrupted his impassioned speech.

The timing of this laughter was completely inappropriate, jarring and abrupt. Everyone immediately turned their heads towards the source of the sound.

The Flame Sun Palace was a grand hall with twelve ridges, each adorned with eight divine beasts. However, the crowd noticed that on one of the ridges, there were nine divine beasts instead of eight. The low laughter had come from that direction!

The additional ridge beast moved slightly, and in the next moment, a boot and a piece of black fabric dangled from the eaves, gently swaying.

Everyone’s hands gripped their sword hilts, Jiang Wanyin’s pupils contracted, and veins bulged on the back of his hand. Jin Guangyao was filled with shock and anger, exclaiming, “Wei Wuxian! How dare you show up here!”

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The person spoke, and indeed, it was Wei Wuxian’s voice, sounding peculiar. He said, “Why wouldn’t I dare to show up here? Do you all add up to three thousand? Don’t forget, during the Sunshot Campaign, I fought alone against not just three thousand, but five thousand people. Moreover, my appearance here aligns perfectly with your intentions, saving you the trouble of coming to eradicate me tomorrow.”

Nie Mingjue from Qinghe Nie, whose disciples had also died at the hands of Wen Ning’s madness, said coldly, “Arrogant scum.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “Haven’t I always been this arrogant? Jin Zongzhu, how does it feel to slap yourself? Wasn’t it you who let the matter slide when the Wen siblings went to the Jinlintai to apologize? And yet, just now, who was it that declared they would crush my bones and scatter my ashes with the remaining Wen remnants tomorrow?”

Jin Guangyao said, “Like for like! The Qiongqi Sect intercepted and killed over a hundred of my disciples from Lanling Jin. That’s one thing. But you, Wei Wuxian, attacking at Jinlintai, that’s another—”

Wei Wuxian interrupted, “Then I dare to ask, Jin Zongzhu, who did the Qiongqi Sect intercept? Who did they kill? Who was the mastermind? And who fell into the trap? Ultimately, who was it that provoked me in the first place?!”

The disciples hiding within the formations felt secure in the crowd and mustered the courage to shout, “Even if Jin Guangyao set up the interception, you shouldn’t have gone so far and caused so much bloodshed!”

“Oh,” Wei Wuxian analyzed for them, “If he wants to kill me, he doesn’t have to hold back. If I die, tough luck for me. But for me to protect myself, I have to worry about not hurting this person or that person, not even a hair? In other words, it’s okay for you all to surround and attack me, but when I fight back, it’s not allowed, is that right?”

Yao Zongzhu raised his voice, “Fight back? Over a hundred innocent people and over thirty people on Jinlintai were harmed by your actions. Why did you involve them?”

Wei Wuxian responded, “Then what about the over fifty Wen cultivators on the Burial Mound? Weren’t they innocent too? Why did you involve them?”

Another person spat, “What kind of great favor did Wen dogs give you for you to side with these scum?”

“I don’t see any great favor. He just thinks he’s a hero opposing the entire world, doing a righteous act, and considering himself noble for daring to challenge the world!”

Upon hearing this, Wei Wuxian fell silent.

The people below mistook his silence for retreat and said, “In the end, it was you who cursed Jin Guangyao with despicable and sinister curses first!”

Wei Wuxian asked, “May I ask, do you have any evidence to prove that the curses were from me?”

The person hesitated, unable to answer, and said, “Then do you have any evidence to prove that they weren’t from you?”

Wei Wuxian laughed, “Then let me ask you again, why isn’t it you? You also have no evidence to prove that the curses weren’t from you, right?”

The person became shocked and angry, “Me? How could I be like you? Don’t try to confuse right and wrong! Your suspicion is the greatest. Don’t think we don’t know. You and Jin Guangyao had a grudge over a year ago!”

Wei Wuxian replied sternly, “So, who is the one confusing right and wrong? That’s right, if I wanted to kill him, I would have done it over a year ago. There was no need to wait until now. Otherwise, a character like him wouldn’t have lasted a year, I would have forgotten him in three days.”

Yao Zongzhu was shocked, “Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian, today I have truly seen something. I have never seen such an unreasonable villain like you… After killing someone, you insult them with words, trading insults. Don’t you have the slightest bit of sympathy or guilt?”

Curses filled the air, but Wei Wuxian calmly accepted them.

Only anger could suppress the other emotions within him.

A cultivator standing closer to the front of the formation said with a grieving heart, “Wei Wuxian, you have deeply disappointed me. I once admired and respected you, thinking of you as a great figure who established a sect. Now, I find it nauseating. From this moment on, I stand against you!”

Hearing this, Wei Wuxian first froze, then burst into a fit of laughter, “Hahaha…”

He laughed until he was almost out of breath and said, “You admired me? You say you admired me, then why have I never seen you when you supposedly admired me? Yet, when everyone was calling for my persecution, you jumped out and cheered?”

Tears formed at the corners of Wei Wuxian’s eyes as he continued, “Your admiration is so cheap. You say you stand against me, so what? Will it have any impact on me, whether you stand against me or treat me as your sworn enemy? Your admiration and hatred are so insignificant. How dare you boast about them?”

Before his words could finish, he suddenly choked, feeling a sudden, intense pain in his chest.

Looking down, he saw an arrow embedded in his chest, its tip buried between two ribs.

He looked in the direction from where the arrow had been shot. The one who had shot the arrow was a handsome young cultivator, standing within a small clan’s formation, still maintaining his posture, the bowstring trembling.

Wei Wuxian could tell that the arrow was originally aimed directly at his heart. However, due to the archer’s lack of skill, the arrow’s momentum weakened in mid-air, deviating slightly and piercing through his chest, between his ribs.

The people beside the archer looked at him in shock and even fear, witnessing this reckless action taken by their fellow disciple. Wei Wuxian raised his head, his face full of hostility, and pulled out the arrow with his hand, throwing it back with force. A cry of pain rang out as the young cultivator who had shot at him was struck by the arrow, directly piercing his chest.

Another young man beside him threw himself on top of the injured cultivator, wailing, “Brother! Brother!”

The formation of that clan instantly fell into chaos. The clan leader pointed at Wei Wuxian with trembling fingers and said, “You… You… You’re so cruel!”

Wei Wuxian pressed on the wound on his chest with his right hand, temporarily stopping the bleeding, and said indifferently, “What do you mean by cruel? Since he dared to ambush and shoot an arrow at me, he should have anticipated the consequences if he missed. Since you all call me a wicked and evil cultivator, it’s not reasonable to expect me to be magnanimous and let it slide.”

Jin Guangyao shouted, “Set up the formation! Set up the formation! Today, we cannot let him leave here alive!”

With the command given, the stalemate was finally broken. Several disciples soared into the air, wielding their swords and bows, encircling the main hall from above.

Finally, they made the first move!

Wei Wuxian sneered as he took the Inquiry Token from his waist and brought it to his lips. With a shrill sound from the flute, white arms emerged from the ground in the Yenji City Square!

One by one, bodies broke through the fine masonry pavement, emerging from the earth. Those who had just taken off on their swords were immediately pulled down by them. Wei Wuxian stood on the roof of the Yanyang Lielian Hall, playing the flute horizontally, his eyes gleaming coldly in the dark. Looking down, the colorful attire of various clans churned and seethed like boiling water, scattering and converging. Except for the formation of the Yunmeng Jiang clan, which remained intact, all the other families were in disarray, with each clan leader busy protecting their disciples and unable to attack Wei Wuxian.

At that moment, a clear sound of a qin disrupted the melody of the Inquiry Token flute.

Wei Wuxian set down the Inquiry Token and turned his head to look. He saw a person sitting on another roof, with a horizontal qin in front of them, dressed in snowy white garments that stood out in the darkness.

In a cold voice, Wei Wuxian said, “Ah, Lan Zhan.”

After exchanging greetings, he brought the flute to his lips again and said, “You should have known long ago that the Qingxin tune has no effect on me!”

Lan Wangji flipped the qin on his back, drew out his Wangji sword, and rushed towards the Inquiry Token, intending to sever the demonic sound emanating from the cursed flute. Wei Wuxian swiftly turned around and laughed heartily, “Good, good, good! I knew that one day we would fight with real swords and spears like this. You’ve never looked at me favorably, come on then!”

After hearing these words, Lan Wangji paused in his movements and said, “Wei Ying!”

Although spoken with a commanding tone, anyone who was sober would hear the trembling in Lan Wangji’s voice. However, Wei Wuxian had lost his ability to judge at this moment. He was half-mad, half out of his mind, magnifying all the malice he felt, believing that everyone in the world hated him and he hated everyone in return. He feared no one and treated everyone the same.

Suddenly, amidst the chaotic sounds of fighting, Wei Wuxian heard a faint voice.

That voice was calling out, “Ah Xian!”

That voice was like a bucket of cold water, extinguishing the burning flames of malice in his heart.

Jiang Yanli?

When did she arrive at the Guanyin Temple Conference?!

Wei Wuxian lost control, unable to consider the countless attacks coming at him. He put down the Inquiry Token and turned around. He saw Jiang Yanli’s white figure being swallowed by the crowd. With great effort, he pushed aside the people blocking his path and struggled to move forward. There was still a considerable distance between them, countless people in between. For a while, Wei Wuxian couldn’t break through, and Jiang Cheng couldn’t either. To make matters worse, at that very moment, they both suddenly noticed that behind Jiang Yanli, a half-rotted corpse stood unsteadily.

That corpse was halfway decayed, dragging a rusty longsword, moving closer to Jiang Yanli.

Witnessing this horrifying scene, Wei Wuxian shouted fiercely, “Get away! Get away from her! Don’t touch her!”

Jiang Cheng roared, “Let it go!”

He threw his Three Poisons sword, and the purple sword light flew towards the corpse. However, halfway through, the sword light was disrupted by the sword lights of other cultivators, deviating from its intended path. The more chaotic Wei Wuxian’s state of mind, the worse his control, and the corpse ignored his commands, raising its longsword and slashing towards Jiang Yanli!

Wei Wuxian went mad, shouting as he rushed forward, “Stop, stop, stop!”

Everyone was busy dealing with the attacking corpses around them and had no spare attention to see if someone else was in immediate danger. With a swing of its sword, the corpse cut across Jiang Yanli’s back!

Jiang Yanli fell to the ground instantly.

The corpse stood behind her, raising its longsword once again. At that moment, a sword light sliced off half of its body!

Lan Wangji landed on the square, catching the Retrieval Dust in passing. Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng finally rushed over, too concerned to thank Lan Wangji. Jiang Cheng was the first to hold Jiang Yanli, while Lan Wangji intercepted Wei Wuxian, grabbing his collar and pulling him close, speaking sternly, “Wei Ying! Stop controlling the corpses!”

Wei Wuxian couldn’t care less about anything else at the moment. He couldn’t see Lan Wangji’s face, especially not the bloodshot eyes or the reddened eye sockets. He just wanted to see if Jiang Yanli was alright. With red eyes, he pushed Lan Wangji aside and threw himself to the ground. Lan Wangji stumbled from the push but quickly regained his balance, watching Wei Wuxian. Without taking any further action, he heard cries for help from a distance, shifted his gaze, and flew over to assist.

Jiang Yanli’s back was soaked in blood, her eyes closed, but she was still breathing. Jiang Cheng’s hand trembled as he withdrew his hand, which had been checking her pulse. He breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly punched Wei Wuxian in the face, shouting, “What’s going on? Didn’t you say you could control them? Didn’t you say it would be fine?!”

Wei Wuxian sat down on the ground, dazed, and said, “I don’t know.”

He said despairingly, “I can’t control it. I can’t control it…”

At that moment, Jiang Yanli moved slightly. Jiang Cheng held her tightly and incoherently said, “Sister! It’s okay! It’s okay. How are you? Are you alright? It’s just a cut. It’s okay. I’ll take you down immediately…”

As he spoke, he tried to lift Jiang Yanli, but she suddenly said, “…A-Xian.”

Wei Wuxian trembled and hurriedly said, “Shijie, I… I’m here.”

Jiang Yanli slowly opened her dark eyes, causing panic to surge in Wei Wuxian’s heart.

Jiang Yanli struggled to say, “…A-Xian. Why did you run so fast before? I didn’t even have a chance to look at you, to say a word to you…”

As he listened, Wei Wuxian’s heart pounded rapidly.

He still couldn’t face Jiang Yanli’s face, especially at this moment, when it was covered in dust and blood, just like Jin Guangyao’s face back then.

He didn’t dare to hear what she was going to say next.

Jiang Yanli continued, “I… came to tell you…”

To say what?

It’s okay?

I don’t hate you?

There’s nothing to blame you for?

That’s impossible.

But the complete opposite of those words, she couldn’t say either.

So, she didn’t know what to say in this situation, what she could say to Wei Wuxian.

However, she just felt in her heart that she must see her younger brother one last time.

She sighed and said, “A-Xian, you… you should stop. Don’t… don’t…”

Wei Wuxian hastily said, “Okay, I’ll stop.”

He picked up the Inquiry Token and put it to his lips, playing it with his head lowered. He exerted great effort to stabilize his mind, and this time, the corpses finally obeyed his command. One by one, they made strange sounds from their throats, as if complaining, slowly subsiding.

Lan Wangji stomped his foot slightly, looking in this direction from a distance. Finally, he turned back and continued to draw his sword, rescuing his fellow disciples and others who were still in desperate battles.

Suddenly, Jiang Yanli opened her eyes, and her hands exerted a force that seemed to come from nowhere, pushing Wei Wuxian away!

Wei Wuxian was pushed and fell to the ground again. When he looked up, he saw a gleaming longsword piercing through Jiang Yanli’s throat.

The young cultivator holding the sword was the one who had been crying while hugging the archer earlier. He was still sobbing uncontrollably, tears blurring his vision, and said, “Wei thief! This sword is to avenge my brother!”

Wei Wuxian sat on the dirty ground, staring at Jiang Yanli’s head, which had already tilted to the side, blood gushing from her throat.

He had been waiting for her to speak, as if awaiting her final judgment.

Jiang Cheng was also stunned, still holding his sister’s body, completely unable to react.

After a moment, Wei Wuxian let out a shrill scream.

Lan Wangji thrust his sword forward and turned around abruptly.

Only then did the young cultivator realize that he had killed the wrong person by mistake. He pulled out his longsword, causing a splatter of blood, and panic-stricken, he retreated while saying, “…It’s not, it’s not me, it’s not… I was supposed to kill Wei Wuxian, I was avenging my brother… She threw herself at me!”

Wei Wuxian swiftly appeared in front of him, clutching his neck. Yao Zongzhu swung his sword and shouted, “Evil demon, let him go!”

Lan Wangji disregarded any sense of decorum.

He pushed aside person after person, rushing towards Wei Wuxian. However, before he had covered half the distance, Wei Wuxian, in full view of everyone, broke the young cultivator’s throat with his bare hands.

An elderly clan leader with white hair angrily exclaimed, “You! You—you caused the deaths of Jiang Fengmian and his wife, and now you’ve caused the death of your own shijie. You brought this upon yourself, yet you dare to shift blame onto others! Without remorse, you continue to take lives. Wei Wuxian, your sins are unforgivable!”

However, no matter how much they cursed and scolded, Wei Wuxian couldn’t hear them anymore.

As if possessed by another soul, he reached out his hands and took out two items from his sleeve, piecing them together in front of everyone.

The two items joined together, creating a resounding clash.

Wei Wuxian held it in his palm and raised it high.

It was the Yin Tiger Seal!