That night, a storm swept through, causing a great uproar.

At midnight, in the Golden Pavilion on the Golden Lintai, nearly fifty masters of various sizes sat in their seats. The chief seat was occupied by Jing Guangshan. Jin Zixuan was away from home, and Jin Zixun lacked the qualifications, so only Jing Guangyao stood respectfully by his side. In the front row sat figures like Nie Mingjue, Jiang Cheng, Lan Xichen, and Lan Wangji, their expressions solemn. In the back row were other prominent masters and cultivators, looking tense and whispering to each other from time to time, saying things like “I knew it,” “It was bound to happen,” and “Let’s see how it ends.”

All eyes were focused on Jiang Cheng, who sat in the center of attention in the front row. With a gloomy expression on his face, he listened attentively as Jing Guangyao spoke politely and softly:

“…Four foremen were killed this time, and about fifty remnants of the Wen clan escaped. After Wei Wuxian brought them into the Burial Mounds, he summoned hundreds of fierce corpses to patrol and block the mountain, preventing our people from ascending.”

After hearing this, there was silence in the Golden Pavilion.

After a while, Jiang Cheng said, “This matter is indeed extremely unreasonable. I will personally apologize to Sect Leader Jin. If there is any way to remedy the situation, please speak up, and I will do my best to compensate.”

But Jing Guangshan did not seek his apology or compensation. He said, “Jiang Sect Leader, originally, out of respect for you, the Lanling Jin clan would not say much. However, these foremen are not all from the Jin clan; some of them are from other families. This…”

Jiang Cheng’s brow furrowed, and he rubbed his temples where the throbbing veins wouldn’t stop. He took a silent breath and said, “…I apologize to all the sect leaders. You are unaware, but the cultivator Wei Wuxian wanted to save, Wen Ning, and his sister Wen Qing, once rendered great help to both of us during the Sunshot Campaign. Therefore…”

Nie Mingjue interjected, “What kind of help did they provide? Wasn’t it the Qishan Wen clan who perpetrated the massacre of the Yunmeng Jiang clan?”

These past few years, Jiang Cheng had been busy until late at night every day. He had just planned to rest earlier today but was forced to rush to the Golden Pavilion overnight due to this explosive news. Fatigue had already fueled his irritation, and being compelled to apologize publicly to others had made him even more agitated. Now, when Nie Mingjue mentioned the annihilation of his clan, a surge of hatred welled up inside him, directed not only at everyone present but also at Wei Wuxian.

Lan Xichen pondered and said, “I have some knowledge about this Wen Qing. It seems that she was not involved in any of the violent incidents during the Sunshot Campaign.”

Nie Mingjue retorted, “But she didn’t try to stop it either.”

Lan Xichen replied, “Wen Qing is one of Wen Ruohan’s confidantes. How could she have stopped it?”

Nie Mingjue coldly stated, “If she only remained silent and didn’t oppose when the Wen clan committed atrocities, then it’s the same as standing by and doing nothing. You can’t expect to enjoy special treatment only when the Wen clan is causing trouble. They must bear the consequences and pay the price when the Wen clan is eradicated.”

Lan Xichen knew that Nie Mingjue harbored the greatest hatred for the Wen clan due to his family’s feud. Furthermore, he had an unforgiving nature, so he didn’t speak further. Another master said, “Nie Sect Leader is right. Besides, Wen Qing is one of Wen Ruohan’s trusted subordinates. How could she not have blood on her hands? Perhaps we just haven’t discovered it yet!”

As soon as the brutal deeds of the Qishan Wen clan were mentioned, the crowd became agitated and noisy. Jing Guangshan intended to speak, but seeing the unfavorable situation, Jing Guangyao observed his expression and quickly said aloud, “Please, everyone, calm down. The focus of today’s discussion is not on this matter.” As he spoke, he had the servants bring in chilled fruit slices to divert their attention, gradually calming the Golden Pavilion. Jing Guangshan took the opportunity to say, “Jiang Sect Leader, originally this was your family matter, and I didn’t want to interfere. But now, regarding this Wei Wuxian, I have to remind you.”

Jiang Cheng responded, “Please, Sect Leader Jin, speak.”

Jing Guangshan said, “Jiang Sect Leader, Wei Wuxian is your right-hand man, and we all know how highly you regard him. But conversely, it’s hard to say if he respects you as the sect leader. As a sect leader for so many years, I have never seen a subordinate so arrogant and conceited, shamelessly taking credit for himself. Have you not heard what’s being said outside? The claim that the Yunmeng Jiang clan’s achievements in the Sunshot Campaign were solely due to Wei Wuxian is utterly baseless!”

Upon hearing this statement, Jiang Cheng’s face turned extremely ugly. Jing Guangshan shook his head and continued, “At the Hundred Families Gathering, he dared to show his displeasure in front of you, leaving with an attitude. And yesterday, when you were not around, he was even more audacious, saying things like ‘I don’t even consider Jiang Wanyin, the sect leader, worthy of my attention!’ Everyone present heard it with their own ears…”

Suddenly, a cold voice interjected, “That’s not true.”

Jing Guangshan, caught up in his narrative, froze for a moment, and like everyone else, turned their heads towards the voice.

Lan Wangji sat upright, calm and composed, and said, “I have never heard Wei Ying say such words, nor have I sensed any disrespect toward Jiang Sect Leader.”

Lan Wangji seldom spoke, even during discussions and debates. He only responded briefly and succinctly when others asked him questions or challenged him. He was concise and precise, hitting the key points, effortlessly outshining those who rambled on and on. He rarely spoke unless spoken to. Therefore, Jing Guangshan’s surprise at being interrupted far outweighed any displeasure. However, it was indeed embarrassing to have one’s words twisted and exaggerated, especially when it was done publicly. Fortunately, his embarrassment didn’t last long as Jing Guangyao quickly came to his rescue. Jing Guangyao exclaimed, “Is that so? Ah, on that day, Young Master Wei was full of energy when he rushed into the Golden Pavilion and said so many things. One statement was more astonishing than the other. I can’t remember all of them.”

Jing Guangyao’s memory was not inferior to Lan Wangji’s, but Nie Mingjue could tell that he was intentionally acting confused. He frowned slightly, and Jing Guangshan followed the lead, saying, “Indeed, he has always been arrogant and conceited.”

A master spoke up, “Actually, I’ve wanted to say this for a long time. Although Wei Wuxian made some contributions during the Sunshot Campaign, there were many guest cultivators who also contributed. I have never seen someone as self-righteous as him. To speak plainly, he is just a servant’s son. How can a servant’s son be so arrogant?”

When the term “servant’s son” was mentioned, naturally, people thought of the “courtesan’s son” standing in the hall. Jin Guangyao noticed the unfriendly gazes but maintained his perfect smile, unfazed. The crowd began expressing their dissatisfaction:

“Sect Leader Jin had good intentions by giving Wei Ying the Yin Tiger Token, fearing that he couldn’t handle it and would cause trouble. Yet, he responded with a small-minded mentality, thinking that everyone coveted his treasure. Ridiculous! Speaking of treasures, which family doesn’t have a few precious items?”

“I always thought that his cultivation of demonic arts would eventually lead to trouble. Look! His murderous nature is already revealing itself, killing our people for the sake of a few Wen dogs…”

At this moment, a cautious voice interjected, “But was it indiscriminate killing?”

Lan Wangji seemed to have entered a state of serene detachment, but upon hearing the voice, he looked up. The speaker was a young woman of exquisite beauty, standing beside a master. Her unexpected comment immediately provoked a backlash from the surrounding cultivators. “What do you mean by that?”

The woman seemed startled and said cautiously, “No… I didn’t mean anything else. There’s no need to get so worked up, everyone. I just feel that the term ‘indiscriminate killing’ is not appropriate.”

Another person spewed, “What’s inappropriate about it? Wei Wuxian has always been indiscriminately killing since the Sunshot Campaign. Can you deny that?”

The woman tried to defend herself, “The Sunshot Campaign was a battlefield, and on the battlefield, isn’t everyone considered to be indiscriminate killers? Let’s focus on the facts. I genuinely don’t think it’s fair to call him indiscriminate. After all, there were reasons for what happened. If those foremen really mistreated the prisoners and killed Wen Ning, it wouldn’t be considered indiscriminate killing; it would be revenge…”

One person angrily interjected, “You’re ridiculous! Are you trying to justify his killing of our people? Are you praising it as a righteous act?”

Another person sneered, “Those foremen haven’t been proven to have done those things. No one has witnessed it firsthand.”

“Yeah, the surviving foremen all claim that they never mistreated the prisoners and that Wen Ning accidentally fell to his death from a cliff. They even kindly buried his remains. Who would have expected such revenge in return? It’s truly chilling!”

The woman said, “Other foremen are afraid of being held responsible for mistreating prisoners and killing people, so of course, they would adamantly deny it…”

Suddenly, someone chuckled coldly, “You don’t need to argue anymore. People with guilty consciences, we don’t want to hear it.”

The woman’s face turned red, and she raised her voice, “Make it clear. What do you mean by ‘people with guilty consciences’?”

The person said, “No need to explain. You know it in your heart, and we all know it too. Weren’t you hopelessly infatuated with him after he saved you from the massacre at Xuanwu Cave? And now you’re defending him, distorting the truth. Ha, a woman is just a woman.”

Wei Wuxian’s rescue of her from Xuanwu Cave had been a topic of gossip for some time, so many people immediately realized that this young woman was “Mianmian.”

Someone muttered, “I knew it! No wonder she’s so eager to speak up for Wei Wuxian…”

Mianmian retorted, “What do you mean by distorting the truth? I’m simply discussing the facts. What does it matter if I’m a woman? If you can’t argue logically, are you going to attack me with something else?”

Someone sneered, “Tsk tsk, you talk so self-righteously. Your heart is clearly biased, so what’s the point of discussing the facts?”

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“Don’t waste your breath on her. It’s shameful that someone like her belongs to our family and managed to infiltrate the Golden Pavilion. I feel ashamed standing next to her.”

Many of those attacking her were cultivators from the same family faction. Mianmian’s eyes turned red with tears, and after a moment of silence, she exclaimed loudly, “Fine! You all have loud voices! Fine! You’re right!”

She gritted her teeth, suddenly took off her family emblem robe, and slammed it heavily on the table with a loud thud. Several nearby masters who hadn’t paid attention to this side turned their heads to see what was happening. Others were shocked by her action because it represented “withdrawing from the family.”

Mianmian remained silent and walked out. After a while, someone sneered, “If she has the guts, she shouldn’t put the robe back on!”

“Who does she think she is… Quitting is quitting. Who cares? Who is she trying to impress with this show of anger?”

Sporadic comments followed, with someone chiming in, “A woman is just a woman. She can’t handle a few comments and will probably come back on her own in a couple of days.”

“Definitely. After all, she finally managed to elevate herself from being a servant’s daughter to a disciple. Hehe…”

As these mocking voices swirled behind him, Lan Wangji also stood up and walked out. Lan Xichen asked for an explanation of what had happened in this small commotion. The more they spoke, the more unbearable it became. In a solemn voice, Lan Xichen said, “Everyone, she has already left. Let’s calm down.”

Ze Wujun spoke up, and others naturally gave face. The Golden Pavilion once again buzzed with discussions, condemning Wen dogs and Wei Wuxian. The air was filled with intense hatred, teeth gnashing, refusing any opposing views. Taking advantage of this atmosphere, Jin Guangshan turned to Jiang Cheng and said, “I’m afraid Wei Wuxian had long planned his trip to Burial Mounds. With his abilities, establishing his own sect would not have been difficult. So, he took this opportunity to leave the Jiang Sect and seek his own path outside. You painstakingly rebuilt the Yunmeng Jiang Sect, but he, with all the controversies surrounding him, hasn’t restrained himself. He has caused you so much trouble without considering your position.”

Jiang Cheng forced himself to remain calm and said, “That won’t happen. Wei Wuxian has always been like this, even my father couldn’t control him.”

Jin Guangshan said, “Brother Feng, can’t control him either, right?” He chuckled twice and continued, “Brother Feng, that’s favoritism.”

When Jiang Cheng heard the words “favoritism,” the muscles at the corner of his mouth twitched.

Jin Guangshan continued, pressing him step by step, striking while the iron was hot. “Jiang Sect Leader, you’re different from your father. The Yunmeng Jiang Sect has only been rebuilt for a few years, and it’s the time for you to establish your authority. He didn’t consider avoiding suspicion, allowing the new disciples of the Jiang family to witness this. What will they think? Do you want them to take him as an example and not respect you?”

He persisted with his words, one after another, and Jiang Cheng replied slowly, “Master Jin, there’s no need to say more. I will go to Burial Mounds and resolve this matter.”

Jin Guangshan was satisfied in his heart and spoke with deep meaning, “That’s right, Sect Leader Jiang. Some people and some things should not be tolerated.”

After the meeting adjourned, the family heads felt they had obtained extraordinary gossip for the day. They walked quickly, heatedly discussing the matter, their indignation unabated. Beyond the Golden Pavilion, the Three Statues gathered. Lan Xichen said, “Third Brother, you’ve worked hard.”

Jin Guangyao smiled and said, “I didn’t work hard, but Sect Leader Jiang’s table did. It was shattered by him. It seems he was really furious.”

Nie Mingjue approached and said, “Deceptive and cunning, indeed hard to handle.”

Hearing this, Lan Xichen smiled but remained silent. Jin Guangyao knew that Nie Mingjue would take this opportunity to lecture Lan Xichen on being a good person, feeling somewhat helpless. He quickly changed the subject and said, “Oh, Second Brother, where is Wangji? I saw him leave early.”

Lan Xichen gestured ahead, and Jin Guangyao and Nie Mingjue turned to look. In the sea of flowers beyond the Golden Pavilion, Lan Wangji and the woman who had just withdrawn from the family stood face to face. The woman’s eyes were still teary, while Lan Wangji maintained a solemn expression. They were engaged in conversation.

In an instant, Lan Wangji slightly lowered his head and bowed to her.

This bow contained not only respect but also solemnity. The woman returned an even more solemn bow, wearing the gauzy attire without a family emblem. Then, she gracefully left the Golden Pavilion.

Nie Mingjue remarked, “This woman has much more integrity than those ignorant people in her family.”

Jin Guangyao smiled and said, “Indeed.”

Two days later, Jiang Cheng led thirty disciples and went to Yi Ling.

At the foot of Burial Mounds, before the collapsed enchantment wall, there were indeed hundreds of fierce corpses wandering about. Jiang Cheng approached, and they remained indifferent. However, when his disciples approached, they emitted low warning growls. Jiang Cheng instructed his disciples to wait at the foot of the mountain and ventured forward alone. He walked through the dense forest, and after a long while, he heard voices up ahead.

Beside the mountain path, there were several round tree stumps—a large one resembling a table and three smaller ones like stools. A woman in a red robe and Wei Wuxian sat on two of the stumps, while a few seemingly honest men were diligently digging the soil on a nearby piece of land.

Wei Wuxian shook his leg and said, “Let’s plant potatoes.”

The woman firmly replied, “Let’s plant radishes. Radishes are easy to grow and less likely to die. Potatoes are more difficult to manage.”

Wei Wuxian retorted, “Radishes don’t taste good.”

Jiang Cheng snorted, and only then did Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing turn around, unfazed by his presence. Wei Wuxian stood up, walked over without saying a word, and continued up the mountain with his hands behind his back. Jiang Cheng didn’t ask anything and followed him.

Not long after, another group of men appeared by the side of the mountain path, busily working on a structure made of several wooden frames. They seemed to be cultivators from the Wen clan, but after removing their flame-patterned robes and wearing rough cloth garments, wielding hammers and saws, carrying wood and straw on their shoulders, climbing up and down, they were indistinguishable from ordinary farmers or hunters. When they saw Jiang Cheng, they recognized him as a grandmaster from his clothes and sword. They seemed to be apprehensive and stopped their work, hesitating as they glanced over but didn’t dare to make a sound. Wei Wuxian waved his hand and said, “Continue.”

As soon as he spoke, the group resumed their work with relief. Jiang Cheng asked, “What are they doing?”

Wei Wuxian replied, “Can’t you tell? They’re building houses.”

Jiang Cheng questioned, “Building houses? Then what were those few people doing when they were digging the soil earlier? Don’t tell me you’re really planning to farm.”

Wei Wuxian said, “Didn’t you hear? We’re planting crops.”

Jiang Cheng scoffed, “Are you planning to farm on a mountain of corpses? Can the things you grow here be eaten?”

Wei Wuxian responded, “Trust me, when a person is starving, they can eat anything.”

Jiang Cheng asked, “Are you really planning to stay here long-term? Can people survive in this ghostly place?”

Wei Wuxian replied nonchalantly, “I stayed here for three months.”

After a moment of silence, Jiang Cheng asked, “Aren’t you going back to Lotus Pier?”

Wei Wuxian casually said, “Yunmeng and Yiling are so close. I can secretly go back whenever I want.”

Jiang Cheng sneered, “That’s wishful thinking.”

Before he could say anything more, he suddenly felt a weight on his leg. He looked down and saw a small child who had sneaked over and hugged his leg, looking up at him with round cheeks and round black eyes.

It was a cute child, but Jiang Cheng had no compassion in his heart. He said to Wei Wuxian, “Where did this child come from? Let go.”

Wei Wuxian bent down, picked up the child, and let him sit on his arm. He said, “What ’let go’? Can’t you use better words? Ah Yuan, why do you keep hugging people’s legs? Go! Don’t bite your nails right after playing with mud. Do you know what kind of mud this is? Keep your hands away! Don’t touch my face. Where is your grandmother?”

An old lady with sparse white hair hobbled over, leaning on a wooden cane, and recognized Jiang Cheng as an important figure. She seemed somewhat fearful, and her already hunched figure became even more stooped. Wei Wuxian put the child named Ah Yuan by her side and said, “Go play over there.”

The old lady hurriedly led her grandson away, and the little boy stumbled as he walked, looking back as he went. Jiang Cheng mocked, “Those clan leaders thought you gathered a group of rebels here to raise a flag and rule over the mountain. Turns out it’s just a bunch of old, weak, women, and children—crooked melons and split dates.”

Wei Wuxian self-mockingly smiled, and Jiang Cheng continued, “Where’s Wen Ning?”

Wei Wuxian asked, “Why suddenly interested in asking about him?”

Jiang Cheng coldly said, “Countless people have been asking me about him these days. Who should I ask if not you?”

Wei Wuxian pointed ahead, and the two walked side by side. A chilling sensation greeted them as they entered a spacious cave. After walking straight for a while, Jiang Cheng kicked something. He lowered his head and saw half of a compass. Wei Wuxian quickly said, “Don’t kick it. I haven’t finished making that yet. It’s useful.”

He picked it up, and Jiang Cheng stepped on something else. Looking down, he saw a wrinkled flag. Wei Wuxian said again, “Be careful not to step on it! This one is also useful. It will be ready soon.”

Jiang Cheng retorted, “You threw them randomly. If they get damaged, don’t blame anyone.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “This is where I live alone. What’s wrong with throwing things around?”

As they continued forward, there were talismans everywhere—stuck to walls, thrown on the ground, crumpled into balls or torn into pieces. It seemed as if someone had gone mad and scattered them all around, and the further they went, the more chaotic it became. Jiang Cheng felt suffocated, saying, “If you dare to mess around like this in Lotus Pier, I’ll burn all your belongings to ashes!”

Entering the main cavern, there lay a person on the ground, covered from head to toe in talismans, with only a pair of exposed white eyes. It was Wen Ning. Jiang Cheng glanced at him and asked, “Is this where you live? Where do you sleep?”

Wei Wuxian tossed the things he had picked up earlier into a corner and pointed to another corner where a bunch of wrinkled blankets lay. He said, “Wrapped up in those. I can sleep anywhere.”

Jiang Cheng didn’t want to continue discussing this matter with him. He looked down at the motionless Wen Ning and asked, “What happened to him?”

Wei Wuxian replied, “He’s a bit fierce. I’m afraid something might go wrong, so I sealed him to prevent any movement for now.”

Jiang Cheng questioned, “Wasn’t he a timid stutterer when he was alive? How could he be so fierce even after death?”

His tone wasn’t friendly, and Wei Wuxian glanced at him, saying, “Wen Ning was indeed a relatively timid person in life. Because of that, all kinds of emotions were hidden deep within—resentment, anger, fear, restlessness, pain. These things accumulated too much and exploded after death with an unimaginable power. It’s like how the more gentle-tempered a person is, the scarier they become when they lose their temper. The more they were like that in life, the more fierce they become after death.”

Jiang Cheng said, “But you always say the fiercer, the better. The stronger the grudge and hatred, the more powerful the strike.”

Wei Wuxian responded, “That’s true. But I don’t intend to turn Wen Ning into such a fierce corpse.”

Jiang Cheng asked, “Then what do you want to achieve?”

Wei Wuxian said, “I want to awaken his consciousness.”

Jiang Cheng scoffed, “You’re just daydreaming. What’s the difference between such a fierce corpse and a human? If you can really do that, there’s no need for anyone to be human or seek enlightenment. Everyone would be begging you to turn them into fierce corpses.”

Wei Wuxian laughed and said, “Yeah, I’ve realized it’s damn difficult. But I’ve boasted to his sister so much about it, and now they all believe that I can definitely do it. I have to accomplish it; otherwise, where can I hide my face…”

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Cheng suddenly drew out Sandu, aiming straight for Wen Ning’s throat as if he wanted to decapitate him. Wei Wuxian quickly struck his arm, deflecting the sword’s trajectory, and shouted, “What are you doing?!”

His words echoed through the spacious Burial Mound, buzzing in the air. Jiang Cheng didn’t retract his sword and sternly said, “What am I doing? I should be asking you that. Wei Wuxian, you’ve been quite impressive these days, haven’t you?!”

Even before Jiang Cheng arrived at the Burial Mound, Wei Wuxian had anticipated that this meeting wouldn’t be a peaceful chat. Throughout their journey, both of them had been on edge. Now, after pretending to be calm for so long, that tension finally snapped.

Wei Wuxian said, “If it weren’t for Wen Qing and the others being forced into a corner, do you think I’d want to be so impressive?”

Jiang Cheng retorted, “Forced into a corner? Now I’m also forced into a corner by you! In the past few days, numerous clans on Jinlintai surrounded me, demanding an explanation for this matter. That’s why I had to come!”

Wei Wuxian said, “What explanation do they need? This matter has already been settled. Those supervisors killed Wen Ning, and Wen Ning’s corpse retaliated, killing them. An eye for an eye. It ends here.”

Jiang Cheng replied, “Ends here? How is that possible! Do you know how many pairs of eyes are watching you, watching that Yin Tiger talisman of yours? If they seize this opportunity, even if you’re right, you’ll be in the wrong!”

Wei Wuxian said, “You’re right. Even if I’m right, I’ll be in the wrong. Besides building a protective barrier, what else can I do?”

Jiang Cheng said, “There is something else we can do.”

He pointed the Three Purity finger at Wen Ning on the ground and said, “The only remedy now is to act before they make any further moves and put an end to it ourselves!”

Wei Wuxian asked, “Put an end to it? How?”

Jiang Cheng replied, “You immediately burn this body, hand over this group of Wen remnants. Only then can we avoid giving them any ammunition!” As he spoke, he raised his sword as if to stab it. However, Wei Wuxian firmly grasped his wrist and said, “Are you joking? Handing them over now would only lead to complete annihilation!”

Jiang Cheng said, “Whether or not you can clean up your own mess is already in question. It’s none of your business what happens to them. Just clean it up. It’s none of your concern!”

Wei Wuxian grew angry and said, “Jiang Cheng! What…what are you saying? Take back your words, or I’ll slap you! Don’t forget, who helped us cremate Uncle Jiang and Madam Yu’s bodies? Who delivered their ashes to Lotus Pier? And who sheltered us when we were chased by Wen Chao back then!”

Jiang Cheng exclaimed, “I fucking want to beat you to death! Yes, they helped us, but don’t you understand? The remnants of the Wen clan are targeted by everyone. No matter who they are, if their surname is Wen, they are heinous criminals! And those who support the Wens are taking a huge risk! Everyone hates the Wens and wishes for their gruesome deaths. Anyone who protects them is going against everyone, and no one will speak up for them, let alone speak up for you!”

Wei Wuxian replied, “I don’t need anyone to speak up for me.”

Jiang Cheng angrily said, “What’s your damn obsession? If you can’t do anything, then get out of the way, I’ll do it!”

Wei Wuxian tightened his grip on him, his fingers like iron hoops, and said, “Jiang Wanyin!”

Jiang Cheng retorted, “Wei Wuxian! Do you understand at all? When you were on their side, you were a weird hero, a remarkable swordsman, a mastermind, a shining star. But as soon as you voice a different opinion, you’re insane, disregarding human relationships, a devilish cultist. Do you think you can be self-righteous and carefree? There is no precedent for that!”

Wei Wuxian shouted, “If there’s no precedent, I’ll be the precedent!”

The two locked eyes in a tense standoff, neither willing to back down. After a moment, Jiang Cheng said, “Wei Wuxian, don’t you see the current situation? Do I have to spell it out for you? If you insist on protecting them, I won’t be able to protect you.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “No need to protect me, abandon me.”

Jiang Cheng’s face twisted.

Wei Wuxian said, “Abandon me. Declare to the world that I’ve defected. From now on, Wei Wuxian’s actions have nothing to do with the Yunmeng Jiang clan.”

Jiang Cheng murmured, “For the sake of this group of Wens…?”

Jiang Cheng continued, “Wei Wuxian, do you have a hero complex? Will you die if you don’t cause trouble by standing out?”

Wei Wuxian remained silent.

After a while, he said, “So it’s better to sever the ties now to avoid bringing calamity to the Yunmeng Jiang clan in the future.”

Otherwise, he really couldn’t guarantee what he might do in the future.

“…” Jiang Cheng muttered, “My mother said you’re the one who brought trouble to our family. She wasn’t wrong.”

He sneered and muttered to himself, “…‘To knowingly go against what is right’? Fine, you understand the Yunmeng Jiang clan’s family motto better than I do. All of you understand.”

Retracting the Three Purity, the long sword resolutely returned to its sheath. Jiang Cheng indifferently said, “Then let’s have a duel.”

Three days later, Yunmeng Jiang clan’s family head, Jiang Cheng, challenged Wei Wuxian to a fierce battle in Yiling.

Negotiations failed, and the two engaged in a fierce fight. Wei Wuxian, with the fierce corpse Wen Ning, struck Jiang Cheng with a palm, fracturing his arm, while Jiang Cheng stabbed Wei Wuxian with a sword. Both were injured, spitting blood, hurling curses at each other as they parted ways, tearing their relationship apart.

After this battle, Jiang Cheng publicly announced: Wei Wuxian had defected from the family and openly opposed everyone. The Yunmeng Jiang clan had expelled him, cutting all ties. From now on, regardless of Wei Wuxian’s actions, they have nothing to do with the Yunmeng Jiang clan!