Two months later. Yunmeng.

After the collapse of Qishan Wen, the once bustling city of Nightless City vanished overnight, becoming a desolate ruin. A large number of cultivators sought new places to reside and dispersed to various cities. Among them, the majority flocked to Lanling, Yunmeng, Gusu, and Qinghe. On the bustling streets, people came and went, sons and disciples of various families walked with swords at their sides, discussing the current situation of the world, each full of energy and spirit.

Suddenly, the voices of the pedestrians around slightly lowered, and their gazes converged at the end of the street.

Over there, a young man in white clothes, with a forehead ribbon and a sword at his side, was walking leisurely.

This young man had an extremely handsome face, yet an air of frost seemed to surround him. Even before he approached, the cultivators automatically silenced themselves and paid respectful attention to him. Those with some reputation dared to approach and greet him, saying, “Jun Han Guang.”

Lan Wangji nodded slightly and returned the greeting meticulously, without lingering. The other cultivators didn’t dare to disturb him too much and voluntarily withdrew.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, a girl in colorful clothes walked towards him with a smiling face, hurriedly brushing past him and tossing something at him.

Lan Wangji swiftly caught the object and lowered his head to take a look. It turned out to be a pure white flower bud.

The flower bud was delicate and fresh, still carrying dewdrops. Lan Wangji remained silent, and another graceful figure approached, throwing a light blue flower at him. It was originally aimed at his heart but missed and hit his shoulder instead, only to be caught by Lan Wangji. When he shifted his gaze, the girl chuckled, without any trace of shyness, and covered her face before fleeing.

For the third time, a young girl with double buns in her hair came skipping over, holding a bouquet of flowers adorned with scattered red petals. She threw it at his chest and then turned and ran.

Again and again, Lan Wangji had already received a bunch of colorful flowers and flower branches, standing expressionless on the street. The cultivators who recognized Han Guangjun wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. They pretended to be solemn while their gazes couldn’t help but gravitate towards him. The common people who didn’t recognize him started pointing and whispering. Lan Wangji was deep in thought, when suddenly he felt a slight weight on his hair. He raised his hand and a beautiful pink peony, in full bloom, fell perfectly by his temple.

From the top of a tall building, a smiling voice sounded, “Lan Zhan—ah, no, Han Guangjun. What a coincidence!”

Lan Wangji looked up and saw pavilions and towers with fluttering gauzy curtains. Leaning against a vermilion railing was a slender figure in black clothes. With one hand lowered, he held an exquisite black pottery jug. The jug’s tassel, a vivid red, was half draped over his arm and swayed leisurely in mid-air.

Seeing that face of Wei Wuxian, the expressions of the onlookers, who were mostly young masters and disciples from prominent families, turned peculiar. They all knew that Yiling Laozu and Han Guangjun didn’t get along. They often quarreled even when fighting side by side during the Sunshot Campaign. No one knew what kind of conflict they had this time, so they couldn’t even pretend to be reserved anymore. They stared even more intently at these two.

However, Lan Wangji did not coldly brush past them as they had speculated. He simply said, “It’s you.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “It’s me! Who else would do such a boring thing if not me? Why do you have time to come to Yunmeng? If you’re not in a hurry, come up and have a drink?”

Several girls crowded around him, urging him with smiles, “Yes, young master, come up and have a drink!”

These girls were the ones who had thrown flowers at him earlier. It was obvious who was behind this behavior.

Lan Wangji lowered his head, turned around, and began to leave. Wei Wuxian, unable to tease him further, clicked his tongue and rolled off the railing. He tilted his head back and took a sip from the jug. Unexpectedly, after a while, a set of footsteps, neither light nor heavy, slow nor fast, could be heard.

Lan Wangji calmly ascended the building, holding onto the curtain and entering. The pearl curtains made a crisp sound, resembling a melodious rhythm.

He placed all the flowers that had hit him on a small table and said, “Your flowers.”

Wei Wuxian leaned on the small table and said, “You’re welcome. I’m just returning them to you. These flowers are already yours.”

Lan Wangji asked, “Why?”

Wei Wuxian replied, “No reason, I just wanted to see how you would react in this kind of situation.”

Lan Wangji said, “Boring.”

Wei Wuxian said, “Exactly, it’s boring. Otherwise, how could I be so bored as to lure you up here… Hey hey hey, don’t leave. Since you’re already here, why not have a few drinks before you go?”

Lan Wangji said, “I don’t drink.”

Wei Wuxian said, “I know your family prohibits drinking. But this isn’t Cloud Recesses. It’s fine to have a few drinks here.”

The several girls immediately brought out new wine cups and filled them, placing them beside the pile of flowers. Lan Wangji still showed no intention of sitting down, but it seemed that he also had no intention of leaving.

Wei Wuxian said, “It’s rare for you to come to Yunmeng. Won’t you taste the exquisite wine here? However, as beautiful as the wine may be, it still can’t compare to the smile of the Emperor of Gusu. It is truly a beauty unmatched in the world of alcohol. If I have the opportunity to visit Gusu, I must bring him barrels and barrels of wine and have a good drink. What’s wrong with you? Why stand when there are seats available? Just sit.”

The girls around Wei Wuxian chimed in, “Sit!” “Sit down!”

Lan Wangji’s light-colored eyes coldly surveyed these exceptionally beautiful girls. Then, his gaze fixed on the flute hanging from Wei Wuxian’s waist, which was glossy black and adorned with a red tassel. It seemed like he was contemplating, considering his words. Seeing this, Wei Wuxian raised an eyebrow, somewhat anticipating what he would say next.

Sure enough, Lan Wangji spoke slowly, “You shouldn’t spend all your time with non-humans.”

The smiles vanished from the girls who had been cheering around Wei Wuxian.

The gauzy curtains fluttered, intermittently blocking the sunlight, causing the room to alternate between light and shadow. At this moment, their snow-white faces seemed excessively pale, devoid of color. They even appeared somewhat livid, and their gaze was fixed intently on Lan Wangji, emanating an inexplicable chill.

Wei Wuxian raised his hand, signaling them to step aside. He shook his head and said, “Lan Zhan, you’ve become more and more boring as you grow older. You’re still young, not in your seventies or eighties. Why do you always imitate your uncle, obsessively lecturing others?”

Lan Wangji turned around, took a step towards him, and said, “Wei Ying, come back with me to Gusu.”

“…,” Wei Wuxian said, “I haven’t heard those words in a long time. I thought you had given up after the Sunshot Campaign.”

Lan Wangji replied, “During the last hunting event on Baifeng Mountain, did you notice any signs?”

Wei Wuxian asked, “What signs?”

Lan Wangji said, “Losing control.”

Wei Wuxian remarked, “Are you referring to the moment when I almost fought Jin Guangyao? You must have misunderstood. I’ve always wanted to fight with Jin Guangyao whenever I see him.”

Lan Wangji said, “And also what you said afterwards.”

Wei Wuxian asked, “What did I say? I say so many things every day. I’ve forgotten everything I said two months ago.”

Lan Wangji looked at him as if he could see through his casual response. He took a deep breath and said, “Wei Ying.”

Stubbornly, he continued, “The demonic path harms the body and corrupts one’s character.”

Wei Wuxian seemed somewhat troubled and helpless. He said, “Lan Zhan… Aren’t you tired of saying these things? Have you not said enough? You said it harms the body, but I’m perfectly fine. You said it corrupts one’s character, but I haven’t become crazy, have I?”

Lan Wangji said, “It’s not too late even now. But in the future, you will regret it…”

Before he could finish speaking, Wei Wuxian’s expression changed. He stood up abruptly and said, “Lan Zhan!”

The group of girls behind him, unnoticed, had eyes glowing with red light. Wei Wuxian said, “Don’t move.”

They obediently lowered their heads and stepped back but continued to stare at Lan Wangji intently. Wei Wuxian said to Lan Wangji, “What’s the matter? Although I don’t think I’ll have any regrets, I don’t like it when people casually predict my future.”

After a moment of silence, Lan Wangji said, “I apologize for my rudeness.”

Wei Wuxian said, “It’s fine. But it seems I shouldn’t have invited you up here. Today, I’ve been too presumptuous.”

Lan Wangji replied, “No.”

Wei Wuxian smiled politely and said, “Is that so? It’s good that there’s no problem.”

He finished the remaining half-cup of wine in one gulp and said, “Anyway, thank you. I’ll consider it as you caring about me.”

Wei Wuxian waved his hand and said, “I won’t disturb you, Hanguang-jun. We’ll meet again if fate allows.”

When Wei Wuxian returned to Lotus Pier, Jiang Cheng was polishing his sword. He glanced up and asked, “Back already?”

Wei Wuxian replied, “Yes, I’m back.”

Jiang Cheng asked, “Why do you look so gloomy? Did you run into Jin Guangyao?”

Wei Wuxian said, “It’s worse than running into Jin Guangyao. Guess who it was.”

Jiang Cheng asked for a hint, “Give me a clue.”

Wei Wuxian said, “Someone who wanted to lock me up.”

Jiang Cheng furrowed his brow and said, “Lan Wangji? How did he come to Yunmeng?”

Wei Wuxian said, “I don’t know. He was just wandering around on the street, probably looking for someone. He hadn’t mentioned it for a long time after the Sunshot Campaign, but now he’s bringing it up again.”

Jiang Cheng said, “Who told you to stop him.”

Wei Wuxian asked, “How did you know I was the one who stopped him?”

Jiang Cheng replied, “Do I even need to ask? Hasn’t it always been you? You’re really strange. Every time you part ways with him on bad terms, why do you still tirelessly seek his criticism?”

Wei Wuxian pondered for a moment and said, “Maybe I’m just bored?”

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, thinking, “You know it too.” Then he shifted his gaze back to his sword and asked, “How many times do you have to polish this sword in a day?”

Jiang Cheng said, “Three times. What about your sword? How long has it been since you last polished it?”

Wei Wuxian took a bite of a pear and said, “I threw it in the room. Once a month is enough for me.”

Jiang Cheng said, “In the future, don’t go without your sword for occasions like hunting or social gatherings. It’s an easy target for those who lack manners and examples.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “You know very well that I hate it when people try to force me. The more they push me, the less I want to do it. If I don’t wear a sword, what can they do to me?”

Jiang Cheng gave him a sidelong glance. Wei Wuxian continued, “Besides, I don’t want to be dragged into pointless sword fights with strangers. If my sword is unsheathed, blood must be shed. Unless someone offers two lives for me to take, no one should bother me. It’s better not to bring it at all and enjoy some peace and quiet.”

Jiang Cheng said, “You used to love showing off your swordsmanship in front of others.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “That was when I was a child. No one can remain a child forever.”

Jiang Cheng chuckled and said, “It’s fine if you don’t wear a sword. But from now on, stay away from Jin Guangyao. After all, he’s the sole heir of the Jin clan. In the future, he’ll be the head of the Lanling Jin clan. If you fight with him, what should I, as the Sect Leader, do? Should I fight alongside you or punish you?”

Wei Wuxian said, “Now there’s also Jin Guangyao’s son, Jin Guangyao. He’s much more agreeable to me.”

Jiang Cheng sheathed his sword after polishing it, carefully examining it before speaking, “Being agreeable doesn’t matter. No matter how agreeable or clever he may be, he can only be a servant who welcomes and sees off people. That’s the limit of his life. He can’t compare to Jin Guangyao.”

Wei Wuxian sensed Jiang Cheng’s admiration for Jin Guangyao and asked, “Jiang Cheng, be honest with me. During the last incident, when you brought Senior Sister along, did you really want her to be with him…?”

Jiang Cheng replied, “It’s not impossible.”

Wei Wuxian said, “Not impossible? Have you forgotten what he did in Lanling? And you’re telling me it’s not impossible?”

Jiang Cheng said, “Perhaps he regrets it now.”

Wei Wuxian said, “Who cares if he regrets it? Just because he realizes his mistakes, does that mean we should forgive him? Look at his father’s behavior. Who knows if he’ll end up the same way, fooling around and seeking women everywhere. Senior Sister with him? Can you bear it?”

Jiang Cheng sternly said, “He wouldn’t dare!”

After a pause, Jiang Cheng glanced at Wei Wuxian and added, “But whether or not to forgive is not for you to decide. After all, Sister likes him.”

Wei Wuxian was immediately rendered speechless. After a while, he managed to squeeze out a sentence, “Why does she have to like this…?”

He threw the pear aside and asked, “Where is Senior Sister?”

Jiang Cheng said, “I don’t know. Probably in the usual places, either in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the ancestral hall. Where else could she be?”

Wei Wuxian left the sword practice hall and went to the kitchen first. There was a pot of warm soup simmering on the stove, but no one was there. Then he went to Jiang Yanli’s room, but she wasn’t there either. Finally, he went to the ancestral hall and found her.

Jiang Yanli knelt in the ancestral hall, wiping the memorial tablets of their parents and speaking softly. Wei Wuxian poked his head in and said, “Senior Sister? Are you chatting with Uncle Jiang and Madam Yu again?”

Jiang Yanli whispered, “Since none of you came, I had to come myself.”

Wei Wuxian walked in and sat beside her, joining in wiping the memorial tablets.

Jiang Yanli glanced at him and asked, “Wuxian, why are you looking at me like that? Do you have something to tell me?”

Wei Wuxian smiled and said, “No, nothing. I just wanted to roll around a bit.”

With that, he actually rolled on the ground. Jiang Yanli asked, “Wuxian, how old are you?”

Wei Wuxian replied, “I’m three years old.”

Seeing Jiang Yanli laugh, he sat up and thought for a moment before saying, “Senior Sister, I want to ask you something.”

Jiang Yanli said, “Go ahead, ask.”

Wei Wuxian asked, “Why do people like another person? I mean, that kind of liking.”

Jiang Yanli was slightly taken aback and asked curiously, “Why are you asking me this? Have you developed feelings for someone? What kind of girl is she?”

Wei Wuxian said, “No, I haven’t. I won’t like anyone, at least not like them too much. Isn’t it like tying a noose around my own neck?”

Jiang Yanli said, “You’re a bit too old for that. Maybe one year old.”

Wei Wuxian elbowed him, “Spit out the ribs!”

Jiang Cheng retorted, “If you can, spit them out and I’ll eat them!”

Jiang Yanli, seeing them start again, hurriedly said, “Alright, why are grown men fighting over a few ribs? I’ll make another pot…”

Wei Wuxian loved the lotus root and pork rib soup that Jiang Yanli made.

Not only because it was delicious, but also because he always remembered the first time he had it.

At that time, Wei Wuxian had just been rescued by Jiang Fengmian from Yiling. As soon as he entered the house, he saw a proud little boy running around the training ground with a few puppies. Wei Wuxian covered his face, cried out loudly, and clung to Jiang Fengmian all day, refusing to come down. The next day, the puppies that Jiang Cheng raised were given away to someone else.

This incident made Jiang Cheng cry bitterly. Even though Jiang Fengmian tried to console them and asked them to “be good friends,” he refused to talk to Wei Wuxian. After several days, Jiang Cheng’s attitude softened a bit, and Jiang Fengmian hoped to improve their relationship by having Wei Wuxian share a room with him.

Initially, Jiang Cheng reluctantly agreed, but the problem arose when Jiang Fengmian, in a moment of happiness, lifted Wei Wuxian and let him sit on his lap. Jiang Cheng, witnessing this scene, was completely stunned. Madam Yu coldly sneered and left. Since the couple had their own matters to attend to, they hurriedly left without having another argument.

That night, Jiang Cheng locked Wei Wuxian out and refused to let him in.

Wei Wuxian knocked on the door, saying, “Junior brother, let me in, I want to sleep.”

Jiang Cheng shouted from inside the room, his back against the door, “Who is your junior brother! Give me back my Feifei, give me back my Jasmine, give me back my Little Love!”

Feifei, Jasmine, and Little Love were the names of the dogs he used to have. Wei Wuxian knew that Jiang Fengmian had sent them away because of him, and he muttered, “I’m sorry. But… I’m really afraid of them…”

In Jiang Cheng’s memory, he had only been lifted by Jiang Fengmian less than five times, and each time brought him joy for several months. He felt a surge of resentment and anger, filled with thoughts of “Why? Why? Why?” Suddenly, he saw that there was an extra set of bedding in his room that didn’t belong to him. The resentment and unwillingness surged to his head, and he grabbed Wei Wuxian’s bedding and threw it out. Before Wei Wuxian could even show his delight, he was almost knocked down by the pile of things thrown at him. The wooden door closed heavily once again, and Jiang Cheng yelled from inside, “Go sleep somewhere else! This is my room! Do you even want to snatch my room?!”

At that time, Wei Wuxian didn’t understand why Jiang Cheng was so angry. He hesitated and said, “I didn’t snatch it. It was Uncle Jiang who asked me to stay with you.”

Upon hearing Wei Wuxian mention his father, Jiang Cheng’s eyes turned red, as if he was deliberately showing off. He shouted, “Get lost! If I see you again, I’ll call a pack of dogs to bite you!”

Wei Wuxian stood at the door, hearing the threat of dogs biting him, feeling scared. He twisted his hands together and quickly said, “I’m going, I’m going. Please don’t call the dogs!”

He carried his discarded bedding and ran out of the hallway, gasping for breath in the night breeze. After arriving at the Lotus Pier not long ago, he didn’t dare to jump around so soon. He obediently stayed in the few places that Jiang Fengmian had allowed him to be in, not recognizing the roads or rooms, and he didn’t dare to knock on doors randomly, afraid of disturbing someone’s sleep. After thinking for a while, he walked to a corner of the wooden corridor where there was no wind and spread out the bedding, lying down there. But the longer he lay there, the louder the words “I’ll call a pack of dogs to bite you” echoed in his mind. The more Wei Wuxian thought about it, the more afraid he became. Curled up in the bedding, he felt as if a pack of dogs was quietly approaching with every rustle of the wind. After struggling for a while, he realized that he couldn’t stay in this place any longer. He jumped up, rolled up the bedding, and escaped from the Lotus Pier.

He ran for quite a while in the night wind, panting heavily. When he saw a tree, he instinctively climbed up it, using both his hands and feet to hold onto the trunk. Feeling that he was high enough, he finally calmed down. He didn’t know how long he had been clinging to the tree, when suddenly, Wei Wuxian heard someone calling his name softly in the distance. The voice grew closer and closer, and soon a girl in white appeared under the tree, holding a lantern.

Wei Wuxian recognized her as Jiang Cheng’s sister, but he remained silent, hoping she wouldn’t notice him. However, Jiang Yanli said, “Is that A-Ying up there? What are you doing?”

Wei Wuxian continued to stay silent. Jiang Yanli raised the lantern and said, “I can see you. Your shoes fell down below the tree.”

Wei Wuxian glanced down at his left foot and exclaimed, “My shoes!”

Jiang Yanli said, “Come down, let’s go back.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “I… I won’t come down, there are dogs.”

Jiang Yanli reassured him, “That’s a lie from A-Cheng. There are no dogs. If you don’t come down, your hands will get tired and you might fall.”

No matter what she said, Wei Wuxian continued to cling to the tree trunk and refused to come down. Jiang Yanli was afraid he would fall, so she placed the lantern under the tree, stretched out her hands, and stood beneath, unwilling to leave. They remained in a stalemate for about the duration of an incense stick, until Wei Wuxian’s hands finally grew tired. He let go of the tree trunk and fell down. Jiang Yanli hurried to catch him, but Wei Wuxian still landed with a thud, rolling a few times. Clutching his leg, he cried out, “My leg is broken!”

Jiang Yanli comforted him, “It’s not broken, probably not even fractured. Does it hurt a lot? Don’t worry, don’t move, I’ll carry you back.”

Wei Wuxian was still concerned about the dogs, sobbing, “Are the dogs coming?”

Jiang Yanli reassured him again and again, “No, there are no dogs. If there are, I’ll chase them away for you.” She picked up Wei Wuxian’s shoes from under the tree and asked, “Why did your shoes fall? Are they uncomfortable?”

Wei Wuxian, holding back his tears, hurriedly replied, “No, they’re comfortable.”

In fact, they were uncomfortable, too big by quite a bit. But these were the first new shoes that Jiang Fengmian bought for him, and Wei Wuxian didn’t want to trouble him by asking for another pair. So, he didn’t mention the size. Jiang Yanli helped him put on the shoes, pinched the deflated toe, and said, “They’re a little big. Let’s have them adjusted when we go back.”

Hearing this, Wei Wuxian felt like he had done something wrong again, and he felt uneasy.

When relying on the hospitality of others, the biggest fear is causing trouble.

Jiang Yanli carried him on her back, taking small steps as she walked back. She said, “A-Ying, no matter what A-Cheng said to you earlier, don’t argue with him. He has a bad temper and often plays by himself at home. He loved those puppies the most, and he felt sad when Father sent them away. Actually, he would be very happy to have someone else to accompany him. After you ran away for a while and didn’t come back, he became worried that something happened to you and hurriedly woke me up. That’s why I came out to find you.”

Jiang Yanli was only two or three years older than him at the time, around twelve or thirteen years old. Despite being a child herself, she spoke naturally, like a little adult, and she kept comforting him. Her body was thin and delicate, with little strength. She occasionally stumbled, and had to pause to support Wei Wuxian’s thigh, preventing him from slipping down. However, as Wei Wuxian clung to her back, he felt an unparalleled sense of security, even more so than when he sat on Jiang Fengmian’s arm.

Suddenly, a sobbing cry was carried by the night wind. Jiang Yanli was startled and asked, “What’s that sound? Did you hear it?”

Wei Wuxian pointed with his hand and said, “I heard it, it’s coming from that pit over there!”

The two of them approached the edge of the pit and cautiously looked down. There was a small figure lying at the bottom of the pit. When the person lifted their face, the mud-covered face was marked with two streaks from tears. The person choked out, “Sister!”

Jiang Yanli breathed a sigh of relief and said, “A-Cheng, didn’t I tell you to call others to come and search together?”

Jiang Cheng simply shook his head. After Jiang Yanli left, he waited for a while, but couldn’t sit still. He chased after them on his own. Unfortunately, he ran too fast and forgot to bring the lantern. He stumbled halfway and fell into a pit, hitting his head and causing it to bleed.

Jiang Yanli reached down and pulled her brother up from the pit, taking out a handkerchief to apply pressure on his bleeding forehead. Jiang Cheng looked dejected, and his black eyes secretly glanced at Wei Wuxian. Jiang Yanli asked, “Is there something you haven’t told A-Ying?”

Pressing the handkerchief against his forehead, Jiang Cheng muttered, “I’m sorry.”

Jiang Yanli said, “Later, can you help A-Ying take his bedding and bring it back? Okay?”

Jiang Cheng sniffled and said, “I’ve already brought it back…”

Both of their legs were injured, making it difficult for them to walk. The Lotus Pier was still a distance away, so Jiang Yanli had no choice but to carry one on her back and hold the other in her arms. Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng both held onto her neck tightly, their eyes still filled with teary glimmers, hugging her even tighter.

In the end, she slowly carried her two younger brothers back to Lotus Pier, stopping every step of the way. She gently woke up the physician and asked him to treat Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng. After apologizing and thanking the physician several times, she sent him back. Jiang Cheng looked at Wei Wuxian’s foot with a worried expression. If the other disciples or household servants found out about this, and if the news reached Jiang Fengmian’s ears that Jiang Cheng threw Wei Wuxian’s bedding and caused him to injure his leg, he would surely dislike him even more. That’s why he had chased after them alone and didn’t tell anyone. Seeing his worried expression, Wei Wuxian took the initiative and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Uncle Jiang. I just suddenly wanted to climb a tree at night, so that’s how I got injured.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and vowed, “Rest assured, from now on, whenever we see a dog, I’ll chase it away for you!”

Seeing that they had finally opened up to each other, Jiang Yanli happily said, “That’s how it should be.”

After all the commotion, the two of them also became hungry. Jiang Yanli went to the kitchen and busily prepared a bowl of lotus root and pork rib soup for each of them.

The aroma lingered in their hearts, never dissipating.

Wei Wuxian squatted in the courtyard, placed the empty bowl on the ground after finishing the soup, and gazed at the sparse stars in the night sky for a while, smiling faintly.

Today, when he unexpectedly encountered Lan Wangji on Yunmeng Street, he suddenly remembered many things from their days of studying together in the Cloud Recesses.

He had impulsively stopped Lan Wangji, intending to steer the conversation in that direction. However, Lan Wangji reminded him that everything had changed since then.

But as long as he returned to Lotus Pier, back to the side of the Jiang siblings, he felt as if nothing had changed at all.

Wei Wuxian suddenly wanted to find the tree he had once embraced.

He stood up and walked towards the outskirts of Lotus Pier. Along the way, the disciples bowed and nodded respectfully to him. They were all unfamiliar faces. His mischievous junior martial brothers, who refused to walk properly, and the household servants who would make faces and not salute properly, were all long gone.

Passing through the training field and stepping through the main gate of Lotus Pier, there was a spacious dock. Whether it was day or night, there were always vendors selling food on the dock. The oil in the wok sizzled, and the fragrance filled the air. Unable to resist, Wei Wuxian walked over and smiled, “The portions are generous today.”

The vendor also smiled and said, “Would you like one, Young Master Wei? Consider it a gift from me, no need to keep a record.”

Wei Wuxian replied, “Sure. Let’s keep the record as usual.”

Beside the vendor, there was a person squatting, covered in dirt. Before Wei Wuxian approached, the person was trembling, seeming both cold and tired. But as soon as Wei Wuxian said a few words, the person suddenly looked up.

Wei Wuxian widened his eyes and said, “You?!”

Author’s Note:

There are some significant changes, and the comments are out of order (。◕ˇ_ˇ◕。)