Madam Jin’s eyebrows furrowed, and she scolded, “Zixun!”

Upon hearing this, Wei Wuxian’s smile suddenly disappeared.

He asked, “Upbringing?”

He turned slowly and said, “Evil techniques and tricks?”

Lan Wangji spoke in a deep voice, “Wei Ying.”

Jin Zixun and the others sensed the unusual atmosphere and looked at him with bated breath. Wei Wuxian smiled again and said, “Want to know why I don’t carry a sword? I can tell you.”

He turned around and said word by word, “Because I want you all to know that even without a sword, relying solely on your so-called ’evil techniques and tricks,’ I can leave you all in the dust and make you completely unable to catch up.”

When this sentence was uttered, almost everyone present was stunned.

No one from a prestigious family had ever dared to say such arrogant words in front of so many people. After a while, Jin Zixun finally snapped out of it and shouted, “Wei Wuxian! You’re just a servant’s son. You’re too audacious!!!”

Upon hearing those four words, Lan Wangji’s gaze hardened, and Wei Wuxian’s pupils contracted. It seemed like his right hand was about to reach for Chenqing. The tension in the air was about to erupt when suddenly someone said, “Ah-Xian!”

Upon hearing this voice, Wei Wuxian’s heart eased, and he turned his head, saying, “Senior Sister?”

Jiang Yanli beckoned to him and said, “Ah-Xian, stand behind me.”

Wei Wuxian was taken aback, but before he could react, Madam Jin hurriedly held Jiang Yanli’s hand and said, “Ah-Li, don’t get involved in their matters.” However, Jiang Yanli smiled apologetically to Madam Jin, walked forward, and stood in front of Wei Wuxian, bowing to Jin Zixun and the others.

Jin Zixun and the others didn’t know how to respond. Some returned the gesture, while others didn’t. Jiang Yanli spoke softly to Jin Zixun, “Young Master Jin, based on what you said earlier, it seems that Ah-Xian took one-third of the game in Baifeng Mountain, disregarding the rules and being too audacious. I… have never heard of such a thing happening before. It must have caused you trouble. I apologize on his behalf.”

After speaking, she bowed sincerely, appearing serious about the apology. Wei Wuxian said, “Senior Sister!”

Jiang Yanli didn’t stand up and looked at him, shaking her head imperceptibly. Wei Wuxian clenched his fist tightly and remained silent.

Jin Zixuan watched from a distance with a complicated expression. However, Jin Zixun and the others didn’t bother to conceal their triumphant expressions and were extremely pleased.

Jin Zixun laughed heartily and said, “Miss Jiang is truly generous and understanding. She knows the truth. What your junior brother did was indeed highly inappropriate and caused a lot of trouble. But since you understand that, and for the sake of Miss Jiang and Chief Jiang, there’s no need for an apology. The Yunmeng Jiang and Lanling Jin families have always been like siblings.”

He was on the verge of bursting into laughter. Wei Wuxian’s anger surged, and the knuckles of his clenched fist cracked. He was about to speak when someone said, “Jiang Miss, that’s not right. Although some rules may not be explicitly written, everyone knows them and follows them.”

Someone shouted, “How many game animals are there in Baifeng Mountain? Five hundred? And how many people are participating in the hunt? More than five thousand! It’s already a fierce competition, and he used malicious means to take away so many game animals. What are the rest of us supposed to do?”

Wei Wuxian sneered and was about to speak when Jiang Yanli stopped him and whispered, “Don’t say anything.”

Someone expressed dissatisfaction, “That’s right. Otherwise, I still wouldn’t have caught a single one until now!”

Jiang Yanli said, “But… it’s not his fault that others can’t catch any.”

The person choked, and she continued, “Isn’t the hunt about strength? Even if there are no more ghosts, aren’t there still remaining demons and monsters? Even if he didn’t take that one-third, or even if he didn’t participate in the hunt, those who couldn’t catch anything still wouldn’t be able to catch anything. The methods Wei Wuxian used may be different from others, but they are still skills he cultivated. Just because others couldn’t obtain that one-third of the game, does that mean he practices evil techniques?”

Many of those who had joined in Jin Zixun’s ridicule turned as pale as him, but they were hesitant because of Jiang Yanli’s status and didn’t dare to directly refute her.

Jiang Yanli continued, “Furthermore, this is a hunt, so why bring up family background? Wei Wuxian is a member of my Yunmeng Jiang family. He grew up with me and my brother, and our bond is like that of siblings. I can’t accept it when you casually refer to him as a ‘servant’s son.’ Therefore…”

She straightened her back and raised her voice, “I hope Young Master Jin Zixun can apologize to Wei Wuxian of my Yunmeng Jiang family!”

If it were someone else saying this at the moment, Jin Zixun would have already struck them. His face turned livid, but he remained silent. Jiang Yanli continued to stare at him without shifting her gaze. Madam Jin said, “Ah-Li, why are you taking this so seriously? It’s just a small matter. Don’t get angry.”

Jiang Yanli whispered, “Madam, Wei Wuxian is my younger brother. If others insult him, it’s not a small matter to me.”

Madam Jin glanced at Jin Zixun and coldly snorted, “Zixun, did you hear that?”

Jin Zixun said, “Aunt!”

It was absolutely impossible for him to apologize to Wei Wuxian. Madam Jin knew his character well. But the situation was already unpleasant, and the thought of Jin Zixun causing trouble again after apologizing and returning to Jinlintai made her increasingly annoyed. She wanted to grab him by the neck and force him to apologize and be done with it. Just as she was feeling frustrated, two streaks of sword light arrived—Jinguang Yao and Lan Xichen.

Lan Wangji said, “Elder brother.”

Lan Xichen asked, “Wangji, why are you here too?”

Jinguang Yao said, “Everyone, what’s happening here?”

With their arrival, the pent-up anger of both Jinguang Yao and Lan Xichen found a target. As soon as Jinguang Yao landed, Madam Jin scolded, “You’re still laughing! How can you dare to laugh after such a big incident? This hunt that you organized is a failure!”

Jinguang Yao always wore a smiling face, but who would have thought that he would be scolded right after arriving? He quickly restrained his smile and honestly said, “Mother, what exactly happened?”

Madam Jin glared at him and said, “Can’t you see for yourself what happened? Aren’t you good at reading people’s expressions and moods?”

Jinguang Yao remained silent, and Jin Zixun said, “One-third of all the game in Baifeng Mountain is gone. What’s the point of the over five thousand people still hunting?!” Taking advantage of the situation, he obscured the matter of apologizing to Wei Wuxian. Just as he was about to scold again, Lan Xichen said, “Lianfang Zun is already arranging to expand the hunting grounds. Please remain calm.”

With Ze Wuyun speaking up, Jin Zixun knew his words were inappropriate and couldn’t continue to vent his anger at Jinguang Yao. He threw his bow and arrows to the ground and sneered, “This hunt is simply a farce! Fine, if I don’t participate, so be it. I’m withdrawing.”

Jinguang Yao was taken aback and said, “Zixun, it’s almost ready to begin. Just wait for another half an hour…”

Yaozhu also said, “Young Master Jin, there’s no need for such haste!” Jin Zixun said, “The hunt is already completely unfair. Why wait for anything? I won’t accompany you!” He was about to lead his cultivators to leave on their flying swords. Jinguang Yao hurriedly approached to persuade him, while some joined in to leave with Jin Zixun, and others were unwilling to give up and hesitated, creating chaos. Jiang Yanli shook her head and said to Madam Jin, “Madam Jin, sorry for the trouble.”

Madam Jin waved her hand and said, “What trouble are you talking about? Feel free to scold that foolish boy as much as you want. I don’t care. I’ll even help you give him a good beating.”

Jiang Yanli said, “That’s not necessary… Well, I’ll go back first.”

Madam Jin said hurriedly, “Go back to the hunting platform, right? I’ll have Xixuan accompany us back.”

As she spoke, she kept signaling Jin Zixuan, who had been standing in the distance, with her eyes. Jiang Yanli whispered, “No need. I have something to talk to Wei Wuxian about. It’s enough for him to escort me back.”

Madam Jin raised an eyebrow and looked at Wei Wuxian a few times, her gaze slightly wary and seemingly uncomfortable. She said, “You two young men and women, isn’t it better to have someone watch over you? Why stay together?”

Jiang Yanli said, “Wei Wuxian is my younger brother.”

Madam Jin said, “Ah-Li, don’t get angry. If you want to scold that obnoxious brat, go ahead. I won’t stop you. I’m not satisfied until I give him a piece of my mind.”

Jiang Yanli shook her head and said, “It’s not necessary, Madam Jin. Don’t force him.”

Madam Jin anxiously said, “Where am I forcing him? I’m not forcing him!”

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Wei Wuxian nodded and said, “Excuse me, Madam Jin.”

He and Jiang Yanli exchanged a slight bow, intending to leave. But Madam Jin firmly held onto Jiang Yanli’s hand, not letting her go. In the midst of the struggle, Jin Zixuan rushed out and shouted, “Miss Jiang!!!”

Wei Wuxian pretended not to hear and pulled Jiang Yanli, saying, “Sister, let’s go.”

Jin Zixuan shouted again, “It’s not, Miss Jiang!!!”

This time, there was no way to pretend not to have heard. Wei Wuxian had to turn back with Jiang Yanli. Even Jin Zixun and the others who had been causing a commotion were also drawn over. Everyone was wondering what Jin Zixuan meant by “it’s not.” Jin Zixuan took a few steps forward, as if he wanted to catch up, but then stopped. He stood far away, gasping for breath, with veins popping on his forehead.

After a while, he suddenly roared, “It’s not, Miss Jiang! It’s not my mother! It’s not her intention! I’m not forcing anything at all!”

After a pause, he shouted, “It’s me! It’s my own desire for you to come!!!”

Jiang Yanli: “…”

Wei Wuxian: “…”

Madam Jin: “…”

Jin Zixuan: “…”

After roaring these few sentences, Jin Zixuan’s fair face suddenly turned a blood-red color.

He stumbled back a few steps, leaning against a tree to steady himself. When he looked up, he was stunned, as if he had just realized that there were still many people here. It was only then that he remembered what he had said in front of so many people and stood there dazed for a long time. Suddenly, he reacted and shouted, then quickly ran away.

After a moment of silence, Madam Jin was furious and said, “What a fool! Why did he run away?”

She held onto Jiang Yanli and said, “Ah-Li, we’ll continue talking at the hunting platform later! I’ll go catch him first!” She left with a group of cultivators, quickly riding their swords and chasing after Jin Zixuan, shouting as they went. Wei Wuxian never expected such a turn of events. After this disturbance, he felt at a loss and said, “What is he doing? Sister, let’s go.”

Jiang Yanli was stunned for a moment, then nodded. Wei Wuxian waved to Lan Wangji and said, “Lan Zhan, let’s go.”

Lan Wangji nodded slightly but didn’t speak. He silently watched as Wei Wuxian and Jiang Yanli gradually disappeared into the woods. On the other side, Jinguang Yao could no longer hold back Jin Zixun and the others. They complained and flew away on their swords, causing the originally crowded crowd to disperse. Jinguang Yao wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled bitterly, “This is…”

Lan Xichen patted his shoulder and said, “This matter today is not your fault.”

Jinguang Yao sighed and rubbed his temples, saying, “I’m afraid it won’t be settled within an hour.”

Lan Xichen asked, “Why?”

Jinguang Yao said, “Actually, not only did that Wei young master take one-third of the game, but my brother also swept away almost half of the demonic beasts.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Xichen chuckled and said, “Truly worthy of my brother.” Lan Wangji, however, seemed lost in thought. Jinguang Yao sighed and said with a headache, “So I’m afraid we’ll have to expand the hunting grounds.”

Lan Xichen said, “Let’s start working on it now.”

Jinguang Yao apologized, “I’m sorry, Second Brother. You came to participate in the hunt, and now I’m troubling you.”

Lan Xichen smiled and said, “No problem. Wangji, shall we go ahead, or will you also join us in helping?”

Lan Wangji silently summoned Bichen and said, “I’ll assist.”

After they left on their swords, only a few scattered people remained in the forest, still chatting away. Not long after, a person strode out of the trees and was slightly surprised at the scene.

The person was Jiang Cheng. He had heard people discussing the sword auras of Lan Wangji and Jin Zixuan in the air at Bai Fengshan, suspecting that the two of them were fighting. Worried that Jiang Yanli might be with Jin Zixuan, he came to check but missed the opportunity, and now everyone had dispersed. Jiang Cheng saw that only Yaozhu was somewhat familiar and asked, “Yaozhu, what happened here earlier?”

Yaozhu glanced at him and said meaningfully, “Jiangzhu, your Wei Wuxian from the Yunmeng Jiang sect is truly something.”

Jiang Cheng frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Yaozhu laughed and said, “I dare not say what I mean. Jiangzhu, please don’t take my words to heart.”

Jiang Cheng’s face darkened. He knew it wouldn’t be anything good. He thought that he would have to settle accounts with Wei Wuxian later and had no intention of engaging in empty talk. He turned and left the forest. As he walked, he faintly heard whispers and murmurs behind him. It seemed that they were speaking softly so as not to be overheard, but his senses were keen, and he heard their words clearly.

A clan leader sourly said, “This time, Lianhua Wu is really making a name for themselves. Almost all the fierce corpses and resentful spirits have been summoned to the Yunmeng Jiang camp. Many cultivators will definitely flock to their family.”

Yaozhu replied, “What can we do? It’s because our family doesn’t have Wei Wuxian.”

“Having Wei Wuxian doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. I don’t want someone like him causing trouble for me every day.”

“This Wei Wuxian is too arrogant… From now on, I won’t attend any night hunts he participates in.”

Someone sneered, “Huh? Head to the Jiang family? I don’t think so. In the end, it’s all because of Wei Wuxian. The Sunshot Campaign was only successful because of him. That’s why the Yunmeng Jiang family has gained such great fame…”

Jiang Cheng’s whole demeanor turned gloomy.

It felt as if something had cast an indelible shadow on his face and in his heart, something that couldn’t be easily dismissed.