Lan Wangji approached and handed over the jar of wine to Wei Wuxian. As Wei Wuxian entered the room with the jar in his arms, Lan Wangji shook his head at his back, but his gaze was surprisingly gentle. Lan Xichen glanced at him and asked, “Did you bring it from your room?”

Lan Wangji nodded.

Lan Xichen said, “You… should be careful with alcohol. Be cautious, like that time.”

His gaze fell on the garment near Lan Wangji’s collarbone. Lan Wangji lowered his head and glanced at his own chest before saying, “It won’t happen again.”

Lan Xichen forced a smile and sighed.

After Lan Xichen left, Lan Wangji entered the room and closed the door gently. Wei Wuxian opened the seal of the wine jar while pondering the story of Lan An and Qinghong Jun, the founding ancestors of the Lan family. He thought to himself, “The Lan family of Gusu is truly a mysterious clan. Although their ancestor was a monk, and their family tradition is strict, they are indeed… capable of love.”

Lost in his thoughts, he couldn’t help but look towards the other descendant of the Lan family inside the room.

Lan Wangji was reading with his head lowered. There was a paper lantern in the corner of the desk, casting a soft light that made his face appear even more exquisite, as if carved from jade. His cold expression and light-colored eyes were adorned with a warm glow, making him look exceptionally handsome and unreal. Wei Wuxian’s mind wandered for a moment, and he became entranced, unintentionally leaning closer.

Lan Wangji raised his eyes and asked, “What is it?”

Wei Wuxian quickly snapped out of his daze and said, “Nothing. I was admiring your bookmark. It’s quite beautiful.”

Lan Wangji’s bookmark was a light-colored dried flower, preserved in excellent condition. Its vibrant color and delicate petal veins seemed to come to life, exuding a faint fragrance as it rested between the pages of the book. Wei Wuxian reached out and plucked the bookmark, saying, “Peony?”

Lan Wangji nodded.

Wei Wuxian played with it for a moment before returning the bookmark to him, saying, “Your brother has suffered a great blow.”

Lan Wangji carefully placed the peony bookmark back into the book, closed its pages, and replied, “If evidence is found, he won’t tolerate it.”

Wei Wuxian agreed, “Of course. After all, he is your brother.”

Even if Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao had a good relationship, Lan Xichen was still a member of the Lan family of Gusu with his own principles.

Wei Wuxian opened one of the wine jars, thinking to himself, “Last time, when Lan Xichen got drunk, he honestly answered me, saying he had never stolen any of the Emperor’s Smile from the house. So why does he hide these jars of Emperor’s Smile? It can’t be that he specifically keeps them for me to drink, that would be a bit shameless. Speaking of which, should I apologize to him for the forehead ribbon incident? After all, I’ve played with it so many times. But what if he gets angry and kicks me out? However, he hasn’t gotten angry with me even after all the mischief, indicating that his temperament has improved. Perhaps I shouldn’t ask him directly. I could pretend not to know the significance of the ribbon and intentionally pull it again next time. If he gets angry, I can innocently claim that I didn’t know, ignorance is innocence, right…”

Feeling pleased with his plan, Wei Wuxian opened another jar, thinking, “Last time when Lan Zhan drank from it, I mixed in plain water, hoping to startle him when he drank. But to my bad luck, this jar happened to contain plain water, and I ended up drinking it myself.”

Wei Wuxian fell asleep unknowingly and woke up in the early hours of the morning. Startled, he saw that Lan Wangji was still dressed, carrying his qin and sword, and retracting the hand that had been placed on Wei Wuxian’s shoulder. Lan Wangji focused on a jade token in his hand and said, “Unexpected visitor.”

Squinting his eyes, Wei Wuxian took a look. It was the Gusu Lan Sect’s communication jade token. He remembered that Lan Wangji’s token was of high rank and would send a warning if someone intruded into the Cloud Recesses.

However, no one had dared to intrude into the Cloud Recesses for over a decade. Wei Wuxian jumped out of bed and realized that he had somehow been stripped of his outer robe. As he quickly put on his clothes, he asked, “Who is it?”

Lan Wangji shook his head and gestured for Wei Wuxian to follow him. The two of them stealthily made their way to a secluded residence hidden among green bamboo, where dim light shone through the paper windows. Wei Wuxian took a glimpse at the wooden plaque in the courtyard and said, “Cold Room?”

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Sure enough, Lan Xichen was sitting upright inside the room. He wasn’t surprised when the two entered and exchanged a glance with Lan Wangji, understanding each other’s thoughts. Lan Wangji led Wei Wuxian to sit behind a folding screen.

After a while, the bamboo curtain of the Cold Room was lifted, and someone walked in with light footsteps. It seemed like they sat opposite Lan Xichen.

After a moment, the sound of jade clinking was heard, as if something was placed on the table and pushed forward.

Lan Xichen was the first to speak, saying, “What is the meaning of this?”

A person replied, “It’s for Second Brother.”

It was none other than Jin Guangyao.

Lan Xichen said, “I have already given you this item.”

Jin Guangyao said, “This communication jade token has never failed for many years. Now that it has become invalid, it should be returned to its rightful owner.”

Wei Wuxian understood. Since Lan Xichen had a close relationship with Jin Guangyao, he had given Jin Guangyao a communication jade token for easy access to the Cloud Recesses. But perhaps Lan Xichen had modified the boundary restrictions of the Cloud Recesses or revoked Jin Guangyao’s access to the token in the past few days. Jin Guangyao had come to return the token willingly.

Like Lan Wangji, Lan Xichen didn’t know how to put on a facade. Jin Guangyao took a step back while he remained silent. After a while, he asked, “What brings you here?”

Jin Guangyao said, “There is still no news about Hanguang Jun and Yiling Laozu. I have refrained from investigating the Cloud Recesses, but many families have become suspicious and expressed dissent. If it is convenient for Second Brother, I suggest opening the doors for an hour, and I will bring people to deal with the situation.”

Wei Wuxian thought Jin Guangyao had come to request an investigation, but to his surprise, Jin Guangyao spoke in such a manner, showing no interest in searching for Yiling Laozu’s whereabouts. He couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback. Outside the folding screen, Jin Guangyao asked, “Second Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Lan Xichen replied, “Nothing.”

Jin Guangyao reassured him, “If you’re worried about Wangji, there’s no need. Hanguang Jun has always been upright and honorable. It’s clear to everyone for many years. If he has done something, it must be due to deception. Besides, he hasn’t done anything irreparable yet. We will clarify everything when the time comes. I won’t allow idle gossip.”

Lan Xichen asked, “When will that be?”

Jin Guangyao responded, “After we finish dealing with the Burial Mounds.”

Wei Wuxian was taken aback. Lan Xichen asked, “Burial Mounds?”

Jin Guangyao explained, “Since the chaos at Jinlintai that day, there have been strange occurrences in places like Moling, Lanling, and Yunmeng. Graveyards have been destroyed, and corpses have gone missing. It seems that large groups of corpses are heading towards Yiling. They are likely going to the Burial Mounds.”

Lan Xichen questioned, “What is their purpose?”

Jin Guangyao replied, “I don’t know. It is speculated that Wei Wuxian has activated some evil array or used the Yin Tiger Seal.”

Lan Xichen asked, “After being stabbed by Jin Ling at Jinlintai, can he still activate those things?” Story of Yanxi Palace novel

Jin Guangyao said, “Second Brother, in the battle when Wei Wuxian rebelled against the Yunmeng Jiang and Jiang Clan, despite his injuries, he still returned and commanded an army of corpses. For Yiling Laozu, what difficulty could there be?”

Wei Wuxian rubbed his chin and thought, “They think too highly of me…”

Jin Guangyao continued, “Therefore, it is likely that there will be a second confrontation at the Burial Mounds soon. I have informed some other families to gather at Jinlintai and discuss the matter. Second Brother, will you come?”

After a while, Lan Xichen answered, “Yes. Wait in the elegant room, and I will join you later.”

After Jin Guangyao left, Lan Xichen turned behind the folding screen and faced Lan Wangji for a moment. He said, “I will go to Jinlintai, and you will go to the Burial Mounds. We will split up.”

Lan Wangji nodded slowly and said, “Alright.”

Lan Xichen stated, “If he truly has ulterior motives, I will not tolerate it.”

Lan Wangji responded, “I know.”

The two of them left the Cloud Recesses through a small path. Along the way, the grass beside the white stone path rustled, parting to reveal a small fluffy head and a pair of long ears.

The pink nose of the rabbit twitched, and when it saw Lan Wangji, its drooping ears suddenly perked up. It kicked its legs and bounced toward him. They arrived at a grassy field where Little Apple lay beside a tree. Dozens of chubby white rabbits surrounded it, most of them sleeping peacefully with their eyes closed, while a few were still wriggling. Wei Wuxian walked to the tree, scratched behind Little Apple’s donkey head, and startled it awake. The clustered rabbits were also awakened, shaking their long ears and hopping around Lan Wangji’s snow-white boots, excitedly running back and forth without knowing why.

Wei Wuxian pulled on Little Apple’s reins while threatening it to move forward. The rabbits stood on their hind legs, propping themselves up and attempting to climb onto Lan Wangji’s legs. Lan Wangji remained unmoved. As the two walked, the white rabbits stumbled along with their little boots, refusing to leave even when Wei Wuxian tried to drive them away. Lan Wangji bent down and picked up one, cradling it in his arms. His face remained cold, but his actions were gentle as his slender fingers gently scratched under the rabbit’s chin. The rabbit flicked its long ears and turned its head, narrowing its ruby-like eyes into slits, seemingly enjoying the scratches. When Wei Wuxian reached out to scratch it, it turned its head away. He said, “You’re so picky, only loving this one. Truly loyal.”

Lan Wangji glanced at him and handed the white rabbit over to him. Wei Wuxian laughed and accepted it. The rabbit squirmed and struggled in his arms. Wei Wuxian tugged on its ears and said, “Don’t like me? Hate me? You can try to escape, but you won’t be able to. Just obediently like me.”

Wei Wuxian played with the rabbit for a while and released the fluffy creature when they were near the entrance of the Cloud Recesses. The rabbit’s fur was all ruffled from his rough handling. Sadly, the rabbits couldn’t continue following them and sat in place, ears drooping, watching their owners leave.

Wei Wuxian turned around and said, “You’re so attached to them, Hanguang Jun. I never expected that you would be so loved by these little creatures. You must have been gentle and attentive when you took care of them. I can’t compare.”

Lan Wangji asked, “Can’t compare?”

Wei Wuxian proudly said, “That’s right! Birds in the sky, creatures on the ground, and those swimming in the water, they all turn and run when they see me.”

Lan Wangji shook his head, the meaning clear: Wei Wuxian must have done something wrong first, causing them to dislike him.