Xiao Xingchen’s smile froze.

The two words “Xue Yang” struck him deeply. There wasn’t much color in his face to begin with, but upon hearing that name, it drained away in an instant, leaving his lips almost pale white.

Unable to be certain, Xiao Xingchen whispered, “…Xue Yang?”

He suddenly snapped back to reality, “A-Qing, how do you know this name?”

A-Qing said, “This Xue Yang is the person right beside us! That wicked person!”

Xiao Xingchen was stunned, “Right beside us…?”

He shook his head, seemingly dizzy, and said, “How do you know?”

A-Qing replied, “I heard him killing someone!”

Xiao Xingchen asked, “He killed someone? Who?”

A-Qing answered, “A woman! She had a young voice, probably carrying a sword. And this Xue Yang also had a hidden sword. I heard them fighting, the sounds of blows. The woman called him ‘Xue Yang’ and accused him of being a ‘butcher,’ ‘murderer,’ and said ‘he should be killed by everyone.’ Oh my heavens, this person is a serial killer! He has been hiding among us, I don’t know what he plans to do!”

A-Qing hadn’t slept all night, weaving lies in her mind. First and foremost, she couldn’t let Daoist Xiao Xingchen know that he had mistaken a living person for a corpse and killed them. She especially couldn’t let him know that he had personally killed Song Lan. So, even though she felt sorry for Daoist Song, she couldn’t reveal his death. It would be best if Xiao Xingchen discovered Xue Yang’s identity and they escaped immediately, far away!

However, this news was too hard to accept and seemed absurd at first. Xiao Xingchen found it unbelievable, “But the voice doesn’t match. And…”

A-Qing anxiously interrupted, “He deliberately disguised his voice! He was afraid of being recognized by you!” Suddenly, she had a clever idea and exclaimed, “Oh, that’s right! He has nine fingers! Do you know that, Daoist Xiao Xingchen? Does Xue Yang have nine fingers? You must have seen it before!”

Xiao Xingchen couldn’t stand steady anymore.

A-Qing quickly supported him, helping him to the table, and he sat down slowly. After a while, Xiao Xingchen said, “But A-Qing, how do you know he has nine fingers? Did you touch his hand? But if he really is Xue Yang, how could you touch his left hand and discover his deformity?”

A-Qing gritted her teeth and said, “…Daoist, let me tell you the truth! I’m not blind, I can see! I didn’t touch him, I saw it!”

One thunderclap after another resounded, leaving Xiao Xingchen slightly dazed. “What did you say? You can see?”

A-Qing was scared in her heart, but she couldn’t hide it anymore. She repeatedly apologized, “I’m sorry, Daoist, I didn’t mean to deceive you! I was afraid that if you knew I wasn’t blind, you wouldn’t let me stay with you anymore. I was afraid you would drive me away! But for now, please don’t blame me. Let’s run away together. He’ll be back after buying groceries!”

Suddenly, she closed her mouth.

The bandage covering Xiao Xingchen’s eyes was originally snowy white, but now two patches of blood gradually seeped through, growing more and more, soaking through and dripping down from his eye sockets.

A-Qing screamed, “Daoist, you’re bleeding!”

As if just realizing it, Xiao Xingchen gently said, “Ah,” and touched his face, his hand covered in fresh blood. A-Qing trembled as she helped him wipe it, but the more she wiped, the more blood there was. Xiao Xingchen raised his hand and said, “I’m fine… I’m fine.”

Initially, the wound in his eyes would only bleed when he was overly thoughtful or emotional, but it hadn’t happened for a long time. Wei Wuxian thought it had already healed. Who would have thought that it would bleed again today?

Muttering to himself, Xiao Xingchen said, “But… if it really is Xue Yang, how could this be? Why didn’t he kill me from the beginning? Why did he stay by my side for several years? How could this be Xue Yang?”

A-Qing said, “From the beginning, he wanted to kill you! I saw the look in his eyes, very fierce and terrifying! But he was injured and couldn’t move, he needed someone to take care of him! I didn’t know him, if I did, I would have killed him while he was lying in the grass with my bamboo pole! Daoist, let’s run away! Ah?”

In his heart, Wei Wuxian sighed, “It’s impossible. If Xiao Xingchen isn’t told, he will continue to stay with Xue Yang like this. If Xiao Xingchen is told, he won’t simply run away. He will confront Xue Yang face to face. This is an unsolvable situation.”

Sure enough, after Xiao Xingchen barely calmed himself, he said, “A-Qing, you go.”

His voice was slightly hoarse, and A-Qing said with some fear, “I go? Daoist, let’s go together!”

Xiao Xingchen shook his head and said, “I can’t leave. I need to find out what he’s planning. He definitely has a purpose, and most likely, he has been pretending to be someone else all these years just to achieve that goal. If I leave and leave him alone here, the people of Yi City will likely suffer his wrath. Xue Yang has always been like this.”

This time, A-Qing’s tears and cries were not fake. She threw the bamboo pole aside and hugged Xiao Xingchen’s thigh, saying, “I leave? Daoist, how can I leave alone! I want to be with you. If you don’t leave, I won’t leave either. We can face whatever danger together. Besides, if I stay outside alone, I’ll eventually die alone in misery. If you don’t want me to end up like that, let’s escape together!”

Unfortunately, the trick of pretending to be pitiful no longer worked now that her secret of not being blind was exposed. Xiao Xingchen said, “A-Qing, you can see, and you are clever. I believe you can live a good life. Xue Yang is much more terrifying than you can imagine. You can’t stay here, and you must not get close to him again.”

A-Qing’s scream in her heart was even heard by Wei Wuxian, “I know! I know how terrifying he is!”

But she couldn’t bring herself to reveal the whole truth!

Suddenly, a series of brisk footsteps could be heard from a distance.

Xue Yang had returned!

Xiao Xingchen raised his head alertly, returning to the sharp state he had during night hunts. He pulled A-Qing close to him and whispered, “When he comes in, I’ll deal with him. Take the opportunity to escape immediately. Listen to me!”

A-Qing nodded in fear and tears. Xue Yang kicked the door with his foot and said, “What are you doing? I’m back. Haven’t you left yet? If you haven’t, open the door and let me in. I’m exhausted.”

Just by listening to his voice and tone, he sounded like a friendly young neighbor or a lively junior martial brother. But who would have thought that at this moment, standing outside the door was a heartless and insane devil, a demon disguised in a handsome human skin, walking and talking like a human!

The door wasn’t locked, but it was latched from the inside. If they didn’t open the door soon, Xue Yang would become suspicious. Once he entered, he would be on guard. A-Qing wiped her face and cursed, “What the hell! It’s such a long way to buy groceries. Are you tired after just a short walk? Is it too much trouble for Sister to change two outfits, causing you to lose a piece of meat?!”

Xue Yang sneered, “How many outfits do you even have? You keep changing, but they all look the same. Open the door, open the door.”

A-Qing’s calves trembled, but she resolutely said, “No, I won’t open it. If you dare, you can kick it!”

Xue Yang laughed, “Well, you said it. Daoist, you’ll have to fix the door later. Don’t blame me.”

After speaking, he kicked the door, forcefully pushing it open. With a high threshold, he stepped inside, one hand holding a basket full of groceries, the other holding a fresh and dripping apple. He took a bite, then lowered his head and saw the Frost Frost sword buried in his abdomen.

The basket fell to the ground, and the vegetables, radishes, apples, and steamed buns inside rolled all over the floor.

Xiao Xingchen sternly shouted, “A-Qing, run!”

A-Qing turned and ran, rushing out of the gates of Yi Village. She ran for a while on the road, then turned back, sneaking back and climbing to the most familiar and frequently eavesdropped hiding spot. This time, she even exposed half of her head, peeking into the room.

Xiao Xingchen coldly said, “Is it fun?”

Xue Yang took another bite of the apple still in his hand, leisurely chewed it for a while, swallowed the fruit, and then said, “It’s fun. Why wouldn’t it be?”

He revealed his true nature.

Xiao Xingchen said, “What were you planning during these years by my side?”

Xue Yang said, “Who knows? Maybe I was just bored.”

Xiao Xingchen drew out Frost Frost, ready to strike, but Xue Yang spoke up, “Xiao Xingchen, I haven’t finished my story. Don’t you want to hear the rest?”

Xiao Xingchen replied, “I don’t.”

Although he refused, he slightly tilted his head, and the momentum of the sword stopped. Xue Yang said, “But I want to tell you. After I finish, if you still think it’s my fault, you can do whatever you want.”

He casually wiped the wound on his abdomen, pressing it to prevent excessive bleeding, and continued, “The child saw the man who deceived him into delivering the message. He felt both wronged and happy, so he wailed and threw himself at the man, saying, ‘The message was delivered, but the pastries were gone, and I got beaten. Can you give me another plate?’

“But it seemed that the man had just been caught by that burly man and had been beaten. His face was injured. He saw the dirty child hugging his leg and became extremely irritated, kicking him away with one foot.

“He climbed onto the ox cart and ordered the driver to go. The child got up from the ground and ran after the cart, chasing it relentlessly. He wanted to eat those sweet pastries so badly and finally caught up. He waved his hand in front of the cart, hoping they would stop. The man, irritated by his cries, snatched the whip from the driver’s hand and lashed it down on the child’s head, knocking him to the ground.”

He said each word, “Then, the cart’s wheels rolled over the child’s hands, crushing each finger one by one!”

Regardless of whether Xiao Xingchen could see or not, Xue Yang raised his left hand before him. “When I was seven years old, all the bones in my left hand were shattered, and one finger was crushed into a muddy mess right there! This man was Chang Ping’s father.

“Xiao Xingchen, when you captured me and brought me to the Jinlintai, you spoke righteously, condemning me for wiping out an entire family due to a minor grudge. But since the fingers aren’t on your hands, you don’t know what pain feels like! You don’t know the agonizing screams that come from your own mouth! Why did I have to kill his entire family? Why don’t you ask him why he, for no reason, came to mock and amuse me? Today’s Xue Yang is a result of the past deeds of Chang Ci’an! The Chang clan in Liyang reaps what they sow!”

Xiao Xingchen couldn’t believe it and said, “Chang Ci’an only cut off one of your fingers back then. If you wanted revenge, you could have severed one of his fingers in return. If you held deep grudges, you could have broken two, ten of his fingers! You could have even chopped off his entire arm! Why did you have to kill his whole family? Does one finger of yours require over fifty lives to compensate for?”

Xue Yang actually pondered seriously for a moment, as if he found Xiao Xingchen’s question strange. He replied, “Of course. Fingers are my own, lives belong to others. No matter how many lives I take, it can’t compensate for one finger. It’s just over fifty lives, how can they compare to one finger of mine?”

Xiao Xingchen’s face grew even paler with anger, and he sternly asked, “Then what about others?! Why did you massacre the Bai Xue Temple? Why did you blind Senior Song Zichen’s eyes?”

Xue Yang countered, “And why did you stop me? Why did you interfere in my affairs? Why did you side with the Chang family? Are you helping Chang Ci’an or Chang Ping? Hahaha! How grateful Chang Ping used to be towards you, and later, how she begged you not to help him anymore! Xiao Xingchen, from the very beginning, it was your fault. You shouldn’t have meddled in the disputes of others. Can outsiders clearly discern right from wrong, love from resentment? Or maybe you shouldn’t have left the mountain at all. Your Master, Bao Shan Sanren, was so wise. Why didn’t you listen to her and stay on the mountain to cultivate and seek the Dao? If you don’t understand the affairs of this world, then don’t involve yourself in it!”

Unable to bear it any longer, Xiao Xingchen said, “…Xue Yang, you are truly… repugnant…”

Upon hearing this, the fierce light that hadn’t appeared in Xue Yang’s eyes for a long time reappeared.

He sneered coldly and said, “Xiao Xingchen, this is why I dislike you so much. What I despise the most is people like you, who claim to be righteous and think they have noble character. You are the kind of fool who believes that doing a few good deeds will make the world a better place. You are naïve, foolish, and stupid! Disgust me? Well, I am afraid of being disgusted by others? But, do you have the right to disgust me?”

Xiao Xingchen was taken aback and asked, “What do you mean?”

A-Qing and Wei Wuxian’s hearts almost leaped out of their chests!

Xue Yang affectionately said, “We haven’t gone out to kill any walking corpses at night recently, right? But in the past two years, didn’t we go out and kill a bunch every few days?”

Xiao Xingchen’s lips twitched, showing a hint of unease. He asked, “What are you trying to say now?”

Xue Yang replied, “Nothing in particular. It’s just a pity that you’re blind, and both your eyes were gouged out by yourself. You can’t see those ‘walking corpses’ you killed. They were so frightened and suffered so much when your sword pierced through their hearts. Some of them even knelt down, crying and begging for mercy. If only I hadn’t cut off their tongues, they would have cried and pleaded, ‘Spare us, Daoist Master.’”

Xiao Xingchen trembled all over.

After a while, he struggled to say, “You’re lying to me. You’re trying to deceive me.”

Xue Yang said, “Yes, I am lying to you. I have been lying to you all along. Who would have thought that you would believe the lies and not believe the truth?”

It wasn’t that he was frozen in place, but rather that he instantly transformed into a statue, a petrified figure.

Xiao Xingchen cautiously asked, “…Is it Zi Chen?”

No answer.

Song Lan’s corpse stood behind him, seemingly gazing at Xiao Xingchen, but his eyes lacked pupils. He held a long sword, locked in a clash with Shuanghua.

In the past, they had often sparred with each other and could determine each other’s identity from the clash of their swords and their strength alone. But Xiao Xingchen seemed uncertain. He slowly turned around, trembling as he reached out his hand and felt the blade of Song Lan’s sword.

Song Lan remained motionless. Xiao Xingchen ran his hand along the blade and finally traced the two characters engraved on the hilt: “Fu Xue” (Brushing Snow).

Xiao Xingchen’s face grew paler and paler.

He, in a daze, touched the blade of Fu Xue, not even realizing when the sharp edge cut his palm. Trembling all over, he almost collapsed to the ground as he repeated, “Zi Chen… Senior Song… Senior Song… Is it really you?”

Song Lan silently watched him without saying a word.

Xiao Xingchen, with his bandages soaked in blood flowing continuously, had two horrifying bloodstains on his face. He wanted to reach out and touch the person holding the sword but didn’t dare. His hand extended and then retracted. A tearing pain surged from A-Qing’s chest, causing both her and Wei Wuxian to struggle to breathe, gasping for air, and tears gushed from their eyes.

Xiao Xingchen stood there helplessly, lost for words. “…What’s going on… Someone say something…”

He completely broke down. “Someone say something!”

As if granting his wish, Xue Yang spoke, “Do you need me to tell you who the corpse you killed yesterday was?”

A loud sound.

Shuanghua fell to the ground.

Xue Yang burst into laughter.

Xiao Xingchen knelt before the motionless Song Lan, clutching his head, and wailed in agony.

Xue Yang laughed until tears welled up in his eyes and viciously said, “What’s wrong? Two good friends meeting, moved to tears! Do you want to hug each other?”

A-Qing tightly covered her mouth, preventing even a whimper from escaping. Inside the Yizhuang, Xue Yang paced back and forth, using a tone that was both furious and delighted to curse out loud, “The Savior! It’s so hilarious. You can’t even save yourself!”

Wei Wuxian felt sharp pain in his head, wave after wave. But this pain didn’t come from A-Qing’s soul.

Xiao Xingchen, in a disheveled state, knelt on the ground, clinging to Song Lan’s feet. He shrank into a small, weak bundle, as if wanting to disappear from this world. His once pristine Daoist robe was now stained with blood and dust. Xue Yang shouted at him, “You’ve achieved nothing, utterly defeated! You brought this upon yourself! It’s your own doing!”

At that moment, Wei Wuxian saw himself in Xiao Xingchen.

A person utterly defeated, covered in blood, having achieved nothing, being accused and berated by others, unable to turn the tide, only capable of crying in despair!

The white bandages were completely soaked in red, Xiao Xingchen’s face covered in blood. With no eyes, tears couldn’t flow, only blood. Deceived for several years, mistaking an enemy for a friend, his goodwill trampled upon, believing he was exterminating demons and monsters, yet his hands were stained with the innocent’s blood, killing his own dear friend!

He could only utter in pain, “Spare me.”

Xue Yang sneered, “Didn’t you want to stab me with a sword just now? Why are you begging for mercy now?”

He knew very well that Xiao Xingchen couldn’t wield the sword anymore, as Song Lan’s fierce corpse was protecting him.

Once again, he had won, claiming a complete victory.

Suddenly, Xiao Xingchen grabbed the blood-stained Shuanghua, turned the blade around, and placed it against his own neck. A clear silver light flashed across Xue Yang’s pitch-black eyes. Xiao Xingchen released his grip, and the blade of Shuanghua was dripping with crimson blood.

With the sound of the falling sword, Xue Yang’s laughter and actions abruptly ceased.

After a moment of silence, he walked to the lifeless body of Xiao Xingchen, lowered his head, and the twisted curve at the corner of his mouth gradually relaxed. Bloodshot veins crawled into his eyes, and his eye sockets seemed to turn slightly red.

Then, he fiercely gritted his teeth and said, “It’s because of you!”

After speaking, he let out a cold laugh and muttered to himself, “It’s better to be dead! Only the dead are obedient.”

Xue Yang checked Xiao Xingchen’s breath, pinched his wrist, as if finding his death not thorough enough, not stiff enough. He stood up, went into a nearby room, brought out a basin of water, and used a clean cloth to wipe the blood off Xiao Xingchen’s face. He even changed the bandage, carefully wrapping it around Xiao Xingchen’s wounds.

He prepared a formation on the ground and arranged the necessary materials, carefully placing Xiao Xingchen’s body inside. After finishing all this, he finally remembered to bandage his own abdomen.

He probably believed that they would be able to see each other again in a little while. His mood grew increasingly pleasant as he picked up the fallen vegetables and fruits from the ground, neatly arranging them in the basket. He diligently cleaned the house and laid a thick layer of fresh straw in the coffin where A-Qing slept. Finally, he took out the candy that Xiao Xingchen had given him last night from his sleeve.

Just as he was about to put it in his mouth, he hesitated, then decided against it and put it back. He sat by the table, resting his chin on his hand, eagerly waiting for Xiao Xingchen to wake up.

But he never woke up.

The sky grew darker, and Xue Yang’s expression became increasingly gloomy. Impatiently, he tapped his fingers on the table.

When the twilight completely enveloped them, he kicked the table, cursed, and stood up. Half-kneeling beside Xiao Xingchen’s lifeless body, he checked the array and incantations he had drawn earlier. After confirming multiple times that everything seemed correct, he frowned, wiped it all away, and started over.

This time, Xue Yang sat directly on the ground, patiently staring at Xiao Xingchen, waiting for a long time. A-Qing’s feet had gone numb three rounds ago, and they itched and hurt as if countless ants were gnawing at them. Her eyes had swollen from crying, and her vision was a bit blurry.

After another hour of waiting, Xue Yang finally realized that the situation was out of control.

He placed his hand on Xiao Xingchen’s forehead, closed his eyes, and probed. After a while, he abruptly opened his eyes.

Wei Wuxian knew that all he had managed to detect were a few faint remnants of fragmented souls.

But souls shattered to this extent were utterly useless for creating fierce corpses.

Xue Yang seemed completely unprepared for this unexpected development. For the first time, his perpetually smiling face revealed a blank expression.

Without thinking, he belatedly used his hand to cover the wound on Xiao Xingchen’s neck. However, the blood had long dried up, and Xiao Xingchen’s face had turned as pale as paper. Large patches of dried blood, dark red, were stuck between his neck. It was futile to try to stop the bleeding now.

Xiao Xingchen was dead, truly and completely dead.

Even his soul had shattered.

In Xue Yang’s story, the enormous disparity between the child who couldn’t taste snacks and wailed and the current him made it difficult to connect the two. Yet, at this moment, Wei Wuxian finally caught a glimpse of that clueless and innocent child in Xue Yang’s face.

Bloodshot veins instantly filled Xue Yang’s eyes. He stood up abruptly, clenched his fists tightly, and rampaged through the Yizhuang, smashing and destroying everything in his path, the deafening sound echoing as he demolished the room he had just tidied up.

Now, his expression and the sounds he emitted were closer to sheer madness than any of his previous wickedness.

After wrecking the room, he calmed down and squatted back down, softly calling, “Xiao Xingchen.”

He said, “If you don’t wake up soon, I’ll make your good friend Song Lan go on a killing spree.”

“I’ll kill every single person in this Yicheng, turning them into fierce corpses. After you’ve lived here for so long, does that really suit you?”

“I’ll slowly strangle that little blind girl A-Qing, expose her corpse to the wilderness, let the wild dogs tear her apart.”

A-Qing shivered silently.

No one responded. Xue Yang suddenly shouted in anger, “Xiao Xingchen!”

He grabbed the collar of Xiao Xingchen’s Daoist robe and shook it, staring at the dead man’s face.

Suddenly, he pulled Xiao Xingchen’s arm and lifted him up on his back.

Xue Yang walked out of the door with Xiao Xingchen’s corpse on his back, muttering like a madman, “Locking Pouch, Locking Pouch. Yes, a Locking Pouch, I need a Locking Pouch, Locking Pouch, Locking Pouch…”

When he had gone quite a distance, A-Qing dared to move slightly.

Unable to stand steady, she fell to the ground and wriggled for a while before struggling to get up. She walked with great difficulty, took a few steps, and as her muscles loosened up, she gradually picked up speed. She ran and ran until the Yicheng was far behind her before finally allowing herself to cry out loudly, “Daozhang! Daozhang! Wuwuwu, Daozhang!”

The scene suddenly shifted to another place.

By this time, A-Qing should have been on the run for a while. She was in an unfamiliar town, holding a bamboo pole and pretending to be blind. She asked anyone she encountered, “Excuse me, are there any prominent families around here?” “Excuse me, are there any powerful cultivators nearby?” She was searching for someone who could help Xiao Xingchen seek revenge.

However, no one paid much attention to her inquiries, often dismissing her with a few casual words. A-Qing didn’t get discouraged. She kept asking persistently, even when she was shooed away. Seeing that she couldn’t find any leads here, she left and took a small path.

She walked and asked all day, exhausted and dragging her heavy steps. Finally, she arrived at a small stream, cupped her hands to drink a few sips of water, moistening her parched throat. She noticed a hairpin on her hair when she looked at her reflection in the water. She reached out and took it off.

The hairpin was originally rough, resembling an uneven chopstick. Xiao Xingchen had helped her smooth and refine it, carving a small fox at the end. The little fox had a pointed face and big eyes, smiling. A-Qing touched it when she got the hairpin and happily exclaimed, “Oh! It looks like me!”

Looking at the hairpin, A-Qing pouted and felt like crying again. Her stomach growled, so she took out a small white coin pouch from her pocket, the same one she had stolen from Xiao Xingchen. She fished out a tiny candy from the pouch, carefully licked it to taste the sweetness, and put it back.

It was the last candy that Xiao Xingchen had left for her.

A-Qing tucked away the pouch and, with a sweeping glance, suddenly noticed another person’s reflection in the water.

Xue Yang, smiling, appeared in the reflection, looking at her.

A-Qing screamed in fright and scrambled away.

Xue Yang had somehow approached from behind. Holding Frost Core in his hand, he opened his arms, assuming a hugging posture, and cheerfully said, “A-Qing, why are you running? We haven’t seen each other in a long time. Don’t you miss me?”

A-Qing screamed, “Help!”

However, this was a remote mountain path where no one would come to her rescue.

Xue Yang raised an eyebrow and said, “I just returned from Liyang on business, and by chance, I happened to encounter you wandering around the city. Such an inevitable fate. By the way, you’re quite good at pretending. I’ve been fooled by you for so long. Impressive.”

A-Qing realized she couldn’t escape and that she was inevitably going to die. After the initial terror, she thought that since she was going to die anyway, she might as well curse with all her might before dying. She mustered her energy and spat out, “You beast! Shameless scum! You’re worse than a pig or a dog! Your parents must have conceived you in a pigsty! You grew up eating shit, you rotten embryo!”

Having been exposed to countless dirty curses in the past, A-Qing effortlessly spewed out all sorts of filthy words. Xue Yang listened with a smile, saying, “You sure can curse. Why didn’t I hear you unleash this temper in front of Xiao Xingchen? Anything else?”

A-Qing continued cursing, “You despicable thing! How dare you mention Daozhang? That belongs to Daozhang! Are you even qualified to touch it? You’ve dirtied his belongings!”

Xue Yang lifted up the Frost Core in his left hand and said, “Oh, you mean this? Now, it’s mine. Do you think your Daozhang is so clean? In the future, he’ll be mine…”

A-Qing retorted, “You’re full of shit! You must be dreaming! You dare talk about Daozhang’s cleanliness, but you’re nothing but a spit. It’s only because Daozhang had bad luck for eight lifetimes that he got involved with you. The only dirty one here is you! You disgusting spit!”

Xue Yang’s face finally darkened.

A-Qing, who had been on edge while escaping, suddenly felt relieved.

The reason A-Qing’s ghost was blind but not slow and cautious like a typical blind person was that she became truly blind in the last moments before her death. Previously, she had been an agile and nimble little girl.

Over the years, she had been hiding and sneaking around the fog-shrouded Yi City, constantly opposing Xue Yang. She frightened away the living who entered the city, guided them out, and warned them. It took immense courage and determination.

A-Qing knelt beside the coffin, pressed her palms together, repeatedly bowing to Wei Wuxian. She then used the bamboo pole as a sword, mimicking her playful “kill, kill, kill” gestures. Wei Wuxian said, “Rest assured.”

He said to the young masters of the prestigious families, “Stay here. The walking corpses won’t come to this inn. I’ll go and be back soon.”

Unable to resist his curiosity, Lan Jingyi asked, “What did you see during the empathetic connection?”

Wei Wuxian replied, “It’s too long to explain now. I’ll tell you later.”

Jin Ling said, “Can’t you give a brief summary? Don’t keep us in suspense!”

Wei Wuxian said, “Alright, in short: Xue Yang must die.”

Within the obscuring mist, A-Qing’s bamboo pole rattled, leading the way ahead. The ghost and the person moved swiftly, quickly returning to the scene of the intense battle.

Lan Wangji and Xue Yang were already fighting outside. The sword lights of Avoid Dust and Calamity Descending clashed fiercely at a critical moment. Avoid Dust remained calm and composed, steadily gaining the upper hand, while Calamity Descending fought like a mad dog, barely managing to hold on. However, the white mist was terrifying, impairing Lan Wangji’s vision, while Xue Yang had lived in this Yi City for many years and knew the roads like the back of his hand, even with his eyes closed. As a result, neither side could gain the upper hand. The sound of a zither occasionally resounded, repelling the approaching horde of walking corpses. Wei Wuxian had just taken out his flute when two dark figures crashed heavily in front of him like iron towers. Wen Ning pinned down Song Lan on the ground, and both vicious corpses were gripping each other’s necks, their bones creaking. Wei Wuxian said, “Hold them down!”

He bent down and quickly found the tails of the two skull-piercing nails in Song Lan’s hair. He felt a sense of relief: these two nails were much thinner than the ones embedded in Wen Ning’s head, and they were made of different materials, so it shouldn’t be difficult for Song Lan to recover his true nature. He immediately pinched the tips and slowly pulled them out. A foreign object stirred in his brain, and Song Lan’s eyes suddenly widened with a hoarse roar. Wen Ning applied more force, preventing him from breaking free. When the skull-piercing nails were pulled out, Song Lan instantly became like a puppet with severed strings, collapsing to the ground, motionless.

At this moment, a furious roar resounded through the battlefield, “Give it back to me!”