After summoning Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian’s mind was slightly chaotic, making it difficult for him to keep an eye on everything. And if Lan Wangji didn’t want anyone to notice his arrival, it would be effortless for him. So when he turned around and saw Lan Wangji’s face, which appeared even colder under the moonlight, his heart skipped a beat, and he was slightly startled.

He didn’t know how long Lan Wangji had been here, or if he had heard everything he did and said. If Lan Wangji had been sober from the beginning and followed him all the way here, the situation would be even more awkward. Not mentioning Wen Ning in front of him, only to summon him once he fell asleep, sneaking around secretly—it was truly embarrassing.

Lan Wangji crossed his arms, Bichen leaning against his chest, with an extremely cold expression. Wei Wuxian had never seen him display such obvious displeasure before, so he felt that Lan Wangji should be the one to speak up and offer an explanation to ease the tension. He said, “Ahem, Hanguang-Jun.”

Lan Wangji didn’t respond.

Wei Wuxian stood in front of Wen Ning, facing Lan Wangji, stared into his eyes, and rubbed his chin. For some reason, he suddenly felt a strong sense of guilt.

Finally, Lan Wangji let go of Bichen and took a few steps forward. Wei Wuxian thought that he was going to kill Wen Ning with the sword and his thoughts raced, “This is bad. Lan Zhan must have pretended to be drunk just to wait for me to summon Wen Ning and then kill him. It makes sense. No one really gets drunk after just one bowl.”

He said, “Hanguang-Jun, let me explain…”

With a “smack,” Lan Wangji slapped Wen Ning.

Although the slap sounded loud, it didn’t have much actual impact. Wen Ning stumbled back a few steps, swayed, and regained his balance, standing there with a blank expression.

Although Wen Ning didn’t display the same aggressive and irritable behavior he had when he went berserk in the Burial Mounds, his temper was still far from good. When they were attacked on Mount Dafan that night, he didn’t even get stabbed by a sword, but he sent the assailant flying and lifted him by the neck. If Wei Wuxian hadn’t stopped him, he would have strangled each and every one of them. But now, even after Lan Wangji slapped him, he still lowered his head, looking like he didn’t dare to resist. Wei Wuxian found it somewhat strange but also felt relieved. If Wen Ning fought back, it would be even more difficult to mediate between the two of them.

At this moment, Lan Wangji seemed to be unsatisfied with just one slap. He pushed Wen Ning away with another slap, sending him several zhang away.

He said in a displeased tone, “Get lost.”

Wei Wuxian finally noticed that something was off.

Lan Wangji’s actions and words were both… childish.

After pushing Wen Ning away to a sufficient distance, Lan Wangji seemed satisfied and turned around, returning to stand beside Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian stared at him intently.

Lan Wangji’s complexion and expression showed no sign of anything unusual. He was even more serious than usual, more dignified, and faultless. His forehead ribbon was perfectly tied, his face wasn’t flushed, he wasn’t out of breath, and he walked with an unwavering step. He still appeared to be the same Hanguang-Jun, the dignified and composed cultivator.

But when he looked down, Wei Wuxian noticed that Lan Wangji had put on his boots the wrong way.

Before leaving, Wei Wuxian had helped Lan Wangji take off his boots and tossed them aside. But now, Lan Wangji had put his left boot on his right foot and his right boot on his left foot.

Hanguang-Jun, who came from a prestigious family and was extremely refined and courteous, would never dress like this when meeting others.

Wei Wuxian cautiously asked, “Hanguang-Jun, what’s this?”

He gestured with a two-finger gesture. Lan Wangji didn’t respond and solemnly reached out, holding Wei Wuxian’s two fingers in his hands.

With a “thud,” Bichen fell to the ground.

Wei Wuxian: “…”

This was definitely not the usual Lan Zhan!

Wei Wuxian said, “Hanguang-Jun, are you drunk?”

Lan Wangji replied, “No.”

Drunk people never admit that they are drunk. Wei Wuxian retracted his fingers, while Lan Wangji still maintained the position of holding his fingers, concentrating as he pretended to clench two fists. Wei Wuxian silently watched him, looking up at the moon in the cold night.

Normally, when someone was drunk, they would sleep first, but Lan Wangji slept first and then got drunk. Moreover, when he was drunk, he appeared exactly the same as usual, making it difficult to tell.

Wei Wuxian had seen all kinds of ridiculous and bizarre behavior from drunken friends in the past. Some would sob uncontrollably, some would laugh foolishly, some would go crazy and make a scene, some would lie dead in the middle of the street, some would be desperate to die, and some would whine, “Why don’t you want me?” Yet, this was the first time he had seen Lan Wangji act so calm and composed, with an expression of innocence, while his behavior was incredibly strange.

He suppressed a smile, picked up Bichen from the ground, and slung it on his back, saying, “Alright, let’s go back together.”

We can’t let Lan Wangji wander around like this. Who knows what he might do?

Fortunately, when Lan Wangji was drunk, he seemed quite agreeable and nodded gracefully, stepping forward with Wei Wuxian. If anyone happened to pass by, they would surely believe that these were two close friends strolling and conversing in the night, praising their elegance.

Behind them, Wen Ning silently followed along. Wei Wuxian was about to say something to him when Lan Wangji suddenly turned around and angrily slapped Wen Ning again, this time on the head.

Wen Ning’s head tilted to the side, drooping even lower. Although his facial muscles were rigid and expressionless, and his eyes lacked any gaze, it was evident that he felt wronged. Wei Wuxian found it both amusing and exasperating, grabbing Lan Wangji’s arm and asking, “Why did you hit him?”

Lan Wangji threatened Wen Ning in a tone he would never use when sober, saying, “Get lost!”

Wei Wuxian knew he couldn’t argue with a drunk person and quickly said, “Alright, alright, I’ll get him to leave.” He took out a bamboo flute, but before he could bring it to his lips, Lan Wangji snatched it from him and declared, “Don’t play it for him.”

Teasingly, Wei Wuxian said, “Why are you so domineering?”

Lan Wangji repeated with displeasure, “Don’t play it for him!”

Wei Wuxian noticed it. Drunk people often repeated themselves, and Lan Wangji, who rarely spoke up normally, would endlessly repeat the same sentence when intoxicated. Wei Wuxian thought that Lan Wangji probably disliked him using the flute to control Wen Ning with its melody, so he decided to play along and said, “Fine, I’ll only play it for you, alright?”

Lan Wangji made a satisfied sound, but he held onto the flute and didn’t return it.

Wei Wuxian could only blow the whistle twice and told Wen Ning, “Keep hiding properly and don’t let anyone notice you.”

Wen Ning seemed reluctant to stay behind, but he followed the instructions, afraid of getting slapped by Lan Wangji again. Slowly, he turned around, dragging his feet and jingling the chains, looking rather dejected as he walked away.

Wei Wuxian said to Lan Wangji, “Lan Zhan, how come your face doesn’t even turn red when you’re drunk?”

Because Lan Wangji appeared so normal, even more normal than Wei Wuxian himself, he couldn’t help but speak to him in a normal tone. Unexpectedly, when Lan Wangji heard this, he reached out, pulled Wei Wuxian’s shoulder, and embraced him tightly.

Caught off guard, Wei Wuxian bumped his head against Lan Wangji’s chest.

While feeling dizzy, Lan Wangji’s voice came from above, saying, “Listen to the heartbeat.”

“What?” Wei Wuxian asked.

Lan Wangji explained, “The face doesn’t show, but you can hear the heartbeat.”

As he spoke, his chest vibrated with a low tone, and a heart continued to beat forcefully, thumping and thumping, slightly faster than usual. Wei Wuxian lifted his head and understood, “You can’t tell from the face, but you can judge by listening to the heartbeat?”

Lan Wangji honestly replied, “Yes.”

Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but laugh.

Was Lan Wangji’s face really so thick that it didn’t even show a blush? It didn’t seem like it!

To think that after getting drunk, Lan Wangji would become so honest, with behavior and words that were more… uninhibited than usual!

Rarely encountering such an honest and straightforward Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian treated him with respect and refrained from any mischievous acts. How could he resist?

He hurried Lan Wangji back to the inn. Once inside the room, he pressed him onto the bed, removed his boots, which were worn on the wrong feet. Considering that Lan Wangji probably wouldn’t wipe his face by himself now, Wei Wuxian removed the forehead ribbon, brought in a basin of hot water and a towel, wrung it dry, and gently wiped Lan Wangji’s face.

During this process, Lan Wangji offered no resistance and allowed Wei Wuxian to rub and pat his face as he pleased. Except when the towel neared his eyes, he squinted and stared at Wei Wuxian, never blinking. Wei Wuxian had various mischievous thoughts in his mind. Seeing Lan Wangji’s clear gaze, he couldn’t help but scratch his chin and smile, saying, “What are you looking at? Do I look good?”

Just as he finished wiping, without waiting for Lan Wangji’s response, Wei Wuxian tossed the towel into the basin and said, “Your face is clean now. Would you like to drink some water?”

There was no movement behind him, so he turned around and saw Lan Wangji burying his face in the water basin.

Wei Wuxian was horrified and quickly snatched it back, moving it away, saying, “I didn’t mean for you to drink the water inside!”

Lan Wangji raised his head indifferently, and transparent water droplets dripped from his chin, wetting his collar. Wei Wuxian looked at him, feeling a mix of emotions and could only say, “…Did he actually drink it or not? It’s best if Lan Zhan wakes up and doesn’t remember anything, otherwise, he’ll be too embarrassed to face anyone.”

Wei Wuxian wiped the water droplets from Lan Wangji’s chin with his sleeve, then embraced his shoulder, asking, “Hanguang-Jun, do I have the final say now? Whatever I say, you’ll do it?”

Lan Wangji replied, “Yes.”

Wei Wuxian clarified, “You’ll answer whatever I ask?”

Lan Wangji: “Hmm.”

Wei Wuxian pressed one knee on the bed, curled up the corner of his mouth, and said, “Alright. Let me ask you, have you ever secretly drunk the Emperor’s Smile stored in your room?”

Lan Wangji: “No.”

Wei Wuxian: “Do you like rabbits?”

Lan Wangji: “Yes.”

Wei Wuxian: “Have you ever broken any rules?”

Lan Wangji: “Yes.”

Wei Wuxian: “Have you ever liked someone?”

Lan Wangji: “Yes.”

Wei Wuxian stopped his questioning, not really trying to pry into Lan Wangji’s privacy, but simply confirming if he would answer truthfully. He continued, “What about Jiang Cheng?”

Lan Wangji frowned: “Hmph.”

Wei Wuxian: “And Wen Ning?”

Lan Wangji replied coldly: “Heh.”

Wei Wuxian grinned and pointed at himself, asking, “And me?”

Lan Wangji: “Mine.”


Lan Wangji stared at him, enunciating each word, “Mine.”

Suddenly, Wei Wuxian understood.

He took off the forehead ribbon, thinking to himself, “When I pointed at myself earlier, Lan Zhan must have misunderstood ’this’ as the forehead ribbon I was carrying.”

With this thought in mind, he got off the bed, holding the forehead ribbon and walked around the room from left to right, from east to west. Sure enough, wherever he went, Lan Wangji’s gaze followed closely. It was honest, open, straightforward, and utterly naked.

Wei Wuxian was almost overwhelmed by the passionate gaze, raising the forehead ribbon in front of Lan Wangji, asking, “Do you want it?”

Lan Wangji replied, “I want it.”

Seemingly feeling that this wasn’t enough to express his desire, Lan Wangji grabbed the hand holding the forehead ribbon, looked into Wei Wuxian’s light-colored eyes, took a gentle breath, and forcefully repeated, “…I want it.”

Wei Wuxian knew very well that Lan Wangji was completely drunk, and that statement wasn’t meant for him. However, those two words made his arms and legs go weak.

He thought, “Lan Zhan… If he showed such sincere and passionate feelings toward a girl, he would be a terrifying man!”

Regaining his composure, Wei Wuxian asked, “How did you recognize me? Why did you help me?”

Lan Wangji gently opened his lips, and Wei Wuxian leaned in closer to hear his answer. Unexpectedly, Lan Wangji suddenly changed his expression, raised his hand, and pushed Wei Wuxian, causing him to fall onto the bed.

The candlelight was extinguished with a flick, and the forehead ribbon fell to the ground.

Wei Wuxian, pushed hard, saw stars and thought, “Lan Zhan?!”

Then, he felt a familiar touch on his lower back, which made him feel as if he were back in the unknown depths of the clouds on their first night, unable to move. Lan Wangji withdrew his hand, lay down beside him, covered both of them with the blanket, and carefully tucked Wei Wuxian’s corner of the blanket, saying, “It’s time to rest.”

So, it was the dreadful sleep schedule of the Lan clan at work.

Interrupted in his questioning, Wei Wuxian looked at the ceiling and said, “Can’t we chat while resting?”

Lan Wangji replied, “No.”

…Fine, there would be another opportunity to get Lan Wangji drunk and eventually get answers out of him.

Wei Wuxian said, “Lan Zhan, release me. I booked two rooms, we don’t have to share a bed.”

After a moment of silence, Lan Wangji’s hand reached over and fumbled under the covers, slowly starting to untie Wei Wuxian’s belt. Wei Wuxian shouted, “Alright! Enough! Not that kind of release!!! Mmm!!! Okay! I’ll lie down, I’ll sleep!!!”

In the darkness, there was complete silence.

After a while, Wei Wuxian spoke again, “I finally understand why your family prohibits alcohol. One sip and you’re done for, and the quality of your drinking is poor. If all the Lan clan members were like you when drunk, they would have to ban it. Whoever drinks, gets hit.”

Lan Wangji closed his eyes and covered Wei Wuxian’s mouth with his hand.

He said, “Shh.”

Wei Wuxian felt the breath trapped between his chest and his lips, unable to release it.

It seemed that since his return, every time he wanted to playfully tease Lan Wangji, it always ended up being self-inflicted.

What went wrong?!