Xue Yang sat by the roadside at a small wooden table, one leg curled up on the bench, eating a bowl of rice wine tangyuan.

He tapped the spoon against the bowl, satisfied with his meal at first. However, towards the end, he suddenly realized that the tangyuan was too sticky and the rice wine not sweet enough.

Xue Yang stood up and kicked the table over.

The stall owner was busy attending to customers and was shocked by Xue Yang’s sudden outburst.

He watched in disbelief as the young man suddenly turned violent, kicked the table, and walked away without saying a word, smiling mischievously. It took him a while to react and catch up, angrily yelling, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Xue Yang replied, “Smashing your stall.”

The stall owner was furious, saying, “Are you crazy? You have some nerve!”

Xue Yang remained indifferent, while the stall owner continued pointing at him and cursing, “You little brat! You eat my food without paying, and now you dare to destroy my stall?! I…”

Xue Yang’s right thumb twitched slightly, and his sword, shining brightly, was unsheathed.

With a chilling sword gleam, he lightly tapped the stall owner’s face with the blade of the Disaster-Bringing Sword, his movements gentle and sugary-sweet. He said, “The tangyuan is delicious. Next time, put more sugar in it.”

After speaking, he turned around and walked away confidently.

The stall owner was a mixture of shock and fear, too angry to speak. He watched as Xue Yang walked far away and suddenly felt a surge of frustration and anger.

After a while, he burst out in a furious roar, “Why do you, for no reason, have the audacity! Why!”

Xue Yang waved his hand without looking back and said, “No reason. Many things in this world happen without reason. It’s called an unexpected disaster. Goodbye!”

He walked briskly for a few streets. After a while, someone caught up with him, walking with hands behind their back, keeping pace with his leisurely strides.

Jin Guangyao sighed and said, “I just turned around, and you caused such a commotion. Originally, I only had to pay for a bowl of tangyuan, but now I have to pay for the tables, chairs, benches, pots, and pans.”

Xue Yang asked, “Are you short on money?”

Jin Guangyao replied, “No.”

Xue Yang said, “Then why sigh?”

Jin Guangyao replied, “I think you should also have enough money. Why can’t you occasionally be a normal customer?”

Xue Yang said, “When I want something in Kuizhou, I never need money to buy it. Just like this.”

As he spoke, he casually pulled a sugar-coated hawthorn off a vendor’s pole by the roadside. The vendor had probably never encountered such shameless behavior before and was dumbfounded. Xue Yang bit into the hawthorn and said, “Besides, can’t you handle flipping a small stall?”

Jin Guangyao laughed and said, “You rascal. Do as you please with flipping stalls. Even if you burn down the entire street, I don’t care. Just remember one thing: don’t let anyone recognize you. Wear your Golden Immortal Snow Wave Robe properly and hide your face. Make it difficult for me.”

He tossed the money to the vendor, and Xue Yang spat out a hawthorn seed, glancing sideways at the hint of purple and blue bruise not well hidden on Jin Guangyao’s forehead. He chuckled and asked, “What happened to you?”

Jin Guangyao glanced at him reproachfully, adjusted his hat, concealing the bruise, and said, “It’s a long story.”

Xue Yang nodded and said, “Did Nie Mingjue do that?”

Jin Guangyao asked, “What do you think? If he had done it, would I be standing here talking to you now?”

Xue Yang nodded in agreement.

The two of them left Lanling City and arrived at a peculiar building in the wilderness.

This building was not extravagant. Behind the tall walls were rows of dark and somber longhouses. In front of the longhouses was a square enclosed by chest-high iron fences adorned with various red and yellow talismans. Within the square were some strange devices such as iron cages, knives, and nail boards. A few raggedy “people” wandered aimlessly, their pale-blue skin and vacant gazes accompanied by the strange sounds of their breath.

The Corpse Refining Yard.

At that time, Jin Guangshan was tormented by the Yin Tiger Seal, thinking about it day and night. He tried various means to no avail, but Wei Wuxian, that guy, didn’t yield to any pressure and gave him a lot of headaches. Jin Guangshan thought, “If you can do it, can’t others? I don’t believe that there’s only one Wei Ying in the world who has such abilities. One day, I will see you surpassed by someone else, mocked and trampled upon by future generations. Then, let’s see if you’re still so arrogant.”

Thus, Jin Guangshan recruited those eccentric individuals who imitated Wei Wuxian’s demonic cultivation methods and enlisted them for his own use. He spent a great deal of money and resources on this group of people, ordering them to study and analyze the structure of the Yin Tiger Seal, aiming to duplicate and recreate it. Few succeeded in their studies, but surprisingly, the youngest one recommended by Jin Guangyao, Xue Yang, made the most progress.

Jin Guangyao was overjoyed and granted Xue Yang the position of a guest official, giving him great power and freedom. The Corpse Refining Yard was a piece of land specifically requested by Jin Guangyao for Xue Yang to secretly study and indulge in his reckless experiments.

When they arrived at the Corpse Refining Yard, two fierce corpses were fighting in the center of the grounds.

These two corpses were completely different from the others. They were dressed in intact clothing, their eyes turned white, and they held weapons. Sparks flew as their swords clashed. Two chairs were placed in front of the iron fence, and both of them took a seat. Jin Guangyao adjusted his collar, and a trembling corpse moved closer, presenting a tray.

Xue Yang said, “Tea.”

Jin Guangyao glanced at it. There was a strange purplish-red substance at the bottom of the teacup, bloated from being soaked, and he didn’t know what it was.

He smiled and pushed the teacup towards Xue Yang, saying, “Thank you.”

Xue Yang pushed the teacup back and affectionately said, “This is my specially crafted tea. Why don’t you drink it?”

Jin Guangyao pushed the teacup back again and kindly said, “Because it’s specially crafted by you, that’s why I dare not drink it.”

Xue Yang raised an eyebrow and turned his head to continue watching the fighting corpses.

The intensity of the fight between the two corpses increased. They fought with both their swords and claws, and blood and flesh flew around. The indifferent expression on Xue Yang’s face grew more profound. After a while, he suddenly snapped his fingers and made a hand gesture. The two corpses immediately convulsed and reversed their sword blades, cutting off their own heads. The headless bodies fell to the ground, still trembling.

Jin Guangyao asked, “Isn’t it perfect?”

Xue Yang replied, “Too slow.”

Jin Guangyao said, “They’re faster than the last time I saw them.”

Xue Yang extended his gloved hand, raised a finger, and shook it, saying, “It depends on the comparison. Even compared to the ordinary corpses summoned by Wei Wuxian’s flute-playing, they won’t last long.”

Jin Guangyao laughed and said, “You’re so impatient. I’m not. Take your time. Let me know if you need anything. By the way…”

He took something out of his sleeve and handed it to Xue Yang, saying, “Maybe you need this?”

Xue Yang flipped through it, and suddenly, he sat up straight in his chair, exclaiming, “Wei Wuxian’s manuscript?”

Jin Guangyao nodded and said, “Correct.”

Xue Yang lowered his head and read it with keen eyes. After a while, he looked up and said, “Did he really write this with his own hand when he was nineteen?”

Jin Guangyao replied, “Of course. Everyone wanted it, and I managed to collect all the remaining fragments. It took quite a bit of effort.”

Xue Yang muttered something under his breath, his excitement growing stronger in his eyes. After finishing reading, he said, “It’s not complete.”

Jin Guangyao said, “There was a big fire and battle at the Burial Mound. Finding these remaining fragments is already good enough. Be cautious when reading them.”

Xue Yang said, “What about his flute? Can’t you get Chenqing for me?”

Jin Guangyao spread his hands and said, “Chenqing is not possible. Jiang Wanyin took it.”

Xue Yang asked, “Doesn’t he hate Wei Wuxian the most? Why would he need Chenqing? Didn’t you manage to get Wei Wuxian’s sword? Give him the sword, and exchange it for the flute. Wei Wuxian has long abandoned the sword and sealed it, and no one can draw it out. Keeping it is useless except for decoration.”

Jin Guangyao said, “Xue Gongzi, you’re good at making things difficult. Do you think I haven’t tried? Nothing is that simple. Jiang Wanyin has gone mad. He still believes that Wei Wuxian is not dead. If Wei Wuxian were to return, he might not go for his own sword, but he would definitely go for Chenqing. So, he won’t hand over Chenqing. If I say a few more words, he’ll turn hostile.”

Xue Yang chuckled and said, “Crazy dog.”

At this moment, two disciples from the Lanling Jin Sect dragged over a disheveled cultivator.

Jin Guangyao said, “You wanted to refine the corpses again, right? Well, I’ve brought you some materials.”

The cultivator’s eyes were bloodshot, and he struggled desperately, his gaze almost spitting fire at Jin Guangyao. Xue Yang asked, “Who is this person?”

Jin Guangyao calmly replied, “He’s a criminal. I brought him here for you, of course.”

Upon hearing this, the cultivator exerted all his strength and, with a mouthful of blood, spit out the cloth that had been blocking his mouth, saying, “Jin Guangyao! You despicable and treacherous villain, worse than a pig or a dog! How dare you call me a criminal? What crime have I committed?!”

He enunciated every word, his speech sharp as if each word were a nail piercing Jin Guangyao. Xue Yang sneered and asked, “What’s going on?”

The cultivator was pulled back by the person behind him, much like a dog being restrained by a leash. Jin Guangyao waved his hand and said, “Muzzle him.”

But Xue Yang said, “Why muzzle him? Let me hear him out. What makes you such a despicable and treacherous villain? He barks like a dog, and I can’t understand what he’s saying.”

Jin Guangyao’s tone carried a slight reproach as he said, “He Su Gongzi is also a distinguished gentleman. You shouldn’t be so disrespectful towards him.”

The cultivator sneered, “I am already at your mercy, yet you still pretend?!”

Jin Guangyao replied with a smile, “There’s no need to look at me like that. I am also helpless. Electing an Immortal Supervisor is just the trend, why instigate conflicts everywhere? I have warned you repeatedly, but you insisted on not listening. Now that things have reached this point, it’s irreparable. I also feel regret and pain in my heart…”

He Su said, “What is this so-called trend? What instigation? Establishing the position of Immortal Supervisor is nothing more than wanting to imitate the QiShan Wen Sect’s dominance. Do you think people are blind? You are framing me for no reason, just because I spoke the truth!”

Jin Guangyao remained silent. He Su continued, “Once you succeed, all the Xuanmen sects will see the true face of the Lanling Jin Sect. Do you think that by killing me alone, you can sleep soundly from now on? You’re gravely mistaken! The He family of Tingshan has outstanding talents. From now on, we will unite and never submit to you, another sly dog wearing the skin of the Wen clan!”

Upon hearing this, Jin Guangyao squinted his eyes slightly and a smirk appeared on his lips, revealing his usual gentle and amiable demeanor. He Su’s heart skipped a beat at the sight, and at that moment, a commotion erupted from outside the Corpse Refining Yard, accompanied by the cries of women and children.

He Su turned around abruptly and saw a group of Lanling Jin Sect cultivators dragging in sixty to seventy people dressed uniformly. Among them were men, women, young, and old, all in a state of panic, some already wailing. A young girl and a young boy, their hands tied, knelt on the ground and cried out to He Su, “Brother!”

He Su was shocked, his face turned as pale as paper, and he exclaimed, “Jin Guangyao! What do you want to do?! You have taken me, why do you involve my entire clan?!”

Jin Guangyao lowered his head and adjusted his sleeve, smiling warmly, “Didn’t you remind me just now? Killing you alone won’t bring you peace of mind. The He family of Tingshan has outstanding talents, and from now on, we will unite and never submit— I’m afraid, after careful consideration, I had no choice but to do this.”

He Su felt as if his throat had been blocked by a fist and he couldn’t utter a word. After a while, he angrily said, “You mercilessly exterminated my entire clan without any reason. Aren’t you afraid of public condemnation? Aren’t you afraid of how Chifeng-Zun will react?!”

When he mentioned Nie Mingjue, Jin Guangyao raised an eyebrow, and Xue Yang laughed so hard that he almost fell off his chair. Jin Guangyao glanced at him and calmly replied, “You can’t put it that way. The He family of Tingshan rebelled and intended to assassinate the Jin Sect’s leader with the strength of their entire clan. They were caught on the spot. How can you call that without reason?”

Several people cried out, “Brother! He’s lying! We didn’t do it, we didn’t!”

He Su said, “Nonsense! Open your dog eyes and see clearly! There are nine-year-old children and elderly people who can’t even walk properly among them! How did they rebel and attempt an assassination?! Why would they want to assassinate your father, who was perfectly fine?!”

Jin Guangyao said, “Of course, it’s because He Su, you committed a crime and killed someone. The Jinlintai convicted you and passed judgment. They don’t accept it!”

Only now did He Su remember why he was brought to this eerie place because of what crime he was accused of. He said, “It’s all a frame-up! I have never killed any cultivators from your Lanling Jin Sect! I have never seen the person who died! It’s not even certain if they are your sect’s cultivators! I… I…”

He stumbled for a while, then collapsed, “I… I really don’t know what’s going on, I really don’t know!”

However, no one here would listen to his defense. In front of him sat two ruthless individuals who regarded him as already dead, relishing in his desperate struggle. Jin Guangyao leaned back with a smile and waved his hand, “Muzzle him, muzzle him.”

Knowing that he was undoubtedly doomed, He Su’s face was filled with despair. He gritted his teeth and roared, “Jin Guangyao! You will eventually face retribution! Your father will rot to death among prostitutes sooner or later, and as a bastard, you won’t have a good ending either!!!”

Xue Yang listened with amusement, and just as he was enjoying it, a black shadow flashed by, and a silver light streaked through. He Su clutched his mouth and let out a loud, agonizing scream.

Blood sprayed all over the ground. He Su’s relatives cried and cursed, chaos erupting, but no matter how chaotic it became, they were firmly restrained. Xue Yang stood in front of the fallen He Su, tossed something bloody in his hand, and snapped his fingers at the two walking corpses nearby, saying, “Put them in the cage.”

Jin Guangyao said, “You’re putting them in alive?”

Xue Yang turned around, grinned, and said, “Wei Wuxian never used live people for refining. I want to try it out.”

The two walking corpses obeyed his command, dragging He Su, who was still screaming, by his legs and threw him into the iron cage in the Corpse Refining Yard. As they watched their eldest brother banging his head frantically against the iron bars, several young boys and girls rushed forward, wailing loudly. The sharp and piercing cries made Jin Guangyao raise his hand and rub his temples, as if he wanted to drink a sip of tea to calm himself. However, when he lowered his head, he saw the swollen purplish lump at the bottom of the tea cup. Then, looking up at the tongue that Xue Yang was playing with, he contemplated for a moment before suddenly realizing, “Is this what you use to brew tea?”

Xue Yang replied, “I have a big jar of them. Want some?”


Jin Guangyao said, “No need. Tidy up and come with me to pick someone up, then we can go somewhere else to have tea.”

As if recalling something, he straightened his hat, accidentally touching the hidden bruise on his forehead. Xue Yang gloated, “What’s with that swollen lump on your head?”

Jin Guangyao said, “I told you, it’s a long story.”

Jin Guangyao was constantly burdened with various matters by Jin Guangshan. While Jin Guangshan indulged in debauchery and didn’t return home all night, it provoked Lady Jin’s fury at the Jinlintai. In the past, Jin Guangyao could act as a mediator between his parents, but now there was no room for reconciliation between the two. Every time Jin Guangshan went out to fool around with women, Jin Guangyao had to cover for him and find excuses. If Lady Jin couldn’t get her hands on Jin Guangshan, she would vent her anger on Jin Guangyao. Today, she smashed an incense burner, tomorrow she spilled a cup of tea. So, in order to ensure his own safety and survive a few more days in the Jinlintai, Jin Guangyao had to personally go to various Qin Lou Chu Guan establishments and pick up Jin Guangshan on time.

After doing this many times, Jin Guangyao already knew where to find Jin Guangshan the quickest. He arrived at a splendid small building, walking in with his hands behind his back. The chief attendant came forward with a flattering smile to greet him, but Jin Guangyao gestured for him not to bother. Xue Yang casually took an apple from a guest’s table and followed Jin Guangyao up the stairs, biting into it with a crunch. Before long, laughter could be heard from upstairs, with Jin Guangshan and women’s coquettish laughter, and not just one woman, but several. They giggled, “Zongzhu, how is my painting? Does the flower on my body look lifelike?” “What about my calligraphy? How does it look?”

Jin Guangyao was accustomed to it and knew when to appear and when not to. He made a hand gesture to Xue Yang, signaling him to stop. Xue Yang clicked his tongue, showing his impatience. Just as he was about to go downstairs to wait, he suddenly heard Jin Guangshan’s rough voice saying, “You girls, messing around with flowers and fragrance, making yourselves look pretty is enough, isn’t it? What’s the point of writing and painting? It’s annoying.”

The women had initially wanted to please Jin Guangshan, but his words caught them off guard, and there was a moment of awkward silence in the building. Jin Guangyao’s figure also faltered slightly.

Soon, someone laughed and said, “But I heard that in Yunmeng, there was a talented lady who was famous for her poetry, music, painting, and calligraphy. She could bewitch the hearts of countless people!”

Jin Guangshan, obviously drunk, could be heard stumbling over his words.

With a thick tongue, he said, “W-Words… can’t say that. Now I realize that women should do less of those things that they don’t have. Women who have read a few books always think they’re better than other women, demanding a lot, having unrealistic thoughts. They’re the most troublesome.”

Xue Yang stood by a window, leaning back against it with his arm resting on the windowsill, eating his apple while glancing at the scenery outside. Jin Guangyao’s smile seemed to be frozen on his face, still and gentle, not moving.

Upstairs, the women laughed and responded. Jin Guangshan, perhaps remembering something from the past, muttered to himself, “If I bought her freedom and brought her to Lanling, I don’t know how she would pester me endlessly. Staying put here, who knows, I might still be famous for a few more years. I won’t have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of my life. Why bother having a son, a son of a prostitute? What’s the use…”

A woman said, “Zongzhu, who are you talking about? What son?”

Jin Guangshan, heavily intoxicated, slurred, “S-Son? Ah, let’s not talk about it.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about it!”

“Since Zongzhu doesn’t like us writing and painting, then we won’t write or paint. How about playing something else?”

Jin Guangyao stood in the stairwell for an incense stick’s worth of time, and Xue Yang also enjoyed the view for an incense stick’s worth of time. The laughter from upstairs gradually subsided.

In an instant, Jin Guangyao turned calmly and started to walk down the stairs. Seeing this, Xue Yang casually threw the apple core out the window and swayed along behind him.

After walking on the street for a while, suddenly, Xue Yang burst into laughter without any courtesy.

He said, “Hahaha, ha! I can’t believe it, hahaha!”

Jin Guangyao stomped his foot and coldly asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Xue Yang doubled over in laughter. “You should have looked in the mirror just now and seen your own face. Your laughter is so ugly, it’s fucking disgusting.”

Jin Guangyao snorted and said, “What do you, a little ruffian, understand? Even if it’s fake and disgusting, you still have to laugh.”

Xue Yang lazily replied, “You brought it upon yourself. If anyone dares to insult me, I’ll find their mother and fuck her a few hundred times before dragging her out and letting others fuck her a few hundred times. Let’s see who’s the real son of a bitch. It’s that simple.”

Jin Guangyao also laughed and said, “I don’t have the leisure for that.”

Xue Yang said, “I do. I don’t mind doing it for you. Just say the word, and I’ll fuck them. Hahaha…”

Jin Guangyao said, “No need, Xue Gongzi, save some energy. Do you have time in a few days?”

Xue Yang said, “Whether I have time or not, I’ll make time.”

Jin Guangyao said, “Help me go to Yunmeng and clean up a place, make it spotless.”

Xue Yang said, “As the saying goes, when Xue Yang makes a move, not even a chicken or dog will be spared. Do you still have any doubts about how cleanly I can handle things?”

Jin Guangyao glanced at him and said, “I seem to have never heard that saying?”

By now, night had fallen, and the surroundings were quiet with few pedestrians. As they walked and talked, they passed by a roadside stall. The stall owner was lazily tidying up the small table. When he looked up and saw them, he suddenly shouted in horror and took a step back.

His scream and sudden movement were quite terrifying, even Jin Guangyao was slightly startled, and his hand quickly went to the hilt of his sword. But when he saw that it was just an ordinary vendor, he immediately ignored him. However, Xue Yang didn’t hesitate and went up to kick over the stall.

The stall owner, frightened and afraid, said, “It’s you again?! Why?!”

Xue Yang laughed and said, “Didn’t I tell you? No reason.”

He was about to kick again when suddenly his hand was met with a sharp pain. His pupils contracted, and he quickly stepped back, examining his hand. Several bloody marks had been drawn on the back of his hand. He looked up and saw a black-robed Daoist, coldly staring at him.

The Daoist had a tall figure and a cold, handsome face. He held a whisk and carried a long sword on his back, with the tassel swaying slightly in the night breeze. Xue Yang’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he struck with his palm. The black-robed Daoist swung his whisk, intending to repel the attack, but Xue Yang’s move was unpredictable. He suddenly changed his palm strike, aiming for the Daoist’s heart.

The black-robed Daoist furrowed his brow, evading the attack by a hair’s breadth, but Xue Yang’s strike grazed his left arm. Although it didn’t draw blood, a frosty color suddenly condensed between his eyebrows, as if he was extremely averse and couldn’t tolerate it.

Xue Yang caught the slight change in his expression, coldly smiled, and was about to make another move when a figure in white silently entered the fray. It was Jin Guangyao, who stood in the middle and said, “Hold your hand, Daoist Song Zichen.”

The stall owner had long fled in panic. The black-robed Daoist said, “Lian Fangzun?”

Jin Guangyao said, “Indeed, it is I.”

Song Zichen said, “Why are you protecting this arrogant person?”

Jin Guangyao sighed helplessly and said, “Daoist Song, he is a guest of my Lanling Jin Clan.”

Song Zichen said, “Since he’s a guest, why does he engage in such lowly behavior?”

Jin Guangyao coughed and said, “Daoist Song, you don’t know. His temper is strange, and he’s still young. I kindly ask you not to take offense to him.”

At this moment, a clear and gentle voice sounded, saying, “Indeed, he is still young.”

Like a moonlight in the night, a white-robed Daoist with a whisk on his arm and a long sword on his back quietly appeared beside the three of them.

This Daoist had a tall and slender figure, with his robe and tassel floating gently as he walked, as if stepping on floating clouds. Jin Guangyao saluted and said, “Daoist Xiaoxingchen.”

Xiaoxingchen returned the salute and smiled slightly, saying, “Since our parting a few months ago, I didn’t expect Lian Fangzun to still remember me.”

Jin Guangyao said, “Daoist Xiaoxingchen, your Frost Sword has shaken the world. If I were to forget, that would be strange.”

Xiaoxingchen smiled faintly, seemingly well aware of Jin Guangyao’s tendency to flatter, and said, “Lian Fangzun overpraises me.” Then, his gaze turned to Xue Yang and he said, “However, when I observe this young man, his moves are quite…”

Song Zichen coldly interrupted, “Cruel.”

Upon hearing this, Xue Yang burst into laughter. “You say I’m still young, but aren’t you a few years older than me? You say I’m cruel, but who was the one to strike me with a whisk first? You two are quite ridiculous when it comes to teaching others a lesson.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand with the blood marks. Clearly, he was the one who caused trouble first, but now he was twisting the truth and acting self-righteous. Jin Guangyao had a face full of helplessness and amusement as she said to the two Daoists, “Gentlemen, this…”

Xiaoxingchen couldn’t help but hold back his laughter and said, “Indeed…”

Xue Yang narrowed his eyes and asked, “Indeed what? Why don’t you say it?”

Jin Guangyao spoke gently, “Cheng Mei, please be quiet.”

Upon hearing that name, Xue Yang’s face immediately darkened. Jin Guangyao continued, “Gentlemen, I apologize for today. Please don’t take offense.”

Song Zichen shook his head, and Xiaoxingchen patted his shoulder, saying, “Zichen, let’s go.”

Song Zichen glanced at him and nodded slightly. The two of them bid farewell to Jin Guangyao and left side by side.

Xue Yang stared at their retreating figures with a fierce gaze, gritting his teeth and muttering, “Fucking stinky Daoists.”

Jin Guangyao curiously asked, “They didn’t really do anything to you. Why are you so resentful?”

Xue Yang sneered, “I can’t stand this kind of false righteousness, especially when they think so highly of themselves. That Xiaoxingchen is obviously not much older than me, but he acts like a busybody. I can’t stand looking at him, and he even tried to lecture me. And that surnamed Song…” He laughed coldly. “I struck him with a palm, and what was with his expression? One day, I’ll gouge out his eyes and crush his heart. Let’s see what he can do then.”

Jin Guangyao said, “You’ve misunderstood. Daoist Song has a slight obsession with cleanliness and dislikes contact with others. He wasn’t specifically targeting you.”

Xue Yang said, “Who are these two stinky Daoists?”

Jin Guangyao said, “After all that commotion, you still don’t recognize them? They are the two popular figures right now: ‘Bright Moon, Clear Wind, Xiaoxingchen, and Proud Snow, Ling Shuang, Song Zichen.’ Haven’t you heard of them?”

Xue Yang said, “I haven’t heard of them. I don’t understand. What’s the big deal?”

Jin Guangyao said, “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard of them or don’t understand. In short, they are both gentlemen. Just don’t provoke them.”

Xue Yang asked, “Why?”

Jin Guangyao said, “As the saying goes, it’s better to offend a villain than to offend a gentleman.”

Xue Yang looked at him and expressed great doubt. “Is there such a saying?”

Jin Guangyao said, “Of course. Offending a villain can be dealt with directly, killing them to prevent future trouble. Others would even applaud. But offending a gentleman is not good. These people are the most troublesome, they will relentlessly pursue you, and if you so much as touch them, you will be criticized by everyone. So, it’s best to keep your distance. Fortunately, today they think of you as just a young man with a spirited nature. They don’t know what you’ve been up to all day long. Otherwise, it would never end.”

Xue Yang sneered, “Restricting myself? I’m not afraid of these people.”

Jin Guangyao said, “It’s not that you’re not afraid, but I am. It’s better to avoid unnecessary trouble. Let’s go.”

They couldn’t walk a few steps before they arrived at a crossroads. To the right was Jinlin Tower, and to the left was the Corpse Refining Yard.

They smiled at each other and went their separate ways.

Author’s note:

Alright, this is the end of the side stories related to the Yicheng group!

The next side story will be about Wangxian’s carriage! Are you ready, my dear Conmaong North fans?!