Grimacing in pain, Jin Guangyao managed to pat a few spots on his severed arm. He was losing too much blood and feeling dizzy. Suddenly, he saw Nie Mingjue take a step towards him, his eyes fixed on him, and he felt his soul tremble. Beside him, Su She coughed up a mouthful of blood and shouted in a hoarse voice, “Fool! What are you standing there for? Stop him! Stop that thing at the door!”

The cultivators of the Lanling Jin Clan, who had been absentminded for quite some time, finally surrounded Nie Mingjue with their swords. However, the first two were immediately sent flying by a single palm strike from Nie Mingjue. Jin Guangyao sprinkled some medicinal powder on his severed hand, but it was quickly washed away by the flowing blood. He desperately tried to tear his clothes to bandage the wound and stop the bleeding, but his left hand, already burned by the coffin and the toxic smoke inside the black box, was too weak to exert any force. Trembling, he struggled to tear it off but only added to his agony. Su She crawled over, tearing off his own white robe to dress Jin Guangyao’s wound. Coincidentally, Lan Xichen protected Nie Huaisang and retreated to a safe place. Su She frantically searched his body for any remaining ointments or powders, but couldn’t find any. He turned to Lan Xichen and pleaded, “Master Lan! Master Lan, do you have any medicine? Please help! Master has always treated you with respect. Please lend a hand!”

Lan Xichen’s eyes revealed a trace of compassion at the sight of Jin Guangyao, who was on the verge of passing out. Just then, they heard cries of agony as Nie Mingjue unleashed a heavy punch, turning three cultivators into a bloody pulp in an instant.

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji stood in front of Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling. Wei Wuxian asked, “Wen Ning! How did you encounter him?!”

After reattaching his hand, Wen Ning proceeded to fix his broken leg and replied, “Young Master… I’m sorry… You told me to go find Master Lan, but I couldn’t find him at the inn. So I went out into the streets to look for him. Instead of finding Master Lan, I saw Chifeng-zun walking on the street, as if searching for something. A group of beggars didn’t know how powerful he was and started pestering him. Chifeng-zun, completely devoid of reason, almost beat them to death… I could only fight alongside him until we ended up here…”

Wei Wuxian didn’t need to ask why he didn’t find Lan Wangji at the inn. If he couldn’t sleep next door to Lan Wangji, how could Lan Wangji sleep soundly next door to him? He must have gone out wandering aimlessly and then encountered the fairy who came to the rescue with her tail between her legs. The sudden thunderstorm was undoubtedly triggered after the fight between Wen Ning and Nie Mingjue.

Corpses are inherently associated with darkness and evil, let alone two extraordinary corpses like these!

Although the cultivators of the Lanling Jin Clan were no match for Nie Mingjue, they continued to charge forward bravely. However, their swords struck Nie Mingjue’s body like hitting solid steel, unable to draw a single drop of blood. Nie Huaisang peeked out from behind Lan Xichen, his voice trembling with fear and anticipation, “Big… big brother, I, I am…”

Nie Mingjue, with his eyes devoid of pupils, suddenly grabbed him. Lan Xichen lowered his head slightly, emitting a sobbing sound, and Nie Mingjue froze in place.

Lan Xichen said, “Big brother, this is Huaisang!”

Nie Huaisang said, “Big brother, you don’t even recognize me…”

Wei Wuxian said, “Not only does he not recognize you, but he also doesn’t even know who he is!” Nie Mingjue had become a puppet controlled by overwhelming resentment, ferocious and ruthless, attacking without distinguishing his targets. After Wen Ning adjusted himself for a moment, he once again engaged in the fight. However, his resentment was not as deep, and he was physically inferior to Nie Mingjue’s height. Additionally, Wei Wuxian’s flute was broken, preventing him from aiding Wen Ning. Consequently, Wen Ning was at a disadvantage. Jin Guangyao’s bleeding from his severed hand had finally been staunched, and Su She helped him up and tried to escape in the chaos. Nie Mingjue noticed them and strode towards Jin Guangyao. Jin Ling cried out, “Uncle! Run!”

Jiang Cheng, seeing him actually alerting the enemy, slapped him on the back of the head and angrily shouted, “Shut up!”

The slap brought Jin Ling back to his senses, but after all, this was the uncle who had watched him grow up. In the past dozen years, Jin Guangyao had been relatively good to him. Seeing that he was likely to be brutally killed by the corpse, in his desperation, he blurted out. And when Nie Mingjue heard his voice, he turned his head as if in doubt. Wei Wuxian’s heart sank, and he whispered, “Oh no!”

Nie Mingjue, now a vengeful corpse, naturally had the most intense resentment towards his enemy, Jin Guangyao. However, for a chaotic undead creature, discerning individuals was not reliant on their eyes. Jin Guangyao and Jin Ling shared a close blood relationship, and in the eyes of malevolent objects, their breathing and vitality had some similarities. If the undead creature was in a confused state, it would be even more difficult to distinguish. At this moment, Jin Guangyao had lost an arm, was bleeding profusely, and appeared weak and half-dead, while Jin Ling was lively and energetic. Naturally, Nie Mingjue, with his deceased brain that was no longer capable of rational thinking, would be more interested in him.

Lan Wangji thrust Bichen forward, aiming directly at Nie Mingjue’s chest. As expected, the sword tip pierced his chest and came to a halt. Nie Mingjue looked down at the shining sword, let out a roar, and reached out to grab it. However, Lan Wangji swiftly recalled Bichen, causing it to fly back into its sheath, leaving him grasping at thin air. Without delay, Lan Wangji flipped his left hand and conjured the Wangji Qin, cradling it in his palm. It was urgent, and he played a few crisp notes. Lan Xichen also brought the Broken Ice to his lips again. Wei Wuxian unleashed over fifty talismans, throwing them towards Nie Mingjue. However, before the talismans could reach Nie Mingjue, they were ignited by his resentment and turned into ashes in mid-air!

Nie Mingjue roared in anger and lunged towards Jin Ling. Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling had retreated to a corner, with nowhere else to go. Jiang Cheng had no choice but to push Jin Ling behind him and wield his temporarily powerless Sandu in a head-on clash. The qin and xiao were played simultaneously, but it seemed that it might be too late!

Nie Mingjue’s punch penetrated a body.

But it wasn’t Jiang Cheng, nor was it Jin Ling.

Wen Ning stood in front of the wall, blocking their way. With both hands gripping Nie Mingjue’s steel-like arm, he slowly pulled it out of his own chest, leaving behind a large, transparent hole. There was no bleeding, only a few black fragments of innards falling out.

Wei Wuxian exclaimed, “Wen Ning!!!”

Jiang Cheng seemed to wish he had gone insane on the spot.

He said, “You? You?!”

This punch was too powerful, not only piercing Wen Ning’s chest but also shattering part of his vocal cords. He couldn’t utter a word and collapsed.

He happened to fall onto Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling. Unable to move for the moment, his eyes were still open, staring unblinkingly at the two of them.

Jin Ling had harbored extreme hatred for the murderer and murder weapon that had pierced his father’s heart with a single strike. Countless times since he was young, he had sworn to mutilate Wei Ying and Wen Ning inch by inch if given the chance. But at this moment, watching the murderer and murder weapon also being struck through the heart in front of them, he couldn’t even bring himself to forcefully push Wen Ning away or prevent him from leaning on them.

Even though he knew that Wen Ning was a dead man, not to mention having a hole pierced through him, even if he were chopped in half, he probably wouldn’t be harmed. However, for some unknown reason, tears uncontrollably welled up in Jin Ling’s eyes.

After delivering this punch, Nie Mingjue’s movement also froze.

Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen played together. The qin flowed like a clear spring, and the xiao resounded like a solemn wind. They emitted sounds that Nie Mingjue detested, and the combined playing intensified the piercing quality, causing a stifling sensation throughout his body. It was as if an invisible rope was tightening around him, growing tighter and tighter. He grew angrier and finally erupted, forcibly breaking free from the constraints of the sonic barrier and lunging at the musician. Lan Wangji calmly spun around, evading his attack, and the qin’s melody didn’t pause for even a moment. Nie Mingjue’s punch broke through the wall but before he could turn around, he suddenly heard two sharp, piercing sounds.

He withdrew his fist from the wall and looked towards the source of the sound.

Wei Wuxian continued to whistle, his mouth forming a mischievous smile. His feet moved casually, stepping to an arbitrary beat. The whistling was light and cheerful, but in the midst of the thunder and lightning, the raging storm, and the corpses strewn across the Guanyin Temple, this sound, though clear, carried an eerie quality. Wen Ning, who had fallen into the corner, listened and seemed to be driven by an unusually strong impulse to stand up. Whether he was suppressing it or temporarily unable to regain his mobility, he struggled a few times and then fell askew. Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling instinctively reached out to catch him, but as soon as they caught him, they both wore expressions as if they wanted to immediately throw him away.

Wei Wuxian continued to whistle, blowing a tune that could be considered humorous, as he leisurely took a step back with his hands behind his back. Nie Mingjue remained in place, indifferent to Wei Wuxian’s first step back, still unmoved when he took the third step. However, when Wei Wuxian retreated to the seventh step, it seemed that Nie Mingjue could no longer restrain his impulse and took a step towards Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian directed him towards the magnificent empty coffin behind the Guanyin Temple.

As long as he entered first, Wei Wuxian would have a way to trap him.

The white poisonous smoke had long dissipated and posed no threat in its diluted state. With a grim expression, Nie Mingjue was led to the front of the empty coffin, instinctively resisting such a thing. Wei Wuxian circled around the coffin. Everyone held their breath, their gazes fixed on this scene, especially Lan Wangji. While Wei Wuxian continued to whistle calmly, his gaze casually shifted in Lan Wangji’s direction. When their eyes met, he cheekily winked his left eye at Lan Wangji.

As if pricked by a tiny candy needle, a barely perceptible ripple stirred in the depths of Lan Wangji’s gaze, but it quickly returned to calmness. Wei Wuxian turned slightly smugly and patted the edge of the coffin in front of Nie Mingjue.

Finally, Nie Mingjue slowly bent down.

But just as he was about to flip his upper body into the coffin, a cry of agony suddenly came from behind Lan Xichen.

Nie Mingjue immediately halted his action and, like everyone else, abruptly turned around. They saw Su She carrying the semi-conscious Jin Guangyao on his back, one hand supporting his leg and the other holding a sword, its blade stained with blood. Meanwhile, Nie Huaisang lay on the ground, clutching his leg and rolling in pain.

Seeing this, Shaoyue unleashed a sword aura that heavily struck the hand holding the sword for Su She. Su She’s face was filled with disbelief as he lost his grip on the sword. The sword had already injured Nie Huaisang, and a faint scent of blood wafted in the air. Wei Wuxian cursed inwardly, “This is unacceptable, just when I need everything to go smoothly!”

Nie Huaisang and Nie Mingjue were half-brothers from the same father but different mothers. Nie Mingjue sensed the scent of his blood, which wouldn’t trigger his killing intent but piqued his curiosity. Once he became curious and drawn to it, he would undoubtedly notice Jin Guangyao over there. Killing one Jin Guangyao would inevitably amplify his ferocity and make it even more difficult to restrain him!

Sure enough, a growling sound emanated from Nie Mingjue’s throat, and his body turned away from the empty coffin. In an instant, he recognized the person crouching on Su She’s back, and Wei Wuxian’s whistle couldn’t keep him in check anymore. Nie Mingjue rushed forward like a gust of wind, aiming his palm at Jin Guangyao’s spiritual core!

Su She swiftly dodged to the side, using the tip of the sword that had previously fallen to the ground to channel all his spiritual energy and stab at Nie Mingjue’s heart. Perhaps because it was a life-or-death situation, this sword was exceptionally fast and fierce. The sword was infused with his spiritual energy, radiating brilliance and outshining all the elegant swords he had previously used. Even Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but admire its beauty. Nie Mingjue was forced to take a step back by this powerful strike. As the light faded, Nie Mingjue moved forward again, relentlessly reaching out to grab Jin Guangyao. Su She used his left hand to throw Jin Guangyao towards Lan Xichen, while his right hand aimed for Nie Mingjue’s throat.

Although Nie Mingjue’s entire body was like an invulnerable fortress, the thread tied around his neck was not!