After being demoted to the mortal realm as a land deity, Bihua Lingjun could no longer be accompanied by Tangdi and the others. They were all taken under the care of other immortals. Bihua Lingjun arrived alone at his designated mountain, roughly tidied up the dilapidated land temple, took a nap, and when he prepared to go out for a walk, he saw a silver-white figure lying in front of the land temple gate.

Bihua Lingjun was momentarily taken aback, and the white figure stood up, shaking its fur. “Lingjun.”

Under the slanting sunlight that entered the land temple, the silver-white fur on its edges glimmered with a hint of golden red. It squinted its eyes and silently watched Bihua Lingjun.

Bihua Lingjun was puzzled. “Ge Yue, why are you…”

Ge Yue replied briefly, “I came down to accompany Lingjun.”

Bihua Lingjun furrowed his brow and was about to say something, but Ge Yue interjected again, “Donghua Emperor has agreed to let me come.”

Bihua Lingjun sighed helplessly. He knew Ge Yue’s temperament well. Once he set his mind on something, it wasn’t easy to change it. But Bihua Lingjun still spoke, “I was demoted to the mortal realm this time due to my crimes, and Tangdi and the others couldn’t come with me. It’s better if you…”

Ge Yue interrupted, “I want to stay with Lingjun. I won’t get in your way.”

Bihua Lingjun looked at him again and reluctantly said, “Fine, for now, you can stay. But this place is different from the Heavenly Court. It might be tough for you…”

Ge Yue silently entered the land temple, carrying a cushion and placing it in the corner, then swept it with his tail before lying down on the cushion.

Meanwhile, Danzhu was in the Danxiao Palace in the Heavenly Court, holding the Dust-Seeing Mirror that could observe worldly affairs, watching Bihua Lingjun’s activities in the mortal realm.

When he saw the rundown land temple, Danzhu furrowed his brow. It didn’t seem like a comfortable place to live in. And when he looked at Bihua Lingjun, although he used some immortal techniques to slightly decorate the residence, the whole place still seemed barren and lacking. Danzhu couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied. But then he thought, in fact, Bihua Lingjun’s mansion in the past wasn’t that luxurious either. Although the bed in the bedroom was soft, it wasn’t particularly wide or large. It seemed that Qingxi had a preference for simplicity in his living quarters. He didn’t seem to like that large bed back then, and he even returned it to the Danxiao Palace… Danzhu recalled various things from those years on Xianzhou Island. He had always followed his own preferences. Now he speculated that Qingxi might have grown tired of those things long ago, which was why he seemed so decisive and had no sentimental words when he said they should part ways.

Danzhu sighed softly and continued to observe through the mirror. He then saw Ge Yue’s appearance.

Danzhu had always liked Ge Yue, quite fond of his appearance. He thought everything about him was good, except for his aloofness, which was a pity.

However, at this moment, seeing Ge Yue, Danzhu couldn’t help but furrow his brow. He couldn’t quite understand his own feelings. But as he continued to watch, he saw Bihua Lingjun walk up to the gate and say, “I’m going out to take a look around.”

Ge Yue stood up from the cushion and said, “I’ll accompany Lingjun.”

The immortal and the wolf walked slowly through the mountains and wilderness. Danzhu watched with a deepening frown.

After circling around half of the mountain, the celestial Danzhu finished a pot of Qionglu wine and ate some fresh fruits. Bihua Lingjun sat down on a rock, and Ge Yue lay down at his feet. Bihua Lingjun said, “Ge Yue, you should return to the Heavenly Court.”

Ge Yue closed his eyes and replied, “I want to stay by Lingjun’s side. Lingjun named me Ge Yue, hoping that Ge Yue would always be with him.”

Bihua Lingjun fell silent for a moment and said, “It seems I made a mistake. When I brought you back, I named you Ge Yue, but in fact, it was my way of saying that even with the same name, this and that are still different.”

Ge Yue’s ears twitched slightly, but he kept his eyes closed. “Mm, I understand. But I still want to follow Lingjun.”

Bihua Lingjun patted his neck and said, “Then I won’t persuade you anymore. Having you by my side will indeed make things less dull.”

Ge Yue made a soft sound and continued to lie quietly.

Danzhu held an apricot in his hand and watched the scene in the mirror, feeling a complicated emotion.

Danzhu often looked into the mirror to observe the situation. He saw that Bihua Lingjun seemed to be living a leisurely life in the mortal realm. He wandered around in the mountains, occasionally visiting the villages and towns below. The mountain was desolate, so there were many wild beasts, flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the water, with claws or without. Bihua Lingjun had plenty of diversions and seemed to enjoy it.

Danzhu thought, as long as Qingxi can live well, I can find solace. After all, it’s a fact that I treated him badly. After we parted ways, he seemed so carefree, indicating that I made the right decision to let him go.

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Everything in the Danxiao Palace was just as the venerable one wished, and the little immortals under his command knew how to please him. They attended to him in every aspect, from walking to sitting, bathing to changing clothes, with their meticulous service. However, Danzhu still felt somewhat lonely. When he was with Bihua Lingjun in the past, many things he thought were trivial daily matters now seemed unexpectedly important, and he realized he had grown accustomed to them.

For instance, during baths, the little immortals would stand by with clothing and vessels in hand, serving him with utmost care. When he bathed with Bihua Lingjun, Lingjun would help him wash his back and give him a massage, applying just the right amount of pressure in all the comfortable places, making him feel incredibly relaxed. Danzhu enjoyed bathing, but ever since he returned to the Heavenly Court, none of the immortals had served him to his satisfaction.

Similarly, when it was time to sleep, there was a large bed with only him sleeping on it, and it always felt so empty. He wanted to touch something, but there was nothing to touch.

Every time this happened, Danzhu would sigh inwardly. Qingxi had raised so many fluffy creatures, and it seemed that his methods were truly masterful. This bird had grown accustomed to him, and it couldn’t get used to anyone else.

Days and years passed as Danzhu continued like this. Gradually, the time spent apart exceeded the time he had spent with Qingxi. Danzhu still felt that there was something he couldn’t get used to, something missing and empty.

He didn’t know when it started, but he had developed a habit of occasionally going down to the mortal realm for a stroll. And as he strolled, he always ended up on the mountain where Bihua Lingjun resided. Concealing his presence, he would stand or sit next to Bihua Lingjun, although it didn’t really serve any purpose. Eventually, he would sigh and leave, but after a few days, he would find himself coming down involuntarily once again.

Following him without being noticed by Qingxi, watching him stroke the fur of the wild animals in the mountains, listening to his conversations with Ge Yue, observing him play chess alone under the moonlight, and hearing the conversations of mortals in the towns below.

A day in the heavens was like a year on earth. By the time he came down again, several years might have passed in the mortal realm. Bihua Lingjun, who had always liked extravagant attire, had gradually become simple and casual in his clothing and adornments as a land deity. The opulent garments and jade crown of Bihua Lingjun had transformed into the plain attire and wooden hairpin of Tudi Shenyan.

After many, many days had passed, Danzhu still hadn’t seen Qingxi display any signs of reminiscing about their time on Xianzhou Island. He hadn’t even mentioned it.

Danzhu couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if, when Qingxi said that they should part ways, Qingxi had said “no.”

Of course, it was impossible for Qingxi to say that.

But it would have been better if he had.

Standing in the land temple, Danzhu watched as Bihua Lingjun approached the cushion and lifted the tiger cub, gently stroking it. The cub, waking from its deep slumber, opened its hazy eyes and timidly licked Bihua Lingjun’s finger. Bihua Lingjun smiled.

Danzhu stood silently beside him, watching.

After the snow had stopped, Ge Yue found the den of the tiger cubs, and Bihua Lingjun personally returned the cub to its den. The mother tiger, showing great intelligence, knew that the land deity had saved her cub and repeatedly bowed in gratitude. There were four or five cubs in the den, playfully tumbling and pouncing on each other. Only one cub, sleeping soundly against the mountain wall, did not stir. Bihua Lingjun reached out and gently touched the sleeping cub before leaving.

Once Bihua Lingjun had walked away, the mother tiger remained prostrated on the ground, afraid to move. The den emitted a brilliant light, and in an instant, a magnificent figure appeared within it. The cub that had been touched by Bihua Lingjun transformed in the light, disappearing in an instant. The remaining tiger cubs in the den sat with their necks raised, foolishly squatting, while the mother tiger whimpered on the ground.