He Yun traveled back and forth in search of rare beasts. Most of the celestial beings in the Heavenly Court were aware of Dan Zhuo’s desire to keep a spiritual creature. Without waiting for He Yun to ask, they proactively presented him with the exotic creatures they raised. In just one day, He Yun returned with another rare beast to report to Dan Zhuo.

This particular creature was highly recommended by General Wu Lei as a gift for Dan Zhuo. To show sincerity, General Wu Lei personally brought the creature along with He Yun to the Danxiao Palace.

Dan Zhuo reclined in the chair in the hall, glanced at the creature by General Wu Lei’s feet, and observed its silver-black fur, erect ears, bright and watery eyes, rounded and chubby four paws. It somewhat resembled a wolf cub, but also had a hint of a puppy and even a fox cub. General Wu Lei patted its head and said, “This is the Thunder Wolf. I wonder if it meets the Emperor’s expectations.”

The Thunder Wolf, also known as the Cloud Thunder War Wolf, was an extremely powerful and rare species among the Sky Wolf Tribe. Occasionally, when the Heavenly Court obtained one, it would be raised by a military general. The Thunder Wolf was fierce in battle and could easily eradicate countless ordinary demons within moments.

The Thunder Wolf brought by General Wu Lei had a silver-black fur color, which was a sign of pure royal lineage within the Thunder Wolf species. It was indeed exceptionally precious.

Dan Zhuo said, “I just wanted to keep a rare beast by my side. This is a war wolf, and I’m afraid it might feel somewhat restricted by being kept as a pet.”

General Wu Lei explained, “Emperor, you may not be aware, but this one was taken to the residence of a junior general as a cub and raised there. It completely lacks the temperament of a war wolf and is affectionate towards anyone it encounters. It has always been raised like this in the junior general’s residence. When the junior general heard from He Yun that the Emperor wanted a well-tempered and affectionate creature, he immediately thought that it would be a perfect fit.”

Although the Thunder Wolf crouched by General Wu Lei’s feet, its front paws kept moving, and its bright eyes stared at Dan Zhuo with excitement and eagerness.

Dan Zhuo smiled and asked, “So, it seems like quite an interesting creature. What is its name?”

General Wu Lei replied, “Reporting to the Emperor, it is called Wu Lei.”

Dan Zhuo raised his hand and said, “Let it come closer so I can have a look.”

General Wu Lei released the grip on the Thunder Wolf’s neck fur, and it immediately jumped up excitedly and pounced straight at Dan Zhuo in the hall.

When it reached Dan Zhuo’s chair, the Thunder Wolf leaped, crashing into his embrace with a loud thud. It then settled on Dan Zhuo’s lap, tilting its head curiously as it gazed at the motionless Dan Zhuo. Without hesitation, it vigorously bumped its head against Dan Zhuo’s chest, again and again, continuously ramming into him…

Dan Zhuo turned to General Wu Lei and asked, “Is it… trying to knock me over?…”

General Wu Lei wiped the sweat from his forehead and chuckled, “Ahem, Emperor, it’s just a little quirk. It’s a sign of affection when it tries to topple the one it wants to be close to…” This Thunder Wolf had a particular hobby of pouncing on the object it wanted to show affection to, knocking it down, rolling around on its body, and then lying down to sleep, demonstrating its fondness.

Moreover, this Thunder Wolf had a naturally curious nature. The radiant aura of Dan Zhuo, the Immortal Emperor, fascinated it, causing its blood to boil. Therefore, it put forth even more effort to crash into him, but it couldn’t manage to knock Dan Zhuo over and persisted in its attempts.

Dan Zhuo grabbed the fur on its nape, pulling its head back half an inch from his chest. The Thunder Wolf let out a dissatisfied whimper, looked up at Dan Zhuo, wagged its tail excitedly, and affectionately licked his cheek.

Dan Zhuo sighed and said, “Ah, it seems that its display of affection is too ardent and somewhat hard to resist.” General Wu Lei hurriedly prostrated himself, “It was the junior general’s recklessness to bring an untrained spiritual creature that caused it to collide with the Emperor. Please forgive me, Emperor. I will take it back.” He stood up, took the Thunder Wolf from Dan Zhuo’s embrace,

The Thunder Wolf struggled in General Wu Lei’s hands, making whimpering sounds, still eager to continue its unfinished mission of toppling Dan Zhuo. Dan Zhuo narrowed his eyes, pondered for a moment, and suddenly said, “I actually find it quite adorable. I’d like to keep it. Would you be willing to part with it?”

General Wu Lei held the Thunder Wolf, stunned for a moment, then immediately said, “Of course, of course! The Emperor’s favor has made the junior general overjoyed.” Not only did the venerable Emperor not blame him for the collision, but he also praised the cuteness of Wu Lei. This showed that Dan Zhuo, the Immortal Emperor, was indeed as described in the annals—a magnanimous, gentle, and benevolent emperor.

After bidding farewell and leaving, He Yun took the Thunder Wolf to bathe it. When the Thunder Wolf caught sight of He Yun, it became equally excited and rushed towards him. Raising its front paws, it pounced, pounced again, and continued to pounce. Dan Zhuo watched the scene, a faint smile appearing on his lips.

Bihua Lingjun chuckled awkwardly, “Oh, come on. These days, I’ve been teased incessantly by my fellow immortals, and now even you are not being kind.” He put down the teacup and touched the Ru Yi egg attached to his belly, recounting its origins and the events that led to it. Finally, he said, “I wonder what will hatch from it.”

The celestial light enveloped Jianmeng, and after a short while, the radiance faded, and the wrinkled face disappeared, replaced by a handsome and youthful man standing in the same spot. He respectfully clasped his fists and said to Dan Zhuo, “Thank you, Emperor, for bestowing me this appearance.” His tone still carried an air of old-fashionedness.

Dan Zhuo waved his hand helplessly, signaling He Yun to take him away.

On the way, Jianmeng kept chattering with He Yun. It was only then that He Yun realized he had brought back a chatterbox. Jianmeng earnestly sought guidance from He Yun on the principles of the Dao, discussing various scriptures along the way. He Yun’s head buzzed, but Jianmeng continued to talk incessantly.

The next day, to everyone’s surprise, Jianmeng actually went to the hall and humbly asked Dan Zhuo for guidance on the Dao. He rambled on for a while, and just as Dan Zhuo was about to dismiss him, a young attendant came to report that Bi Hua Ling Jun had arrived to return the cloud bed and was outside the Danxiao Palace.

According to the agreed-upon day, Bi Hua Ling Jun was supposed to come tomorrow. Why had he come now?

Before Dan Zhuo could ponder further or even instruct to bring the Thunder Wolf up cleanly, Bi Hua Ling Jun had already entered the Danxiao Palace. As soon as he stepped into the Purple Yuan Hall, he saw Dan Zhuo sitting on the throne with a young immortal in a light yellow cloud-patterned robe sitting closely beside him, engaged in a conversation.

Bi Hua Ling Jun couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. It seemed that the old Phoenix had been quite content and satisfied since returning to the Danxiao Palace.