“Dan Zhuo, the Immortal Emperor, is despicable!” Yun Qing slammed his fist on the stone table, his face full of anger. “Our Ling Jun is about to be sent to the Execution Platform, and it turns out that he only sees our Ling Jun as a substitute, someone to reminisce about his old lover!”

That day, as Dan Zhuo, the Immortal Emperor, and Hua Guang Tian Jun faced each other in the courtyard, and with the meaningful expression on Bai Hua’s face, everyone in Bi Hua Ling Jun’s residence knew about it.

Chi Sheng sneered, “No wonder Ling Jun said that when the Emperor imitated a young tiger cub, he liked Xian Lu Jing and Tianshu Xing Jun. It seems that he has some similarities with Hua Guang Tian Jun.”

Xuan Gui sighed, “Ah, it is said that back then, Dan Zhuo, the Immortal Emperor, pursued Hua Guang Tian Jun but failed, causing a big uproar. There’s nothing in common between Ling Jun and Hua Guang Tian Jun, except for their names, Bai Hua and Bi Hua, which sound similar. It’s a pity he’s infatuated, but also heartless.”

Tang Di murmured, “Whether he’s infatuated or heartless, our Ling Jun is in a truly miserable situation. Ah, Bai Hua, Bi Hua. Since he couldn’t have the white one in the past, he turned to a green one. Just because of that one character, ah…”

The fox-shaped plaster on Tang Di’s body was napping, and one of Tang Di’s hairs tickled its nostril, causing the little fox to sneeze. It scratched its nose with its front paw and then continued sleeping.

Tang Di scratched his ear with his front paw. “But if Hua Guang Tian Jun really wants to reconcile with Dan Zhuo, what will happen to Ling Jun?”

Chi Sheng and Yun Qing’s furious expressions gradually softened, and their eyes began to brighten—

At that moment, Hua Guang Tian Jun smiled gently at Dan Zhuo, “The past is long gone. At that time, I was also young and ignorant. Looking back now, it’s actually quite ridiculous. I have always felt ashamed and didn’t dare to come and see Your Majesty. It is only today that I dare to come. Actually, the question Your Majesty asked me earlier should have been asked by me.”

Hua Guang Tian Jun’s gaze was as clear as the flowing waters of the Milky Way. “Your Majesty, you no longer blame me for what happened back then, do you?”

Dan Zhuo and Bai Hua gazed at each other without speaking, their eyes filled with thousands of words.

Very tactfully, Bi Hua Ling Jun quietly vanished, leaving without a trace.

Dan Zhuo, the Immortal Emperor, and Hua Guang Tian Jun suddenly smiled after a long while, then they walked to the pavilion together, drank the tea that Bi Hua Ling Jun hadn’t had a chance to drink, and spoke for a long time. Hua Guang Tian Jun bid farewell and left.

Bi Hua Ling Jun disappeared without a trace, and only appeared in the bedroom when it was time to sleep. Dan Zhuo held onto his sleeve and earnestly said, “Qingxi, although I had feelings for Bai Hua in the past, that was many years ago, long gone. Today, Bai Hua and I are only…”

Bi Hua Ling Jun immediately interjected, “Your Majesty, please rest assured. I saw and heard nothing about what happened today… cough… I mean, I didn’t see or hear anything…”

Dan Zhuo frowned, “Your words suddenly seem distant. Are you…”

Bi Hua Ling Jun quickly said, “Um… that was just a slip of the tongue. Qingxi, please don’t take it to heart. I truly saw nothing, and now that Hua Guang Tian Jun is no longer the same as before, you can…”

Dan Zhuo suddenly relaxed his brow and smiled faintly, “So what if he’s different?”

Bi Hua Ling Jun added, “I was just speaking casually. Let’s forget that I said anything.” He flipped over and fell asleep with his blanket.

Dan Zhuo lay down beside him, still smiling.

From that day on, Hua Guang Tian Jun frequently visited. The young attendants saw him as the savior of Bi Hua Ling Jun and eagerly hoped for him to be with Dan Zhuo at all times, showing exceptional diligence. Bi Hua Ling Jun would politely exchange a few words and then disappear without a trace.

As the days went by, the mood of the young attendants gradually relaxed and improved. Bi Hua Ling Jun became increasingly carefree, and the corners of Dan Zhuo’s eyes and mouth hid joy and contentment.

One day, when Hua Guang Tian Jun took his leave, Bi Hua Ling Jun happened to return from a stroll. He courteously greeted Hua Guang Tian Jun in front of the residence. Suddenly, Bi Hua Ling Jun said, “By the way, there is something I would like to ask for your help with, Tian Jun.”

Dan Zhuo sat in the inner hall and could already sense Bi Hua Ling Jun’s divine aura at the entrance of the residence, together with Hua Guang Tian Jun’s divine aura. He closed his eyes as if resting. The conversation between Bi Hua Ling Jun and Hua Guang Tian Jun was clearly heard by Dan Zhuo, word for word.

Hua Guang Tian Jun said, “As long as I can do it, I will do my best.”

Bi Hua Ling Jun said, “It’s not something difficult. It’s just…” He took a step forward and whispered, “Tian Jun, as you have seen, my Ling Jun Residence is small and narrow. It’s really too inconvenient for His Majesty to live here. I wonder if you could persuade His Majesty to move back to Dan Xiao Palace as soon as possible.”

To resolve a problem, one must rely on the person concerned. Dan Zhuo hoped that Hua Guang Tian Jun, who was unwilling to return to Dan Xiao Palace, could persuade him personally, and there was a good chance of success.

Bihua Lingjun cleared his throat, “It’s an egg.” He cautiously touched the egg beneath his clothes and continued, “It’s the Ru Yi egg that emerged from the Jade Ink Pool. It took me a while, but I managed to obtain it from the Jade Emperor and started incubating it.” While speaking, he confidently entered the house, went to the open hall, and casually picked up a cup of tea to drink.