Chi Sheng, Yun Qing, and the celestial beasts crouched in the veranda and pavilion of the courtyard, watching as Emperor Dan Zhuo emerged from the back hall and headed towards the wing rooms. The sound of the little fox cub’s whining and cooing could still be heard from the back hall.

Tang Di had already returned to his human form, wearing a distressed expression. “Ling Jun has gone too far. He just… brought a fox cub back today after what happened last night, leaving Emperor Dan Zhuo aside. Although Ling Jun has always been fickle, he can’t have such a flaw in matters like this. In the mortal realm, such actions lead to chaos and abandonment, and they invite thunderbolts. Moreover, it’s the venerable Emperor we’re talking about…”

Chi Sheng, Yun Qing, and the other celestial beasts listened in confusion. Tang Di sighed and continued, “Our fox clan has too many species, and I can’t distinguish them all. Judging from the fur color and Ling Jun’s attitude, it should be a Tian Shi fox.”

Chi Sheng and Yun Qing, along with the other celestial beasts, were taken aback.

Although they had never seen a Tian Shi fox, they had heard of it. It was said to be an extremely rare and precious celestial fox, born as a celestial treasure. It was exceptionally rare even in the celestial realm. Its innate celestial essence was similar to that of a scattered immortal, surpassing any of the spirit beasts in Tang Di’s or Bi Hua Ling Jun’s mansions. Even Chi Sheng, Yun Qing, and the other young celestial servants were far lower in rank than the Tian Shi fox.

Tang Di murmured, “In terms of worth, the Tian Shi fox is only slightly lower than Ling Jun. No wonder Ling Jun treasures it so much. If Emperor Dan Zhuo becomes jealous, it’ll be quite a spectacle.”

As they prepared for bed, Tang Di lay on the bed, glancing at Bi Hua Ling Jun. The little fox cub clung tightly to Bi Hua Ling Jun’s chest, and Bi Hua Ling Jun held it with one hand while lifting the cloud-covered bedding with the other, seemingly intending to bring it to bed with him.

When Tang Di was still an egg, Bi Hua had brought him to this mansion. Bi Hua’s attitude had always been extremely solemn. At first, he was doting, but after learning about Tang Di’s true identity, he became extremely cautious and prudent. In any case, his attitude always carried an air of “extreme.”

But today, Bi Hua had held the fox cub from start to finish, treating it just as cautiously as he had held the Origin Bead back then. His attitude toward Tang Di seemed slightly negligent.

Tang Di wasn’t particularly temperamental, but he couldn’t tolerate being ignored. Having grown accustomed to being the center of attention, Bi Hua’s slightly negligent attitude today made him slightly unhappy.

He leaned against the bed, half-closed his eyes, and looked at the constantly snuggling and cooing little fox cub. “Are you planning to sleep with it like this tonight?”

Bi Hua Ling Jun smiled as if in agreement. The little fox cub, with its round eyes, glanced at Tang Di and immediately turned its head, pressing its head against Bi Hua Ling Jun’s chest. Tang Di smiled and, wearing a plain white sleeping robe, emitted a layer of red celestial light, closing in on Bi Hua Ling Jun. He softly asked, “Bi Hua, how did you feel when I comforted you yesterday?”

The fur on the little fox cub’s body stood on end, and it timidly clung to Bi Hua Ling Jun. “Hmm… Hmm ya… Hmm ya…”

Tang Di’s hand wrapped around Bi Hua Ling Jun’s shoulder. “Do you want me to comfort you again tonight?”

The red celestial light enveloped Bi Hua Ling Jun, and within the light, Tang Di’s lips lightly brushed against the side of Bi Hua Ling Jun’s neck.

The little fox cub let out a mournful cry and swiftly jumped off the bed, rushing to the door and stumbling out.

Nuzzling its head against the grass in a corner of the courtyard, it shrank into a tiny ball, trembling.

The celestial beasts sympathetically looked at it one by one, but it was Tang Di who walked over, squatting down beside it. “Ah, it’s just a little fox cub. Even if it has grown, competing with me for Ling Jun would always be a dead end.”

Covering its body with his tail, he patted it gently. “Stop crying. Perhaps you can still stay in the mansion. Actually, Emperor Dan Zhuo has always been quite generous.”