Dan Zhuo asked, “Oh?”

Chi Sheng initially didn’t want to say too much, but for some reason, under the gaze of Emperor Dan Zhuo, he seemed unable to control his tongue. The truth poured out involuntarily.

“He Yun’s elder brother is named He Rui. Both of them grew up in this residence. Ling Jun treated them extremely well. However, later on, He Rui had an illicit affair with a celestial bird, a female egret under the seat of Ma Gu. That female egret stole some divine pills from the Heavenly Court and planned to elope with He Rui to the mortal realm. When the heavenly soldiers pursued them, the female egret was critically injured. Both He Rui and the egret were captured and brought back to the Heavenly Court, and Ling Jun even pleaded for mercy on He Rui’s behalf. However, unexpectedly, He Rui stole Ling Jun’s spiritual medicine to save the female egret.”

Dan Zhuo reclined slightly on the stone chair in the pavilion. “So, the little Crane must be quite fond of his lover. Stealing the medicine secretly is not a big deal, but it’s understandable why Bi Hua has resented celestial birds all these years.”

Chi Sheng said, “That medicine isn’t ordinary. Ling Jun gathered various resources and spent many years of his own cultivation to refine it. He Rui knew exactly what it was for! He Rui’s intention was to let the egret regain her celestial body, but she didn’t need that much medicine. Even if… even if he had left only a small portion of the pills, Ge Yue, Ge Yue wouldn’t have lost her form and spirit. Those celestial birds, they have no conscience at all. No matter how well Ling Jun treats them, they only care about themselves and disregard everything else, even their own life and death. It’s justified that Ling Jun doesn’t raise them anymore!”

Chi Sheng blurted out, but suddenly felt that something was amiss. He looked at Emperor Dan Zhuo before him and shivered, “Em… Emperor… I misspoke… I meant some… some celestial birds…”

Dan Zhuo raised a hand and waved gently, “Enough. I can see your deep-seated resentment. Indeed, what the little Crane did was out of line, and it has implicated others of the same kind, but the fault lies with him, not you. However… you mentioned Ge Yue? But isn’t Ge Yue fine? I saw him yesterday.”

Among the myriad spiritual beasts in Bi Hua’s residence, Dan Zhuo was quite fond of Ge Yue. Unfortunately, Ge Yue was inherently solitary, and after learning that Dan Zhuo was the Purple Void Emperor, his aloofness became even more pronounced. Whenever Dan Zhuo caressed his fur or let him sit by his side, Ge Yue would wear a restrained expression, making Dan Zhuo feel a bit lonely.

Chi Sheng lowered his head and said, “Before the current Ge Yue, there was another Ge Yue. That Ge Yue was not as precious as the current one. It was a small gray wolf. Among the spiritual beasts raised by Ling Jun, it was probably the most unimpressive. But Ling Jun liked it the most. It nearly lost its soul protecting Ling Jun. Ling Jun saved a trace of its spiritual essence, and then spent hundreds of years to refine a pill that could restore its soul and allow it to reincarnate in the mortal world. However, before the pill was completed, He Rui stole it. In the end, that trace of spiritual essence… dissipated.”

Chi Sheng wiped the corners of his eyes with his sleeve and continued to vent about He Rui’s despicable act of stealing the spiritual medicine.

“On that day, He Rui escaped from the heavenly prison and deliberately kneeled in front of the residence’s gate, claiming to borrow the pill from Ling Jun. Naturally, Ling Jun didn’t give it to him and ordered him to return to prison and plead guilty. Ling Jun would find another solution to heal the egret’s injuries. He Rui then deliberately spoke provocatively to Ling Jun. He Yun naturally came to plead for his elder brother and help shield Ling Jun from his anger, but He Yun even ended up fighting with Ling Jun. At that time, He Yun’s cultivation was shallow, and when Ling Jun stood still without retaliating, He Yun’s spell rebounded, severely injuring himself. Everyone gathered at the gate because of the commotion, but unexpectedly, He Rui had planned it all along. He deceived not only Ling Jun but also He Yun, making it convenient for him to sneak into the residence and steal the divine pills. Ge Yue’s spiritual essence and the pill were sealed within the same enchantment, nurtured by the spiritual energy used in refining that pill. When He Rui stole the pill, he broke the enchantment, and the pill was stolen, causing the spiritual essence to dissipate as well…”

Dan Zhuo narrowed his eyes slightly, “What scum. To think there’s such a scum among the avian tribe. Greedy, selfish, and unscrupulous. Even though the little Crane, He Bai, may be unaware, he still bears some responsibility for the crimes…,” he said, firmly patting the back of the stone chair. Chi Sheng witnessed this remarkable Emperor’s cold expression for the first time and couldn’t help but feel an invisible chill and pressure washing over him, making him want to cower and prostrate himself.

Dan Zhuo picked up a leaf from the stone chair, “So, how was He Rui ultimately dealt with?”