Yun Qing stood under the covered corridor, holding a basin of water and gazing towards the pavilion in the central courtyard.

In the pavilion, a figure exuding auspicious qi reclined on a long chair, gently stroking a trembling rabbit on their knee. They spoke softly and tenderly, “Good, can you transform into your human form again? I want to see.”

The entire Bi Hua Ling Jun’s residence was quiet. The usually bustling courtyard, filled with spiritual beasts lying around, now appeared empty, devoid of even a single fur.

Yun Qing approached one of the inner chambers, holding the basin of water with a light touch. Bi Hua Ling Jun was sitting in front of a table, playing chess with himself. Just as he placed a black piece and ate a cluster of white pieces, Yun Qing softly called out to Ling Jun at the door, “His Majesty is enjoying the cool breeze in the courtyard.”

Bi Hua Ling Jun picked up the black piece on the board and said, “Oh, who got caught today?”

Yun Qing replied, “It seems to be Gui Qin.”

Bi Hua Ling Jun placed the black piece in the chess basket and made a sound of acknowledgment.

Yun Qing put down the basin of water, wearing a worried expression, “Ling Jun, I asked Crane Yunshi the other day, and the Danxiao Palace has already been renovated. When will His Majesty be able to move there?”

Bi Hua Ling Jun picked up a chess piece between his fingers and looked towards the illusionary front, saying, “How could I know?” He raised an eyebrow at Yun Qing and continued, “Why don’t you go and ask?”

Yun Qing’s face turned even paler, rubbing his nose, he said, “Ling Jun, it seems like His Majesty currently has no intention of leaving. What if he decides to stay here for thousands and thousands of years…”

Bi Hua Ling Jun placed the chess piece back on the board and said, “Then we’ll serve His Majesty here for thousands and thousands of years.”

Yun Qing’s face twitched, he lowered his head, preparing to turn and leave. But Bi Hua Ling Jun, while placing the chess pieces, said, “Go to the Danxiao Palace or Crane Yunshi’s place and find someone to accompany His Majesty to pass the time. Let Gui Qin take advantage of the opportunity to leave.”

Yun Qing weakly said, “Alright.” He glanced at Bi Hua Ling Jun, who remained calm and composed like a boulder in the courtyard, and left with a worried expression.

Bi Hua Ling Jun had been squatting in the inner chamber like this for days on end. Yun Qing could sympathize with him. Since that Emperor had revealed his true form and moved in, no one had been at peace.

Speaking of which, that day, Bi Hua Ling Jun watched helplessly as his beloved furry ball transformed into a bald little quail, and the little quail turned into the Emperor, the old Phoenix. It was then that he realized he had indeed been a deity for too long, reaching a state of tranquility where nothing could disturb him except for a few stars that appeared in front of his eyes. Dan Zhuo’s body emitted myriad rays of radiance, revealing a friendly smile. “Bi Hua Xiao Xian, you’ve been silent. Did you become so ecstatic upon hearing that I would be raised by you?”

Bi Hua Ling Jun heard himself respectfully answer, “I was momentarily dumbfounded.”

Dan Zhuo smiled and asked, “Are you excited?”

The expression on Bi Hua Ling Jun’s face remained unchanged, but he chuckled twice in his throat, “Excited.”

Emperor Dan Zhuo returned to the Heavenly Court, naturally requiring a grand procession and an imposing stance. Even if there was only Bi Hua Ling Jun as an attendant, the grandeur could not be lacking.

Thus, when Bi Hua Ling Jun ascended the clouds, Song Yao wore a delighted expression while Heng Wen and he respectfully bid farewell to Emperor Dan Zhuo and saw off Bi Hua from a distance. The divine light emanating from Dan Zhuo’s body suddenly became even more dazzling, countless times brighter. Dan Zhuo’s figure was completely engulfed within it, and only a radiant and colorful mass of light could be seen, emitting auspicious qi in all directions as it ascended towards the Heavenly Court.

This radiant light illuminated the entire sky, shining upon the Heavenly Court and even dazzling the eyes of the Heavenly Soldiers guarding the Heavenly Gate.

A few zhang away from the Heavenly Gate, Emperor Dan Zhuo grandly came to a stop, waiting for Bi Hua to ask the Heavenly Soldiers to step aside.

The Heavenly Soldiers rubbed their eyes and said to Bi Hua Ling Jun, “Ling Jun, that dazzling light brighter than the Morning Star, where did you bring it from? What is it exactly?”

Bi Hua Ling Jun maintained a dignified expression and said firmly, “Haven’t the Jade Emperor informed you with an edict? This is the Purple Void Immortal Emperor, who has returned to the Heavenly Court today. Quickly pay your respects and step aside.”

The Heavenly Soldiers opened their mouths wide, dumbfounded, and stepped back. The dazzling light swiftly floated past them, chuckling and saying, “Bi Hua, it is within reason that ordinary immortals do not recognize my true form. There is no need to use my title to frighten them. I’ve never been fond of putting on airs.”

A profound silence spread across the Heavenly Court. Not a single immortal official was in sight. Bi Hua Ling Jun already understood that the Jade Emperor must have other plans. Looking at the empty sky, Emperor Dan Zhuo felt a bit lonely. “No one has come to greet the little deity. Could it be that the Jade Emperor intends to create a grand spectacle for me? Well, actually, a little show at this moment is sufficient. There is no need to make a big fuss. I have never been fond of grand displays.”

Gazing at the empty celestial path of the Heavenly Court, Dan Zhuo continued, “Where should I go at this moment? Right, I have already agreed to become a spiritual beast for some time in your residence, so let’s return there first.”

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Emperor Donghua lowered his voice even more and said, “Questionable preferences… like Song Yao and Heng Wen… The term ‘Long Yang’ is from the mortal realm… You should understand what it means…”

Bi Hua Ling Jun’s expression grew heavy, and he left without saying a word.

Emperor Donghua continued to wander around the Heavenly Court to clear his mind. Then he saw Yun Qing, one of the young attendants from Bi Hua Ling Jun’s residence, hurrying over with something in his hands.

Emperor Donghua intercepted him with a smile and asked, “Did your master send you to deliver a message to Crane Yunshi? It must be quite chaotic these days with Emperor Dan Zhuo in the residence.”

Yun Qing had a mournful face as he replied, “Emperor, you have no idea. His Highness, the Emperor, wants the spiritual beasts to come to him every day to be petted and hugged. And he insists on transforming into his human form. They are all a bit afraid of the Emperor and uncomfortable with this situation, so they are hiding. The Emperor can sometimes be quite difficult to serve. He has been saying all these days that he used to sleep with our Ling Jun, and now he wants to sleep with Ling Jun as his spiritual beast. Otherwise, he says that Ling Jun bears a grudge for tricking him into becoming a tiger. Our Ling Jun cannot defy his orders, so they have been sharing the same bed at night these days. Ma Dong also said that being petted and hugged is nothing compared to the misery of our Ling Jun.”