Bi Hua Ling Jun saw off Yuan Xu and returned to his residence, feeling a sense of longing. He sat idly in his bedroom for a while, lost in thought in the pavilion, and paced back and forth in the courtyard. Most of the spirit beasts in the residence were lying in the courtyard, and Bi Hua Ling Jun noticed that Yuan Lu and Yuan Xiu were playing and frolicking near the flowers. He walked over, and the two little tigers immediately lay down obediently. As Yuan Lu and Yuan Xiu had grown up, they couldn’t be carried anymore. Bi Hua Ling Jun bent down and stroked their fur, but found that it wasn’t as soft and delicate as Yuan Xu’s. He sighed and walked away slowly.

The next day, Emperor Donghua came to visit. The front of Bi Hua Ling Jun’s residence was quiet, with no little immortals guarding the door. The main gate was slightly ajar, and Emperor Donghua stepped inside. The front courtyard was silent, but as Emperor Donghua made his way from the veranda to the courtyard, he faintly heard laughter and commotion. From a distance, he saw figures bustling in a pavilion in the courtyard, accompanied by bursts of noise. Emperor Donghua approached the pavilion and saw that the spirit beasts raised by Bi Hua Ling Jun had all transformed into human forms, forming a circle with the little immortals around the stone table in the pavilion. In the center of the circle were Yun Qing and Tang Di, each guarding one side of the table. Yun Qing rolled up his sleeves and shook a dice cup, while Tang Di wore a blue and white patterned robe similar to the one Yun Qing was shaking, standing with a cheerful smile. Yun Qing slammed the dice cup on the table, and Tang Di said, “Small bet.”

Yun Qing replied, “You still want to bet small?”

Tang Di said, “Why not? Count how many people are behind you. How many have I won over?”

Yun Qing’s face turned red with annoyance and said, “I refuse to believe that you can guess correctly every time. This time, I’m sure it’s big.”

Tang Di chuckled and said, “Whether I can guess or not, we’ll know once it’s opened. If you lose again this time, you’ll have to give me Chi Sheng.”

Yun Qing snorted and was about to say something else when Emperor Donghua approached. The little immortals and spirit beasts suddenly noticed and quickly stood up, retreating to the side. Tang Di stood up and stood at attention, smiling, “Emperor Donghua.” Yun Qing quickly let go of the dice cup and bowed, “Emperor Donghua.”

Emperor Donghua glanced at the table and asked, “Guessing dice, betting on big or small?”

Tang Di smoothly replied, “Yes.” Yun Qing’s face turned even redder.

Emperor Donghua laughed and said, “It was taught to you by Song Yao Yuan Jun when he visited your residence. What are you using as bets?”

Tang Di said, “Reporting to Emperor Donghua, we bet with the number of people. Yun Qing has eleven little immortals on his side, while we have twenty-two companions on our side. If he loses, one of his little immortals will come over to our side, and if I lose, we will give him two of ours. One-to-two odds.”

Emperor Donghua stroked his beard and looked at the four little immortals left behind Yun Qing. They didn’t even have a spirit beast. Yun Qing was obviously getting anxious, glaring fiercely at Tang Di. Tang Di said, “Oh dear, don’t be angry. If it turns out to be big this time, I’ll bet more and give you our most valuable Ge Yue. We’ll even throw in Yuan Lu and Yuan Xiu, a big one with two small ones. How about that?”

Yuan Xiu tugged at Tang Di’s sleeve and asked with a bewildered look, “Brother Tang Di, why are we counted as one? What does ‘a big one with two small ones’ mean?”

Tang Di explained, “I just said that I wanted to bet bigger. Both of you are as valuable as Ge Yue. There’s a saying in the mortal world that says ‘brothers united are invincible,’ and when two brothers are combined, it becomes extremely powerful. I didn’t even mention how formidable Sister She Xin is, I only mentioned you two. Do you understand?”

Yuan Xiu nodded, seemingly moved and yet not quite understanding, “Brother Tang Di, you’re really nice.” Tang Di smiled and patted his head.

Yun Qing sneered, while Ge Yue stood in a corner of the pavilion, appearing indifferent and uninvolved.

Emperor Donghua chuckled and asked, “Where is your Ling Jun?”

Chi Sheng, who was standing behind Yun Qing, stepped forward and said, “Ling Jun is in his room.”

Tang Di chimed in, “Ling Jun is in seclusion in his room, cultivating his immortal techniques.”

Emperor Donghua said, “How strange. He’s cooped up in his room during this lively time. What kind of immortal techniques is he cultivating?”

Yun Qing whispered, “It’s not cultivation. Emperor Donghua, you gave Ling Jun a good idea. You suggested that he give the magical tiger, Ruyi, to another immortal lord to raise. Since then, when Ling Jun returned, he would sigh and stroke the fur of all the precious beasts in the garden, sighing every time he stroked one. They couldn’t help but transform into human forms. After that, Ling Jun went into his room and hasn’t made any movement.”

The group of little immortals looked worried, their eyes pleading Emperor Donghua for help. Chi Sheng said, “Emperor Donghua, do you have any ideas to bring Ling Jun out of seclusion? We really don’t know what to do.”

Emperor Donghua pondered for a moment and said, “I understand. Let me think. Since that little tiger was hatched personally by your Ling Jun, it’s inevitable that he values it. If we can find something else for him to raise and transfer his affection to, that would be great.”

After receiving this immortal task, with no other divine duties to attend to, Bihua Lingjun suddenly found himself at leisure. And in his leisure, he somehow found a new perspective. Whatever hatched from the egg would be just fine. The spiritual creature inside the Ru Yi egg would certainly not disappoint. As long as it had moist and shiny eyes, soft and fluffy fur, and tiny little paws, it didn’t matter what it turned out to be.