After the Jade Emperor left, there weren’t seventy or eighty heavenly soldiers surrounding me in the Peach Blossom Garden. The garden remained quiet, without a trace of any other celestial beings. But come to think of it, the Heavenly Court was filled with gods, and the Heavenly Court was heavily guarded. The Jade Emperor wasn’t afraid of me escaping. Besides, I was very curious to know what exactly this so-called karma was.

I strolled slowly in the Peach Blossom Garden, trying to recall what could be considered a cause for bearing fruit in the Heavenly Court before I ascended there. I thought left and right, but couldn’t come up with anything.

After exiting through the other gate of the Peach Blossom Garden and following a small path, I would reach the back entrance of the Fate Star Jun’s Heavenly Fate Mansion. As I approached the gate, not far away, I saw the lotus pond where I first met Hengwen. This scene stirred my heart deeply.

A gentle breeze passed by, and I faintly heard Hengwen calling out to me, “Song Yao, Song Yao.” My emotions grew stronger, and Hengwen’s voice seemed to be right by my ear. He asked, “The Jade Emperor sent you to the Fate Star Jun’s mansion. Why are you standing still at the gate?”

I sighed and replied, “I couldn’t help but stop and look at the lotus pond when I saw it.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I felt that something was off and quickly turned around, only to find Hengwen standing right behind me.

I looked at him for a moment, reached out to touch him, and he was real.

Hengwen said, “Why do you look so frightened?”

I honestly replied, “I thought you were being detained by the Jade Emperor, so I was startled when I saw you.”

Hengwen tapped his fan and said, “Wasn’t all the blame shouldered by the righteous and resolute Immortal Song Yao? Why would the Jade Emperor still detain me?” He raised an eyebrow and continued, “Song Yao, if you’re dragging your feet and not going to the Fate Star Jun’s mansion, do you have time to sit by the lotus pond with me first and listen to me talk about karma?”

Hengwen’s tone was unfriendly, but I followed his lead and said, “Okay…” Before I could say anything else, Hengwen had already walked towards the lotus pond, so I had no choice but to follow.

Beside the lotus pond, the large stone that Hengwen had used as a paperweight when he painted lotuses was still there. Hengwen casually found a spot to sit, and I hesitated for a moment, unsure if it would be better to sit closer or farther away. I finally chose a spot that was neither too close nor too far. Hengwen said, “I don’t feel like speaking loudly, so come closer.”

I moved an inch closer to him.

Hengwen furrowed his brow. “Closer.”

I moved another inch.

He said, “Now go to the Perfumed Hall and borrow a random fairy’s dress. When you come back, you can sit in this spot without moving. Or come closer.”

I moved until I was right next to Hengwen’s shoulder, and Hengwen, Qingjun, finally seemed satisfied.

I looked at the lotus pond and whispered, “Hengwen… I actually…”

Hengwen interrupted me with his fan and said, “If it’s so difficult for you to speak, then don’t force yourself to continue. Never mind about what you’re going to say next. Let’s not talk about your situation for now. Tianchu has already turned around and is currently locked up in the Yao Guang Hall like a walking corpse. Let me tell you a story first.”

Chills ran down my spine from Hengwen’s hair, and I didn’t dare to interrupt him as I listened attentively.

Hengwen said, “Tianchu Star Jun and Nanming Emperor Jun, one is the Emperor Star, and the other governs the country’s fortune. From the moment they were born, they were destined to shine together, closely connected. After several hundred years of this connection, an immortal covenant thread finally formed between them. When the immortal covenant thread was first formed, there was a live knot on the fingers of both individuals. In the Heavenly Court, if an immortal covenant thread forms between two immortals, they must undergo a severe trial in the mortal realm. Normally, these threads are formed between male and female immortals, the blending of pure yang immortal aura and pure yin immortal aura is the natural way of heaven. Perhaps due to the close connection between Tianchu and Nanming, a thread unexpectedly formed between them. So the Jade Emperor sent them to the mortal realm to undergo worldly trials. After these trials, whether the immortal covenant thread breaks or turns into a dead knot is determined by the heavenly way.”

Tianchu and Nanming had actually undergone a trial in the mortal realm before. There was a reason for their close connection, so why did the Jade Emperor want me to play the villain?

Hengwen continued, “Not long after Tianchu Star Jun and Nanming Emperor Jun were reborn in the mortal realm, the immortal covenant thread broke. In that life, Tianchu was similar to Mu Ruoyan, a child from a noble family, weak by nature. Nanming was the young master of a military family and grew up with Tianchu since childhood. They even had a close friendship as classmates. Many immortals speculated that the immortal covenant thread between Tianchu and Nanming would definitely not break and would surely become a dead knot. But…”

Hengwen paused and said, “But unexpectedly, a mortal intervened and broke the immortal covenant thread. It should have been bound to Nanming, but it was forcibly bound to that mortal.”

Ah? Who was this extraordinary mortal? They could actually unbind the immortal thread from Nanming’s hand and bind it to their own finger!

Hengwen said, “That mortal and Tianchu were also classmates. When they were eleven or twelve years old, they were considerate and affectionate towards Tianchu. In a misunderstanding between Nanming and Tianchu, that immortal covenant thread was severed when the mortal protected Tianchu. Initially, the other end of the thread was just stuck to the mortal’s hand, but they took care of Tianchu in every way, spending their days together from childhood. They composed poems in the wind, shared intimate conversations at night, and the immortal covenant thread transformed from being stuck to the mortal’s hand to being bound to it. At first, it was a live knot. But Tianchu’s life was destined for calamity, just like Mu Ruoyan, and his entire family was massacred. Tianchu was supposed to return to the Heavenly Court at that time, but unexpectedly, that mortal managed to defy fate and save Tianchu. They stayed together in a small courtyard, living and sleeping side by side. The Fate Star Jun had no choice but to make Tianchu seriously ill, while that person, at Tianchu’s bedside, took care of him attentively, without even undressing. When Tianchu eventually returned to the Heavenly Court, the live knot on that person’s hand had turned into a dead knot. The jade pendant on Tianchu’s body was also a gift from that person, which he had been wearing for thousands of years.”

So there was such a backstory behind Tianchu. It truly moved and saddened the listener, like myself.

Hengwen glanced at me and I exclaimed, “It’s truly a touching past.”

Hengwen coldly said, “Listening to this story, does it sound familiar to you?”

Familiar? Why did he suddenly use that word?

Hengwen sneered, “Look into the lotus pond.” He swept his sleeve, and the lotus flowers and leaves on the surface of the pond separated, revealing a shimmering reflection that resembled a mirror.

In the mirror, there was a room with a portrait of Confucius hanging on the wall. Short tables and chairs were arranged in the room, resembling a study. Two children stood facing each other, and a golden thread was clearly connected between their hands. One child had delicate features, while the other had an angry expression. They were clearly the young Tianchu and young Nanming. But for some reason, they both looked somewhat familiar. Standing between these two children was another child who looked even more familiar, with an adorable and intelligent face. This child stood tall in front of Tianchu, saying proudly, “This has nothing to do with you! If you’re sensible, get out of here.” The child said confidently, “Let me tell you, from now on, I will protect him. No one should dare to bully him!” After standing there with an angry look on his face for a while, Nanming turned around in frustration, and as he left, he slammed the table, causing the golden thread in his hand to slide and stick to the edge of the table.

The child turned back and patted Tianchu’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, in this study, I, Song Yao, will protect you. No one will dare to bully you!”

I was speechless, thunderstruck.

The child in the mirror held Tianchu’s hand and pulled him outside, saying, “Let’s go and play.” Their hands accidentally pressed on the table, and the golden thread stuck to their hands, shining brightly as it connected them.

Hengwen grabbed my left hand and flicked his finger. A dazzling golden thread encircled the base of my little finger, and at the end, there was a dead knot.

How, how could this be!

The child in the mirror was happily pulling Tianchu in the courtyard and said with a smile, “Du Wanming, you helped me with today’s homework.”

Du Wanming, it suddenly dawned on me, the golden light shimmering before my eyes.

Tianchu, Tianchu was Du Wanming~~ That, that, Du Wanming—

But, but, why did Du Wanming and I develop a same-sex relationship in the mortal realm? It’s so obvious, so obvious—

Hengwen smirked and said, “If the thread is bound, isn’t it obvious?”

I grabbed his shoulder, unsure whether to bang my head on the ground or pound my chest and stamp my feet.

Heavens above, this is a miscarriage of justice!!!