In my dream, I sat under a lamp in a room, with a chessboard placed in front of me. My vision was blurred, unable to see the chessboard clearly or the person playing against me. But in my heart, I knew that I had lost. I blurted out, “I’ve lost again. I wonder if I’ll ever win against you in this lifetime.” The lamp flickered, and the morning light began to filter through the window paper at my side. The person across from me waved their hand, extinguishing the lamp and opening the window. Morning light poured in. In an instant, I found myself standing in a courtyard. It was shrouded in mist, and I couldn’t see anything clearly, yet I seemed to know every detail of the courtyard. There should be a water pond in front of me, with newly sprouted lotus leaves floating on its surface. There were a few pieces of Taihu rocks and two plantains by the edge of the pond. On the other side of the pond stood a pavilion, and a stone table with a chessboard engraved on it was placed inside. It must be springtime now, with the fragrance of the osmanthus flowers wafting through the morning mist, and the wooden wall covered with a winding cluster of osmanthus flowers in full bloom.

He stood beside me, and behind me was the window from earlier.

I said, “When the morning dew is light, and the east wind is just right.” Still unable to see the person’s face clearly, I knew that he would respond with a smile. The fragrance of flowers filled the air, the morning breeze was refreshing, but the mist grew thicker and thicker. I anxiously tried to see the person’s face, wanting to know who he was, but his figure disappeared completely into the mist, invisible and indistinguishable. I reached out to grab hold of him and ask, but my hand only grasped a corner of cool fabric, and in an instant, I woke up.

I was holding onto Hengwen’s sleeve, and Hengwen was leaning against the head of the bed, looking at me.

I hurriedly sat up and said, “You… go back to sleep… lie down quickly.” Hengwen lazily said, “I’m not a mortal, so I’m not that weak. I’ve already had enough rest.” I immediately asked, “How do you know that mortals are weak?” Hengwen yawned and said, “I read it in a book, those kinds of books, the ones with drawings are not as good as the ones with words.”

Hengwen… Just how many erotic books has he read…

Hengwen looked at my hand and said, “What happened to your left hand? It seems a bit clumsy.” I was massaging the little finger of my left hand and replied, “Maybe I injured it at some point. It’s been aching.” Since early morning, my little finger had been throbbing as if it had been cut by a knife.

Hengwen lifted my left hand and examined it, then suddenly said, “I think I’ll return to the Heavenly Court first.” He glanced at my expression and smiled, “Don’t panic, I’m not going back to confess. I just feel that there are many doubts about your journey to the Heavenly Court, and things seem suspicious. I want to ask the Jade Emperor to clarify them. As for confessing… " His hair gently brushed against my shoulder. “When you and I go to confess together.”

Hengwen wanted to return to the Heavenly Court, and I couldn’t stop him. I could only say, “Alright.”

I followed him as he put on his clothes and smoothed out his collar. When Hengwen reached the door, he turned to me and said, “Song Yao, when you and I go through the calamity together, who do you think will set up the protective barrier?”

I forced a smile and said, “I haven’t thought about it.” Hengwen smiled, turned around in the morning light, and disappeared in a flash of light.

I stood on the empty space in the room for a moment, let out a sigh, and took out a folded white paper from my sleeve, placing it on the desk. Then, I took out a pen that didn’t require ink and began writing on the paper.

After folding the paper filled with writing, I recited a spell, and the paper turned into a golden light, disappearing in an instant.

This was the secret item bestowed upon me by the Jade Emperor when I descended to the mortal realm. It was called the “Upward Message Fold.” Wherever I was, this fold would instantly appear on the Jade Emperor’s desk.

Leaving the study, I rubbed my temples. Hengwen didn’t understand the affairs of the mortal realm, and he still had a carefree attitude. Today, early in the morning, both Qingxian and Xiao Shaoye were missing from the courtyard. How could I fabricate a story for the servants and Xiao Tianchu about this?

No matter how fast Hengwen was, he couldn’t beat that fold.

I presented the folded paper to the Jade Emperor, confessing that I, the guilty celestial Song Yao, had privately communicated with Tianchu Star Lord and engaged in a forbidden relationship. I acknowledged my unforgivable actions and requested punishment.

I handed over the paper, feeling a great deal of anguish. But considering the matter with Tianchu, I couldn’t escape punishment. Since I was already going to ascend to the Immortal Execution Platform, why drag Hengwen into it?

I walked to the corridor and met a young maid who greeted me respectfully. I was contemplating whether to tell her that Qingxian and Xiao Shaoye were still sleeping, not to disturb them for now. But suddenly, a young servant ran over in a panic and said, “Master… Master, something… something happened in the main hall… you must go and see…”

I rushed to the main hall. A man and a woman were kneeling in the center of the hall, in front of me.

Qingxian and Chuishidi, why have they come back again?

Qingxian and Chuidi were kneeling on the ground, weeping bitterly before me.

Chuidi held Qingxian’s hand and cried to me, “Master Song, you are the benefactor of Wansheng and Qing’er. After Wansheng and Qing’er get married, we will definitely enshrine your tablet at home and offer incense to you every day…”

He cried, and Qingxian cried along with him. But why didn’t they finish crying in the backyard last night and specially came to cry again today?

Helplessly, I bent down and helped Qingxian and Chuidi up, saying, “I am unworthy, truly unworthy. The union of two people in love is the most perfect thing in the world. I… I’m just going with the flow.”

After seeing off Qingxian and Chuidi, I returned to the main hall and saw Xiaotianshu standing by the folding screen.

Xiaotianshu looked at me with bright eyes and asked, “Why did Qingxian and that person cry like that? Is this a mortal’s love?”

I patted his head, sat down, and said, “Yes.”

Xiaotianshu said, “Isn’t love something that makes mortals happy? They should be laughing, so why were they crying?”

I said, “When it comes to matters of the heart, there are tears and laughter.”

Xiaotianshu nodded in understanding.

I told the maid not to disturb Xiaotianshu as he was sleeping late today. After breakfast, in a secluded place, Xiaotianshu asked me softly, “Where is Hengwen?” I honestly replied, “He has returned to the Heavenly Court.”

Xiaotianshu furrowed his brow, and just as I was about to explain in detail, the room suddenly brightened, and Beiyue Emperor appeared in mid-air, accompanied by five or six heavenly soldiers. He loudly declared, “Song Yao Yuanjun, I have received an order from the Jade Emperor to summon you and Tianchu Star Lord back to the Heavenly Court.”

Tianchu was still dazed, grabbing onto my clothes firmly.

Beiyue Emperor landed on the ground and politely said to me, “Song Yao Yuanjun, please come with me.”

The five or six heavenly soldiers approached Tianchu, but I took a step forward and stood in front of him, saying, “Let’s discuss with Emperor Beiyue. Tianchu Star Lord can stay by my side for now.”

Beiyue Emperor glanced at Tianchu and said, “That’s acceptable.” He signaled to the heavenly soldiers, who stopped their movements. After a while, they returned, with one of them carrying a fox in his hand, reporting to Beiyue, “Reporting to the throne, we have sent those mortals into a dream illusion. When they wake up, they will assume that this household has already moved away.”

Beiyue Emperor nodded slightly and said, “Let’s go.”