The flute player and Qingxian were taken aback and quickly looked up. A figure stood on the wall in the darkness, then lightly jumped down and approached the flute player, looking up and saying, “He Jingxuan, where are you taking her?”

The person was dressed in men’s clothing but had a gentle and delicate voice, with a slender and graceful figure—it was actually a young lady.

The Liang-Zhu story had suddenly transformed into a meeting between two women and a single man. I stood by their side, observing as the flute player stammered and became flustered, saying, “Miss Yueying, you, why…”

Qingxian softly said, “Jingxuan, you should leave quickly. Miss Yueying, rest assured, Jingxuan will never come to find me again. Gongzi Song has purchased me, and he personally said this afternoon that he won’t propose to you. Miss Yueying, you can… peacefully marry Jingxuan. I… Gongzi Song redeemed me from the brothel, and in this life, I will repay him. Jingxuan, I… I wish you and Miss Yueying a lifetime of happiness…”

She turned to leave, but the flute player grabbed her sleeve and exclaimed, “Qingxian, you deceived Gongzi Song into redeeming you just to match me with Miss Yueying?! How could you be so confused!! In my heart, I only ever…”

“Only ever thought of Qingxian?” Miss Yueying suddenly interrupted, her tone turning cold, as she took another step towards the flute player. “Well, He Jingxuan, today you finally admitted the truth. I should have known when you disregarded the scholar’s reputation and sold rouge in the brothel that your eyes were only for Qingxian. But… since we were children, you always said you would marry me. I foolishly believed you, even though you clearly loved someone else.” She threw an object to the ground and turned towards the wall.

So, the flute player was the young man who sold rouge under the Zuiyue Pavilion. No wonder I found him familiar.

Miss Yueying walked to the wall, then turned around and said, “Miss Qingxian, you used yourself to keep Gongzi Jingxuan from proposing to me. It’s quite foolish. When my parents forced me to marry him, I already said I would rather die than marry him. If they pushed too hard, I would simply leave. You never asked Jingxuan whom he truly loved and instead sacrificed yourself without realizing how it hurt his heart.”

Suddenly, I noticed that the wall in my backyard was quite short. Miss Feng Yueying effortlessly climbed up and jumped outside the courtyard. Qingxian and He Jingxuan remained face to face.

He Jingxuan said, “Qingxian, come with me.”

Qingxian shook her head and said, “It’s too late. I deceived Gongzi Song. He must have both wealth and power. If I were to go with you, it would only harm you. Xuan Lang, you should leave.”

I floated near the Moon Gate, revealing myself and coughed lightly.

He Jingxuan had tightly held Qingxian’s hand, and both of them trembled like fallen leaves in the wind upon hearing my cough.

With a gentle smile, I said, “Don’t be afraid. I was already watching from the shadows just now.” I took out a piece of paper from my sleeve and tore it into small pieces, handing them to Qingxian. “This is your contract of sale.”

Qingxian stared at me, then suddenly, she and He Jingxuan both fell to their knees. I sincerely said, “The love between the two of you is extraordinary, and even this ordinary person is moved. Although I am not a nobleman, I am willing to witness your union. He Xiong, take Qingxian and leave.”

In the chill of the midnight wind, I stood in the empty backyard and laughed. It seemed that this was my fate. I thought I had gained some romantic entanglements before my impending death, but it turned out that I was merely playing a supporting role.

A voice behind me sounded leisurely, “You’ve had quite a flurry of romantic encounters recently. How does it feel?”

I turned my head and saw him standing nearby, smiling at me.

My heart seemed to leap into my throat, and for a moment, I thought I was dreaming. But I couldn’t control my feet, and I hurriedly walked up to him, my voice trembling as I spoke.

He stood there, smiling slightly, listening to my trembling voice.

“Heng, Hengwen…”

I grabbed his sleeve, hoping for this moment countless times. Now that it was in front of me, I couldn’t believe it. He leaned closer, whispering in my ear, “Actually, that night when you told me to get better soon, I don’t know why, but I did. But seeing you basking in the joy of love, I wanted to see how your luck was going.” He sighed, feigning sadness, “It seems that your constant sighing isn’t for show. Your luck in love is truly pitiful.”

I could only look at him, unsure of what to say.

Hengwen said softly, “It’s late at night, and it’s not good for us to be seen standing in the courtyard. Let’s go back to the room first.”

I awkwardly released his sleeve and said, “Okay.”

As we reached the corridor, Hengwen chuckled softly, “You’ve been sleeping in the study for the past few nights. Will you allow me to enter the study?”

I chuckled awkwardly and pushed open the door to the study.

The study was incredibly small. In the morning, I had someone replace the hard couch with a large bed, leaving only a small space in the corner. As I pushed the door open, the moonlight illuminated the table perfectly. I closed the door and Hengwen waved his sleeve, adding a protective barrier in the room.

I said, “You’re just in time. Recently, it’s better not to use your magical abilities. In case…”

Hengwen said, “It’s fine. These past few days, I’ve transformed into a boy, and it still works with magic.”

I couldn’t help but reach out and hold onto his sleeve again, saying, “Still, it’s better to use it sparingly. You…”

Hengwen stood there, looking at me. He was back to normal now. These days in the mortal world had finally come to an end.

No matter what, everything eventually comes to an end.

I held onto Hengwen’s arms, called out his name, and without waiting for his response, kissed him on the lips.

I admired myself greatly. How wise I was this morning to have someone bring in a large bed.

The Peach Blossom Forest before was an illusion created by Hengwen’s magic, always accompanied by a dreamlike and unreal feeling, not as vivid as it was now.

Hengwen’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, and in a hoarse voice, I said in his ear, “I’m gentler than last time.” Hengwen opened his half-closed eyes, smiled at me from the corners of his eyes, and bit down on my neck with force. “Enjoy it. Next time, I won’t let you…”

On a cold day, bringing in a bucket of well water and using spells to warm it up was more troublesome than usual. Originally, the plan was to clean both Hengwen and me, but in the end, we ended up back on the bed while washing. So we changed the water, warmed it up, and rinsed again and again. By the time I embraced Hengwen contentedly and drifted off to sleep, the sky was already getting bright. Hengwen lazily said, “No wonder mortals often say they regret the brevity of a spring night. Tonight, I truly understand the meaning.” He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

I closed my eyes, ready for a little rest, but then I had another dream.