A faint fragrance wafted before my nose. It had been thousands of years since I last indulged in romance, but unexpectedly, I encountered the benefits of a delicate, fragrant embrace before ascending to the Immortal Execution Platform. The girl hastily struggled out of my arms, her slender neck blushing crimson. She curtsied, bowed, and hurriedly lowered her head, clutching her skirt as she ran away. I withdrew my hand from Tianshu’s grasp and removed the object from my head, revealing a pale pink scarf exuding a delightful aroma. I held it in my hand, straightening my gaze.

Suddenly, someone stood before me and said, “Sir, what a coincidence. Our Qingxian Miss’s scarf has landed on you. This is surely fate. Would you like to come to our building for a visit?”

Wasn’t this the scarf of the girl who bumped into me just now?

A woman, resembling an old madam, gracefully approached while waving the scarf. “Sir, you have picked up Qingxian’s scarf. She specifically sent me out to greet you and invite you inside for a cup of tea to express her gratitude. I implore you to honor us with your presence.”

After spending thousands of years in the heavens, it seemed that I had acquired a touch of world-weariness. A fragrant scarf attempted to lure me into a house of enchantment. But upon hearing the invitation, my first instinct was to lower my head and glance at my side.

Hengwen held onto my robe, looking at me with curiosity. I cleared my throat and looked at Tianshu, who also appeared bewildered. I raised my head with a dry smile and said, “I am accompanied by a young child today, so it is inconvenient for me to accept. I appreciate the young lady’s kind offer, but please return the scarf to her on my behalf. When I have the opportunity, I will come and pay a visit.”

The madam covered her mouth as she smiled and said, “Sir, you are indeed cautious. Today, you happen to have a connection. It’s just a cup of tea. The two young gentlemen also seem to have some understanding of the ways of the world. Among my daughters, there is one who is around the same age as the young gentlemen and can accompany them for some playtime. If the sir would enter and have a cup of tea, listen to a tune, it would fulfill my daughter’s heartfelt gratitude.”

Hengwen’s curiosity grew stronger on his face, and I broke into a cold sweat. With Hengwen, a young child, and Tianshu, a celestial being, visiting a brothel, the Jade Emperor would surely know. I probably wouldn’t even need to ascend to the Immortal Execution Platform; I’d be struck by a bolt of lightning and turn to ashes instantly.

I said with a serious tone, “Thank you for the kind invitation, but I’m afraid it’s truly inconvenient for me today. I hope you understand.”

The madam regretfully said, “Sir, if you persist, could it be that you find…?”

“Could it be that you find me coarse and incapable of serving you to your satisfaction?” A figure dressed in silver and red appeared before me. She leaned against the railing, the charming lady I had seen earlier. Her brows were as beautiful as distant mountains, her eyes filled with tender affection, her face radiant like the moon, and her waist slender and enchanting, akin to morning dew, surpassing the blossoms of a garden.

I smiled and said, “It is indeed fortunate to receive an invitation from a beautiful lady. However, I have urgent matters to attend to today. When I have the opportunity, I will definitely ask the lady to treat me to a cup of fragrant tea. If I could also listen to some music, it would be a great honor.”

The lady smiled like a mesmerizing sunset and said, “Sir, it seems that today is truly inconvenient. I won’t insist. But please remember today’s invitation. I will be waiting beneath the window, longing for your visit. As for this scarf, since it has crossed paths with you, if you don’t mind, please accept it as a token of our agreement.”

I could only take the scarf and tuck it into my embrace. Suddenly, Hengwen sneezed. I quickly lowered my head and asked, “What’s wrong?” Hengwen rubbed his nose and said, “Nothing.” I looked up and smiled at Qingxian, who couldn’t help but smile back. She curtsied, and together with the madam and the servant, returned to the building. I couldn’t help but think that if I had been standing here with Hengwen as usual, the scarf would never have landed on my head.

Hengwen tugged at my robe and asked, “When are we going back?”

I replied, “We’re going back now.”

After returning to the small courtyard, it was time for lunch. Hengwen and Tianshu couldn’t forget about Huang Sanpo’s steamed buns and eagerly waited until the dishes were served before asking, “Why aren’t there any steamed buns?”

I said, “The steamed buns are all gone. We’ll buy some later to eat in the evening.”

Hengwen and Tianshu finally began eating with their chopsticks.

I specifically had the cook prepare a plate of scrambled eggs for the fox. After lunch, Hengwen cheerfully took the plate and went to feed it himself.

The furry creature was temporarily placed on a soft couch in the reception hall. Despite my use of divine arts to heal its injuries, the wounds were not completely healed, and it appeared lethargic. Hengwen fed it the eggs one chopstick at a time, while Tianshu watched with great interest. After finishing the eggs, the creature licked Hengwen’s hand a few times.

Hengwen stroked its back and said, “I heard Song Yao call you Mao Tuan. Is your name really Mao Tuan?”

The creature opened its eyes and glared at me with resentment. I said, “Actually, its name is Xuan Li.”

Hengwen immediately patted it and called out “Xuan Li, Xuan Li.” Tianshu also said, “Xuan Li is a nice name.” The fox nuzzled Hengwen’s palm, and a few teardrops welled up in its eyes.

In the morning, I instructed the maidservants and servants to prepare another room. When it was time for a nap, we would each return to our respective rooms. I escorted Tianshu to his room, then escorted Hengwen back to his room. Just as I was about to leave Hengwen’s room, he called out from behind me, “Hey, aren’t you going to sleep? Why are you going out?”

I replied, “I have already arranged my own room. You don’t need to squeeze with me anymore. Sleep well.”

Hengwen asked, “Oh, where is your room?”

I said, “At the end of the corridor.”

Hengwen asked, “What does it look like?”

I had no choice but to say, “Why don’t I show you?”

Hengwen agreed, “Okay.”

I led Hengwen into the newly prepared room. It was located at the end of the corridor. Unlike Hengwen and Tianshu’s rooms, it was not as bright. You could see the water pond in the backyard. It would probably be a nice view in the summer, but as winter approached, there were only a few stray leaves floating in the pond, nothing interesting.

Hengwen walked around the room, leaned against the window to look outside, and sat on the bed to feel the sheets.

I cautiously asked him, “If you want to stay here a little longer, would you like to nap with me at noon?”

After thinking for a moment, Hengwen nodded and said, “Okay.”

I unexpectedly gained another afternoon to myself. Watching Hengwen lie down on the bed, I felt a perverse sense of delight. As I loosened my outer robe, the scarf gifted by Qingxian floated out from my embrace. I picked it up and examined it. Amidst my eternal solitude, the course of my life seemed to be changing.

I turned to look at the bed, where Hengwen lay on the pillow, his bright black eyes fixed on me. I tucked the scarf away and climbed onto the bed, lying down. Hengwen scooted closer to my side, yawned, and closed his eyes. I adjusted his blanket and closed my eyes as well.