Mu Ruoyan leaned against the bedpost, with only a loosely open robe on his body. His eyes were half-closed, and he was breathing heavily. Shan Shengling was biting his neck, one hand slowly removing the robe, while the other hand wandered downwards…

Oh, Buddha, I have been a god for too long and forgot the inappropriate timing.

Heng Wen said, “Hmm, they seem to be engaging in a passionate cultivation.”

I quickly pulled Heng Wen out and rushed back into the room. “I apologize, it’s a sin to witness such a scene as a mortal. We only took a glance unintentionally.”

I silently sat down in front of the bed, and Heng Wen waved his folding fan, saying, “There’s nothing to feel uncomfortable about. When you were in the mortal realm, didn’t you do such things?”

I coughed dryly, “I did, but it was with women… and this kind of thing, um, is slightly different…” Heng Wen said, “Hmm, from what I saw in the illustrations, it does seem slightly different.” I was startled and jumped up, “Illustrations? What books did you read?! How could you?!” Oh, Jade Emperor, if Heng Wen returns to heaven with a head full of nonsense, once you find out, there will definitely be a heavenly thunder striking my heavenly spirit, reducing me to ashes.

Heng Wen said, “I am the recorder of the world’s literary fate, naturally, I have to read various books. When I was at the East Prince’s mansion, I had nothing to do, so I bought some picture books in the market to take a look at how dual cultivation is practiced.” He reached into his sleeve and took out a small object, which instantly grew larger, revealing a stack of ink-blue books. He lifted one and placed it on the table. I reached out and flipped through a page, and my eyes were immediately dazzled—it was a collection of erotic paintings.

Indeed, it was explicit and erotic artwork.

When I was a mortal, I had seen countless of these explicit paintings. My close friend and I would often discuss and appreciate them, exchanging rare editions.

However, enticing Heng Wen to look at erotic paintings was no trivial matter in the heavenly realm. I had been leading quite a comfortable life as a god, and I didn’t want to be dragged to the Heavenly Execution Platform and struck by the Five Thunderbolts.

I broke out in a cold sweat. Heng Wen, still leisurely, said, “After looking at them, I realized that dual cultivation is indeed a profound practice with many intricacies. Unfortunately, the artwork is poorly done and somewhat off-putting.”

I couldn’t help but say, “That’s because the ones you bought are commonly available on the market. The quality of those illustrations is crude, lacking any novelty. The true treasures can’t be found in ordinary bookstores; one needs special means to acquire them. The artwork in those… now that’s truly intriguing.”

Heng Wen eagerly asked, “Oh?” I wanted to slap myself.

It had been a long time since I last saw Nan Ming and Tian Shu. Their intense emotions were palpable as their actions resonated through the walls. The creaking of the bed, Mu Ruoyan’s intermittent moans—my heart was restless, and I couldn’t find peace. Fortunately, Guang Yunzi’s body lay rigidly on the ground, which suppressed some of the sinful desires.

I stared at Guang Yunzi, gradually feeling fatigued, and eventually fell asleep.

In my dream, which was rare for a god, I found myself in a vast peach blossom forest, where the blossoms surpassed the splendor of the celestial palaces. Amidst the mist, a figure stood indistinctly. As I approached, he turned around, and I was stunned.

Gods have dreams, and dreams are a reflection of their true hearts. I understood that I was in a dream at this moment. When I saw him, I understood once again that this dream was a manifestation of my true heart.

My true heart could be hidden, but it couldn’t deceive myself. However, I didn’t know when this kind of longing had taken root in my heart.

Perhaps it began thousands of years ago when I saw him from afar on the celestial palaces. Noble and exquisite, within reach of my sight yet unattainable. I couldn’t help but desire to get closer.

For thousands of years, I had lived leisurely, grateful to Heaven for granting me unexpected blessings. Originally, I was destined to be eternally lonely, incapable of attaining anything. Still, I could occasionally catch glimpses of him, which satisfied my heart.

As an uninvited immortal, I couldn’t afford to have any misconceptions. Just like when I was in the mortal realm, I knew I couldn’t actually pluck the moon from the sky, but sometimes I would indulge in the fantasy of truly holding it.

In this dream, I could release my grasp without restraint.

I embraced the person in front of me and kissed him directly.

What are dreams for? They are for the lips we dare not kiss, and the clothes we dare not undress. Things that one absolutely cannot do as a god.

In that moment when I lifted his waist, I thought it was worth it. Even if the Jade Emperor were to strike me down with a heavenly thunderbolt and reduce me to ashes, it would still be worth it. Even though it was just a dream, I had no regrets.

Before waking up, I remembered feeling complete and contented. Under the rosy peach blossoms, I held him in my arms and confessed that I had secretly liked him for thousands of years, yearning for him all this time. He leaned against my shoulder and whispered, “I have also longed for you for thousands of years.”

Then the dream ended, and as I opened my eyes, I saw the canopy above me. To the left, I saw an empty bed and pillow, while to the right, Guang Yunzi lay on the ground.

Heng Wen was waiting in his room, refreshed and ready to have breakfast together.

Mo Tuan sat gloomily on the stool, and Shan Mao lay sorrowfully beside the bed.

Heng Wen asked, “What kind of dream did you have last night? When I left, you had a rather lecherous smile on your face.”

I forced a laugh, “I dreamt that the Jade Emperor promoted me.”