The Book of Heavenly Fate recorded it like this:

At night, Shan Sheng Ling saved Mu Ruoyan, and Li Siming noticed. They fought, resulting in Mu Ruoyan’s severe injury and escape.

The God of Fate stroked his beard and smirked at me, saying, “You see, it’s written quite clearly, isn’t it?”

I remained silent. After all, Li Siming had already turned into a stiff corpse, and it was the mission assigned by the Jade Emperor that had been delayed. It wasn’t my fault. Besides, I was currently in the Lingxiao Palace, and the Jade Emperor himself would make the final decision.

Shan Sheng Ling’s spear had accurately pierced Li Siming’s chest, hitting his heart. Even intentionally, it wouldn’t be easy to hit it so accurately. The heart was made of flesh, and when a large spearhead plunged into it, the blood vessels burst in an instant. There was no reason for it not to be fatal. Li Siming convulsed for a moment and then lay still, relying on me to endure the pain in his body.

I was frustrated that I still couldn’t use my divine arts, but with Heng Wen by my side, even if my heart had been pierced ten times and returned to a fresh and lively state, it would only be a matter of blowing air. However, at this moment, Heng Wen was Zhao Xiansheng, and he couldn’t display his skills in front of so many people. The servants of the Wang Mansion swarmed in an instant, pushing Zhao Xiansheng aside and carrying me into the bedroom. Several doctors took turns examining my pulse, their expressions resembling startled ducks, speechless and trembling all over.

It was a pitiful sight, a living person still conscious with no pulse. How many people in the mortal world could witness such a thing?

The Duke of Dongjun asked, “How is my son? Is there any hope for his recovery?”

The doctors shook like sieves, and I pitied their trembling. I spoke from the bed, “Father… please don’t trouble yourself. Listen to the will of fate.”

Li Siyuan wiped away his tears and said, “Father, don’t worry. Third brother is here to comfort you. With this filial heart, even the heavens will bless him…”

As he reached the end of his words, he choked up.

The Li family cried by my bedside. The Duke of Dongjun cried, “Damned animal, cursed bastard.” Li Siyuan and Li Siyuan cried, “Poor third brother.” Even the two wives of Li Siyuan and Li Siyuan cried at the bedside, wiping their tears with handkerchiefs, “Poor younger brother.”

Their crying touched me. The mortal world, with all its hustle and bustle, still had a sense of human warmth.

I wondered why Heng Wen hadn’t come to treat me yet. It was unbearable to watch me suffer in pain like this. He should show some consideration.

Just as I was thinking about it, my whole body suddenly felt light, as if floating, slowly rising. I was shocked. This couldn’t be happening now. If they lifted me out at this moment, would Li Siming still have a chance to live?

I was about to struggle when a voice came from above, resounding like a drum. “Song Yao Yuanjun, as a celestial being, you are a messenger of the day. The Jade Emperor has given an order for you to quickly return to the Heavenly Court.”

It turned out that this time Fate had made a grave mistake. Nanming had managed to rescue Tian Shu, and the Jade Emperor was slightly angry. In the Lingxiao Palace, I, along with the God of Fate, was being questioned. Heng Wen was there as a witness.

The Jade Emperor asked, “Why did the situation turn out like this?”

I stood in the hall, composed and respectful. I stood up for myself, “Jade Emperor, everything I did in the mortal realm followed your instructions, but everything turned out differently. I have endured hardships and suffering without complaint. I won’t mention them. Jade Emperor, with your wisdom and discernment, you can judge right from wrong.”

I glanced at the God of Fate with a side eye. The old man immediately wiped the sweat from his forehead and humbly pleaded guilty before the Jade Emperor. He showed me the Book of Heavenly Fate, smiling and making amends. I sold him a favor, “Jade Emperor, there is a saying in the mortal realm: ‘Trivial matters cannot stop fate from deciding.’ The God of Fate manages countless heavenly destinies, and it’s natural for there to be occasional mistakes and oversights. Nanming happened to save Tian Shu, but how can two mortals prevent their separation? Let’s see what happens in the future.”

The Jade Emperor pondered for a moment, nodding his head. “You make a valid point. Let’s see what happens in the future.” He smiled, “Song Yao, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do in the future.”

I smiled apologetically, “Jade Emperor, I dare not. I’m not very reliable in handling matters. If Nanming managed to take away Tian Shu, it was probably because of my incompetence. Jade Emperor, could you… consider selecting someone more capable?” I hinted to Heng Wen with my eyes, asking him to help me.

But Heng Wen hadn’t made a move yet, and the Jade Emperor had already spoken from above, “You have done well in the mortal realm. Every time I chat with the Queen Mother, she praises your thoroughness. You have helped your celestial friends overcome obstacles, and when you return to the Heavenly Court with your achievements, your celestial reward will be elevated by one rank.”

I quickly replied, “I dare not, I dare not.” Before the words had even fallen, an official from the Celestial Monitoring Department arrived to report to the Jade Emperor, and we were driven out of the Lingxiao Palace. I grabbed the God of Fate and said, “Star Lord, from now on, please write more favorably about me in the Book of Heavenly Fate.”

The God of Fate smiled, showing all his wrinkles. “Today, I’ve received kind words from Yuan Jun. I will definitely do so. However, in Heaven, a day is like a year on Earth, and we have lost a lot of time. If you don’t hurry back now, I’m afraid…”

I suddenly realized, grabbed Heng Wen, and hurried toward the South Heaven Gate.

Heng Wen, being pulled by me, said calmly, “Why the rush?”

I smiled bitterly, “If we don’t hurry, Li Siming’s grave will be covered in grass.”

And the result was…

We hurried down quickly.

We didn’t see a freshly covered grave with lush green grass.

The soil on Li Siming’s grave was still damp, and the tombstone was brand new.

But it was just the end of the seven-day mourning period.

Heng Wen paced around the grave mound. “The body has already been placed in the coffin and buried. What’s the use of digging it up?”

I replied, “There’s no other way. We’ll have to wait until midnight to dig up the grave and see if Li Siming has decayed or not, if he’s still usable or not.”