The Fate Star Lord looked troubled. “The Jade Emperor has ordered that the heavenly immortals are not allowed to interfere with fate using their divine arts…”

I said, “If there’s a mortal method that can treat him well, can’t we show a little mercy and try it? That sound he makes gives me a headache.”

The Fate Star Lord stroked his beard and pondered for a moment before I continued, “The Jade Emperor has also said that this world is a punishment for Tian Shu and Nanming, filled with emotional tribulations. Pulmonary tuberculosis doesn’t fall under the category of emotional tribulations, so treating it shouldn’t pose a major obstacle.”

Finally, the Fate Star Lord sighed in relief. “Very well, but you must not use divine arts.”

I chuckled, “Considering my current situation, it’s not convenient for me to use divine arts anyway.” The Fate Star Lord chuckled and said, “It has been a recent inconvenience for you, my lord.” The old man was considerate and agreed to my request. He also asked me to pass on greetings to Heng Wen. With that, he returned to the Heavenly Court, floating up and then descending again, calling out from behind me as I was about to leave the room, “Song Yaoyuan Jun, hold on a moment!” Panting heavily, he pulled out a bronze bagua plaque from his sleeve and handed it to me.

“This item is called the Li Shen Talisman, it’s an item of the Supreme Old Lord, specially prepared for you, my lord. Since Tian Shu is reincarnated and you reside in the Wang Residence, now with Heng Wen living there as well, I fear that evil spirits may cause trouble. This item can allow you to assume your true form, just in case. However, it can only be used three times a month. Use it cautiously, my lord.”

I pocketed the plaque. “Only three times? That’s a bit too little.” The Fate Star Lord didn’t seem pleased with my picky attitude. After rambling on for a while, he explained the method of usage and then rode the gust of wind back to the Heavenly Court.

I returned to Li Siming’s body, and Mu Ruoyan had already fallen asleep. In the night, I listened to his weak and short breaths. Growing up without illness or pain is not easy, but growing up in luxury, with a weak body like his, is also not easy. I wondered how he had spent these past twenty years.

I closed my eyes for a short while, and he coughed again. I helped him regulate his breath, got out of bed, felt the teapot on the table, which was still slightly warm, poured a glass of water for him to drink, and only then did he sleep more peacefully. I pulled up his blanket and tucked it tightly around the pillow, then closed my eyes until daybreak.

On the second day, the Eastern Prince was not in the Wang Residence, making it convenient for me to visit Heng Wen in the morning. I couldn’t find him in his room, so I searched around and saw him sitting in the octagonal pavilion in the back garden, with something vaguely squirming beside him. As I approached, I saw that it was Jin Ning, sitting on a stone bench next to Heng Wen, leaning against him and wriggling. I wondered why I hadn’t seen him sneaking into Han Yuan these past few days; it turns out he was clinging to Heng Wen. Jin Shu sat obediently on the other side, but also had the audacity to tug at Heng Wen’s sleeve with one hand. As I got closer to the pavilion, I heard Jin Ning say to Heng Wen, “…Zhao Xiansheng, if there’s anything I don’t understand about writing in the future, can I ask you?”

Heng Wen, who was still holding a book in his hand, smiled and said, “You also know how to write? That’s impressive. Why don’t you show me a move?”

Jin Shu looked anxious as he tugged at Heng Wen’s sleeve, and Jin Ning’s little hand touched Heng Wen’s shoulder. “Zhao Xiansheng, I learned this skill from my uncle. It’s called Duanqi… um…” His face was getting closer, but I swiftly approached, pulled the little troublemaker away from Heng Wen, and placed him on the ground. I cleared my throat and said loudly, “Little one, Uncle has something to discuss with Zhao Xiansheng. Go play somewhere else.”

Jin Ning ran away in tears, Jin Shu reluctantly let go of Heng Wen’s sleeve, and followed Jin Ning out of the pavilion with small, reluctant steps. I heaved a sigh of relief.

Heng Wen put down the book and looked at me. “Children love to play. Why bother about it?” I smiled wryly. Heng Wen seemed to be in a good mood today, and he asked with a smile what I needed. I said, “It’s nothing,” and told him about the Fate Star Lord’s words from the previous night. Heng Wen said, “The Fate Star Lord has always been lazy and likes to take shortcuts, often leading to unclear explanations and unnecessary confusion. I hope he made it clear this time and doesn’t complicate matters.”

My old wound was stirred by his words, and I suddenly said, “Indeed, who knows how he wrote it in the book. I’m afraid it might end up with Nanming stabbing me with a sword. That would be a great injustice.”

Heng Wen smiled slyly, “When the time comes and you’re lying in a pool of blood, Tian Shu’s heart may be moved, just as you said before, Tian Shu has always had a tender heart.” I shuddered. Heng Wen placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m just scaring you. Don’t worry, when that time comes, I’ll be there. How could you get hurt?” I smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not afraid of getting hurt, I’m just worried that the date mentioned by the Fate Star Lord is limited. It’s supposed to be five days later, but who knows, it might happen tonight.”

As a result, that night, I lay on the bed with wide-open eyes, as vigilant as a copper bell, fearing any movement. But by the time the third watch arrived, apart from Tian Shu’s coughing, there was nothing. Unable to hold on any longer, I fell asleep.

For the next couple of days, I spent my days inquiring about renowned physicians to treat Tian Shu’s illness, and at night, I anxiously awaited the arrival of Shan Shengling, fearing he might not adhere to the scheduled time and burst in. It was a drain on my energy. I couldn’t sleep at night, but it provided an opportunity for me to attend to Mu Ruoyan’s needs. I spent these days preparing tonics for him, and his nighttime coughing lessened. His hands grew warmer. One night, after I brought him water to drink and he got into bed, he softly said his thanks from the pillow. I, overcome with sorrow, shed inexplicable tears.

On the third night after the Fate Star Lord’s announcement, at the third watch, dark clouds covered the moon, and a chilly wind arose. I heard unusual sounds outside the window.

Could it be that I had misjudged the Fate Star Lord’s information, and Shan Shengling had entered the Wang Residence off schedule?

I clasped the bronze bagua plaque on my chest in my hands and silently recited the spell. In an instant, I shed my true form in mid-air and quietly slipped out.

There was a foul smell outside the door, and a shadowy figure floated among the flowers in the courtyard. Occasionally, a seductive laughter echoed, like a mournful wind, unmistakably a woman’s voice.

It turned out that I had guessed wrong. The Fate Star Lord had a big mouth.

It wasn’t Shan Shengling who had come; it was a demon.

The foul stench indicated a fox demon.

Yet, that vixen was heading towards Heng Wen’s bedroom. A little bundle who hadn’t even cultivated for a thousand years dared to approach an immortal on her own. I couldn’t be bothered to chase after her, so I teleported to Heng Wen’s door, waiting for her to arrive. The vixen, obediently, as soon as she saw me, coquettishly said, “Ah, there are so many immortals in this courtyard.”

According to the rules of the Heavenly Court, when encountering such minor demons, one should not immediately kill them but instead reason with them.

So, I solemnly said, “Vile creature, I believe that you too have a desire to follow the path of righteousness. If you abandon your wicked ways and embrace the correct path, after enduring numerous tribulations, perhaps you can achieve enlightenment and enter the Heavenly Court.”

The vixen said, “Oh my, old Daoist, you’re quite long-winded. I didn’t expect such a young immortal like you to be long-winded too. I merely wanted to spend a night with the immortal in that room and taste some immortal dew. Well, since there’s already someone who got ahead of me, I won’t bother with you. Farewell, and who knows when we’ll meet again.” With a twist of her waist, a black light emanated, and she headed south. I flicked my finger, and I heard a miserable scream from within the black light. I had left her some mercy; whether she had enough left to gasp for breath depended on her own fate.

A heavy demonic aura permeated Heng Wen’s room. I was about to break in when I suddenly remembered that I had left Tian Shu in the room. As a star deity reincarnated, he was bound to attract the attention of the demon. Heng Wen’s cultivation was far superior to mine, and since there was no activity in the room, I assumed he was fine. I said through the crack in the door, “Heng Wen, deal with it yourself. I’ll check on Tian Shu first.”

I immediately returned to the bedroom at Han Residence. Mu Ruoyan was sound asleep in bed, fortunately unharmed. I created a protective barrier around him and then proceeded to Heng Wen’s room.

The foul smell grew stronger, and a dense demonic aura surrounded Heng Wen’s room, yet there was still no movement. I felt a sense of foreboding and concealed my presence as I entered the room.

In the flickering red light, a figure stood embracing Heng Wen, whispering softly, “Ever since I saw you, Immortal, I have yearned for you day and night, unable to contain myself. I know that as a demon, my encounter with an immortal can only end in death. I came here with no intention of sparing my life. I only hope…” She lightly licked Heng Wen’s ear with her tongue. “I only hope that you will grant me one night. Immortal, do you know what the most marvelous thing in this world truly is?”

Upon hearing all of this, I remained motionless.

Because I was momentarily stunned.

Silver-white hair cascaded like snow, and seductive eyes glanced sideways. It was a white vixen.

The vixen’s white robe barely covered her ample bosom, revealing well-toned muscles, which was quite deadly.

Even more dangerous was the fact that this was a male fox.