Jiang Ting asked softly, “Your colleague?”

Yan Yin: “No, it’s not someone from our team!”


This sudden change caught them off guard as the door was heavily struck, causing the shoddy construction materials to shake off, leaving the floor covered in dust.

“You go first!” Yan Yin made a decisive decision, grabbing the window frame and forcefully removing the entire ventilation window. “Hurry, I’ll go out and buy some time!”

Jiang Ting couldn’t climb onto the window ledge, so Yan Yin picked him up and lifted him up. It was at this moment that they heard another loud sound from behind the door.


The restroom door was kicked open by a police officer!

“Don’t move! Anti-pornography sweep!”

“Hands up!”

“What are you doing? What are you doing?” Yan Yin sternly said, “Where did these police officers come from? Where are their uniforms and police badges? You say you’re the police, then you’re the police, right? First, call nine-one-one…”

Before he could finish his sentence, an auxiliary police officer charged in, using a baton to press against Yan Yin while shouting outside, “Captain, quickly come and support us here! Someone jumped out of the window!”

Yan Yin had nowhere to go. With a determined mind, he raised his elbow to block the baton, then kicked his foot, immediately sending the bewildered auxiliary police officer flying!

Clattering sounds echoed as the auxiliary police officer fell to the ground, knocking over numerous objects, creating a cacophony.

At that moment, countless thoughts flashed through Yan Yin’s mind—police discipline, eight honors and eight shames, the three major disciplines and eight points for attention, Marxism, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the 24-character socialist core values, and so on. They turned into infinite despair and desolation in his heart.

I’m finished, he thought.

Director Wei will probably strangle me with handcuffs, dismember me, and then embed me in the office’s cement wall. It would probably take many years for the people doing the renovation in the municipal bureau building to discover the restless soul of my unjust death.

Yan Yin rushed out of the restroom, only to be confronted by two furious police officers. But how could he let himself be caught by a local police officer? With his hand protecting his head, he endured a blow from a baton, then flipped over and launched a spinning kick, instantly knocking down the older one on the left. Without catching his breath, he grabbed the baton of the young police officer on the right, swiftly pulled him towards him, and, in the moment when the officer lost his balance, hooked his neck, forcefully pushing him down.

The young police officer let out a cry as he crashed onto the sofa, almost vomiting his stomach out.

“What the f*ck, stop!”

“Don’t move!”

With a quick glance, Yan Yin saw at least * police officers in the room. Brother Zong and the two thugs were already firmly held down. Fatty was being pressed to the ground by an auxiliary police officer, trembling all over, and stammering, “Mis…mis…misunderstanding. They…they are our own people, real own people!”

The auxiliary police officer felt insulted, “Who the f*ck do you think you are to call them your own people?”

“Command Center, Command Center! Requesting support from Yihe Road Police Station!” The captain of the police station’s squadron roared into his walkie-talkie, pointing his gun at Yan Yin. “Repeat, Yihe Road Sanchun Flower Affairs Anti-pornography sweep encountered violent arrest. Request immediate support!”

Yan Yin stood up, wryly smiled, and raised his chin toward the gun, “Hey, you forgot to release the safety catch.”

At this moment, a chaotic sound of footsteps came from outside, rapidly approaching. A familiar stern shout rang out:

“Stop! Hands up and don’t move!”

Yan Yin turned his head and saw his colleagues from the peripheral action team rushing in, followed by the fully armed Qinchuan, who charged in with a gun. “Everyone, get down! Jinning City Public Security Bureau!”

Yan Yin felt a sense of relief in his heart, “Lao Qin, you…”

But before he could finish the word “pig,” Yan Yin saw Qin Chuan’s gaze pass over his shoulder, and his expression changed from relief to extreme shock.

Qin Chuan: “Stop!”

It was already too late.

Yan Yin was struck hard on his lower back by a baton, unable to utter a sound. The tremendous inertia caused him to fly out and knock over a booth, falling to the ground in a dog-eating-sh*t posture, right in front of all the subordinates of the municipal bureau.

Silence enveloped the scene.

The air seemed to freeze.

The captain of the police station’s squadron was the first to act. Leading the police officers, they rushed forward, restraining Yan Yin and lifting him up. He slapped Yan Yin across the face, “You damn audacious person! Try resisting arrest again? Handcuff him and take him away!”

“…Wait, wait a minute!” Qin Chuan finally regained his voice, stepping forward and pulling out his identification, although his trembling voice couldn’t be completely controlled, it was still evident that he was making an effort, “Who did your operation, this…this action by your department, who did you report to?”

“Reporting to the leadership!” The captain of the squadron immediately saluted when he saw the deputy division commander. He said, “We’ve received previous reports about this nightclub, suspecting involvement in prostitution, but we never caught them in the act! Today, someone reported clear evidence of same-sex indecency and suspected illicit transactions. Look, we’ve already discovered a large sum of illicit money and unidentified drugs. We were about to report back to the station! May I ask, are the comrades from the municipal bureau also sent by the command center?”

“…Why today…” Qin Chuan’s voice was trembling this time, “Ah? Why today?!”

The captain of the squadron was puzzled, “Because the command center received a report!”

Qin Chuan couldn’t utter a word.

The criminal investigators from the municipal bureau remained silent, not even making a move. The heavy atmosphere weighed down on everyone, to the extent that this private room didn’t resemble a night club crackdown on pornography, but rather a crime scene from a series of murders.

Yan Yin lifted his head in anger. No one dared to meet his gaze, trembling as they shifted their eyes or covered their faces.

“What are you looking at?” The auxiliary police officer who handcuffed Yan Yin was probably too nervous. He kicked him and said, “No fidgeting!”

“Hey, wait a minute!”

Qin Chuan suddenly came alive. His voice almost broke the sound barrier, and all the police officers from the police station turned their attention to him.

Qin Chuan, of course, couldn’t point at Yan Yin and say that he was the vice division commander of the criminal investigation team who was currently working undercover. Instead, Qin Chuan, a quick-witted person, found a reason and sternly reprimanded, “Are the law enforcement recordings fake? Has the internal rectification been for nothing? Don’t casually beat up suspects! Who took away the confiscated money and goods? This case is under the jurisdiction of the municipal bureau!”

“Hey!” The captain of the squadron panicked, “Comrade from the municipal bureau, we didn’t act recklessly! Look at the injuries suffered by our comrades caused by the suspect. Xiao Liu, Er Wang, you two come and check on the injured officers from the municipal bureau!”

The auxiliary police officer chimed in, “Yeah, that guy can really fight. He just kicked someone out of the door!”

“He injured several of us!”

“He was too ruthless, a despicable scumbag!…”

The grassroots officers were filled with anger, and accusations echoed all around. Qin Chuan’s face couldn’t be described as anything but embarrassed. He stared at Yan Yin, grinding his teeth, and asked, “Why did you hit someone?!”

Yan Yin: “…”

“It was him! The civilians reported that he was fooling around downstairs with another man, kissing and touching each other’s faces. In the blink of an eye, they went upstairs like nightclub boys. Isn’t that called involvement in prostitution?” The captain of the squadron didn’t notice the marvelous expressions of the criminal investigators around him. He pointed at Yan Yin angrily, “And at the arrest scene just now, he covered for a suspect who jumped out of the window. What were the two of them doing secretly hiding in the restroom? How do you explain the tens of thousands of cash on this table if it’s not prostitution money?!”

If it was deathly silent before, the atmosphere in the private room now could be described as vast and empty after a nuclear explosion.

Qin Chuan’s once refined and handsome face turned blue, red, and purple, as if he had opened a large dyeing workshop. After a long silence, he finally managed to squeeze out a few words:

“…Yes, absolutely.”

The relieved grassroots police officers finally breathed a sigh of relief. They stared at the suspect Yan Yin with stern gazes, representing the sternness of the people’s democratic dictatorship.

Qin Chuan: “Ma Xiang, Lao Gao! Don’t just stand there! Take all these drug…prostitution dealers into custody at the municipal bureau!”

The crowd made way, and the scene fell into silence. Only countless profound and complex gazes intertwined in the void. Yan Yin, at the center of all those eyes, was escorted by several municipal bureau criminal investigators and left the eerily quiet scene.

At this moment, the police officers from the police station were thinking: Truly worthy of the municipal bureau! The suspect who was so arrogant just now doesn’t even dare to lift his head now. Damn, it feels so good!

Zhongge and Hongmao were thinking: This kid is someone who can do big things. He single-handedly took down so many policemen. He’ll probably be sentenced to twenty years this time, right?

As for the criminal investigators from the municipal bureau, they had no thoughts left. In a daze, they only heard Ma Xiang mutter what was on everyone’s mind, “I guess after we go back, Lao Yan will strangle us to death with handcuffs, dismember us, and put us in the cement wall of the bureau’s office…”

An hour later, beside the sidewalk at the entrance of the nightclub, Qin Chuan opened the door of the Iveco van and bent down to get in.

The back seat was cleared flat, and Yan Yin was lying face down, his sturdy upper body exposed. Gouli was holding a tube of bruise ointment, massaging his waist. Qin Chuan walked over and peered in, taking a sharp breath, “Da Gou, I hope you didn’t seriously injure Lao Yan’s kidneys.”

Gou Li said, “It’s fine, he has tough skin. Besides, theoretically, a person can live with only one kidney.”

“…But will he still be humane in the future?”

“That’s hard to say.” Gou Li smiled, “But they say that after Lao Yan failed 108 blind dates, he has already made a comeback. After adjusting his strategy and cleaning his rear entrance, he can also embark on a new chapter in life. Maybe he can even reach new heights in his career. Right, Lao Yan?”

“…Shut up,” Yan Yin weakly said, “That was my informant, my informant!”

Qin Chuan clicked his tongue and lit a cigarette, “You’re not fair, Lao Yan. You had your own informant, and you stubbornly insisted on using my fatty to do the job, which was never reliable to begin with. Now that those drug dealers have realized it, I’ll have to send him to a compulsory rehabilitation center to lay low.”

Yan Yin waved his hand, indicating him not to babble, “How is it inside? Did you find the blue goods?”

“Still blue goods, couldn’t find any white goods. Ma Xiang and his team searched eighteen times but only found a few packets of leaves hidden in the corners, not enough to floss a rat’s teeth.”

Yan Yin’s thick eyebrows furrowed.

Qin Chuan said, “Can you blame me, my friend? Who could have anticipated that those idiots would come out today for a crackdown on pornography, dressed in uniforms and carrying recordings? The lackeys ran away as soon as they smelled trouble from a mile away. They took away everything that needed to be taken. The few packets of leaves left were purely because Ma Xiang’s ancestors had accumulated great merits in road construction. Otherwise, we would all be strangled to death with handcuffs, dismembered, and cemented into…”

“I almost had that fresh merchandise brought out by Zongge.” Yan Yin’s eyes were heavy, and he whispered, “This doesn’t seem right. It can’t be so coincidental.”

Yan Yin’s brow ridge was slightly higher, pressing tightly at the front of his eye sockets, and the ends slanted into his temples. It was a distinct, profound, and somewhat rebellious countenance. He contemplated, squinting his eyes, and suddenly said, “Go check the records at the dispatch center.”

Qin Chuan said, “We checked them early on. Did you need to give the order?”

“No, not just tonight. Retrieve all the previous reports regarding this nightclub suspected of involvement in prostitution, and have Yihelu Police Station and the local public security squadron confront the dispatch center together. If they match, fine. If they don’t, something fishy is going on.” Yan Yin paused and said coldly, “I don’t believe things in this world can be so coincidental. The municipal bureau took action tonight, and the police station received a prostitution report almost simultaneously, within a five-minute gap? Investigate thoroughly for me!”

Qin Chuan nodded, opened the car window, and leaned out to give instructions to the detectives.

“What do we do now, Lao Yan?”

Yan Yin took a deep breath, slowly sat up from the back seat, and gritted his teeth, pressing on his lower back.

He was actually quite tough. During the violent resistance, he was struck hard with a genuine police baton. If it weren’t for his relatively strong physique, he probably would have been taken away horizontally in an ambulance.

“No other choice. Let’s go back and interrogate Ah Zong and his two lackeys. Focus on breaking through the red-haired one, see if we can extract anything from his mouth. Also, make copies of all the surveillance recordings from this nightclub and send them to the Provincial Bureau’s forensic center for enhancement. Immediately arrange for ongoing visual surveillance in the follow-up investigation.”

With each sentence he spoke, Qin Chuan nodded. In the end, after a moment of silence, Yan Yin stared at the dark night outside the car window, his face complex and obscure. It was unclear what he was thinking, then he raised his hand and touched his ear.

“Lao Yan?” Qin Chuan reminded in a low voice.

“…Oh,” Yan Yin snapped out of his thoughts and said, “I was thinking, thank goodness we still have Hu Weisheng.”

Qin Chuan had an intuition that his momentary absent-minded state wasn’t because of that, but he didn’t ask further, only expressing doubt, “Hu Weisheng hates you to the point of bleeding. Can you really extract anything from him through interrogation?”

Yan Yin said coldly, “As long as they’re criminals, even if it means flaying and pulling tendons, I can squeeze information out of their bone marrow!”

The compartment remained quiet for a long time, with only the faint movements of Gou Li tidying up the first aid kit and the blurred sounds of the detectives busy back and forth outside the car window.

“Hey,” Yan Yin suddenly remembered something, “Why hasn’t Deputy Bureau Chief Wei contacted us yet?”

Qin Chuan was also taken aback, and immediately his cellphone in his pocket rang.

“Hello, it’s Qin Chuan… Fang Team?”

Qin Chuan and Yan Yin exchanged a glance.

Fang Zhenghong was the captain of the Jianshi City Bureau’s Narcotics Division and also Qin Chuan’s immediate superior. However, he was nearing retirement. Earlier this year, he was injured during an operation, and his old illness relapsed, nearly costing him his life. Now, he was almost in semi-retirement.

It was nearly two o’clock, so what made this old man suddenly call from the bureau’s office?

“Um, we’re still at the scene handling follow-up matters, we’ll be able to wrap up soon… It wasn’t particularly successful, the situation is complicated. We’ll discuss it further after returning to the bureau… What? What did you say?!” Qin Chuan’s hoarse voice suddenly faltered due to staying up late, and Yan Yin immediately looked up.

From the other end of the phone, Fang Zhenghong’s aged, weary, and unsmiling voice came, saying, “Hu Weisheng is dead.”

Like a muffled thunderbolt, the three people in the compartment were simultaneously jolted, their expressions instantly changing.

Yan Yin abruptly stood up and snatched the phone, directly switching on the speaker. “Hello, Captain Fang, this is Yan Yin. Hu Weisheng is dead? When? What happened?!”

There was a crackling sound of electricity, and after an unknown period of time, Fang Zhenghong’s voice, unusually dry and taut, uttered three words:

“Deputy Bureau Chief Wei.”