Thousands of words turned into three sincere words in Yan Yin’s heart: “Your mother, damn it.”

However, he was destined to not have the chance to say those three words because at that moment, the door to the private room was pushed open again, and the two lackeys respectfully invited a thin middle-aged man inside.

Yan Yin caught a glimpse of it from the corner of his eye and saw that Fatso nodded slightly at the man.

“This is our boss, Brother Zong,” Red-haired guy pointed and said, “Brother Zong, this is…”

Yan Yin spoke confidently, “No need for introductions. Take the goods and leave. If it wasn’t for Hu’s incident, I wouldn’t have come all the way to the North District, such a hassle.”

“Oh, a friend of Old Hu?” Brother Zong’s reserved and modest expression instantly relaxed. “Ah, you should have said so earlier. My apologies, my apologies. Look at what you two have done, even offending our regular customers!” With that, he slapped Red-haired guy lightly.

This slap clearly had a loud impact, but Red-haired guy just smiled and didn’t say a word. Yan Yin quickly stepped in to intervene.

“To be honest, Old Hu has been doing business with me for a while. He’s a good person, just a bit unlucky. Ah, it’s hard to do any business these days, what with the tight surveillance from the authorities. If not for the face of Fat Brother and Old Hu, I wouldn’t dare to easily take in new customers like you, brother!”

“Yeah, no doubt about that!” Yan Yin waved his hand and said boldly, “I don’t understand why those police uncles, who make a living with a few thousand yuan, have to bother us all day long. If it wasn’t for their empty stomachs, what else would they be doing? Just the money I spend on liquor would cover half a year’s salary for them!”

Brother Zong burst into laughter, thinking that this second-generation rich kid was just as clueless as he appeared in the surveillance footage.

The two of them exchanged a few more pleasantries, and Yan Yin, without any ulterior motives, revealed the location, price, and quality of the goods he got from Hu Wei Sheng. Brother Zong listened with interest, satisfied with the foolishness of the rich kid. He took the initiative and said, “Since you’ve been doing business with Old Hu for a while, I’ll give you a discount of 5%. And don’t worry about the purity, I’m Old Hu’s supplier, the quality can’t be worse than his.”

Jiang Ting let out a timely yawn and started to look impatient, glancing left and right.

Jiang Ting had imitated the various expressions of a drug addict during countless relapses, and even the “insiders” couldn’t tell that anything was amiss. Brother Zong had intended to say something, but seeing Jiang Ting’s reaction, he laughed heartily and said, “Alright, alright, let me give you two a sample first.”

Yan Yin’s heart skipped a beat.

Brother Zong reached out his hand, and Red-haired guy, understanding his intention, took out a waterproof sealed bag from his jacket pocket. After opening it, two white capsules, not red ones like Adderall, appeared!

Brother Zong laughed and took a sheet of tin foil. “Not to brag, but the merchandise I, Brother Zong, deals with is the real deal. Unlike those retailers out there who mix in glucose and lime powder just to make up the numbers. Here, brothers, give it a try. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”

Yan Yin watched as Brother Zong prepared to distribute the drugs, his brain working quickly. Suddenly, he stopped and said, “Wait a minute!”

Brother Zong paused in his movements.

The private room became very quiet. The walls isolated most of the rock music, and the powerful rhythm floated in the air. Several pairs of eyes turned to Yan Yin simultaneously—the anxiety in Fatso’s eyes, the confusion in Red-haired guy’s, the concealed perplexity and doubt in Brother Zong’s—all of it was reflected in their eyes, making those few seconds seem unusually long.

“…,” Yan Yin leaned back in the booth and smiled in the face of the different gazes, saying, “Brother Zong, maybe Long Ge didn’t explain it clearly to you just now. As for the white stuff, I have plenty of it at home. It doesn’t matter if I take it or not today. The reason I came here is because Old Hu said that you have fresh goods.”

The difficulty of this face-to-face confrontation and the test of acting skills were much greater than the life-and-death gay romance that had just taken place downstairs.

Yan Yin didn’t need to look to feel the sharp gaze from the thin and uncomfortable Brother Zong. That gaze, with suspicion and confusion as its edge, sliced through his foolish rich kid eyes and thick skin, seemingly trying to reach the depths of his mind and extract something.

“Fresh goods,” Brother Zong repeated thoughtfully, suddenly smiling as he asked, “What do you mean by ‘fresh goods’?”

Yan Yin had only one thought—Blue Powder!

That blue powder, shimmering with crystalline light, like a ghost from the deep sea, silently infiltrating Jian Ning, continuously seeping into the shadowy side of this vast city until it revealed its ghostly traces on Hu Wei Sheng’s rooftop.

No one knew its chemical structure, no one knew where it came from, and the undercover narcotics officers who tirelessly operated in the dark corners were powerless against it.

The only person who could possibly understand it was sitting in this room.

Yan Yin’s heart skipped a beat and he glanced downward, meeting Jiang Ting’s gaze in a split second.

Jiang Ting subtly shook his head.

“…,” Yan Yin raised his head and smiled, saying, “Hey, I get along well with Brother Zong, so there’s no need to hide anything.” The drug dealer stared at him.

“You mean those red ones that are said to improve exam performance? Hu recommended them to me a few times.” Yan Yin touched his nose and chuckled, “Of course, I don’t take them myself. It’s just that Hu said this medicine is good for giving to female students.”

As soon as the words fell, Brother Zong made a sound of discontent from his nose.

Then that sound turned into unstoppable laughter.

“I knew it! Old Hu, haha!”

The other two lackeys in the room joined in the laughter, while Fatso, sweating profusely, didn’t understand and forced a smile. The entire private room was filled with a happy and relieved atmosphere. Brother Zong slapped his thigh and said, “Yes, yes, of course! Hahaha, Old Hu has some good ideas, brilliant!”

Yan Yin laughed along, and in his chest, there was a thump.

That was the sound of his heart falling heavily.

“I didn’t expect you, big brother, to have such a diverse taste. It’s like having two options, both by land and by sea,” Brother Zong glanced at him askew, teasingly. “Okay, ambitious! No wonder Old Hu tells you everything. Hahaha!”

Yan Yin knew that in the eyes of the drug dealer, he had become a resourceful and indiscriminate playboy, both men and women included. He raised the corners of his mouth dryly and said, “Alright, alright, in this life, we should enjoy ourselves in time.”

Brother Zong reached over the coffee table and patted Yan Yin’s shoulder, giving him a thumbs up.

“As for the price, it’s not a problem.” Yan Yin patted the stack of cash in front of him. “The money I brought might not be enough, but my car is parked downstairs, and there’s more in the trunk…”

Unexpectedly, Brother Zong interrupted him, “No rush, no rush. We haven’t finished testing this batch of merchandise yet.”

Yan Yin was taken aback.

“You said you bought white goods from Old Hu, but Old Hu’s purity is far inferior to mine. Don’t be in a hurry for fresh goods. We have to taste the good stuff I have here before we can discuss further business. Otherwise, everyone will be coming to my door. Even if I have channels and fresh goods, it won’t be enough to sell, don’t you think?”

Brother Zong’s words sounded friendly, but his actions left no room for refusal. He took the capsules directly from Red-haired guy’s hand, placed them on the tin foil, and handed them with a smile to Yan Yin.

Undercover narcotics officers not only needed courage, extreme caution, and extraordinary care, but they also faced a very special challenge—to take drugs.

Or rather, to pretend to take drugs.

Yan Yin looked at the two capsules lying quietly on the silver foil, and various thoughts flashed through his mind. The disfigured undercover officers destroyed by drug addiction every year, the corrupted officials publicly disciplined on the internal network, the visit to the rehabilitation center organized by the police academy, and an old man with a shaggy beard facing away from a small window in the isolation room, tightly hugging his knees and refusing to turn around. The instructor whispered that he used to be a well-decorated undercover narcotics officer…

But to outsiders, Yan Yin’s expression remained calm, and in the split second it took to blink, he didn’t even flinch.

“Does Brother Zong’s merchandise need to be tested for purity?” Yan Yin paused, reached out, and took the tin foil, smiling, “Then I will comply with your wishes.”

Immediately after, a cold hand pressed against him.

Jiang Ting leaned out from Yan Yin’s embrace, appearing somewhat dazed and exhausted. His gaze seemed unfocused, yet under the ambiguous lighting of the nightclub’s private room, his eyes shimmered and flickered, his eyebrows slightly raised, exuding an indescribable charm, like a decadent and peculiar flower. His movements were gentle, but not to be refused. He took the tin foil from Yan Yin’s hand, his slender and delicate fingers unscrewing the capsule and pouring out the white powder. Ignoring the gaze of the others around him, he folded the tin foil, placed it in front of his nose, used his fingernail to press one side of his nostril, and deeply inhaled, intoxicated yet weary.

All of this happened within arm’s reach, and Yan Yin’s pupils contracted like needles.


Jiang Ting casually tossed the empty tin foil towards Brother Zong, limp as if boneless, and fell back into Yan Yin’s embrace.

He inhaled it?!

What’s going on?!

What should I do now?!

Those were the most uncertain ten seconds in Yan Yin’s life. There was a moment when he couldn’t even control the muscles on his face and revealed an expression that could only be described as terror.

Yes, terror.

After so many years in the police force, the more drug dealers he arrested, the deeper his understanding of drugs became, and the more he couldn’t control his disgust and fear of white powder. It was precisely because he understood his own weakness so well that he knew Jiang Ting, as a seasoned undercover narcotics officer, was even more resistant to drugs than himself.

The frontline officers who truly fought against drugs knew that the fear brought by the white demon was insurmountable. There was no such thing as despising the enemy from the bottom of their hearts. However, it was precisely this fear, this terror, that protected them from sliding into an irreversible abyss as they groped forward in the darkness.

“…” Yan Yin’s lips moved.

Brother Zong seemed to be saying something with a smile, probably joking while boasting incessantly. Fatty was trying his best to cooperate, attempting to divert the attention of the drug dealer.

But for Yan Yin, these noisy background sounds suddenly became extremely muffled.

“Mmm,” Jiang Ting suddenly covered his mouth and stood up, mumbling unclearly, “Hot.”

Brother Zong laughed heartily, “That’s how good stuff is. It’s different from what Old Hu sells, right? Wait here for a while. The effects of the drugs need to dissipate. Come on, bro, have one too, help him disperse it…”

Yan Yin bent down, hoisted Jiang Ting horizontally, and casually took the self-rolled cigarette handed to him by Brother Zong, tucking it behind his ear with a sly smile, “Alright, I’ll go to the restroom.”

Then he threw a signal to Fatty, ignoring the reaction of the drug dealer, and went straight into the private room’s attached restroom, closing the door behind him.


Without pausing, Yan Yin turned on the tap and pressed the flush button on the toilet. Under the thunderous sound of the two streams of water, he forcefully pressed Jiang Ting against the wall, lowly rebuking, “Are you crazy?!”

But Jiang Ting remained unusually composed and opened his palm, saying, “Stay calm.”

Yan Yin lowered his head.

In the palm of Jiang Ting’s left hand, which had pressed against his nostril earlier, the side closer to the tin foil was now covered in white powder, all drugs!

Yan Yin loosened his grip on Jiang Ting’s shoulder, suddenly went silent, and squatted down, hugging his head, feeling exhausted as he let out a long sigh of relief.

Jiang Ting: “…”

Jiang Ting couldn’t figure out what he was doing and hesitated for a moment before half-kneeling down, pushing him and asking, “Are you alright?”

“…Yes,” Yan Yin raised his head, his face full of a transcendental expression that, at first glance, resembled entering a state of enlightenment. He sighed, “You almost scared me senseless.”

Jiang Ting furrowed his brows, “Sorry?”

“Not that kind of ‘senseless,’ but completely powerless. Not the kind where you can’t get hard anymore… damn, what am I even saying,” Yan Yin forced himself to shake off the chaotic state, muttered a curse, and finally calmed down. “Time is running out. You quickly leave this place, go to the back door of the nightclub, at the end of Sanchun Alley, there’s a Jeep with the license plate ending in three ones. Report to the police there, or find a telephone booth to report directly. I’ll buy us some time outside. They must produce the blue goods. Notify the peripheral action team to break through in five minutes! Forced entry! Remember to time it right, quickly!”

The restroom was located next to an outer wall of the building, with a small ventilation window that was just wide enough for someone with Jiang Ting’s physique to squeeze through. He could then jump from the second floor to the garbage bin piled up at the back door of the nightclub.

Yan Yin spat twice into his palm, about to get up and dismantle the window with his bare hands, when Jiang Ting suddenly grabbed him.

“What is it?”

“…,” Jiang Ting seemed to be contemplating something. Yan Yin used his eyes to urge him to speak quickly and stop the unnecessary talk.

“Captain Yan,” Jiang Ting slowly said, as if each word had been soaked in his mouth before being uttered, “there’s something I must tell you.”

Yan Yin: “?”

“About the target of your operation this time, the new crystalline form of the drug in light blue color, here…”

Before Jiang Ting could finish speaking, a thunderous bang interrupted him from outside the door.

The private room’s door crashed against the wall, then swiftly bounced back as someone kicked it open. Countless footsteps surged into the room. Before Brother Zong could even react, he was seized by someone. Yan Yin and Jiang Ting, hiding in the restroom, simultaneously heard a stern and angry roar from outside:

“Don’t move, police!”

Yan Yin and Jiang Ting exchanged a startled glance.

“…Officer Qin?” Yan Yin questioned in confusion, “No, it’s not Officer Qin.”

Without saying another word, Jiang Ting immediately stepped forward and started dismantling the ventilation window. But immediately after, the next sentence from outside struck them like a thunderbolt, resounding above their heads:

“Yihe Road Police Station! Someone has reported that you are suspected of engaging in same-sex indecency and harboring prostitution. Stand up with your hands behind your back! Show me your temporary residence permits!”

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

“Is there anyone inside? Get out!” An auxiliary police officer fiercely pounded on the restroom door and shouted at Yan Yin and Jiang Ting, “Hurry up, or I’ll kick the door down!”